Chapter II

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God intended Muhammad for all

Prior to the Prophet Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) no religion was perfect. No prophet did ever claim the perfection of his religion, neither any Scripture mentioned the completion of the religious code of life.

The history tells us the gradual development of human civilization from old age to this age, similarly the human beings were invited to religious teachings stage by stage. The first and foremost teaching was the faith in the Uniqueness of God the Creator, the Cherisher of the worlds and the belief in his Prophets to follow their teachings. The life was simple and so were the religious teachings. But by and by the circle of the religious precepts enlarged in order to prepare the people to attain the peaceful life under a complex society which was yet to come with the advancement of civilization. That peaceful life could be attained by obeying a perfect order. The life was to become more complicated, and with the complexity of life there were to develop, moral, social, political, financial, cultural and commercial fields. It was in God's knowledge that phenomenon of human life would develop only after occurrence of the Prophet Muhammad bin Abdullah (sallallaho alaihi wasallam). He therefore, gave His Prophet a perfect religious order:

"This day have I Perfected your religion For you, completed My favour upon you, And have chosen for you Islam as your religion. (5/4)

It was also essential that after declaration of the perfect religious order, every one should obey, but such obedience could be attained only when the people who were divided by geographical boundaries into different races and nations had clear injunctions from their prophets to obey such order. The Omniscient, therefore, took the Covenant*1 wherein all the Prophets alleged their belief in Muhammad (sallallaho aiaihi wasallam) and promised to God to take the allegiance of their people for believing in Muhammad. The prophets when came to the people gave glad tidings for the incoming of the Prophet and made their people to affirm their belief in Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam).

However we see that all the prophets and their people were bound, to obey the Last Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) and so this proved that all the religious orders which were advocated by several prophets would become obsolete and replaced by Muammad's religion. This contention is supported by another Quranic Verse:

"And whoso seek as religion Other than Islam! It will not be accepted from him, and he will be a looser in the Hereafter." (3/85)

So if anybody wants to stick to Judaism and rejects Islam or continuous to cling to Christianity and refuses, to accept Islam, he is the perverted transgressor, (3/81) and a looser in the hereafter. Same is the case with all other religious sects.

We have already on our record that the religion which were preached by the several prophets stand changed and defaced. Those were not different religions. The root of all the religions was one as the Truth is one. Christianity and Judaism etc are the names given by the people and not by the prophets. The prophets preached only one religion i.e. Surrender to the Will and Plan of God, and we call it Islam. Jesus Christ was fulfilling his duty under the Covenant when he gave glad tidings to his people of the advent of Muhammad. The Holy Quran reminds this fact to the religious world under the following words :-

"And remember, Jesus, The son of Mary, said: '0 Children of Israel! I am the Apostle of God (Sent) to you, confirming The Law (which came) Before me, and giving Glad tidings of an Apostle To come after me, Whose name shall be Ahmad." But when he came to them With clear signs, They said: This is Evident Sorcery. (61/6)

The Holy verse tells us that Jesus Christ not only gave the good news of the advent of Ahmad but he also mentioned the Clear signs so that the incoming Prophet may get an immediate recognition by the people with the help of those signs. Thus the above revelation confirms the obligations given to the prophets including Jesus Christ.

The chief eminence of a prophet is that the people must believe in him and those who detest are perverted transgressors. But the dignity of our Prophet Muhammad Mustafa tremendously excels on other prophets, in as much as that the prophets themselves were asked to believe in him and render him help whenever he comes.

The Prophet-hood of Muhammad (sllallaho alaihi wasallam) was of such a vital importance that He himself took the Covenant (see page 10) from all other prophets to believe in Muhammad. Thus when they alleged their faith in him, Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) became the Prophet of all the prophets or the Chief of the prophets.

No doubt God sent all the prophets, and aided them with miracles. When they came in the world they declared themselves as the messengers of God. They invited people to obey Him, but one of the characteristic of our Prophet was that every messenger while announcing his prophet-hood, also informed his people of the advent of Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) and took allegiance from all those people who believed in him, and to believe in Muhammad and render him help whenever he comes. God downed all those as perverted transgressors who withdrew from the Covenant, and it was under the knowledge of GOD that no Prophet would ever withdraw from it, therefore. God addressed those people of the Book who after their allegiance, disbelieved in Muhammad and downed them as perverted transgressors.

Since God annulled all the previous religions (see page 115) as referred in 3/85 above, therefore, it is essential for all the mankind to believe in Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) the Universal Prophet, and whoever disbelieves in him, he is a perverted transgressor and the Hell will be his permanent abode.

Between Jesus and Muhammad there was no prophet. Jesus was a national Prophet as he clearly stated:

"I am not sent but unto the last sheep of Israel." (Matthew 15:24)

He clearly stated to his twelve disciples:-

"Go not into the way of Gentiles and into any city of Samaritans enter ye not but go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel." (Matt, 10:5,6)

Even Christian Scholars recognize Jesus as a national Prophet. Dr.C.J. Cadoux in his book 'The Life Of Jesus' pp 81,82 writes:

"The office of Messiah-ship with which Jesus believed himself to be invested, marked him out for a distinctly national role and accordingly we find him more or less confining his preaching and healing Ministry and that of his disciples to Jewish territory."

Jesus himself never declared his teachings as a perfect code of life, instead he said:

"There is still much that I could say, but the burden would be too great for you now. However when he comes who is the Spirit of truth, he will guide you into all the truth; for he will not speak on his own authority, but will tell only what he hears; and he will make known to you the things that are coming." (John 16: 12 to 14 the new English Bible 1970).

As previously contended that life was simple and so were the religious teachings. The Prophets were preparing their people for observing the perfect code which was yet to come with the last Prophet. Jesus himself realized that he could say many things but his people had no ability to follow those teachings as that 'would be a too great burden on them to bear' so he foretold that the Spirit of truth when came would guide them into all the truth. Spirit of truth is not the Holy Spirit because it was already present helping and guiding Jesus. In other quotations of Bible, the word 'future Comforter' is used. The Greek word translated Comforter is 'Paracletos' which is an easy corruption from 'Periclytos' which is almost a literal translation of 'Ahmad' or Muhammad', therefore. Spirit of truth is none but Muhammad (sail-allaho alaihi wasallam) who was told to guide the people in all truth, and all truth is nothing but Islam as it is perfect religion in all respects. Jesus Christ (alaihi al-salam) in the aforesaid quotation testifies a sign peculiar to Muhammad, 'he will not speak on his own authority but will tell only what he hears', the Holy Quran confirms that trait of Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) :

"Nor does he say (aught) Of (his own) desire. It is no less than Inspiration sent down to him: (53/3,4)

It is evident that Jesus was inviting his people to believe in Muhammad, the changed version of the Bible put there the words of Paracletos i.e. advocate and future comforter. The Gospel of Barnabas which has survived is very specific in its reference to Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam). Jesusí assertion that, 'He will make known to you the things that are coming', is also a true sign of the Prophet as he did many fore telling and all of them turned to be correct and there are many about the descent of Jesus and his future actions and about the Dooms day etc those will also turn to be correct in future, and the time will witness it.


We do not find a perfect pattern of conduct in the life of Jesus. He did not marry so people could not have any pattern from him on marital life, nor could he raise the status of women. His followers disrespected women. In the New Testament, Saint Paul in his first letter to Timothy laid the entire blame for the fall of man and the genesis of sin on women:

"Let the women learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp the authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived but the woman being deceived was in transgression." (I Timothy 2, 11 to 14.) St: John Damascene said:

"Woman is a daughter of falsehood, a sentinel of Hell, the enemy of peace; through her Adam lost paradise." But Islam brought woman on equal footings with man.

Jesus did nothing to reform social order, nor did he make any attempt to abolish slavery. He could not form the earthly Kingdom, so he could not guide his people in war and peace.

He did give some moral teachings, but those moral teachings could not cover the entire field of morality, and further his teachings could never have the force of law.

Christianity did not teach political virtues, the absence of religious guidance on political virtues gave birth to Machiavellianism in the West.

Christianity did not give any elaborate guidance to the economical aspect of human life, nor did it mention anything of religious freedom.

It is perfectly evident that Christianity could never present a perfect code of life, that is why Jesus directed his people to await the advent of Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) and that he will guide the people in all the truth. And so he did. Thus we find that God intended Muhammad for all.

  1. See page 94