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Many times at Prophet's Mosque and Baitullah (Kaaba) I prayed, 0 Allah! favour me to write a book which might be a provision for me in the Hereafter but I couldn't have enough courage to begin one.

In, a dream I saw, while I was at Islamabad (Pakistan) that: "I am standing at the grave of the Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallam), all of a sudden the grave opened, I saw the Prophet is lying. He is dressed in a light brown cloth. The beaming rays of light are emitting out of his body. It is impossible to pen the majestic beauty of his body. I descended into the grave to his feet. The Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) stretched his hands to embrace me. Then this scene changed, and I saw few persons are eating milky ice creams on the place facing the Prophet's grave. My eyes rain, whenever I imagine this great affection of the Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) on me.

God the Merciful and the Bountiful changed my circumstances and appointed my livelihood in the Holy Land of Hedjaz. It was here at Mecca that I took to writing. My fancy led me to many subjects. I began on rationalism and miracles. Discussing few miracles I intended to mention the miracles of Jesus Christ that Ahmad Saeed Rahmatullah brought me a book 'Quadianiat' by Ehsan Elahi Zaheer. After going through it, I felt it would be better to refute the apostate groups and God helped me in it.

Islam faced many insurrections from its very inception. First of all there were turbulences of polytheists of Mecca. After 'Hijrah' i.e. the migration of the Muslims from Mecca to Medina, the Hypocrites seditiously connived with the Jews against the Muslims and they bagan mischief mongering. During the last days of the Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallam), the great turbulence of Apostasy engulfed the Island of Arabia. In the second half of tenth year of Hijra Aswad-AI-Ansi pretended prophet-hood, and enrooted a great uprising against the Muslims and Islam in Yemen. He attacked Sana and occupied full Yemen.

Musailma the Liar, claimed prophet-hood. He was the Chief of Banu Hanifa tribe. He mobilised an army of 40 thousand Arabs, and made Arab tribes as his allies against the Muslims.

Tuliha Asadi pretended prophet-hood, and besides his tribe he combined the tribes of Banu Tai and Banu Ghatfan with him. This great insurrection died down on account of the bold steps taken against the forces of the apostates by Abu Bakar the first Caliph in confirmation to the principles of Islam. The mighty force of the apostates who were contemplating to over run the Muslim Seat at Medina had to face the crushing defeat and thus the entire tumult subsided.

Ali bin Abi Talib the 4th Caliph in his tenure fought and crushed a great uprising of the Khawarij.1

Abbaside's age recorded a great insurrection against the Islamic belief's called Mutazilah.2 This very group gave vent to another impiety saying the Holy Quran was makhluq i.e. a creation like other God's creation. They gained the patronage of the Caliph Mamun Al-Rasheed. But all these agitations were nipped in the bud by the sacrifices of the Ulemas and the Muslims and the tree of Islam ever remained ogreen.

The Moghul King Akbar laid the foundation of the new sect of apostates in the Indian sub-continent. He called it 'Din Elahi' (God's religion). He opposed Islam tooth and mail. It looked the blasts of the hot pestilential wind would wither the green tree of Islam but God the Almighty who undertook to protect Islam buried 'Din Elahi' with Akbar's burial.

Indian subcontinent recorded other turbulences against Islam. In the nineteenth century Sir Syed Ahmad Khan founded a group of atheist and called it Nature Firqah.3 He tried to cut the very root of the lslamic,beliefs. We found him confuted at full length in the foreword of Tafsir Haqaani (Commentary of the Holy Quran in Urdu language by Abdul Haq Haqqani).

Bal Ganga Dhar Tilak started a movement called 'Shudhi Sanghtan' to convert the Muslims to Hindus. In short there was always a tussle between Islam and different tumults.

Now a days the denouncers of Hadith and five time daily prayers are active. They are attempting to raze the fortification of Islam. The Muslims faced another insurrection in the shape of Quadianiat. On account of the backing of the British crown, the Quadianis achieved some success and quite a few Muslims were converted to apostasy spread by the Quadiani Pretender.

The denouncers of Hadith have refuted to acknowledge the daily five time prayers. They have coined the meanings of the world Salat (prayers). Few talk of only two times of prayer, and few of three. All praises be to God, I have instituted many headings in proof of five daily prayers. Under the heading 'NATIONAL EVIDENCE' on five times daily prayers and Hadith; I have so profoundly confuted them for their unfounded objection holding that Hadiths were written in second century after Hijra, that no doubt remains as to the veracity and constancy of Hadith; besides such a forceful National evidence has been established in proof of five times daily prayers that no man even of a bad conscience will deny them, but only those to whom,

" Allah hath sealed their hearing and their hearts and on their eyes there is a covering. Theirs will be an awful doom." (S. 11-7).

Quadianis, Ahmadies and Mirzaies these are three names of one apostate sect. Many books have been published against Quadianiat. The last book I looked into was 'Quadianiat' by Ehsan Elahi Zaheer. He wrote a very authentic book citing references of Quadiani's books. He very well exposed their opposition to Islam. Its urdu translation is Mirzaiat and Islam which I could not find here at Mecca. After going through it I felt that on few places details are required to break the Quadiani claims, so that the Muslims may see the Pretender in the limelight, I mention those _places one by one.

The Jews had been wrangling on the personality of Jesus Christ. They were waiting his advent, but when he came they refused to believe in him. They were unaware of the basic knowledge of faith. The essentials of faith are 'we hear and we obey' (S. 11-285) and not that we heard, we understood and then we obeyed. The Jews tried to understand God's power of creation through their deficient brains, the result was disastrous. Not only they failed in believing Jesus but also they coined allegations on him and on his chaste mother. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Quadiani following into their footsteps went further in his perversity and ridiculing the Almighty's power of creation, insolently disrespected Jesus Christ and his pious family. Refuting the Impostor I have proved the sanctity of Jesus Christ and his family from the Holy Quran.

The others who believed in Jesus made him copartner in Godhead. It was therefore essential to repudiate, the false beliefs of Christianity. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Quadiani had made cynical claims. Not only he pretended himself to be the Promised Messiah but also declared that soul of Jesus was blown into him. I have confuted him from the Quran and Sunnah i.e. the traditions of the Holy Prophet.

Quite against the injunction of the Holy Quran Quadianis refused to admit the bodily ascent of Jesus. Their basic belief is that Jesus died and was buried, and Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed that soul of Jesus was blown into him. Refuting the Quadiani claim, I have proved the bodily ascent of Jesus, his presence in the heaven and his descent before the Doomsday. It is noteworthy that Christians also believe in his descent or second coming.

The Holy Quran mentions:

"And there is none Of the people of the Book But must believe in him Before his death; (S. IV-159)

Apparently the interpreters have offered three different opinions while explaining the above verse. Few of them refer to the pronouns 'him and his' in the above verse to Jesus, and say every Jew and Christian (people of the Book) will have to believe in Jesus before the death of Christ. The opinion means that Jesus is alive and he is yet to die. The others refer the pronoun 'him' to Jesus and 'his death', to the death of Jew or Christian and explain," that every Jew and Chris- tian is tormented before his death for disbelieving Jesus and the angles drag him into the agony of death and force him to make a confession that Jesus was the prophet and slave of God." Mirza Ghulam Ahmad who pretended to be promised Messiah in a false attempt to use the aforesaid opinion in his favour declared that any body who did not believe in him was an infidel. He also included the Muslims in the meanings of the words 'people of the Book'. It was also said, "anyone who believes in Moses and does not believe in Jesus or believes in Jesus but does not believe in Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) is an infidel. Similarly who believes in Muhammad but does not believe in the (Pretender) Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Quadiani is infidel and there is no doubt in his infidelity."

It is unanimously agreed by the religious piety that the words 'people of the Book or Scripture are used specifically for Jews and the Christians in the Holy Quran, but he searched a pretence for declaring all the Muslims as infidels. The Quadianis weighed the above contention to the beam and fanatically believed all the Muslims as Kafirs. None of the Muslim Ulemas refuted Quadianies on the above contention. As it was established that he was not promised Messiah, therefore, it was not considered essential to refute the above contention of the Pretender. As a matter of fact when we close all the possible outlets of the bad odour to spread and poison the atmosphere, so it was essential to repudiate all the cynical claims of the Impostor to clean the polluted air. I consulted many Tafsirs (the authentic commentaries of the Holy Quran)-and the relevant Hadith. I found a third opinion explaining the verse in question.

It held that the words 'Believe in him' mean to believe in Muhammad and the words 'before his death', mean the death of Jew and Christian. Akramah giving the explanation of the above verse contends, "No Jew and Christian dies but he confesses his faith in Muhammad (Ibn Jarir) for details see the chapter 'Nabi al Anbia'. The first and the second opinion are from Abdullah Ibn Abbas and he agrees from the third opinion as well. Imam Baghwi quoting Ibn Abbas writes," The angels torment the Jews at the time of death as they disbelieved in Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam). Apparently all the three opinions differ but in fact they are all one I have discussed them. But the third opinion is that guiding force which totally rebuts the Pretender's contention. The Apostle Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) is the foundation and axis of faith. The Muslims will not pledge faith in any one till Doomsday.

Hafiz Taqui-uddin Subki in his Booklet explaining the verse of the 'Covenant' (Slll-85), stated that all the Prophets pledged faith in him right from the primitive origin, and he is the Prophet of the prophets or Nabi-AI-Anbia. I have taken advantage of this 'Booklet' and have further substantiated the arguments with Quran and Hadith which upheld that he was not only the pivot of faith in the primeval origin but the faith ended on him, and now the Muslims will not pledge their faith in Jesus. His descent shall not be purported to acclaim faith in him. Few virtues peculiar to the Prophet have elevated the beauty of this discussion and Inshallah the faithful will find this chapter very heartening. To be the Prophet of all the prophets or Nabi-AI-Anbia is the .special privilege of Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam), I have ,therefore, named this book 'Nabi-AI-Anbia' and its English name is "The Chief of the Prophets" part III & IV. Its part I and part II were published in 1978 from Korea.

Elijah Pole named himself as Elijah Muhammad and claimed prophet-hood. Refuting this impostor in part I one of this book I have established undeniable arguments against the belief of 'incarnation' In that book I have refuted Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Quadiani on his interpolation in meanings of the word 'Khatam-AI-Nabiyeen and proving Muhammad as the very last of the prophets I have adduced such proofs which are insurmountable wall in defense of Islam.

The part II of this book has been devoted to the universal prophet-hood of Muhammad Nabi Al Anbia, on his evolution of a financial system and how did he vanish the gloom from the world.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad said, "Jihad with sword had been annulled, there would not be any Jehad after this day and any body who will raise arms against the infidels and will call himself ghazi (a slayer of infidels) will oppose the Apostle of God who had abolished it 1300 years ago." There are two important ingredients in the above contention of the impostor, (a) His abolishing of Jehad; (b) he attributed a white lie towards the Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) which was never said by him. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was loyal to British government in undivided India and the announcement of the annulment of Jehad was on their insinuation.

Many books have been written on this topic. I, therefore, avoid to go in details thereof. It is an open conspiracy to weaken the Muslim nation so that they may become an easy prey to the other powerful nations or the powerful nations may dictate them to their own monetary gains on the pretext of protecting them from their enemy (Jews), etc. to whom they themselves have instituted. Under the circumstances I felt it essential to write a chapter on Jehad (the holy war in the way of God), and narrating the Holy Quran and the tradition of the Prophet, I invited the Muslim nation to aspire to become a world power. My intention in this chapter is not only to rebut Quadianiat but to rise the Muslims to achieve once more their glorious past.

Since the word Jehad includes Jehad with pen, Jehad with tongue, and Jehad with conscience, I, therefore, narrated those Quranic verses and Hadith which pertain to fight in the way of Allah.

God's intention for the Muslims to whom He made the best of all the peoples is that the Muslims may reign supreme among all the nations to make right to prevail and defeat wrong and injustice. He, therefore, inspired the Muslims in the Holy Quran to avail all the resources for facing their enemy. He mentioned the virtues in making preparation for Jehad, virtues in fighting in a Holy war, virtues of martyrdom and special privileges of the martyrs. There is simple reason for mentioning the above virtues. It is in human nature to subdue the weak as said, 'the might is right, the weaker are driven to the walls the stronger survive.'

Whenever any nation gets mighty and powerful, it will overcome the other. There is no other way to escape the ravages and ravishes of the forces of evil except that we should have that much of force to face them. I have also recorded the reasons for the downfall of the Muslims by their enemies, for our admonition. Alas, we did not take a lesson from our past. I have also described the violent commotion waged by the apostates against the Muslims and Islam.

It began during the last days of the Holy Prophet. Except Mecca and Medina the entire Arabian peninsula was under the grip of this great turbulence. The Muslims were greatly scared, but how did Quran and Hadith guide them these details are very heartening.

I have accounted the modem atheism called communism, and have drawn a table comparing Islam and communism because the unaware of the track falls in the pit, and the aware rescues the others.

Lastly I have written a chapter on 'Jesus Christ fighting the Jews'. Jesus will fight a great war against the Antichrist and his supporters the Jews. Jesus will master the Muslim international allied forces' command and will leave no Jew to survive, all these details in this chapter prove the continuance of Jihad (fighting) till before Doomsday, and the white lie of Mirza Ghulam Ahamd on the annulment of Jehad becomes crystal clear.

  1. It was group of schismatic among the Muslims.
  2. A sect among the Muslims who believe in all good from God and all bad from man.
  3. The British during their rule in India required educated persons to run their administrative machinery. They laid the foundation of modern Knowledge in the subcontinent. To maintain the administrative balance they wanted men both from Hindus and the Muslims, so that one nation couldn't be head strong over the other and the British crown may always gleam on the policy of 'divide and rule'. They had visualized that this educated class would be on the helm of affairs for their nation. But they wanted to snatch the leadership from the Muslim religious scholars who were firm in their opposition against the British Crown. 
    For this important task they selected Sir Syed Ahmad Khan who under the bond of British rule was appointed as Munsif at Bijnour during the War of Freedom 1857. Apparently Sir Syed Ahmad was the founder of the modern learnings, but he, serving his British masters, cut the very root of the Islamic beliefs. That was the reason that the religious scholars and the religious Muslims not only separated themselves from the modern learning but also opposed it. The institution of Islamic learning was instituted at Deoband against Aligarh. The British successfully achieved their aim. Gradually the Ulemas lost the leadership of the Muslims. The followers of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan were called naturists.