Chapter I

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Muhammad the Prophet of the Prophets (peace be on him) –or- NABI-AL-ANBIA


Abdullah bin Abbas said that Salman himself narrated (his story of embracing Islam). He said:-

"I am an Iranian from a village Jayya in Asbahan. My father was the chief of the village. Among all the God's creation I was most beloved to him, and he loved me so fearfully that he confined me in the house like a slave girl. He directed my all efforts to Magianism (fire worship). Till I was like a fire keeper who keeps the fire burning and never allows it to die out. My father had a big farm. One day he got busy in construction work. He told me," My son, I am busy in construction work and cannot attend to .the farm, you go and see it" and instructed me to attend what he wanted. He insisted, "Dont keep away too long from me, as you are more precious to me than the farm. I can set aside every thing except you." I started towards the farm, on the way I passed through a Christian Church. I heard their voices as they were praying. On account of my confinement with in the house I did not know what was there among the people. Hearing their voices, I entered to see what they were doing. I admired their worship and desired to participate with them, and said to myself, "theirs is definitely a better religion than ours." ! did not leave them till sunset. I didn't at all go to the father's farm. l asked them where was the root of this religion. They said in Syria. I returned to my father who had already sent some one to find me. When I came to him he asked me as to where I was and reminded me of my promise. I said," Father, I passed by the people who were praying in their Church. I praised what I saw in their religion, and I did not leave them till sunset." He said, "Son there is no virtue in that religion, your religion and your forefather's religion (fire worship) is better than it." I said," By God, that religion is definitely better than our religion." He frightened me and tying my leg he confined me into the house."


Salman narrating his personal account further stated:" I sent for the Christians to inform me, the arrival of their men from Syria. When a group of merchant came they informed me. I requested them to tell me their return after completion of their work, so they did. Setting myself free, I travelled with them to Syria. Then I asked them who is the best man in Christian religion, they said the Bishop of the Church."


I came to the Bishop and told him, "I have preferred this religion, and I desire to stay and serve you in your Church, as I intend to take lessons and worship with you."He said," Allright." I found him an evil man who used to sermon to give alms, but whenever he was given any thing, he used to treasure it up for himslef, and never gave any thing to paupers till he gathered seven large jars of Gold and silver. I severly disgusted him on his misdeed. When he died the Christians gathered round to bury him. I told them he was an evil man who preached for charity and always treasured it up for himself. They asked me, "How did I know it." I said," I could lead you to his treasure"They found seven large jars full of gold and silver. Looking at the Bishop's treasure they all affirmed never to bury him. They •hanged his dead body and pelted it. They put another man in his place.


Salman said, "He found the New Bishop far better than the first, a real hermit who continued day and night his worship, and always thoughtful for the Hereafter. Said Salman." I did love him so much that I never loved any one before him. I lived with him for a long time, till the hour of death came to him, I addressed him and said," I never loved any body before you, the term of God has come to you, now to whom I should go after you." He said, "the people exerted themselves into perdition by making changes into religion and they left on what they were. I do. not know any man on the straight path on which I was except one who is at 'Mawsil', telling me his name he said the truth is with him."


When he died I reached to the man at Mawsil and told him, such and such man told me at the hour of his death that truth is with you, and you are on the same path on which he was." He told me to dwell with him. I found him a very nice man, but he did not live long, the hour of cessation of his life came. l requested him to advise, as to whom I should go after him. He said," He did not know any man on his path except one at Nasibain," and telling me his name he said,"the truth was with him."


When he died I reached to the man at Nasibain and told him what was said to me by his companion at Mawsil. He asked me to dwell with him. I stayed with him. He was a very nice man. He did not !ive long that death came to him. I told him, "a certain man advised me to go to so and so, and that man in his bequest directed me to come to you, now what is your mandate for me. He said," My son, I donot know if any body sustained the real faith but one who is at Amuria, you may like to go to him."


Salman continued," After his death I reached Amuria and met the said man. I informed him about myself, he said, 'You dwell with me', so I lived with him, he was like his predecessors. I earned there some money and had some cows and goats, at last the term of God came to him. I said I went from man to man till I came to you, now I request you to please advise me. He affirmed, " My son I do not know if any body stands on the right path on which we were, so I do not send you to any body, but the time of the Prophet Muhammad ( sallallaho alaihi wasallam) is casting its shadow. He will be sent on the religion of Abraham (alaihi al-salam). He will born in the Arab Land, He will migrate towards the land lying in between Black stones.

That land would have palm trees and such signs which would never hide. He will eat what is offered to him by way of gift, and shall not eat, what is offered to him by way of charity, and between his shoulders he will have the seal of the last of the prophets. If possible you go to that country."


Salman continued," He died and I stayed at Amuria, till I met the merchants of Kalb. I told them to give what ever I had of money, cows and goats, if they carried me to the Arab land. They agreed, I gave them every thing I had, but when they reached 'AL-QURA' valley, they oppressed upon me by selling me to a Jew as a slave. Thus I was enslaved to him. Seeing there the palm trees, I wished, would that the same country which was told to me by my companion, but I was not sure of it. Once when 1 was with him, there came his cousin from Medina who was from Bani Quraiza (a tribe of Jews). I was sold to him, who brought me to Medina. By God when I saw it I recognized it to be the same place which was mentioned by my companion. I remained there. On account of being a bondman I could not know that the Prophet had already been there at Medinah, and has migrated from Mecca.


Salmon narrated," I was working for my master and was on the top of a palm tree, while my master was sitting under it. There came to him his cousin, and told him, "God may give death to 'Bani Qaila' (a Medinite tribe), they have assembled at Quba for welcoming a man who came to them from Mecca today, and they consider him a Prophet.

Salman said," when 1 heard, my entire body began to shiver as if stricken with cold, and I thought I shall fall down from the top (of the tree) over my master. However I descended from the palm and asked his cousin,' what do you say?' (On asking this question) My master got enraged and knocked me severely with his fist and ordered me to attend to my work. I said,' nothing, I wanted him to confirm this news." Salman continuing his narrative further stated:

"When evening came, I took something which I had put by and 'went to the Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallam). I said,' I have learnt that you are a very good man, you have some companions who are poor and needy, this thing was with me to be given in charity, I thought you deserve it most and saying this I placed it before him." The Prophet said to his companions to eat but he himself didnot eat. I said to myself that proved one of his signs. I came back and began to store something, by the time the Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) had come to Medina. I visited the Prophet at Medina and said, "I saw you did not eat out of charity, this I have brought you as a gift." The Prophet ate it and asked his companions to eat. I said that proved his two signs. I again visited the Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) at 'Baqia' the grave yard, he had come there following a funeral of one of his companions. He was sitting with his companions. I saluted him and attempted to see his back to know if the seal of the Prophet was there, as told by my associate. When the Prophet saw me, he understood that I wanted the proof of something which was told to me. He dropped the upper sheet (garment) from his back, I saw the seal and knew it kneeling down I kissed it and started crying. The Prophet asked me to come in front of him. I sat before him and narrated my entire story, as I have told you 0 Ibn Abbas. The Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) and his companions were very much astonished to hear my story."

Salman could not participate in the battles of Badar and Ohad on account of his slavery.

The prophet told Salman to negotiate about his freedom. His Jew owner demanded Salman to sow three hundred palm trees. And each one of them should grow up, and over and above he should pay forty Auqias (one Auqia about one ounce) of gold. The Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) requested his companions to assist Salman who contributed three hundred small plants to be sown. The Prophet told Salman to dig the pits, and to inform him when they were ready as he himself would plant them. The pits were dug with the assistance of Sahabas (companions) and the Prophet himself planted all the three hundred plants except one, and by the grace of God none of them died. Salman said to the Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallam)," we have fulfilled the condition of sowing the palm trees, and now I have to pay for gold." The Prophet gave him an oval shaped piece of gold which had diamonds and that completely satisfied the demand of Jew, and thus Salman was freed.

The historical event of Salman Farsi (radi-allah-anho) proved that most reverend scholars of Christianity had complained about the changes in their religion and there were quite few persons who were stead fast on the real faith and they had full knowledge of the advent of the Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) about his emigration from one land to another, about his actions, what he will eat and what not and lastly he will have the seal of the last of the Prophets. There are many such events on the record of history proving the arrival of the Prophet Muhammad Bin Abdullah (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) was vigorously announced bv the prophets, as they were directed by God under the Covenant, and they were bound by Him to take the affirmation of their people that they will keep faith in Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) and render him I help whenever they find him. All the Heavenly Books announced this covenant by giving glad tidings of the arrival of Muhammad Or Ahmad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) and by mentioning every detail about him and his life, so that people may not experience the slightest difficulty in recognizing the Prophet sent for the mankind by God who had full knowledge of every thing the present, the past and the future. God even sent the Picture of the Prophet as was with Hercules, and other Bishops as reported in other traditions recorded authoritatively by Historians. God mentioned in all the Old Scriptures, the place of birth of the Prophet, his integrity and honesty from the very child hood, his truthful nature, his migration, the place of his migration, the way of his prayers, and fasting, his tolerance and patience, his life events and of his being the very last of the prophets. All this fact prove that God intended him to be the Universal Prophet and mercy for the mankind.

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