The Eternal Life Of Jannah (heaven) The Modern Science Proves Its Eternity

- Published in The Muslim World League On 28 November 2017

The Eternal Life of Jannah (Heaven) The Modern Science proves its eternity

     Many renegades denied  that how the life of the Heaven can be  eternal while human life is faced with various complexities. As a matter of fact they do not know, the life of Heaven (Jannah) will be quiet different from this worldly life. To throw light what is their in Jannah, I refer to some traditions of the Prophet (peace be upon him) so that the readers may know about the life of Jannah referring  modern science  proving its eternity.   .

   Allah said: And give them glad tidings (O Muhammad)

   Unto them who believe and do good works

   That for them are gardens (Jannah) beneath which, rivers flow

   The more they are endowed  with fruits.

   They say: That is that which was given us afore time

   And shall be conferred upon with things con-similar

   There for them are pure wives

   And they shall abide therein forever.  (Quran-2/25)

    Glad tidings are given to those who are steadfast on the deeds guided by the Holy Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him)

  1. Abdullah bin Omar said: Allah’s Apostle (peace be upon him) was asked about Jannah (the Heaven), He said: Every living who entered the Heaven will never die. Will be blessed with eternal comforts, his garments will never wear out, and his youth will never decay. When asked about its buildings he said: They are made of a brick  of gold and a brick of silver in mortar with odor of Musk and its gravel are pearls and rubies and its soil (smells) saffron. (Al-Tabrani/ Ibn Mardawiyyah)
  2. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said; The soil of the Heaven is white, its fields have camphor rocks with sand of Musk. It has ever flowing rivers. All the people of the Heaven, the foremost and the last ones will assemble for a general introduction with each other. Allah will send an air of mercy smelling musk over them, The man will go back from the assembly to his wife. She will find him more elegant and good looking. She will say to him, you left me adoring; now I am taken aback by your splendid grandeur. (Al-Dur Al-Manthur from Abu Hurairah)
  3. The Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him) said: Allah has fenced the Heaven with  a brick of gold and a brick of silver and gushed forth in the rivers and planted trees. When the angels saw its beauty they said: Blessed for you dwellers kings palaces. (Al-Dur Al-Manthur from Al-Khudri)
  4. The Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him)  said: The rivers of the heaven gush forth from mountains of musk. (Al-Dur Al-Manthur from Abu Hurairah)
  5.  With regard to the verse: ‘There for them are the pure wives and they shall abide therein forever’. Abu Hurairah narrated the Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him) said: The faces of the first group who enter heaven will shine like full moon. They won’t spit; won’t blow nose, won’t excrete, their combs will be of gold and silver, their perfumes will be aloes wood and musk. Every one of them will have two wives, they will be so excelling in beauty that he will see their bone morrow through their flesh, never there will be any opposition between them and their heart will never have any
  6. animosity but their heart will beat together. They will glorify Allah at the break od Day and fall of night (Agreed tradition).
  7. A man came to the Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him) and said O! Abul Qasim you say that the people of Heaven will eat and drink. He replied by the One who owns my life. Every man will be given the strength of hundred men in eating, drinking copulation and passion, he will feel to emaciate but the Jannah is free from defiling and harmful matter. The Apostle of Allah continued: His emaciation will be through sweat smelling musk, that will be the emaciation for his belly  (Al-Nasai, Al-Munzir,IbnAbi Hatim)     
  8.    Abu Umamah said: Aman asked the Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him) Will the people of the Heaven copulate? He said they shall copulate but there is no male or female semen. (Al-Tabrani)
  9.  Zaid bin Arqam narrated, the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: No doubt their urine and sexual emaciation is sweat smelling musk coming out of their pores and flowing to their feet.  (Al-Tabrani)
  10. The Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him) said: Whenever the people of the Heaven will copulate their wives, they will regain their virginity.(Al-Tabrani from Abu Saeed Al-Khudri)

I will discuss some facts from modern science that how the life of Jannah will be eternal.

Health means to enjoy the comforts of life with a sound mind in a sound body. Disease means the impairment of health or normal functioning of an organ or the failure of an organism to respond adaptively to its environment. Now we shall see the exogenous and endogenous causes of the diseases and go through the Quran and Sunnah if they are eliminated from the Heaven.

Among the exogenous causes are burn, fracture or dislocation of a limb etc.The Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him) said: The

vigorous in faith are for the Heaven (Jannah) Verily here is no danger whatsoever in the Heaven (Al-Baihaqui from Usama bin Zaid

The chemical factors of disease include metallic inorganic poisons, and alcohol etc. As for the metallic poisons the Quran said: The utensils of people of Heaven will be of gold and silver. See 43/71, and (76/15,16). These metals carry no corrosion and hence no poisoning.

A major causative agent for a large number of diseases is bacteria or micro-organism. Let us see if this if this organism is found in the Heaven:

      A similitude of the Jannah which the righteous are promised

There are rivers of water not contaminating, and rivers of milk

Of unchanging taste, and rivers of wine delicious to the

drinkers. And rivers of honey pure and clear, therein for them

is every kind of fruit with pardon from their Lord.


  We know scientifically that existence of bacteria pollutes water but the Quran tellsthat the Heaven has rivers of water not contaminating . It means there is no existence of micro-organism in the Heaven. Similarly we know that the taste of milk changes due to the presence of lacteous bacilli. But in the Heaven are rivers of milk of unchanging taste, it indicates that the Heaven is free from water borne, and milk borne diseases. Further the Quran said that the wine in Heaven: ‘No aching of the head, therefrom they get nor they will suffer any intoxication’ (Quran-56/19)

These facts negates alcoholic diseases in the Heaven. As for honey it provides wonderful food and it is used as preserver of

medicines among Arab physicians. And it is used in the treatment of quite few diseases. Allah mentioned its curing quality saying:

   Wherein is healing for mankind. (Quran-16/69)     

Moreover soil of Heaven is quite different from soil of earth. It smells saffron, its field have camphor rock and sand dunes of musk.

See Para (b) above. Camphor is well known for its medical value, antiseptic quality and as repellant ofcreatures. Further the drinks in Heaven will have the tendency of camphor. (See the verse 76/5)

It is known that human excretion produce bacteria but human excretion in Heaven will be throughsweat smelling musk. There urine and sexual emaciation is sweat coming out of their pores and flowing to their feet. (see Para h)

All the above facts make it crystal clear that no room is left for any organism or microbes to have their existence in the Heaven.

The change in human body in the Jannah will be due to heavenly diet as we observe in the bee when it takes juice of flowers its emaciation is honey.

Quite few diseases are caused due to radiation or sever cold but Heaven is not a place for radiation and severe cold. Allah said:

  They will there neither heat of sun nor bitter cold, (Quran-76/13)

 It said: that several dusts that have local action on respiratory tract and cause pulmonary disease but the soil of heaven has no dust of earth, it smells saffron and full of greenery. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: A rider can’t cover in Heaven a shade of tree in hundred years, if you wish you recite ‘ And spreading shade’ (Al-Bukhari)The deepening shades with flowering beauty runs hundred of milesin the Heaven.

Quite few diseases are caused by mal-nutrition but Allah for the Heaven said: It is (vouchsafed) unto thee, for not to be hungry

therein and not to be unclothed.And verily thou won’t be thirsty therein nor suffer from sun’s heat (Quran-20/118,119)

Some diseases are caused due to over eating but whatever the people of Jannah eat out of recreation shall emaciate as sweat through their pores smelling musk. Allah God the Unique said: They are watered with a cup having tendency of Ginger. (Quran-76/17). We know that Ginger is digestive and used in the treatment of Flatulence and Colic. That is to say that the people of Heaven will be given digestive drinks.

The endogenous diseases are those, which are inherited. These diseases are restricted to this world. The Heaven will never be a place of birth for anyone.. The ladies in Heaven (Jannah) are pure and above menstruation, excretion,expectoration and spitting. Taoos said: The people of Jannah will copulate their wives they will never get pregnant because there will be no male or female semen. (Abdul Razza) See tradition (h) above.

Ibn Kathir referring to thefamous long tradition of the Trumpet cited the Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him) who said. Every man will be wedded to seventy two wives. The two wives will be among the children of Adam. They will have the preference over the others due to their worship to Allah in this world. (The other 70 are the ones created in Heaven).He will enter toone of the two wives embedded with rubies on a bed made of gold and embellished. Describing her beauty the Prophet said: she will dressed in seventy pairs of raiment all in gleaming sarcenet, he will put his hand in between her shoulders then he will see it placed in front of her chest through her raiment skin and flesh. He will see the bone morrow of her leg, while he will copulate with her none of them fear weary, whenever he will go to her find her virgin. His

          organ won’t languish nor she will complain in her vagina. But there is no male or female semen.

It is evident from theabovefacts that the ladies in Jannah are made pure of everythingthat might lead to their pregnancy and hence no endogenous diseases

Thus we see that Allah has closed all the outlets , which may lead to diseases so that He maybestow eternal life to the people of Heaven (Jannah) It is a hard fact that any man of seventh century could never know the existence of microbes , therefore, the traditions of the Prophet, and the Quranic verses which deny the entity of germs in Jannah positively disclose the miraculous nature of the Holy Quran and testify to the true Prophet-hood of Muhammad (peace be upon him)and the Quran is a fountain having its direct source of Allah’s knowledge who is Omniscient of all things. The Quran referred to those animate beings in the days of scientific ignorance which could not be seen by naked eye. Saying:

‘And He created that, which ye do not know. (Quran-16/8)

The invention of microscope in the 17th century did make us to observe the tiny organism called microbes.

All these facts prove that modern science in the Quran which is fountain of all knowledge as Allah said: “Nothing We have omitted in the Book” (i.e. the Quran-6/38)

This denies the Jewish and Christian scholars who claimed that the Quran is written by Muhammad, he could never know the modern science. Hence this is the Book of Allah Omniscient of all knowledge.


- By Ahmed Wahhaj Siddiqui Al-Taimi - Legal Advisory