The Sun Rise From The West

- Published in Muslim World League On 13 May 2013

Sunrise From the West - An Amazing Astronomical Change

The science is gradually unraveling the facts stated in the Quran revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in the seventh century when the word science was unknown. The very theme of the Quran is to call the people to prepare for the great day of the Hour. The Hour in the Quran has an special meaning, it means the ruination of the earth, sky and all in between the stars and galaxies etc., and then a final for the Day of Judgment.

The Hour means the ruination of the earth, sky and all in between the stars and galaxies etc., and then a final gathering on the Day of Judgment.

The Quran warning the disbelievers said: “Are they waiting to see that is the angels come to them, or thy Lord should come or there should come some of the signs from thy Lord? …..” (6/158)

In a report of Dur Al-Manthur Abu Hurairah, the Prophet (peace be upon him) prognosticated saying: The Hour will not come till you see the ten signs, the Smoke, Antichrist, Jesus son of Mary, Gog and Magog people, the Beast, rising of the sun from the west, three eclipses, eclipse in the east, eclipse in the west and eclipse in the Arabian peninsula and coming out of a fire from a pit in Eden or Yemen, it will drive the people gather them and remain with them day and night. These signs or events are not in chronological order.

We will discuss only the Smoke, Antichrist, rising of the sun from the west, three eclipses, eclipse in the east, eclipse in the west and eclipse in the Arabian peninsula, as these signs are related to astronomical changes.

It is essential to peep into the vivid details given to us by the Prophet (peace be upon him) which throw light on the disturbances on our solar system.

Anti Christ and Solar System

In a report of Al-Tirmizi, Al-Nawaas bin Samaan narrated that one morning the Apostle of Allah described about Antichrist and said: “He will come out to (Arab countries) from between Syria and Iraq. He will cause a massacre and ravage right and left. O slaves of Allah! Stick to your faith.

We asked O Apostle of Allah! How much he will stay on the earth?

He said: Forty days, the day equal to the year, the day as a month, the day as a week and the other days like your days. We said: The Day which will be equal to an year, will the five prayers of day will be sufficient? He said No, you estimate the day as usual (i.e. 24 hours) and offer your prayers….”

I have given that part of the tradition which relates to astronomical changes. How can there be a day of an year or more?

We know that earth is moving from west to east and due to its revolution on its axis, its one part faces the sun whereas the other part remains covered into the darkness. The science has discovered that the source of energy of the stars is conversion of helium into hydrogen and this energy is being consumed. Similarly the radiation of the sun causes loss of its energy. The total life time of the sun is estimated to be some 10 to the power 10 years.

Computation on evolutionary models predict in a few time (10)to the power 9 years, when its all nuclear energy sources used the sun will reach to a red giant stage. The sun will lose its luminosity confirms what was said by the Quran in 7th century:

When the sun (with its spacious light) is folded up. (81/1)

Now suppose one star having used up its energy source to a certain extent having lost its gravitational pull falls from its place and enter in our solar system. It responds to the gravitational pull of our star sun and begins to rotate on its place quite opposite to our sun, certainly it will not have the heat of the sun but luminous enough to stop the night to fall on the other side of the earth not faced by the sun. This will occur for the aforesaid period of time told by the Prophet (peace be upon him. Having used up its remaining energy it will change into a white dwarf and then into a black dwarf no more causing the day year round.

Pointing to this abnormal change in our solar system, the Prophet (peace be upon him) told us to offer the five prayers of a day by dividing them into 24 hours. We have already have six months night and six months day at poles. The Muslims offer their 5 daily prayers within 24 hours in those regions.

It may be said that it is only an idea that a star falling from its place enter our solar system cause the day round the year. No it is not so, I can substantiate my argument from the holy Quran:

And when the stars are put out. (77/8) And when the stars fall losing their light. (81/2) And when the planets fall. (82/2)

It is evident from the above that the Quran is not telling us only the putting out of star but their falling too. It also speaks of the falling of the planets. When the gravitational pull of a star is nullified its planet will fall.

The modern science has confirmed all the Quranic facts explained in the 7th century when nothing was known about the celestial bodies.

Thus when the world will be faced with the uprising of Antichrist our solar system will undergo the disturbances as explained above.

Our discussion will continue about amazing changes in celestial sphere as prophesied by our Prophet (peace be upon him). He referred to three eclipses, eclipse in the east, eclipse in the west and eclipse in the Arabian peninsula, and Smoke and lastly sunrise from the west.

Eclipse, we know that eclipse is partial or total disappearance of a heavenly body by the interposition of another by passing through the great circle in which the plain containing the centers of the earth and the sun cuts the celestial sphere. The eclipses don’t occur in quick succession, it can happen only when few planets of a defused star enter our galaxy and interpose in between the sun and the earth one after another after a short duration causing eclipses.

Under the fifth sign we have already seen that the sky will be over cast with smoke. The Quran said: Then wait you for the Day when the sky will bring forth a visible smoke. Covering the people with a painful torment. (44/10,11) The smoke will overcast all the world and the people will be afflicted by it. The three eclipses, the Smoke, the rising of the sun from the west all these forecast of the Quran and of the Prophet (peace be upon him) are definitely pointing to the amazing changes in cosmos.

The Smoke make us to conclude that there will be massive explosions in supernova and meteors or may be major collision among the stars resulting into dense cloud of smoke throughout the canopy and covering this globe.

Sunrise From the West

In a report of Ibn Hatim and Ibn Mardawiyyah Ibn Abbas said the Prophet (peace be upon him) came out one evening and said: O slaves of God! Turn in penitence towards Allah, it is not far that you will see sunrise from the west. If it happened then the door of the penitence would be closed and the virtues folded up. The people said: Is there any portent to that O Apostle of Allah! He said: Portent, that night will stretch out for you to the extent of three nights. The people who fear Allah will get up and pray him. But as if the night did not pass out. Then again they will lie down to see till they get up to see as the night as before. When they find this, they will be scared and expect happening some very big event. While they will be waiting to see the sun rise, it will rise from the west. When this occurred the faith would not benefit to a soul if he had not been a believer from before.

Looking into the aforementioned amazing spherical changes, we shall see how the sun will rise from the west. We cannot turn down this fact as a very remote one because the Quran told us the falling and putting out and falling of the stars and planets and science has confirmed it and whatever the Prophet (peace be upon) said above is considered as an inspiration.

It is quite possible that a defused star or a planet very much bigger than our star sun while entering our galaxy covers the appearance of the sun for three consecutive nights that is about 72 hours and stops the rays of light to reach our planet earth. Thus planet earth will plunge into darkness as prophesied by our Prophet (peace be upon him) for the aforementioned period. Later it may be pulled away due to gravitational pull of any other star of our galaxy.

Now I express some of the encyclopedic facts about the rotation and magnetic field of the earth.

Talking about the motion of the earth and the attraction of the other planets over it the Chambers Encyclopedia says: In reality however, the attraction of the other planets cause the whole orbit to rotate round the sun and to undergo slow changes in shape and size … that is the orbit fluctuate in shape and size.

The Encyclopedia of Science and Technology says, never it is established that the earth’s magnetic field does originate pre-dominantly in its deep interior.

Now it is well established that the earth’s magnetic field is changing with its intensity as well as in its distribution pattern. The frictions of the earth’s magnetic field produced by outside sources is now understood to be an important representation of the electromagnetic electricity activities in the earth’s upper atmosphere.

The moon’s gravitational pull also gives rise to the tidal current in the ionosphere, just as it does in the ocean water consequently a lunar dynamo also exists.

Near the earth the magnetic field is compressed and neutralized in an outward direction, and thus the magnetic field is confined in a limited space surrounding the earth. This limited space and its outer boundary are called the magnetosphere and the magnetosphere of the earth.

It was believed that the outer space beyond the earth’s atmosphere is a perfect vacuum but it is established that the solar corona extends beyond the earth’s atmosphere. The space between the sun and the earth is filled with plasma gas called the solar wind. During the period of solar activity (quiet sun) the solar wind blows radically outward from the sun at the speed of 183 to 311 miles per second. Electrons and the positive ions in the solar wind when approach the earth are repelled by the magnetic field of the earth. Yet they reach a region where kinetic pressure of the solar wind and the pressure of the earth’s magnetic field are in equilibrium.

Taking into consideration the above facts that a planet or a defused star bigger than the sun covers our sun for a short duration. This additional defused star will enhance the gravitational pull over the earth and may give rise to the kinetic pressure to manifold over the earth with the result that the earth’s magnetic field will totally be reversed making it to rotate from east to west instead of west to east. This will make the sunrise from the west as prophesied by our prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). After the sunrises from the west it will reach to the middle of sky and return to its rising place that is west as explained in the aforesaid tradition.

This means that the additional defused star or planet which has covered the appearance of the sun will move out due to gravitational pull of any other star of our galaxy. The extra kinetic energy having been nullified the earth will whirl back to its west to east rotation.

However, the aforementioned facts prove the sun rise from the west, Allah knows it is a fact. This is the firm belief of every Muslim foretold by our Prophet (peace be upon him) that the sun will rise from the west.

I have already explained the amazing spherical changes under the captions ‘Antichrist and Solar System, and ‘Sunrise From the West’

All the Muslim countries will be broad casting on their radio and T.V. stations and prophecies of the Prophet (peace be upon him) about Antichrist, the sunrise from the west.

When the sun rises from the west, it will be followed sooner or later by another very big change:

And the moon is buried in darkness, and the sun and moon are joined to together.(75/8,9)

We have already seen above that the science has confirmed that sun having lost all its nuclear energy source, will reach to its last evolutionary stage and it will become a white dwarf. A star of small radius. Its radius will be almost hundred times smaller than it is now. Its internal temperature and its luminosity will diminish till it will become a black dwarf.

The moon will therefore, plunge into darkness as told by the Quran. The sun after losing its all energy sources and gravitational pull it will come down from its place and join the moon. The remaining heat of the sun from this distance will make the people to cry “ Where is the refuge to flee.”. No there is no refuge. Unto thy Lord is the recourse that day (for reckoning).(75/10-12)

Allah explained many scientific facts which could be proved after development of modern science this ensures that the Quran is a heavenly Book, which preserves its original text unlike the other heavenly books whose original text is irretrievably lost. The Quran will continue to emit its rays and enlighten the world. The people should open their eyes and prepare for the Hour. The Day when the believers will be blessed and wrongdoers punished.

- By Ahmad Wahaj Siddiqui