Islamophobia A Threat Against Muslims

- Published in On May. 3, 2012

 A Brief History of Islamophobia


  Islamophobia is prejudice against, hatred or irrational behavior fear of Islam or Muslims. The term dates back to the late 1980s or early 1990s. But came into common usage after the September. 11, 2001 attacks in the United States.

   In 1997, the British Runneymede Trust  defined Islamophobia as the “dread or hatred of Islam and therefore, to the fear and dislike of all Muslims,” stating that it also refers to the practice of discriminating against Muslim by excluding them from the economic, social and public life of the nations.

   A perceived trend of increasing Islamophobia during the 2000s has been attributed by some commentators to the September 11 attacks, while others associate it with the rapidly growing Muslim population especially in Western Europe due to both immigration and high fertility rate. In 1990s Islam was the fastest growing religion in USA with about six million adherents.

   The growing Muslim population in Europe and America was considered a  great threat, therefore Western Europe and America had to adopt ways and means to stop this phenomenon. They think  that the only way to stop it is to degrade Islam and the Prophet of Islam Muhammad  (peace be upon him). After the incidence of 9/11, Islam and the  Muslims were downed for fanaticism  and under a self conceived term of Islamophobia a great hue and cry was raised against Islam.

    The Denmark news paper Jylands Posten published our Prophets cartoon with a bomb on his turban in 2006.

    Then one man Lars Vilks depicted the Islamic Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)  drew him as a roundabout dog on 11 June 2007 in town Tallerud in Varm Land Sweden. Several other Swedish newspapers had published this nasty caricature  under the false pretext of freedom of press. Holland also published these caricatures simply to develop hatred among their people against Islam.

    Then in USA a priest burnt a copy of the Holy Quran, that was all done to down Islam and to develop hatred among Europeans and Americans, and to stop spreading Islam.

    France ordered against scarf and ‘Hijab’. The news papers and the magazines contended the Islam is to destroy their civilization. They portrayed Islam aggressive, threatening and engaged in a clash of civilization.   

     Due to aforesaid events Islamophobia has gained an increasing sociological and political importance. It is held that Islam is an evil religion           

more inherently war-like and fanatical than Christianity and Judaism.


   The Westerns may held what they like but Islam, Judaism and Christianity have come from one Root. The Progenitor the prophet Abraham is accepted by Jews and Christians.  All these religions had only one culture. The modern Western civilization is against the teachings of Moses, and Jesus.

Does Judaism and Christianity allows an unrestricted free social mix up, with dances and songs leading to unending vices and unholy sexual relations?  Could they refer Gospel and Torah for their modern civilization?

But Islam  maintained the clean, and noble society free from all vices as directed by Abraham  the Progenitor of both. Moses and Jesus who were from Abraham’s son Isaac and Muhammad (peace be upon him) enjoys a direct descent from Ishmael the son of Abraham.             

      Islam maintained its teachings and shall continue to emit its rays of Truth and attract mankind towards peace and justice  and a very clean civilization unknown to the then

world when call for Islam was raised in 7th century.

The tenets of Islam are so attractive that now Muslims have 57 countries . Certainly they are different in culture, in their traditions and habits. Yet they are under one banner of Islam.  Islam emphasized sense of brotherhood that it overcame all local attachments to a particular tribe, race or language- all of which became subservient to the universal brotherhood of Islam.     

    The religion of Islam was itself responsible not only for the creation of the world civilization in which people of many different ethnic backgrounds

participated, but it played a central role in developing intellectual and cultural life on a scale not seen before.


Why Islam Became Fastest Growing Religion In Europe



      The aforesaid facts make it crystal clear that Islamophobia was a term dormant before 9/11 attacks on the Twin Commercial Towers at New York.

     The theory of Islamophobia is heard only after September 11.  

     The western civilization which has been developed against the teachings of Moses and Jesus  in itself has invited its people towards Islam.

   It is in the nature of man to enjoy full privacy in his life with his wife and children. The western culture has totally broken the family life:

a)     Where does a free social get together between men and women lead to? Certainly it leads to unholy association between men and women. The result is before all. They have hundreds of thousands unmarried mothers. There is none to look after those unmarried mothers and their children. Whereas Islam stops an open get together, it allows free social mix up between blood relations. It has defined who are marriageable and who are un-marriage able. It allows a free mix up between father and mother and their children and all relations who are unmarriageable with their daughters. This rule has very effectively stopped unmarried mothers. Islam does not accept them. On the contrary it has appointed deterrent punishment to both who indulge in adultery, incest and fornication.


b)         But whoever enters in the fold of Islam, Allah (God the unique) forgives all his sins, and he becomes as if the day he was born from his mother. This remission has greatly attracted the unmarried mothers to come under fold of Islam. They and their children all are accepted and helped. Similarly, those who love privacy in their family lives accept Islam.


c)       Songs and dances with men and women have great attraction but the sex and passion has a limit. Man cannot change his nature that calls to privacy in all his affairs. Islam forbids all such actions that give vent to passions and sex.  Islam allows marriage and defined duties and rights of husband and wife on each other. It made husband responsible to bear all expenses of his wife and his children including father and mother if they are old and unable to maintain themselves. And his wife is to maintain trust over all his properties. Thus Islam directs a peaceful family life.


      The History has recorded that in all ages there were tumults against Islam but they could never survive. Islam continued to flourish. All actions agitating western people under the theory of Islamphobia are bound to fail. Islam will continue to attract the people at large and bring them under the fold of Islam.            


- By Ahmad Wahaj Al-Siddiqui Al-Taimi