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Allah gave me a resolution to serve Islam, in face of the tirades which I happened to see.


I devoted in defense of Islam, refuting all the major apostate groups.
have also enticed the Muslim therein to raise themselves in the committee of nations.

Allah Will Create A New World - Scientific Analysis

" Allah will create a new world for rewarding all the believers in His Messengers including the last of His Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him),more over this world will come to an end as already decreed by Allah in His Book the Quran"

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The Heart Operation of Prophet Muhammad in 7th Century

The human heart is a propulsive muscular organ of four chambers, double pump that receives blood into two of its upper chambers or atria and pumps the blood out from two of its lower...

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Sunrise From the West An Amazing Astronomical Change- Science confirms Quran

The science is gradually unraveling the facts stated in the Quran revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in the seventh century when the word science was unknown...

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Muhammad (peace be upon him) Evolved a New Monetary System Against Banking in Pre-Islamic Age

Another form of cruelty prevalent before the advent of the Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) was usury (Riba). The Arabic word 'Riba' means excess or give with intention to...

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Earth and Space Created in Wonderful Layers

Say (O Muhammad): Disbelieve ye verily in Him, Who created the earth in Two Days, and ascribe to Him rivals? He Is the Lord of the Worlds.....

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Moden Inventions and Qur'an

Many verses of the Quran mentioning some scientific facts regarding the creation of the man and the universe, the stars and planets, the earth sciences, and the other scientific...

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The Quran & The Science of The Earth

Under the heading 'STARS AND PLANETS' I have jotted down few arguments from the Holy Quran which prove the motion of the earth and in Testimony.....

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Jehad, The reasons of downfall of the Muslims

For leading a respectable life, the Muslims shall have to develop the atomic weapons. The Holy Quran is inviting the Muslims to develop into a splendid power..

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Jesus at War Against the Jews

T There is chain of traditions that Jesus (alaihi al salam) after his descent from the sky will wage war against the Jews...

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Refuting the denouncers of five daily prayers & Hadith

The Hypocrites have un-relenting conflict with Islam. Having disguised into the garb of Islam, they denounce five daily prayers and Hadith and...

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Gravitation, The Quran And The Muslim Scientists

The classical Greek philosopher considered the motion of the celestial bodies and of objects on earth basically unrelated, as the...

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The Scientists Discard The Evolution Theory

Darwin's theory was, that members of different species competed with another for life and that in such struggle any acquired...

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The Quran, The Biblical Scholars And Science Deny God The Son

And they say Allah hath begotten a son, Be He Glorified! Nay, to Him belongs all that is in the heaven and the earth and all are subservient to Him. (Quran-2/116)

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