Chapter VII

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The Impostors Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Quadiani & Elijah Muhammad Are Non-Muslims

The aforementioned directives of the Holy Quran, the chain of Apostle's traditions, and the incident of the Liars, during the life time of stitutions.

Quadiyani's Head's expectations may not be without foundation. But what if the constitution is changed only to implement the deterrent and rigorous law of Shariat against the apostates, in that case they would have no foot to stand in Pakistan. Even if Pakistan's constitution is abrogated as per their expectations the Resolution of the Muslim World League at Mecca declaring them non-Muslims (infidels) shall always emit its rays on the record of the world and continue to enlighten the heart of Muslims.


The Meccan resolution at its very outset makes it clear that very claim to prophet-hood is opposed to Islam, and, therefore, Elijah Poole who adopted the name of Elijah Muhammad and who posed himself as Prophet was nothing but a Liar and all his teachings as already discussed do stand utterly in violation to the Islamic teachings. The Holy Quran, the chain of traditions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad Mustafa, peace be on him, and the incident of the companions of the Holy Prophet fighting against the claimants of prophet-hood, make it emphatically clear that Muhammad Mustafa (peace be on him) is the very last Prophet, and every claimant to prophet-hood or apostleship is a Liar or Impostor or Antichrist till Doomsday.

All the followers of Elijah Poole are infidels and shall remain as such, till they repudiate Elijah Poole and his teachings and embrace Islam.

the Holy Prophet, do not leave a tinge of suspicion, as to the extinction of the line of Prophets and the Hashmite Prophet as having been the last.

However as foretold by the Apostle of God that there would be thirty impostors before the incoming of the Hour, So the end of nineteenth century and the twentieth century did see two impostors who got great pomp and show for their pretended prophet-hood, and who did muster to attain power professing the apostasy in the name of Islam. I have already discussed the Impostor Elijah Muhammad and his apostate teachings in flagrant violation of the Islamic order. The other Liar was Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Quadiani, who claimed prophet-hood and posed himself as Jesus, and declared all those to be infidels who do not believe in him. He repealed Jihad and made obnoxious accusations against Mary the Mother of Jesus and against Jesus as well.

He was born in 1839 A.D. at Quadian a town in the Province of Punjab in India and died in 1908. He treacherously interpolated the Holy Quran, attempted to belittle our Holy Prophet Muhammad Mustafa and his family peace be on them, and made incessant efforts to cut the very root of monotheism, and the basic principles on which the edifice of Islam is raised.

His followers are preaching apostasy, through out the free world behind the label of Islam. In Indo-Pakistan subcontinent they are called Quadianies, Ahmadies, and Mirzaies. They are divided into two main groups, one believes in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as prophet and Jesus, and the other group famous as Lahori Group believes in Mirza as reformer and Jesus (promised Mesiha) both the groups dub all the Muslims as infidels who do not believe in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. I have already proved that the Holy Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (peace be on him), as final and last Prophet and every claimant to prophet-hood is a Liar and as such- Mirza was a Liar. However in my book Nabi-AI-Anbia1 I have put forth with arguments, the established fact that Mirza was only a Liar when he claimed for himself the position of Jesus or Promised Mesiah and refuting the Quadiani Pretender I have substantiated the fact that Jesus is bodily present in the heaven and that after his bodily descent he will not be the pivot of faith for Muslims and that he will be the follower of Muhammad the Hashmite Prophet (peace on him). He will be offering the Muslim prayers facing 'Kaba' and not Jerusalem and that Muslims will acknowledge him only as Muslim ruler.

The Muslims shall not renew in him their faith as prophet, because Jesus after his descent will obey the Islamic order constituted by our Holy Prophet and that his prophethood did come to an end when he had come for the first time. In that book I have also rebutted Mirza's repealing of Jihad (fighting in the path of Allah) and proved the importance of Jihad and that it will continue till before the Hour, I have also refuted him for his nasty accusations against Mary and Jesus and their pious family.


Some foreign powers working to disintegrate Muslims, got Quadianis financially established in various countries of the world. Thus Quadianis could materialize a very wide publicity of their beguiling literature. Distorting the various verses of the Holy Quran and making severe interpolations in translation, they distributed such Scriptures and are still continuing their incessant efforts in spreading their realm of apostasy, calling themselves Muslims at the same time.

Muslims all over the Globe overwhelmingly felt the severity of their net work, they also opened their own schools and started misleading the Muslim's children. They were not only flagrantly violating the injunctions of Islam but also destroying it and therefore, in Muslim World League Conference, wherein 140 delegations of Muslims from the different part of the world participated, having been held in the Holy city of Mecca during 6th April to 10th April 1974 a resolution was passed holding that:-

Qadiyaniat is like a honey bee having the poison of subversion which ha? adopted the name of Islam to conceal it's malicious aims. It has openly opposed Islam as:-

  1. Its, leader claimed prophet-hood
  2. Distorted translation of the text of Holy Quran
  3. Repealed Jihad (fighting in the path of Allah)

It is the step daughter of the British Imperialism and under her protection the Quadianiat betrays in the Muslim's affairs and it stands befriending the cause of Imperialism and Zionism. It co-operates with the forces working against Islam, and with the help of these forces it directs its efforts for the distortion and destruction of Islamic faith in the following manner:

  1. They establish the worshipping places that are financed by the forces hostile to Islam and wherein the Quadiani ideology is imparted completely misleading the people.
  2. They open schools, institutions and orphanages and practice their subversive activities, strengthening the forces working against Islam, and Quadiyaniah publishes and distributes the distorted translations of the Holy Quran in the different languages of the world. They have opened a T.V Channrel In the name of Muslim Channel.

Therefore, to resist the dangers posed by Quadiyaniah the conference resolved:

  1. That all the Islamic organisations should restrict the Quadiyani activities in their respective areas which they are carrying out in their temples schools and orphanages and on every such place where they are giving the training of their subversive activities, and should unfold them before the Islamic- world what they really are, so that innocent Muslims may not get tied under their ropes.
  2. That it is declared that they are infidels and outside the fold of Islam.
  3. .The conference resolved, to cease all the dealings with Quadiyanis or Ahmadis and orders their economic, social, and cultural boycott, prohibits nuptial relations with them and to restrain them from burying their dead in Muslim's- grave-yards and to consider them infidels in all the affairs.
  4. That it is demanded by all the Islamic Governments to stop all the activities of the followers of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad who claimed prophet-hood and to regard them as non-Muslim minority and stop them from taking the charge of the key posts of the state.
  5. To warn (all the Islamic Institutions) of the Quadiyany's distorted translations of the Holy Quran by publishing and sending them their photo copies and stopping the circulation of these (distorted) translations.
  6. All the Apostate sects from Islam should be dealt as Quadiyanis have been dealt with.

This resolution of the Muslim World League was highly acclaimed through out the Muslim world.

  1. See part 111 and IV of this book.
  2. See part V of this book