Islam & Terrorism

- Published in Saudi Gazette On Dec.23, 2002

Certainly what occurred on 9/11 was act of aggression, which received condemnation of the whole Islamic world. But the way in which the citizens of Saudi Arabia were blamed without an in-depth probe under the auspices of United nations is against the very concept of Justice. The manifest of all the four hijacked planes, that were used to attack targets in the united states, did not contain any Muslim names. Ironically, some of the accused never ever entered the US.

After a terrorist attack on World Trade Center in New York on September 11, 2001 the Western media leaving all the cannons of justice has targeted Islam and Muslims for this heinous crime.

Islam means peace.

To understand Islam we have to peep in the past history before 7th century of the Christian Era.

The world and the West in particular was known with its dark ages. No country had any constitution to govern, rule of law was a word unknown to the people. Executive, law and justice rested with one man, the ruler. His will surpassed his own rule. To oppose him was to say good bye to one's life.

It is said, the Greeks had justice, what justice? those who were dubbed criminals were devoid of any defense, just thrown before the lions, or tagged behind the running horses, or branded blind or were put fetters upon to beg for their whole life.

Righteousness, fair dealings were nowhere to find. The woman had no status except that of a slave girl. They held as many women as they liked and called them wives or concubines. She had no right whatsoever in the society, no right to ownership, no right to inheritance, no right of maintenance, no right to divorce. She was used as tool to satisfy the sexual desire of the men. Adultery- and rape were no sin.

The caravans were plundered, the dacoits took free men as slaves and sold them in the markets.

The shadows of atrocities and barbarism had become dreadfully long. The humanity stood victimized by the criminals. The wolf like men had made the humanity to bleed. Mighty could choke the weak. The weak lived on the mercy of the strong. The earth had straitened for the people searching peace. The chastity of women had become a dream.

The wealthy Jews bought the wells and sold water at their price, or by lending money sucked the blood of the poor. The labor after his day long work was denied wages or could get which did never suffice his belly.

The owner for nothing could whip his slave or even chop his head. The wealthy were the sole merchants and sold necessities of life on their wishful price.

Satanic forces ruled the land. They drew swords to loot or to get women or to take possession of other's property. The world was under the barbaric dark age of terrorism. The justice was a word unknown.

The teachings of the prophets were mutilated. The hard hearted Jews never obeyed their prophets on the contrary they killed them. The history recorded their enmity against Christians in red alphabets. They killed John the Baptist. The three years of preaching by Jesus were full of misery and trouble. The Jews never left him in peace till they crucified him. (But they could not crucify him. Allah put his resemblance to another man and He raised him up). But Jesus could not fulfill his mission.

The idol worship reigned supreme. Sacrificial killings made the blood of the weak to flow before the idols. The society stood totally corrupted and degenerated . No hope was left for its revival.

Jews the misers, and the wealthy controlled the economy and could usurp the utmost gain and sold the basic necessities of life making the commoners to shed the tears of blood. The wealthy dressed in silk brocade and gold tissue whereas the poor could hardly gird up their loins.

The wealthy closed their doors over the scanty and skimped.

The society's deterioration knew no limit or any boundary but it was a global disruption by the mighty, wealthy terrorists.

Arabian Peninsula, the center of monotheism was overtaken by rule of anarchy and polytheism. Kaaba made by the monotheist Abraham (peace be upon him), were placed therein 360 idols. Every tribe had his own idol.

Arab were traditionally different from other folks living around the peninsula. They were true to their words, a marshal race but with brutish sensuality, unique in plundering, drinking and gambling. Stubborn, obstinate ready to die and kill for preserving their honor. The tribal fights were common, if started they did run for years.

As God chose Abraham, He chose this nation living around Kaaba and sent among them the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to reform the deterioration of-the society which had caused disruption all over the world and deliver the humanity from the barbaric dark age running under the reign of terror.

Who is terrorist. A terrorist is one who has his own laws, not governed by any one, favors terrorizing methods to coerce humanity by intimidation.

The Prophet stood against the corruption, discord and disruption. The states had no rules, the rulers promulgated what they wished. God gave him a constitution to govern and that was the Holy Quran. The Quran granted 'Shoura' i.e franchise for making a government. The society consisted of men and women. They were husband and wife, father and mother, sons and daughters, brother or sister, paternal or maternal relations. Owner and the servant. Rich and poor. Human rights were unknown, the Prophet defined rights and duties of each of them. He made violation of human rights punishable. He introduced all the civil rights. Made the rich to give poor-due to eradicate poverty. Called upon the owners to pay the labor before drying up their sweat. Called upon the physician to be sincere in treating the sick He abolished the punishments of throwing before the lions, or dragging behind the horses or making one blind or putting fetters on the criminals to beg for life. He defined the crimes, gave the accused the right of defense. He defined the crimes and their punishments . He made the judiciary independent of executive. The ruler and the commoner, the Muslims and non-Muslims all were treated at par.

He liberated women from the bondage of men. Gave them the right of inheritance, to inherit as wife, as mother, as daughter and even. in some cases as sister. Women were allowed to own the properly, and to do business.

The Quran proclaimed the law of inheritance. Right of the owner was restricted to 30% to be given as donation or gift, rest of the property must devolve to the heirs after paying the debts if any.

Islam maintained the modesty of the women and declared adultery, incest and fornication as heinous crimes which pollute the society an progeny and appointed deterrent punishments for these crimes.

Islam was the only religion to abolish slavery gradually. And for few offenses, the deliverance of a slave was made mandatory. Islam directed Muslims and non-Muslims to live side by side and allowed them to follow their beliefs.

Islam made the education compulsory and developed a peaceful society which did not allow encroaching over others rights.

Islam appointed the rules of trade and business and ordered to respect the contracts agreed between a buyer and a seller. Islam ruled against speculation and monopoly for achieving higher prices of the goods.

In short Islam gave rules far all aspects of life and dealt severely against the violation of human rights and it gave a death blow to the terrorism of old.

Certainly what occurred on 9/ 11 was a terrorist act condemned by the Islamic polity. I request the Islamic world to launch a media campaign of condemning terrorism and introduce Islam which brought peace to the world when it was unknown.

- By Ahmad Wahaj Al-Siddiqui Al-Taimi