Conspiracy Of Qureysh To Kill The Prophet (peace Be Upon Him)

- Published in Mr. Muhmmad Zakit Hussain, Editor Muslim World League Journal On Nov. 24, 2013
 Conspiracy of Qureysh  To Kill

Conspiracy of Qureysh  To Kill  the Prophet  (peace be upon him)


And (remember) when the  disbelieve plotted against you (O Muhammad)   to imprison you or to kill  you or to expel you (from Makkah) , they plot but Allah too was plotting, and Allah is the best of those who  plot. (Quran 8/30)


  In a report of Ibn Ishaq, Ibn Jarir, Ibn Al-Munzir, Ibn Abi Hatim, Abu Noaim, and Al-Al-Baihaqui, Ibn Abbas (radihiallah anhuma) narrated: the chiefs of Qureysh tribes gathered in (Nadwah)-council, the Lucifer (Satan) came to them in the shape of dignified chieftain. When they saw him, they asked him, who are you? He said; A chieftain from Najd (meaning eastern  province was known as Najd in those days). When I heard about your meeting, I thought I may also share your opinion. They said: Come. Satan said: You should think about this man (Muhammad), he is very close to overwhelm you in his matter (Islam). One said; confine him, then we await till  some calamity befalls on him in due time. He will die, as other poets ‘Zuhair’ and ‘Nab’gha’ died. The enemy of Allah said; I don’t agree with this opinion.

      His followers may attack you and get him released, see to some other plan. Then someone said: Expel or banish him then he won’t be able to harm you. The chieftain from the Najd said: I don’t agree with this. Don’t you see his wonderful speech, he wins the hearts, so he will gather Arab round him, then they will attack you and get you out of your place, see to some other solution. Abu Jahal said: You listen to my opinion, I don’t see any other proposal better than it.

  Take one young man from every tribe, and give a very sharp sword to each of them. Then all of them should strike him from their sword in one time. If he is killed his assassination would be over all the tribes. Banu Hashim won’t be able to fight all the tribes of Qureysh. They will agree to take blood money. This way we all would get relieved of him. Sheikh Najd said by Allah this is my opinion too. This is the best what he said. They all agreed to implement it.

  Gabriel (peace on him) came to the Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) and informed him of the Qureysh plot and told him not to sleep on his bed tonight. The Prophet did not sleep that night in his bed. He was allowed to migrate. The aforesaid verse was sent:

  And those who disbelieve plot against you….  Allah is the best of those who plot.

  In another report of Ibn Ishaque when Qureysh plotted against the Prophet he was waiting for Allah’s order. Gabriel came to him and told him not to sleep in his bed. The Prophet (peace be upon him) asked Ali bin Abi Talib to sleep in his bed and take over himself with his green bed sheet, so he did. Then the Prophet came out of his house surrounded by them. He had the handful of the dust he threw it over their heads. Allah made them blind to see His Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). He was reciting  Surah ‘Yasin’   i.e. the verses from 1to 9.

  He went to cave ‘Thur’ with Abu Bakar and left Ali behind him to give back whatever was kept with him in trust. The Polytheist passed the night thinking the Prophet is on his bed. By the early morning they wanted to kill him but they found Ali. They asked where is your companion. He said I don’t know. They pursued  him looking at his foot prints, till they reached the cave ‘Thur’ but an spider has woven its net. They said; Had they entered here, there would have been no  web. The Prophet stayed there for three days and then he migrated to Medina. So Allah sent down this verse under citation. …...’ Arabic ‘Al-Makr’ means plot, it also means deception, ‘To imprison you or to kill you’ as Abu Jahal said; or to expel you from Makkah. This is they were plotting. Allah also plotted, but Allah’s plot was to annul that plot of pagans. It is said they were trying to destroy the call to Islam. Allah aided His Prophet and destroyed their cunning plot and saved His Prophet (peace be upon him).

      All those who had plotted  to kill the Prophet (peace be upon him)

Were killed in the Invasion of Badr . (Al-Bidayah wa Al-Nihayah)

- By Ahmad Wahaj Al-Siddiqui