Chapter I

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Muhammad the Prophet of the Prophets (peace be on him) –or- NABI-AL-ANBIA


The Holy Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) had been making all out efforts to guide and reform his community at Mecca, he invited them to Islam. After many years of his continuous efforts only a few persons embraced Islam. Qurasih left no stone unturned in defeating his mission by persecuting him and his followers. As the sinister pursuits of Quraish were ever on increase, the Holy Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) permitted his sahaba (=companions) to emigrate to some other place. Ethiopia at that time was ruled by a Christian King Negus (who later on embraced Islam). He was famous for his mercy and equity. Few of the Muslims migrated to Ethopia.

Umme Salma daughter of Abu Ummayya was one of the emigrants, who were sent to Ethopia by the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho alaihi wasallam) she narrates," when we reached there we were in peace, as the King Negus was very noble. There we prayed Allah freely, and we were not tortured, as we were usually tortured by Quraish, and never did we hear any thing hateful over there. When the news of migration of about eighty Muslims reached to Quraish, they did not like that the fugitives should enjoy any peace. They sent a delegation of two persons with attractive presents from among the Meccan goods for the King, his courtiers, and the Patriarchs. The delegation first met the patriarchs and by offering them presents succeeded in making their way to the Royal court. They prostrated before the king, offered their presents and said, "0 King! A few foolish lads from amongst us have come and' taken refuge in your country. They renounced their ancestral faith and did not enter into your relegion. They have embraced a religion contrived by them which is not known by you or us. Their Chieftains, parents, and kith and Kins have sent us to take them back to their country. As they are their guardians and have better knowledge of the blemishes putforth by them.”

The King Negus didn't pay any heed to them. So all the patriarchs around the King said," the delegates have said correctly, their people are their better guardians, you should hand them over to these two persons, so that they may be taken back to their homeland." The King Negus got angry and said," No I will not hand them over, as they have come to my vicinity and have landed in my country and have chosen me over the others until I call them and ask them about this matter. If I found correct what is said by these two delegates I shall make them over and return them to their people, incase I found the facts otherwise, I will protect them." Umme Salma further narrated:

"The companions of the Holy Prophet were called by the messenger of the King Negus, they gathered round him, and said to each other, what should they say, "By God", they all said, "we will say what has been told to us by our Prophet." (sallallaho alaihi wasallam)

When the Muslims reached. The King Negus called his clergymen, they spread their Books around him. In the version of Musnad Ahmad it has been reported that when the Muslims appeared before King Negus, they greeted him with salutations and didn't prostrate, Jafar bin Abi Talib was their leader. He was asked by the courtiers as to why he had not prostrated before the King according to the rules of the court.

Jafar said: We don't prostrate before any one except Allah. He was asked," why so."

Jafar said," No doubt Allah sent to us His Apostle, he directed us not to prostrate before any one except God."

The King inquired," What is that religion for which you have separated your-selves from these people and you did not embrace our religion."

Jafar replied," 0 King we were an ignorant people. We worshipped the idols and used to eat the carrion and commit abomination and lewdness. We neglected our duties to our relations. The strong among us will thrive at the cost of the weak. Till at last Allah raised a Prophet from amongst us. We know his noble descent, virtuous conduct, his integrity of purpose, and his utmost credibility. He called upon us to worship God, and he described His Uniqueness, and exhorted us to give up idolatry and stone worshipping which we did from our ancestors. He told us to speak the truth, enjoined upon us to make good the trust, to fulfill our obligations with our kith and kin, told us to serve the neighbors and to avoid bloodshed. He forbade us from telling lies, and miss-appropriating the orphans money. He prohibited for us adultery and fornication. He refrained us from calumniating the chaste women. He ordered us to worship God and that we should not seek partner with Him. He asked us to observe Salat (daily five time prayers), to pay Zakat (2-1/2% charity tax out of the savings round the year) and to fast." Umme Salma narrated, "Jafar gave a full account of Islamic order."

Jafar further said," We believed in him, followed him, obeyed the orders revealed on him. So (now) we worship one God and do not seek partners with Him. We restrained ourselves from what was prohibited on us, and did what was made lawful to us. This made our people as our enemy, they tortured us so that we may get back to the false adoration of the idols, and make legitimate what we had made lawful from obscenity. When they overcame us by coercion and oppression, made our lives miserable and stood as hindrance between us and our religion, we left for your country, chose you over the others, wished to be in your vicinity and expected that we shall not be oppressed before you O! King.

The King Negus asked them," Have you something revealed by God." Jafar said, "Yes".

The King said. „ Recite it before me."

Jafar recited some verses from Surah 'Mary'.

Hearing the Holy verses, Umme Salma said, "King Negus began to weep and his beard got bedewed with tears, and his clergymen shed tears which moistened their books."

King Negus said to them, "With this came Jesus and it all comes out from the same light." The King asked the two delgates to go away, and told them that he would never hand over the refugees to them.

Umme Salma narrated, 'when these two delegates came out, one of them Amar Bin Aas said to the other, "By God tomorrow I shall cut their roots." Abdullah Bin Rabia the other delegate said to him,

"we should not do this." But he insisted that he would certainly inform the King that they(Muslims) supposed that Jesus son of Mary was a slave.'

The next day Amar Bin Aas said, "0 king they say some thing mighty big about Jesus Christ, and you ask them about it." So the Muslims were again summoned to the Kings court.

The King said, "What do you say about Jesus son of Mary and his mother Mary."

Jafar said, "We say What God said. He was word of God and His Spirit which was conveyed to Mary, She was damsel no human had touched her and could never have a child. The King said, raising a small stick from the ground, "0 People of Ethopia, clergymen and monks. By God they do not exaggerate even to the extent of this small stick. I welcome you and welcome the teachings of the Holy Prophet. I stand witness that he is the Apostle of God, he is the one to whom we find in the New Testament. He is the one for whom Jesus son of Mary gave glad tidings. You may stay wherever you like. By God had I not been entangled into the country matters I would have served him." The king returned back the gifts of Qurraish.

Quoting the above event, Ibn Kathir writes, "All the prophets did continue to describe and tell about the Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) before their peoples as revealed in their books and ordered them to keep faith in him and help him whenever he comes", King Negus' witness in the open court is a clear evidence that Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) the Apostle Of God was fully described in the Gospels, as the 'Periclytos' or the 'future comforter' or the ' Advocate'*! before God (if they follow him). This historical event also proved that Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) was much awaited by the people of the Books as foretold by the prophets of their time.


All the prophets had been giving glad tidings of the advent of the Universal Prophet to their peoples as they were bound under the Covenant taken by God from them before their arrival in this world. The Holy Quran mentions that Covenant in the following words:

"Behold! God took The Covenant of the Prophets, Saying:" I give you A Book and Wisdom; Then comes to you An Apostle, confirming What is with you; Do ye believe in him And render him help." God said:" Do ye agree, And take this Covenant As binding on you?" They said: "We agree," He Said: "Then bear witness, And I am with you Among the witnesses. If any turn back After this, they are Perverted transgressors." (3/81 to 82)

Ibn Kathir in his Commentary referring Ali bin Abi Talib and 1bn Abbas wrote: "God did not send any prophet except that he took covenant from him that if he sent Muhammad during his life time (i.e during the life time of any of the prophets from whom the covenant was taken) that he would compulsorily follow him (=Muhammad) and he was also taken Covenant to the effect that he would bind his people to obey Muhammad and help him if they find him in their life time."

Thus people of the Book are bound by their own oaths sworn solemnly in the presence of their own prophets.

King Negus' announcement before the public that the Holy Prophet was one for whom Jesus Christ had given glad tidings, was only the confirmation of the aforesaid Covenant and Jesus had performed his duty enjoined upon him by God to give glad tidings of the advent of Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam), it was therefore, that Negus immediately testified the fact as was mentioned in the New Testament.

Since our Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) was to close the line of the prophets, and religion of God was to reach perfection on his hands. God, therefore, took Covenant from all the prophets before sending them into this world, to obey Muhammad, and since it was in Gods knowledge that Muhammad would not be sent during the life time of any of the prophets, therefore, this oath was taken from the prophets to bind their people to affirm their faith in Muhammad. That is why that they were asked to 'bear witness', so the prophets would bear witness against their own people for having conveyed the Covenant of God to them. God told all those perverted transgressors who disobey the Covenant, it is evident that no prophet could ever disobey, therefore, their people would be perverted transgressors if they disown the Covenant by not believing in Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) was the pivot of faith, as he was the talk of the prophets, he was admired by the prophets, so much so that:

"Those unto whom we gave the Scripture recognise him(Muhammad) as they recognise their sons. But lo! a party of them knowingly conceal the truth." (2/146)

Umar bin Khattab asked, Abdullah bin Salam who was a great Rabbi mentioning the above revelation, "what do you say about this recognition."

He said: "0 Umar I knew him, the moment I saw him (Muhammad) as I recognize my son, but my recognition of him is more than the recognition of my son." Umar said, "How is that.?" He said, "I stand witness that he is the Apostle of God.

Allah has specified his qualities in our Book. But as to our sons we rely on the statement of our ladies." Hearing this Umar kissed the head of Abdullah bin Salam and said:

"God may agree with you, you said the truth" The above facts prove that the Universal Prophet was much awaited by Christians and Jews alike.


It was said by the pretender Elijah Poole that Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) was the prophet of Arabs only. The Gospels, Torah, the historical event of King Negus and the Holy Quran all belie his contention and the foregoing pages proved beyond any shadow of doubt that he indulged into a concoction. Here I lay down further citations from the Holy Quran on the universal prophet-hood of Muhammad Mustafa (sallallaho alaihi wasallam)

"We have not sent thee But as a universal (Messenger) To men, giving them Glad tidings, and Warning them (Against sin), but most men Understand not." (34/28)

Explaining the above revelation Ibn Kathir writes in his Commentary, "Allah sent Muhammed (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) towards all his creation who are morally accountable for their deeds before Him," as Allah said:

"Say (0 Muhammad) 0 mankind! Lo! I am the Messenger of Allah to you all:" (7/158)

Akramah narrated that he heard Abdullah bin Abbas said:" No doubt Allah made Muhammad to excel over all the prophets and on all in the sky." The listners said," 0 Ibn Abbas, with what the Holy Prophet was made to excel on all the prophets"

He said:" No doubt God said,' And we never sent a messenger save with the language of his folk, that he might make (the message) clear for them.' (14/4)

But God said for the Holy Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallam); " We have not sent thee but as a universal Messenger"' (34/28)

Allah sent him towards all mankind and Jinns. The very special privilege with which Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) surpasses all the prophets, is the universality of his message. The universal message should be expressed in all moulds and forms, to be understood by all grades of humanity according to their capacity or receptivity. The Holy Quran marvelously serves that purpose. Besides its miraculously eloquent, forcible and fluent verses which are unique so much so that their similitude is impossible, it can be understood by all. Though the message was sent in Arabic, but it was made obligatory on the believers to spread it on all the factions of the humanity as Quran lays down:

"Ye are the best of peoples, evolved For mankind, Enjoining what is right, Forbidding what is wrong And believing in Allah." (3/110)

No doubt Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) gave us universal religion, the non-sectarian, the non-racial, the non-doctrinal, the equality and fraternity which he taught is un-equivocal, to him all the people, the Blacks or the Whites are all alike. He made us to submit to the Will of God. The above revelation tells us that the very purpose of a believer's life is to spread the message, asking all mankind to do right and eschew from wrong. And we see that God's message i.e. Islam is reaching to all the races of the world, of course in all moulds and forms.

In a tradition reported in Bukhari and Muslim, narrated Jabir that the Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) said:" I am specially privileged by five things which were never given to any of the prophets before me. I am aided with awe, up to a distance of one month's journey (of those days), the entire earth stands purified as mosque for me, and any of my follower should offer his timely prayer wherever he is. The booties are made lawful for me, it were never made lawful for any one before me, I am permitted to intercede (for my people before God), and every prophet was sent for his people but I have been sent for all the creation." In another tradition the Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) said," I have been sent to the Black and the Red." (i.e. towards all the creatures including mankind and Jinn).

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