The Battle Of Camel

- Published in The Muslim World League On 8 November 2017

                       Battle of Camel (Jamal)

    It started with the cold blooded murder of Caliph Uthman bin Affan when the Schismatic from Egypt, Al-Basra and Al-Koofa came to loot  Medina, they were 2500 headed by  Harqoos bin Zuhair, Al-Ashtar Al-Nakhai, Sharih bin Aofa, Salim bin Thaliba, Ghulab bin Haytham etc.

   Al- Wajdi stated that the Day Uthman was assassinated, the treasure at Medina had 30.5 million Dirham, 100,000 Dinar (Gold) all this wealth was plundered.  Ibn Kathir said: Anything they passed by they looted,  Then entered the treasury (Baitul mal) it had a lot of wealth of 20 years conquest during the reign of caliphate,  they had plundered, they knew that Whole Muslim Ummah would be behind them because of all those places from where they had come were under the rule of Muslim Empire. Hence they searched some one to protect them and take oath of allegiance on his hand. They went to Ali bin Abi Talib, Al-Zohair, Saad bin Waqqas, and Abdullah bin Omer (Allah may pleased with them). They all refused. They said: They would be back after killing Uthman without any protection. They again went to Ali beseeching him to take from them the oath of allegiance. Ali (Allah may please with him) considered  if they remained at Medina there will be a great hue and cry and disturbance against them from people of Medina, so he took oath of allegiance on condition to take them away to Basra i.e.  Ashtar-al-Nakhaiand all the chiefs and the plunderers.    

    After the oath of allegiance was over Talha and Al-Zubair and other companions of the Prophet asked Ali to enforce the rule of the Quran to punish the assassinators of Uthman. He regretted fearing tumult and more bloodshed  in a place Known as sancturyi.e. Medina.    Ibn Abbas and his son |Hasan bin  Ali forbade him not to leave Medina but he did not yield to them. After assassination of Uthman bin Affan, Noman bin Bashir went to Al-Sham (Syria) with the shirt of Uthman immersed in his blood and with the fingers of his wife Naila which were cut off with apart of her palm. He gave it Moawiyya the Governor of Syria, he placed his blood stained shirt and her fingers over his pulpit. People came seeing that bloody scene they wept and swore to take revenge from the murderers.

     Ibn Kathir said, Ali hated them for whatever they had done but the turn of events did not suit him, as those schismatic had totally besieged Ali and did not allow any companion of the Prophet to see him. The people of the tribe bani Ummaayya reached Mecca. Al Zubar and Talha also came to Mecca.

     The mother of the believers Aesha (Allah may be  pleased with her) also came to Mecca. Here I quote  in short her  innocence given by the Quran because the hypocrites and schismatic had blamed her. Allah said:  for her:Why did ye not when ye heard it say; It is not for us to speak of this, (glory be to Thee) (O Allah), This is an enormous slander. (Quran-24/16) Allah sent down 18 verses on her innocence in the Quran, See my website (Tafsiralquranalwahhaj.com) see page 291 Surah Noor the heading columniation of Hypocrites against the mother of the believers Aesha (Allah may be pleased with her) .The Quran proves her innocence. Schismatic say: That she had no right to interfere in the matter. I say Caliph Uthman was appointed by the allegiance of the people, he was the chief of Muslim Empire, so ever man had a right to claim to enforce the Quran to punish his assassinators.  

However, addressing the people at Mecca she said: :It is obligatory on us to enforce the order of the Quran on  those who killed the Caliph Uthman and looted the public property of Baitulmal and the treasury of the government. He was murdered in the sanctuary of Medina and in the sanctified month most heinously. All those who were present said we must enforce the order of the Quran over the killers and the plunderers. 

The Mother of the Believers Aesha uttered She Came for Peace Making and  Conciliation.

     However, Al-Zubair and Talha leading five thousand  people reached Basra.  Ali bin Abi Talib (may Allah be pleased with him) sent Al-Qaqaa bin Amr as messenger to Talha and Al-Zubair. Al-Qaqa first came to the mother of the believers Aesha and said O Mother! what made you to come this city. She uttered  O Son! I came to peace making and conciliation with Ali bin Abi Talib. He asked her to send for Talha and Al-Zubair. They came. Al-Qaqaa said I asked the mother of the believers for what she had come she said she had come for conciliation and peace making  between people. They said: We also want conciliation but on what conditions the peace could be attained. They both said, the murderers of Uthman, if we leave them we leave to implement the order of the Quran. Allah said; O ye who believe! Retaliation is prescribed for you in the matter of the murdered, and there is life for you in retaliation O men of understanding! That ye may be ward of evil. (Quran-2/178,179)

(Ali (Allah may be pleased with him) said Addressed Both sides After they Agreed for Peace 

      Al-Qaqaa went back to Ali (Allah may be pleased with him) and informed him that the mother of the believers, Talha and Al-Zubair agreed to peace. But murderers of Uthman knew that this peace would be on their throats. Ali (Allah may be pleased with him) stood addressing the people. He mentioned the days of ignorance, which were full of wretchedness but it is Islam , which brought happiness and love with each other. Allah gathered people with the Prophet (peace be upon him) and then with Caliph Abu Bakar Al-Siddiq and Omer bin Al-Khattab and then with Uthman. Then occurred what occurred over the Ummah. Among the people who preferred the world and were jealous of the boon with which Allah hath blessed this Ummah of the Prophet (peace be upon him). They desired to deteriorate Islam. But Allah does what He intends.  He said I am going tomorrow so come with me and none of then who had participated in the murder of Uthman will follow me.

The Schismatic  said that this Peace Plan will culminate on their Bloodshed So they Plotted Sinister Plot

        Ibn Kathir said when Schismatic heard the address of Ali bin AbiTalib, they held a meeting  of their chiefs. They were Al-Ashttar-al-Nakhai, Abdullah bin Saba known as Ibn Al-Sauda, Salim binThalaba etc. They said Ali has full knowledge of the Book of Allah to execute the murderers of  Uthman. He shall execute them. The people of Al-Zubair, Talha will surround you all. Al-Ashtar–al-Nakhai said they know us all. And what Ali intends that too we have known. The peace of both the parties .will culminate on our bloodshed, if so I will make Ali to join Uthman. Abdullah bin Ibn Saba said: the worst you said. We are 2500, but Al-Zubair and Talha are five thousands and you have no power to fight them. They want to execute you all. Ghualb bin Haitham said, let us go back to our country and enjoy our lives. Abdullah bin Sabba said the worse you said. Let us not leave both the parties to gather

together. Ibn Kathir said, people wanted to pass the night in peace but the murderers of Uthmabn passed to night manipulated to start the fight in the darkness. So they jumped over every one with their swords close to them. People stood from their sleep and held their weapons. They said the people of al-Koofa attacked us during the night. The other party thought the army of Ali has attacked them. The news reached Ali, he was told that the people of Basra have attacked them, the battle began. Those schismatic destroyed the pace which was close to happen. They were foremost in the battle. Kaab bin Sawar the District Judge came to the Mother of the Believers and he said haply the people may come to reconciliation on your call. She was made to sit in a litter (howdaj) over the camel. They covered it with shield of armor. She was brought to battle field. She gave a copy of the Quran to Kaab bin Sawar told him to call the peole to obey the Book of Allah. At that hour the battle was in full swing. Kaab bin Sawar raised the Quran in his hands calling them for peace. He saw Abdullah bin Saba with his party in the first line,  killing the people of Al-Basra to whom they could. When they saw the Kaab bin Sawar raising the Quran they all shot at him with arrows till they killed him. The arrows stuck the howdaj  (litter) of the Mother of the believers. She called the to people remember the Day of Reckoning. She raise her hands invoking the curse of Allah over the murderers of Uthman. The People cried with her entreating Allah saying Amen  till the cries reached to Ali. He asked what is it for? He was told The Mother of the Believers was invoking Allah over the murderers of Uthman. Ali said Allah’s curse do fall upon them.

Those murderers continued to shoot at howdaj  till it became like hedgehog.  The people defending her with great chivalry, till they advanced to the place where was Ali. Mother Aesha a brave and fealess woman who reposes her trust in Allah the Doer of what He intends. Bani Addi bin Abd Manaf advanced fearlessly holding the bridle of camel. The murderers of Uthman said so far this camel is standing the war will continue. Several people died while attempting to reach howdaj of the mother of the believers. The Al-Harith Al Dhabi took hold of the reins of the camel. The bravest fighter while fighting he said a verse:

    We are from the tribe of Dhuba, the people of camel, we fight in a duel  Ibn Affan was killed by a sharpened spear. We love the death with no fear. Then Ali advanced and asked to cut the legs of camel so that the mother of the believers should not get hurt. The camel fell with extremely loud shriek, which was never heard before. Ali ordered to lift the howdaj. It was taken away in between the dead bodies.

    Ali asked Muhammd bin Abi Bakar to erect the tent. Ali bin Abi Talib (May Allah be pleased with him) He slauted her and asked how are you O Mother. She said I am quite well.   Many prominent and other believers came to salute the Mother of the Believers Aesha (May Allah be pleased with her).

    The above facts prove that the Battle of Camel occurred because of the murderes of Uthman who wanted to spoil peace agreed with Ali and Talha and Al-Zubauir. Because they knew that peace plan was culminate on cutting their heads.

    The Mother of the believers Aesha did not come on her own in the battle field. She was brought by District Judge of Basra Kaan bin Sawer that her call might make the people to forsake the fight. But the murderers of Uthman, the Shismatic,  were resolute to continue the fight to save themselves for not being beheaded after the peace between the two parties. They shot the arrows to kill her till her litter became like hedgehog. Allah protected her. The chivalry of the believers stopped those murderers of Uthman to reach her howdaj. She is innocent from fight on the Battle of the camel.

To label fight on her is done shamelessly by schismatic who hate her even today. Those schismatic deny the Quran. And those who deny the Quran are infidels, hence her slanderers are infidel.

- By Ahmad Wahhaj Al-Siddqui Al-Taimi-Legal Advisor