Most Amazing Expansion Of The Universe

- Published in Muslim World League Journal Makkah On July, 2015

Most Amazing Expansion of the Universe

We shall see here below how amazingly God the Unique is Expanding this Universe. The Book of Allah, the Quran described the expansion of the universe in 7th century when the word science was unknown. In the first quarter of the 20th century, the scholars of the Celestial bodies discovered that the universe is expanding. Before giving details of their discovery, we see what Allah said?  
     And the heaven We built with power and We are its expander.  And the earth We have spread out and how excellent Is the Spreader.
      Allah said: And the heaven We built with power' and made it a canopy most high.
    Ibn Abbas, Qatadah, Thaury and others said ' And We are its expander. That it is in a state of expansion all around. This heaven and space hath encompassed the earth like a ring in open space of blue vault.
   The knowledge of the cosmologist have yet not reached to the heaven of the world. Allah said: Verily We adorned the heaven of the world with shining stars. (Quran-37/6)  It is therefore, the Scholars have named the heaven of the world as Universe.
    The universe is a continuum in a state of expansion ever since it is created.   
  The universe encompasses everything in existence, from the smallest atom  to the largest galaxy.
Since Allah has formed it, it has been expanding since then.
The part of the universe of which we have knowledge is called the observable universe.
      The Cosmologists held: Our Earth is just like tiny planet in a vast solar system. And Our solar system is just one member of a vast Milky Way galaxy with 200 to 400 billion stars. They say there are 100 to 200 hundred billion galaxies in the universe, each of which has hundreds of billion stars.
        According to Cosmologists there are probably more than 170 billion galaxies in observable universe, stretching out into a region of space 13.8 billion light years away from us in all directions.(The light travels 186,000 miles in a second)
     However, whatever the Quran the Book of Allah mentioned in 7th century: And the heavens We built with power and We are its expander': Has been confirmed by American astronomer Edwin Hubble in 1925.  He was the first to prove that the universe is expanding.  He also proved there is a direct relationship between the speeds of distant galaxies and their distance from earth.                                                                                                                                                                                                           
    The Scholars held that this expansion is not never ending; The universe will eventually collapse in on itself in the reverse of the Big Bang- a process called the 'Big Crunch'. This ending would result if there is enough matter in the universe to counter act the force of expansion.
   The Wikipedia explained: If the universe is finite in extent and the expansion speed does not exceed the escape velocity, then mutual gravitational attraction of all its matter will eventually cause it to contract. If entropy continues to increase in the contracting phase, the contraction would appear very different from the time of its reversal in comparison to expansion. A contracting universe would become increasingly clumped. Eventually all matter would collapse into black holes, which would then coalesce producing a unified black hole or Big Crunch singularity. The Hubble Constant also confirms it.
    The Quran has also confirmed the contraction and collapse of the Universe. It said: The Day when We shall roll up the heavens like a scroll rolled up for the books, As We began the first creation We shall repeat it. It is a promise binding upon us. Truly We are to perform it.(Quran-21/104) The readers should open their eyes what the Book of Allah mentioned in 7thcentury when the word science was unknown. Those whom they call gods, could they create such universe with its vastness and its infinite space and billions of stars, Never. Allah said: Verily those on whom you call besides Allah, they cannot (even) create a fly. The science of Genetics through its cell theory has confirmed that a cell of any matter can not be created by the finest laboratories of the world.  More over the Quran mentioned the expansion and contraction of the universe these both have been confirmed by modern science.
     The Quran said about the planet earth: And the earth We have spread out and how excellent Is the Spreader. The Encyclopedia of Science and Technology said; Our earth is spherical and is traversing the space in its orbit with a speed of 67,000 miles per hour and it rotates on its axis in 23 hours fifty six minutes  and four seconds causing day and night.   Who can create Planet Earth with thousands of billion Kilogram weight traversing in the orbit with a tremendous speed.
    Can anyone create the  earth, no one except Allah (God the Unique) is its Creator that is why he said: And the earth we have spread out in the space, and How Excellent is the Spreader!
   This is crystal proof that the Quran which reached us through the Prophet Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) is the only true heavenly Book, and religion Islam is only true religion. The deliverance of humankind is only in accepting Islam.
- By Ahmad Wahaj Al-Siddiqui