The Quran, The Biblical Scholars And Science Deny God The Son

- Published in M.W.L. Journal Makkah On April,May 2014.
The Quran, the Biblical Scholars  and Science Deny God the Son
      And they say Allah hath begotten a son, Be He Glorified! Nay, to Him belongs all that is in the heaven and the earth and all are subservient  to Him. (Quran-2/116)  
      The aforesaid verse refers to the Jews and Christians. Jews claimed Ezra the son of God and Christians believed in Jesus to be son of God. Allah= (God the Unique) denied them all. He is too Exalted and far above to have begotten son.
       God the son is a part of Trinity. The Christian doctrine of the Trinity defines, God as three divine persons, the Father, the Son, the Holy Ghosts. The three persons are distinct from one another in their relations of origin (as the Fourth Lateran Council) declared: “ It is the Father who generates, the son who is begotten and the Holy Spirit who proceeds and in their relations with one another they are stated to be one in all, and  each is God whole and entire”
     Three  hundred years after Jesus, the dogma of Trinity was fabricated. The four canonical Gospels written between 70 and 115 Christian era do not contain any reference to Trinity.
     Even the Christian Church acknowledges: “It is difficult in the second half of the 20th century to offer a clear objective and straight forward account of the revelation and doctrinal evolution … of the Trinity, Roman Catholic as well as others present somewhat unsteady silhouette … one should not speak of an unqualified Trinitarian-ism, one has moved from the period of Christian religion to, say, the last quarter of the fourth century. It was only then that what might be called the definitive Trinitarian dogma one God in three persons became thoroughly assimilated into the Christian life and thought.” (The new Catholic Encyclopedia 1967, the Holy Trinity Volume 14 page 295).
    Reverend. J.F.De Groot writes in his book ‘Catholic teachings’ p.101.    
     “The most Holy Trinity is mystery in the strictest sense of the word. For reason alone cannot prove the existence of the Triune God. Revelation teaches it. And even after the existence of the mystery has been revealed to us, it remains impossible for the human intellect to grasp how the three persons have but one Divine nature.”
     When the Christian  Church  and Rev. J.F. De. Groot failed to convince their people the existence of three Gods in one they attempted to side track their failing arguments by naming the Holy Trinity as a revelation.
      Now we see what the revelation means: In Encyclopedic World Dictionary: The act of revealing or disclosing, Who reveals or who discloses, the same dictionary writes: ‘God’s disclosure of himself, and of his will to his creatures’. It is famous  that God discloses or reveals to his messenger, and the verbatim of it is preserved to a letter, or it is called a divine or supernatural communication from God to his messenger. Now if we test the Trinity on the above touch stone we find:  
a)     It is acknowledged  that verbatim of any Jesus utterances is not preserved.
b)    That he never uttered a word  of Triune God.
c)     That Synoptic Gospels though not revelation in the literal sense fail to mention dogma of Trinity.
d)    Even St: Paul did never talk of Trinity.
e)     And the Gospel of St: John did not preach the worship of Triune God.
   So it is obviously concocted by Christian fathers as it is acknowledged by the New Catholic Encyclopedia in the last quad-rent  of the 4th century referred above. It is therefore evident that the Christian fathers preached against the teachings of Jesus and against their own Synoptic Gospels and named it revelation. Whereas the revelation from God is restricted to his messenger, hence the Trinity is beyond the Christian religion we call it heterodoxy, which is invented in the last quarter of the  4th century that could never be part of Christianity.
Science Denies God the son
     The Fourth Lateran Council declared above: “ It is the Father who generates, the son who is begotten”
    Begotten means procreation. We examine this claim as per our latest science:-    Before discussing this assertion we see what God is: God is Unique, Ever Existing, Perpetual, The Alive, The Eternal, He is the Alpha and Omega (the first and the last), the Evident as to His obvious existence, the Hidden as to His reality. He is not a formed body, nor does
He resembles bodies either in their being measurable or divisible. He is not a substance nor do substance exist in him. He is immortal.
    The science has raveled one of the most amazing facts concerning the cell, which is the very basis of life. It is found that bodies of all beings are composed of cells. The scientists held:-
a)     Cells arise from pre-existing cells.
b)    All organisms are composed of cells and cell products.
c)     Cells are the structural and functional unit of life.
   The scientists have found that Deoxy Ribonucleic Acid (DNA) is most important part of cell. The scientists have agreed unanimously  that the same chemical substance DNA in the form of genes accounts for all living matter to replicate itself exactly to its kind and to transmit genetic information from parent to offspring. This made the scientist to conclude that God created all life form in the primitive origin and they stand as they were and no change whatsoever occurred in them.
     The scientists are unanimous  that the system inside the cell is so rigid and constructive that there is not the remotest possibility of any evolution in it and only it is God who created all life forms giving them the possibility of procreation in the primitive origin and the life did never come into existence of  itself by non living matter.
            The scientists have confirmed that DNA passes on the heritable traits from generation to generation.
                Now if we consider Jesus as begotten, then he should have had the same trait of God but on the contrary we find:-
              That God is eternal where as Jesus was mortal. God is infinite but Jesus had a finite body. God is Omniscient but Jesus was incognizant.  God is Omnipotent  where as Jesus was infirm. God is the Sustainer but Jesus was dependent. God is Perpetual whereas Jesus was evanescent.
              God is Protector but Jesus was  feeble and weak. He could not save himself from the enmity of the wretched Jews, they claimed  to have crucified him but God put Jesus resemblance on one of the Jews, and God raised Jesus up.
              The aforesaid scientific facts proved that Jesus and Mary both were human beings who ate and drink and had an evanescent finite body. The modern science confirms what God the Unique  said in seventh century:
         “ The Messiah Jesus son of Mary was no other that a messenger, messengers (like of whom) had passed away before him, and his mother was a saintly women. And they both used to eat (earthly) food. See how We make the revelations clear for them and see how they are turned away (from the truth).( Quran-5/75)         
          The Christian fathers claim that Jesus was begotten and he was God the Son.  It  is a baseless fabulous claim, which  is neither supported   by their Gospels nor by any heavenly Book or by modern science. Therefore, Jesus who was born with human limitations could never be God the son.
The Great Biblical Scholars Who Denied Trinity
              Irenaeus     He  was a second century Bishop of Lugudunun in Gaul now Lyons France. He was a  true Christian who wrote in support of pure monotheism and opposed Paul for instilling into Christianity the doctrines of the pagan Roman religion and Platonic Philosophy. He quoted extensively from the Gospel of Baranbas in support of his convictions. This also proved that Gospel of Barnabas which had denied the Trinity was in currency during first and second century of Christian era.
             Hypisistarians (200 BC-400 BC)   
          It was a faction among the Christians which existed up to 4th century. They worshipped the Most High God and revered Him as Almighty ruler of the world and  denied the Trinity.
            Arius  (256-336)   He was an Ascetic Priest in Alexandria. He preached Unity and Simplicity of Eternal God. He believed that Christ was not of the same substance as God. He was human being as any other man.
              The teachings of Arius became so popular among the masses that it shocked the very foundation of Pauline Church.
              Pope Honorius     He was the head of Catholic Church (625-638). He upheld the real faith of Jesus i.e. monotheism.  
           He put down the tussle which was running during the time of Constantine between the Unitarians the real followers of Jesus and the believers of the self conceived dogma Triune God in the end of sixth century A.D.  He also found the time of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). In his letters  he supported the doctrine of one mind i.e. belief in One God
          without a copartner. This doctrine was not challenged about a half century by any Christian fathers.
          L.F.M. Sozzini (1525-1565)     He challenged Calvin on the doctrine of Trinity. He amplified the doctrine of Arius, denied the divinity of Christ and repudiated the doctrine of original sin and atonement.  
               The above facts  prove that the Trinity is a fabricated dogma having no basis and it was challenged  by the most famous Christian priests. Hence there is neither Trinity nor any existence of God the Son.  
- By Ahmad Wahaj Al-Siddiqui