Jesus, The Prophet His Most Amazing Birth Was To Bring Out A New Nation

- Published in Muslim League Journal On 5th June 2015
Jesus, The Prophet
His Most Amazing Birth was To Bring Out A  New Nation
We find very minute details of his birth in the Holy Book, the Quran mentioned in its chapter Mary. She is Mary daughter of Imran from progeny of David. Her mother Anne vowed to consecrate whatever is in her belly “As Allah’s consecrated (offering) accept it from me”.(Al-Quran-3/35) She delivered a female child, she said: I have named her Mary and verily I crave thy protection for her and for her offspring. (Al-Quran-3/36) She dedicated her for the service of ‘Bait-al-Maqdis (Jerusalem). She was brought up under the splendid guardianship of her maternal uncle Zechariah, the prophet of his time. He assigned a portion of the temple particularly for her She worshipped her Lord in complete seclusion and only Zachariah could enter into her conclave. She devoted diligently in prayers.
    And when the angels said O Mary!0 Allah hath chosen thee, and hath purified thee, and hath preferred thee among all the women of creation. (Al-Quran-3/42)
   Prior to the birth of Jesus while she was in her conclave in the East for prayer and devotion, that Allah sent His angel Gabriel who appeared before her in a human shape. The real shape of Gabriel is frightening as huge body fills the horizon, so he came to her in a human shape so that she may talk to him at ease. The sudden appearance of the angel in human shape bewildered her and she said: I seek refuge with the most Beneficent from you if you do fear Allah (Al-Quran-19/18) Gabriel disclosing his real mission said: Nay, I am only a messenger from thy Lord (to announce) to thee the gift of a righteous son. (Al-Quran-19/ 19) This
news took Mary by astonishment so she said: How can I have a son when no man hath touched me and I am not unchaste. (Al-Quran 19/20)
    Gabriel replied: So (it will be), thy Lord saith: It is easy for me that We make him a sign for humankind and a mercy from Us. It is a matter (so) decreed. (Al-Quran-19/21) That you give birth to a child even when you do not have a husband, and you are not unchaste to the contrary you are pious to the highest degree, that Allah hath chosen you to give a miraculous birth without a spouse to be sign of God’s Omnipotence to create what he intends with His  word ‘Be’ for humankind.
                 Allah is only Creator How?
      It is our observation that man’s fluid when intermingled with woman forms a Zygote, if these fluid do not mix no zygote can be formed. We see tree is from seed and seed is from tree. The hen is from egg and the egg is from hen. The palm tree is from kernel and kernel is from tree. The grain is from plant and the plant is from grain.  The animal breed is by mating male with female. The female conceives and gives birth.
   The atheists say all this exists from nature. If all this is occurring from nature, when comes the first feed, whence appeared the first hen, whence did come the first grain.  How did the first palm come into existence? How did the animals come into existence? If the man’s progeny is from gamogenesis then how did the first man and woman appeared on the face of the earth? If the stars and planets are from the gaseous mass whence did come this gaseous mass.
    We, therefore, have to acknowledge that this phenomena around us is from Allah the Great Creator.
    1953 marked the transition to the era of molecular genetics. All the Geneticists agreed that all life forms are the creation of cells. a) Cells arise from pre-existing cells. b) All organisms are composed of cells and cells products. c) Cells are the structural and functional units of life. Cells consists of various components i.e. nuclei, DNA is localized in chromosomes of nuclei. Each chromosome  contains a definite group- of genes known as a linkage group.
    The scientists have agreed unanimously that the cell includes, nuclei, DNA, Chromosomes, genes, these replicate exactly to its kind. This made the scientists to conclude Allah created all life forms in the primitive origin and they stand as they were no change whatsoever did occur in them.
    Hence, science proved that Allah is the only Creator in primitive origin and He therefore, created Jesus without a father with His creative Power
by His word ‘B’.
     Four Ways of Human Creation
a)     Created without a male or female.
b)    Created Eve from Adam without a female.
c)     Created people with sexual reproduction.
d)     Created Jesus from a woman without a spouse.
  These only were four ways, which Allah the Great Creator perfected with the birth of Jesus and He therefore, made him a sign for His Omni Creative Power. He created Adam from clay by His Word ‘B’, same way He created Jesus by
His word ‘B’, so He said: The similitude of Jesus before Allah is as that of Adam. He created him from clay. Then said to Him ‘Be’ and he was. (Al-Quran-3/59).
   Jesus Birth was to bring Out a Nation Other Than Jews  
Gabriel breathed into her the spirit of Jesus, so she conceived. Ibn Abbas said: The conception and birth was within an hour. The other reports contrary to the Quran are the pregnancy was for nine months or for eight etc., because nine months pregnancy would have been known to every one leaving no necessity for her  to run away to a far place. The Quran said: If thou dost see any man say I have vowed a fast unto the Beneficent and may not speak this day to any mortal. (Al-Quran-19/26)
        It proves that conception and formation of embryo was sudden that made her to escape to Bethlehem. The pangs of childbirth brought her to a dried trunk of a palm tree and said: Oh would that I had died before this and would have become a thing forgotten.(Al-Quran-19/23)
   She knew that folk would not accept her story. She will be put to affliction and distress causing her grievous hurt. They will dub her a harlot, though she had all along been a devout worshipper of Allah.
    However, Allah’s plan was to bring out a nation other that Jews to believe in her and in her son Jesus by this very special and abnormal birth proving the power of creation of God the Unique.
   Allah sent Gabriel to console her (not coming before her) he uttered from a place below her.Grieve not! Thy Lord hath placed a rivulet beneath thee and shake towards thyself the trunk of the palm tree, it will let fall fresh ripe dates to fall upon thee. (Al-Quran-19/25)
   When she shook, she saw the trunk ( to her astonishment) the branches grew from the trunk, same hour the bunches of the green dates turning to red came out and fell before her.
   This was another miracle to console her for an abnormal birth without a spouse. She was scared because of severely expected denial  by his folk the Jews. She was told to remain calm and repose her trust in God the Unique whose plan was not only to bring out a nation out of this birth, but also to confer honor and grandeur to her and to her son Jesus.
    How could Mary Prove her Innocence
 The big event was yet to come to face her folk for this amazing birth
of Jesus without a husband. Mary was virgin, pious and righteous but she knew she would be denied. God the Unique in His wisdom a great plan to defend her Said: ‘So eat and drink and cool (thy) eye, if you dost see any man say Verily I have vowed a fast to the Beneficent and will not speak any man this day (Al-Quran-19/26)
   Then she took the baby in her lap and brought him to her own folk. Mary got herself soon surrounded by her folk they all said with one voice: Thou have come with  an amazing thing. O sister of Aaron! Thy father was not a wicked man nor thy mother a woman unchaste. (Al-Quran-19/28).
Mary determined and  face all, she simply pointed to her baby. They all said: How can we talk to a child in the cradle. (Al-Quran-19/29) A day’s child Jesus called in a loud voice heard by all: ‘He said: Verily I am the slave of Allah =(God the Unique). He hath given me the scripture and appointed me a prophet and hath made me blessed wherever I may be, and hath enjoined upon me prayer as long as I live and had me dutiful to my mother and made me not arrogant and un-blest. And peace be upon me, the day I was born and the day I die and the day I shall be raised alive. (Al-Quran-19/30-33)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
     Jews Plot to Kill Jesus
When people heard Jesus Christ a day’s child announcing his prophet hood with a Gospel, and innocence of his mother, they all echoed in one voice we believe in him and in his mother. They are known as followers of Christ i.e. the Christians. But the Jews defected, they were hard hearted. They took to tooth and nail enmity against Jesus and his mother Mary for 33 years. The Jews made their life miserable full of agonies and distress. They denied his birth without a father  and blamed Mary the virgin for adultery a grievous calumny against her. Lastly the Jews plotted against Jesus to assassinate him. The Jews knew that Roman king follows the Greek mythology can be instigated to kill Jesus Christ. So they told him that a man stirs up discord against the King and his people.  He brings dissent between father and his son.
   The Jews in order to insinuate enmity against Jesus, they  also told the King that her mother is a harlot and he is an illegitimate son. The king getting enraged ordered to catch and crucify him. The Jews surrounded the house wherein Jesus was. They sent a man in the house to take Jesus in custody. But when he entered into the house, he could not find Jesus. God the Unique sent Gabriel who raised Jesus up from an aperture to the heaven. Same while God put the resemblance of Jesus over that man. When the man came out they took hold of him for his resemblance with Jesus. The enraged Jews did not listen to him killed and crucified him.  God the Unique said: And they (the Jews) plotted and God schemed (against them) and God is the best of schemers. (Al-Quran-3/54)
    Allah=(God the Unique) said: And because of their saying: they slew Messiah Jesus son of Mary, the Prophet of Allah, they did not slay him, nor did they crucify him. But it appeared so unto them. And verily those who differ concerning it are in doubt. They have no knowledge save pursuit of a conjecture They slew him not for certain. But Allah raised him up unto Himself and Allah is ever Mighty Wise.     (Al-Quran-4/157, 158)
     After killing and crucifying their own man, they differed and said dubiously, if they had crucified Jesus where was their own man.
    Far later the Christians differed into three factions:
        The Orthodox Christian Church held that his life was taken on the cross that he died and was buried but on the third Day he rose in the body with his wound intact and conversed with his disciples and thereafter he was bodily raised up. This innovation was necessary to invent blood sacrifice and vicarious atonement for the sins of them. This is not found in any of the four Gospels. Islam rejects atonement that everyone one will be reckoned for his sins.
    The Docetae held  that Christ never had physical body that his crucifixion was only apparent.
     The Basilidans believe that someone else was substituted for him.
The above facts confirm the Quran which held:     
      And verily those who differ concerning it are in doubt that they have no knowledge save pursuit of conjecture, they slew him not for certain but Allah raised him up to Himself.
   The Jews aggravation in their enmity against Jesus made them blind to see the truth. Allah aided Jesus with amazing miracles. Jesus said: Verily I come to you with a sign of your Lord. Verily I fashion for you out of clay, the shape of a bird and breathe into it  and it becomes a bird by Allah’s leave, And I heal
 who is born blind and the leper and I quicken the dead by Allah’s leave, and let ye know about  what ye eat and what you store  in you houses. Verily herein is sign for you if you are the believers. (Al-Quran-3/49)
    The Jews dubbed all these amazing miracles with which Allah aided Jesus to prove his truth but the Jews called all that sorcery. 
               Ahmad Wahaj Al-Siddiqui Al-Taimi
- By Ahmad Wahaj Al-Siddiqui Al-Taimi