Allah Will Create A New World

- Published in MuslimWorld League Journal On Safar 1436 /December 2014

" Allah will create a new world for rewarding all the believers and His Messengers including the last of His Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), more over this world will come to an end as already decreed by Allah in His Book the Quran"

The question arises why at all Allah will create a new world?

The scientists have confirmed that the life of this world depends on the star sun. They have also confirmed that the energy of the star sun is not eternal. The sun radiates 3.86X1033 ) ergs of energy every second. It corresponds to mass loss of 4 million and seven thousand tons per second. The total lifetime of the sun is estimated to be some 1010 the. Computation on evolutionary models predict in a few time 109 , the sun will reach to the red giant stage. Finally when all nuclear sources are used up, then it will reach its last evolution stage then it will become a white dwarf. A star of small radius. Its radius will be hundred times smaller than it is now. Its internal temperature and its luminosity will gradually diminish eventually the sun will become a black dwarf.. A very dense non-luminous object of degenerate matter. The total lifetime of the sun is estimated some 10 to the power 10 years. The scientists estimate about the life of the sun may be right or wrong, we are least concerned about it but their admission that sun will lose its luminosity and die confirms what was said by the Quran in the 7th century:

When the sun (with its spacious light) is folded up. (Quran-81/1)

In that ignorance age nobody could know what is the secret of Solar energy and what is hydrogen? And what is helium? The death of the sun is the death of the earth. Similarly, like sun all the stars will be put out. The Book of Allah the Quran said: When the stars become extinct. (77/8) or the stars lose their light. In another verse. When the stars fall. (81/2). Like sun all the stars have solar energy. It means Allah the Great Creator will switch off the sky from Solaric system and clear away the sky from hundred to 200 hundred galaxies having hundreds of billion stars to Create a New World in this vast space.

It will start by Resurrection. The science has proved the resurrection, See my article ‘Ajab Zanb and Cell Theory’ in my website www.thequranandscience.com , it is published in Arab News dated Jan. 11, 2013.

The new world will consist of two very great things. One Is Jannah i.e. the Heaven and the other is the Hell. What a Tremendous Space For Jannah!

The Quran has used word Jannah meaning Heaven and the other word is Jannat meaning many Heavens. The word sky is also used for heaven, I have used word Heaven with capital H. The word Heaven includes abode of God, the angels and the souls of righteous whereas the word paradise is only for abode of Righteous.

First the Quran mentioned the most wondrous space stretching between the earth and sky . It said: Compete in seeking the forgiveness from your Lord and a Jannah i.e. the Heaven whose width is like the width of the sky and earth. Prepared for those who believe in Allah (God the Unique) and His Messengers. That is the Grace of Allah, which He bestows on whom He pleases and Allah is the owner of Grace abounding (57/21)

This tremendously vast space will be filled up with Arabic Jannah and plural Jannat i.e. the Heaven or the Heavens.

Allah said: And the Heaven We built with power and We are its expander. (Quran-51/47). This contention of the Quran of 7th century has been confirmed by American astronomer Edwin Hubble in 1925. He was the first to prove that the Universe is expanding. Hubble held that the observable universe stretching out into region of space 13.8 billion light years away from us in all directions. (The light travels 186,000 miles in a second). The Heaven or the Heavens will cover all this vast space. The cosmologists have held this earth is like a speck in comparison to the vast space around it.

Life of Jannah is Eternal, How?

The disbelievers objected how the people of the Heaven can have eternal life? After thorough studying the Quran and the traditions of the Prophet I did find facts scientifically proving the eternal life.

The Quran has beautifully specified the Heaven. It may be noted that the literal translation of Jannah in English is Garden, this word does not give a true meaning. Jannah is most beautiful abode having mansions to live in excellently furnished luxurious rooms. It has amazing sofas decorated with brocade and pure silk with ever gleaming cushions. It has ultra-comfortable beds. The people of Jannah will have thousands of youth to serve them, their faces beaming like scattered pearls (52/24)

The people of the Heaven will be adorned with ornaments of gold and silver. Their utensils of pots are of gold and silver. Speaking of the weather of the Heaven, they will not see therein sun (causing summer or freezing) cold. (76/13) Thus the weather of the Heaven will be moderate not having cold or heat.

Abdullah bin Omer said Allah’s Apostle was asked about the Jannah: He said every living being who entered the Heaven will never die will be blessed with eternal comfort, his garments will never wear out and his youth will never decay. When asked about its buildings he said: They are made of a brick of gold and brick of silver in mortar in odor of musk its gravel are pearls and rubies and its soil smells saffron. (Al-Tabrani, Al-Mardawiyyah).

The Prophet peace be upon him said: The soil of the Heaven is white its fields have camphor rocks with sand of musk. It has ever flowing rivers. All the people of the Heaven will assemble for a general introduction with each other. Allah will send an air of mercy smelling musk. The man will go back from the assembly to his wife. She will find him more elegant and good looking; She will say to him you left me adoring and now I am taken aback by your splendid splendor (Abu Hurairah in Dur Al-Manthor)

The Apostle of Allah peace be upon him said: The faces of the people of the Heaven will shine like full moon, they won’t spit, won’t blow nose won’t excrete, Their combs will be of gold and silver, their perfumes will be aloes wood and musk. Every one of them will have two wives. They will see their bone morrow through their flesh. Never there will be any opposition between them and their heart shall never bear any animosity. They will glorify Allah at the break of day and fall of night. (Agreed tradition from Abu Hurairah)

Abu Umamah said, A man asked the Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him) will the people of the Heaven copulate? He said: He said: They will copulate but there is no male or female semen. (Al-Tabrani)

Zaid bim Arqam narrated the Prophet peace be upon him said: No doubt their urine and their sexual emaciation is sweat smelling musk coming out of their pores and flowing to their feet. (Al-Tabrani)

The Apostle of Allah peace be upon him said: Whenever the people of the heaven will copulate their wives they will regain their virginity.(Al-Tabrani from Abu Saeed Al-Khudri).

The aforesaid traditions embody such facts which ensure health and hygiene for the people of the Heaven. Now we shall see how Allah hath eliminated the possibility of exogenous and endogenous diseases and go through the Quran and Sunnah if these too are eliminated from the Heaven.

Among the exogenous cause are burn, injury or fracture or dislocation of a limb etc. The Apostle of Allah peace be upon him said; Those who are vigorous in faith are for the Heaven. Verily there is no danger whatever in the Heaven.( Al-Baihaqui from Osama bin Zaid)

The chemical factor of disease are metallic poisons inorganic poisons and alcohol. As for the metallic poisons the Quran said that the utensils of the people of Heaven are gold and silver (43/71 and 76/15,16). These metals carry no corrosion and hence no poisoning.

A major causative agent for a large number of diseases is bacteria or microorganism The Quran said: There are rivers of water not contaminating, and rivers of milk of unchanged taste, and rivers of wine delicious to the drinkers and rivers of honey pure and clear. (47/15)

We know through medical science that existence of bacteria pollutes water, but there in Heaven are rivers of water not contaminating, it means there is no existence of microorganism, Similarly we know that the taste of milk changes due to the presence of lacteous bacilli but in the Heaven are rivers of milk of unchanging taste. It indicates that the Heaven is free from waterborne and milk borne diseases. The wine in Heaven: No aching of the head therefrom they get, nor they will suffer any intoxication. (56/19) This negates any disease from wine.

As for honey it provides a wonderful food and it is used as preserver of medicines among Arab physicians. The medical science has established it has cure for some diseases and many health benefits.. The Quran said: Wherein is healing for mankind. (Quran-16/69)

In aforementioned traditions soil of Heaven is quite different from soil of earth, it smells saffron and its fields have camphor rocks and sand dunes of musk. Camphor is well known for its medical value, antiseptic quality and repellent of creatures. Further the drinks in the Heaven will have the tendency of camphor (76/5). The human excretion produces bacteria but human emaciation in the Heaven is sweat smelling musk coming out of their pours and flowing to their feet.

All the above facts make it crystal clear that no room is left for microbes to have their existence in the Heaven. The change in human excretions is due to the heavenly diet as we observe in bee, which takes juice of flowers its emaciation is honey.

Some diseases are cause due to radiation and severe cold. Allah said: They will find there neither heat of sun nor bitter cold (Quran-76/13) It is said there are several dusts that cause respiratory tract infection and pulmonary diseases. The soil of the Heaven smells camphor and full of greenery and open place will have pearls and rubies, hence there is no dusts to cause infection. The Prophet peace be upon him said a rider cannot cover shade of a tree in Heaven even in hundred years, if you wish you recite ‘And spreading Shade’ (Quran-56/30) report Al-Bukhari. The deepening shades with flowers run hundreds of miles in Heaven.

Quite few diseases are caused by mal-nutrition. Allah said for the Heaven:

It is (vouchsafed) unto thee for not to be hungry therein and not to be unclothed. And verily thou won’t be thirsty therein nor suffer from sun’s heat. (20/118,119)

Some disease are caused due to over eating, but whatever the people of Heaven will eat out of recreation shall emaciate as sweat through their pores smelling musk. Allah said: They are watered with a cup having tendency of ginger. (76/17)

We know that ginger is digestive and used in the treatment of flatulence and colic. The people of the Heaven will have digestive drinks. The endogenous diseases are those which are inherited. These diseases are restricted to this world. The Heaven will never be a place of birth for any one. The ladies in Heaven are pure and above menstruation, excretion, expectoration and spitting. Taoos said: The people of Heaven will copulate their wives who will not give birth because there will be no male or female semen.

Thus we see that Allah the Gracious has closed all the outlets which might lead to any disease, so that He may bestow eternal life to the people of Jannah i.e. the Heaven.

It may be noted that whatever is mentioned is for one Jannah, but as aforementioned that Allah will cover this vast space not with one Jannah but with billions of Jannat i.e. Heavens.

Abdullah bin Mas'ud reported: The Apostle of Allah peace be upon him said: "I know of the last of the inhabitants of the Hell to be taken out from there and the last one to enter Jannah. He is a man who will come out of the Fire, crawling on all fours. Allah, the Lord of Glory and Honour will say to him: 'Go and enter Jannah.' He will go to it and think that it is full up. He will then come back and say: 'O my Lord, it is full up.' Allah will say to him: 'Go and enter Jannah.' He will again go to it and think that it is full up. So he will turn back. Allah will again say: 'Go and enter Jannah. For you have what is equal to ten times of the world.' He will say: 'Are You making fun of me while You are the Sovereign?" At this I (i.e., the narrator) saw the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him laughed till his premolars were visible and he said, "Such man will be the last dweller of Jannah in its lowest rank." [Al-Bukhari and Muslim].

In a report of Al-Tirmizi from Saeed Al-Khudri, the Prophet of Allah said: You will see the people of most high grades to whom you love in Jannah as you see the stars in the horizon of sky. Indeed Abu Bakar and Omer are among them.

The aforesaid two traditions of the Prophet peace be upon him prove that there would be of billions Heavens for each Muslim believer in his messenger and the last being the Prophet Muhammd peace be upon him. The believer of the lowest grade who will come out of the Hell will be given the Heaven ten times greater than this world. The people of Jannah of lower grade will see the Heavens of people of high grade as they see the stars in the sky.

All the billions of the Heavens will be decorated, furnished and supplied with all amenities as mentioned above.

The amazing thing is that the black Muslims will be blessed with white skins their shape will remain the same. All the people of the Heaven will be given the stature of Adam peace be upon him that is 60 arm length and their breadth will be seven arm length. (Al-Hadith)

In a report of Al-Bukhari from Abu Hurairah, The Apostle of Allah said that Allah said: I have prepared for my pious slaves things which have never been seen by an eye or heard by an year or imagined by a human being. If you wish you can recite. “No soul knows what is kept hidden for them of Joy as reward for what they used to do” (17/32).

The second Great thing having immense volume is Hell. Allah has created for all those who denied His messengers, and refused to believe in their Creator and His messengers. Instead they believed in their self conceived gods, like idol worshippers, or some took His messenger to be a God. The Jews took Ezra as God and the Christians took Jesus as God and so on. But Allah (God the Unique) revealed in His heavenly Books that all His messengers , are His slaves. Those who denied their Creator and Sustainer and took His slaves as their God or those who believed in their self-conceived gods never deserve God's bounty. They all will be thrown in the Hell. The Quran telling its vastness said: On the Day when We say unto Hell art thou filled? And it Saith can there be more to come? (50/30)

Allah said: That I will fill Hell with Jinn and mankind together. (32/13) They would be all those mentioned above more over those who commit tyranny and evil, they all shall be fuel of Hell having Blazing Fire. Allah will kill the death, there will be no death at all neither to the people of the Heaven nor to the people of Fire. The Heaven and Hell are eternal abode for believers and disbelievers respectively. The people of Hell shall taste various kinds of torments stated in various verses of the Quran.

Hell for you is because you denied the call of truth of your messengers, and His last Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon them) you tortured them and denied your Creator and Sustainer and worshipped your self-conceived gods now call them, as you used to call but there is none to help you out of this blazing Fire. This is the requital of what you did in your worldly life. Allah=(God the Unique) is never unjust,

- By Ahmad Wahaj Al-Siddiqui