The Angels Are Performing Life Footage Video Of Every Person

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Puiblished in  Muslim World League Journal Makkah Safar 1437 Dec.2015  By Ahmad Wahaj Al-Siddiqui   Nov. Ist, 2015.
Subject: The Angels are performing Life Footage Video of Every Person
 It is well known that the Jewish and Christian scholars have denied many verses of the Quran. Among these verses are:
1-    The men in the Heaven (Jannah) call to the man in the Fire. We have that Our Lord promised us (as) the Truth, have you that which your Lord promised you (as) the Truth?
2-   Between them is a veil and on the heights are men who knew them all and they call to the men in the Heaven (Jannah) peace be unto you, they have not yet entered  the Heaven, they have hope to enter.
3-   And when their eyes are turned to the people in the Fire: They say our Lord place us not with the wrong doing folk.
    4-   The men on the heights call to unto men whom they know by their marks saying: Of what profit to you were your collected wealth
        And your pride.
       5. Are these the men of whom you swore that Allah would not show    
           them mercy? Enter you the Heaven no fear shall be on you nor you 
           shall ever grieve.
      6. And the men in the Fire cry to the men in the Heaven, pour out on us  some water or some of that Allah doth provide you of sustenance,
         they say verily Allah hath forbidden both to disbelievers.
         (Surah Al-Araaf/ 44, 46 to 50)
1-   Those scholars objected: How a dialogue between the people in the Heaven and the people in Fire can occur.
2-   There are people on the height seeing and talking to both of them how can it be?
3-    There is Arabic word ‘Hijab’ between the people in the Heaven and the people in the Hell, how Hijab can appear?
4-   The men in the Heaven recognize their acquaintances in the Hell by their face marks and so on the people in the Fire identify the men in the Heaven, how?
5-    The men in the Fire would long for water and sustenance from the  
  people in the Heaven.
 It is said how the men in the Heaven could see the men in the Fire, when particularly “The breadth of the Heaven is as  the width of the sky and the earth”. (Quran-57/21)
And certainly the Hell will be far far-away from the Heaven.
    Imam Razi had also raised a question: He says from this magnanimous distance how a call can be possible? Imam Razi himself replied it saying: To us the extreme remoteness of the distance is not an impediment in a dialogue. He added that Al-Qadhi observed that scholars say there is peculiarity about the voice that the distance alone cannot be a hurdle from hearing. The statement shows that the scientists of his  time were developing some positive theory  
        about the sound waves.
      However, when Europe was in dark ages, the Muslim scholars were enlightening the world. But for the treachery of Muhammad bin Al-Qami and Nasiruddin Tusi against Mustasim Billah an Abbasid caliph, they invited Halaque khan of hoards on 12th Muharram 656 Hijra  (1258 C.E.)to plunder Iraq the Caliph under treacherous pretext of negotiations was assassinated by Halaque Khan. He came with 200,000 fighters and brought such a horrible death and destruction that had no precedent in the then history of the world. Within 40 days 2 million Muslims were put to the sword. The rivers Dujla and Euphrates ran red with Muslim blood. The burnt houses, the  dead bodies of the children and men had polluted the air  hundred of miles spreading disease for several months. The Ta’tars in search of money had thrown away everything they got in the houses even the books were thrown into the river. Later the infidel forces treaded down
Syria. The cities of learning had gone in such a horrible devastation that the Muslims particularly in the field of science could never regain the loss. (Ibn Kathir in his Book ‘Al-Bidaya wa Al-Nihaya’)
      Muslim Defeat Ta’tars
   However, one by the name of Al-Muzaffar Qutz had seen in a dream that Allah’s Prophet (peace be on him) said to him that you shall rule Egypt and shatter the Ta’tars. Al-Muzaffar Qutz was made to take over the rein of Egypt in 657 Hijra. He made the preparation to face the Ta’tars who had intended Egypt after Iraq and Syria.
   The Muslim force under the command of  Qutz countered Ta’tars at Ain Jaloot in Ramadan 658 (1259 C.E)Hijra. This was the first time that the Muslim army faced Ta’tars. After the bloody and pitched battle the Ta’tars were routed. Qutz continued to pursue them till they were finally driven out from the Muslim land.
     The Dialogue between the people of the Heaven and the Hell
   Now I revert to the exegesis of the aforesaid verse. The commentators attempted to explain them to the best of their knowledge but no satisfactory explanation could be given for a dialogue between the people of the Heaven (Jannah) and the people of the Hell, when they both are million, million light years apart. Similarly, the word Hijab was explained as a wall, it was all impossible due to magnanimous distance between the Heaven and the Hell.  This the reason that the orientalists and the Jews and Christian scholars all denied these verses.
    There are few other verses of the Quran co-related with the verses under citation. These are: And every man’s book of deeds We have fastened to his neck and We shall bring forth for him on the day of reckoning, which he will find wide open.
    It will be said to him read your book, you suffice today as reckoner  against yourself. (Quran-17/13,14)  
    And the Book of deeds shall be placed and you will see the guilty fearful of that which is therein, they will say: Woe to us what a book is it?  It leaves nothing small or great but counted it. And they will find all that they did place before them. And your Lord never does injustice to anyone. (Quran-18/ 49)        
     The above verses of the Holy Quran describe that after resurrection and before the Judgment, the book of deeds of every person will be fastened to his neck. He will find there in all his acts however, small or big. It will contain  all his good and bad deeds, which he will be able to read and see. The disbelievers denied the contentions of the Quran saying: The presentation of the book of deeds on the Day of Judgment to every person is impossible. Neither he will read the book nor he will see his past actions.
    The acceptance and the rejection of a fact depends upon the quantum of knowledge, we possess to the tune of development in given time period.
    Even in the nineteenth century the human mind could not perceive the phenomena of the atmosphere and space and of the electromagnetic and radio waves etc. But the Quranic facts were far advanced to our the then timid notions. They were reflecting to our scientific progress, which was yet to be achieved by the humankind in the 20th century. 
    In the first quarter of the first century, Guglilemo Marconi succeeded in establishing the radio service. From 1928 radio telephones circuits were set up. It was found the radio waves are not restricted to earth’s atmosphere. K.G. Jansky first discovered radio waves from the Milky Way in 1931, and the radio noise from the sun was discovered in 1942.
This proved that the atmosphere and the space preserves the sounds in the shapes of the waves and they do not die out.
   After the radio the great invention was of Television. It was launched in the Great Britain by B.B.C. on 2nf November 1936. That proved not
only sound or voices are preserved in the space but also the  space carries the pictures of our actions. By 1970 the color broadcasting was common in all the countries. Only by the help of machines we receive, transmit, and show them in the Television screens. The invention of the video perfected what was lacking in the Television.
    Whenever one desires one can see  story on a   video cassette. Thus every video cassette contains a story in it      when a man can prepare a film having fiction or real stories using the resources present in the atmosphere and space and  transmit them through machines on television, certainly it is in the Power of God the Unique, presentation of the book of deeds on the Day of Judgment.
    Now we see how the angels are preparing the book of deeds for every person: Allah said: Behold the two receivers (angels) receive seated on the right and the left (of shoulders). Not a word doth he utter but there is sentinel by him (records). Quran-50/17,18)
    Allah hath appointed two sentinels from among the angels sitting one on his right shoulder and the other on his left shoulder. Whatever words come out from his mouth and his actions they record it. They are making a video cassette of all his life. This cassette for each person shall be produced on the Day of Reckoning.
    Therefore, God the Unique said: And whoso doth good an atom’s weight will see it then. And whoso doth evil at atom’s weight will see it then. (Quran-99/7,8)
    When the man will be shown the film of his life he will say: Woe to us what a book is this! It leaves out nothing but counted it. (Quran-18/49)
     And they find all they did in the world.
    One-thing remains God mentioned the reading of the book and seeing of past actions of every man in the verse under citation. But it did not mention that he can listen his own voice. It is not so, the Quran did
mention it too: This Our book speaks about you with truth. Verily We have caused all that you did to be recorded. (Quran-45/29)
   Thus the deeds of every person are not only being written but his voice is also being recorded. This proved that the angels are preparing the record of every person like that of a color film.
    We can say there are two kinds of films, the one We prepare for the video cassette to be shown for entertainment on the screen, the other the angels prepare for every person for the day of Reckoning. 
   The Omniscient the Creator of the Universe has appointed the sentinels on every person to note down and prepare a film of all his actions and call it a book of deeds. When the guilty will refuse to admit their sins: Their ears and their eyes and their skins will testify against them. They say: Why you testify against us , they say: Allah has given us speech who giveth speech to everything. (Quran-41/20,21) There is no wonder in it Who can give speech to a  tongue can give speech to other limbs. Had the tongue speech on its own, the tongues of the animal would have spoken.
    If the guilty will reject the testimony of their own limbs and insist on refusal, the angels would make them to play the cassette of their lives. They would see all their past deeds as they used to see in the color films through human made machines.
    It is warning who see dances and songs on video cassette which give vent to sexual desires. They should know that Allah (God) would not treat them with injustice.
    However, with the inventions of the radio, television and video the Quranic verse, which looked impossible to the disbelievers became the most credible. In other words, the Quran has prophesied with the modern development in the technology when no one could conceive it in the seventh century.
    Now we return to the dialogue which is to occur between the men in the Heaven (Jannah) and men in the Hell. That the Quranic verse
referring to  Arabic “Hijab” meaning screen, curtain between two aforesaid people which, remained unexplained till we entered the era of modern technology. Now we can interpret the real meaning of the word ‘Hijab’ as screen and not wall as contended by the old interpreters.
That is to say that the aforesaid parties of the Heaven and the Hell will be able to see each other on a screen like we see on our television news program. The people on height will also participate in the dialogue between the two parties like a T.V. host.
    It is very amazing that the Quranic description having been declared far beyond the truth is proved after 1400 years.
    The Quran in the seventh century has announced: We will show them Our signs in the universe and in their own-selves until it becomes manifest to them that this (Quran) is the truth. (Quran-41/53)
    The persons on the height would be intermediaries in this transmission. The Quran also mentioned that both the parties will recognize each other with their face marks. Certainly, it is so, the recognition dawns upon us when we see a character on a T.V. screen.
    Lastly, when the people in the Fire see the people in the heaven eating and drinking they would long for some food and drink, though they know that they couldn’t get to those provisions.

    However, the modern inventions upheld the Quranic assertions as to the reckoning of all and to their final destinations in the Heaven (Jannah) or Hell. These verses proved that the Angels are preparing a life footage video film of every person to prove what Allah said: The word changes not before Me and I am in way unjust to my slaves. Those who do not believe in Allah, they do not deserve any favor from Him, they are the fuel of eternal Fire.

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