One World Order: An Islamic Analysis

- Published in On June/July 2008

THE similitude of worldly life is only as rain which We Send down from the sky so by it arises mingled produce of the earth of which men And cattle eat: Until the earth clad in its adornment and its embellished and its people deem, they have all the power over it, then Our command reaches it by night or by day and We make it as a reaped corn, as if It had not flourished yesterday. Thus do We explain the signs for the people who reflect (Qur’an, 10:24)

The scientists have acknowledged the death of the sun. The death of the sun is the death of this world, therefore, this world is short lived but human activity and their aspirations never come to an end. The aforementioned Qur’anic verse also states the destruction of this world. How it shall happen, the details thereof shall interest the readers.

The similitude of worldly life in its cessation and destruction is like rain Which We send down from the sky that makes the earth to produce everything, Which men and cattle eat i.e. grains, corn, fruit, grass and herbage etc., the crops come and the crops go refer to the temporary phase of life. Referring to a very human ambition the verse states, Until the earth clad in its adornment and is embellished with gold, silver, ruby and emerald meaning fully decorated and its inhabitants Deem they have all the power over it. The verse positively points to the whole planet earth. Its people think they have achieved full control over the earth by way of modern technology that include nuclear arsenal, missiles, satellite etc., etc.

It is necessary to throw some light particularly over the satellite station, which seem to serve the human desire of obtaining supremacy over the world countries.

The satellites were invented in the second half of the 20th century. They are used for scientific research, communications, navigation, earth observation and military purposes. They orbit the earth from different positions up to a height of 35,900 kilometers, and work as relay stations receiving radio signals, messages from one location and transmitting them to another and relay T.V. programs.

These are used to map the earth, can detect the launch of missiles, the course of ships at sea and the movement of military equipment on the ground.

They work on the direction of a control center that is located on the earth. Computers and human operators at the control center monitor the satellite position, send instructions to its computers, and retrieve information that the satellite has gathered.

Israel used these satellites to destroy Iraq’s Atomic reactor in 1981. USA used these satellites in war against Iraq in 1990 and successfully destroyed, its military strategy and air-force. Iraq after it’s the defeat had to withdraw from Kuwait. After the liquidation of Soviet Russia and its disintegration in to several small states, USA ran in a position of only world power. It already has Military bases on the strategic points all the world over having the Naval and Air force and is in a position to target any country of the world.

George W. Bush, President of USA harped the tune of One World Order. He dubbed Iran, Syria and North Korea as an axis of evil. After the incidence of 11th September (9/11) the two World Commercial Towers were pulled down in 2001, USA found it was an act of terrorists who were based in Afghanistan it attacked Afghanistan in October 2001. Taliban who were ruling the major part of that country were defeated and USA occupied it. But they took refuge in the most difficult hilly train to their country to give resistance to the allied forces in Afghanistan. And their resistance continues to this date.

On reports of C.I.A, which proved were wrong that Iraq has the weapons of mass destruction USA again attacked Iraq and occupied it in 2002. But the resistance of Iraqi people and particularly their suicidal attacks made USA like a snake in whose mouth is a muskrat neither she could swallow it nor spit it out. It is being said in 2008 that USA has lost the war. The Democrats have announced the with drawl of the USA force from Iraq after the presidential election if Barack Obama comes to power. (Al-Jazeere) However, Iraq which used to be a military power among the Arabs is no more than a wolf whose legs are broken.

The last hindrance for USA to achieve One World Order is Iran and particularly their preparations to attain atomic arsenal. It may be noted that North Korea has agreed on certain conditions to leave its atomic arsenal, and a dialogue between the two countries along with the inspection of International Atomic Agency continues.

Pakistan is though a nuclear power it stands hand in hand with USA in its war against terrorism. Pakistan is facing terrorist attacks day by day as it had given logistic support to USA and had allowed it to have two military bases on its soil. Those terrorists are killing innocent people not allowed by Islam. As a matter of fact the terrorists have no religion, they are far beyond Islam.

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadi Nejad is not expected to yield to the pressure of Europe and USA. Both these countries have taken serious notice of his outburst against Israel. The matter became more serious when it came to their notice that Iran’s missile can target Israel. European Union wants a solution with Iran through negotiations but Israel is scared and doesn’t like the problem to be solved with negotiations. Iran is an oil exporting country. Russia has already lost the income which it had through oil from Iraq. Russia along with China doesn’t want to lose Iran’s oil. Though USA has already dubbed Iran as an axis of evil, but both Russia and China enjoy to veto the Security Council’s resolution. This is the only hurdle which USA has not been able to overcome, because USA wants the support of the United Nation’s Security Council as it had in case of two aforesaid countries. Ahmadi Nejad has already announced that any attack on its soil will make Iran to wipe out Israel from the map of the world.

USA has been able to achieve some sanctions over Iran through Security Council, but those sanctions have been proved to be ineffective.

The USA and Europe both are persuading Iran to come on the negotiation table and agree a full investigation by I.A.E.A. USA may be able to break the ice and bring Iran to agree for an inspection. Iran can also not under estimate USA’s immense power.

The war against terrorism has cost USA hundreds of billion of dollars. The Dollar value having diminished, the world is faced with higher prices the crude oil at $134 a barrel and gold at Saudi Riyal 10,907 for one hundred grams. The common man is crushed under the present day dearness particularly in developing countries. The cost of living and food prices have reached sky high.

Al-Qurtbi explaining the Arabic words: Ataha Amrana means Our command to destroy it. He also explaining: ka an lam tughne bil-Ams said Al-Maghani in Arabic language means buildings, which the people build. He said: Lam takun Amirah as if it had never been inhabited and flourished.

Al-Qurtubi explaining Al-Haseed referred Abu Obaid who said: It means uprooted or eradicated. Thus the Qur’an refers to future scientific development to the extent that the man will come in a position to control the planet earth and execute one world order along with its allies through its nuclear weapons, missiles and satellite stations. Nobody knows how long this One World Order will continue but the Qur’an definitely points to its destruction by God the Unique, the Sovereign that may be much before the death of the sun as foretold by the scientists.

Thus We do explain the signs for the people who reflect. That this world has not come on its own but God the Creator has built it and He knows about its continuance and annihilation.

- By Ahmad Wahaj Al-Siddiqui Al-Taimi