Chapter II

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Refuting The Quadiani Pretender, The Enemy Of Jesus And Mary, And Islam

The personality of Jesus Christ (alaihi al salam) had greatly been disputed. Immediately after his advent the Jews made him and his mother Mary the target of their calumny. They refused to acknowledge him as Prophet, and still they do not fail in slighting the great personality of Jesus.

Long after his so called crucifixion, quite against his teachings his believers took him to be God, God the Son or a person in Godhead. After many hundred years, the dogma of 'Trinity' was innovated. See Trinity in the index.

A Liar was born in 1839 A.D. at Quadian (India). His name was Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Quadiani. He surpassed the Jews in reproaching the august personality of Jesus and his pious family. He impersonated himself as second Jesus. He obtained the patronage of the British imperialists to work against the Muslims under the label of Islam, and thus he could open branches of his false religion throughout the world. Inshallah (If God wishes) I will put forth solid proof in refuting the aforesaid Pretender.

I feel it necessary to present an epitomic description of Jesus son of Mary from his birth to his apostle-hood, so that in view of the Quranic description, we may look into the impositions of the impostor and the Muslims may be aware of his invitations to apostasy.


Hanna (Anne) was the wife of Imran. Imran was among the descendants of Abraham. Anne was childless. One day she saw a bird feeding her young ones. Looking this lovely scene she earnestly desired to have a child. Her Lord granted her prayer. When she was covinced of her pregnancy she said,

"0 my Lord! I do Dedicate unto Thee What is in my womb For Thy special service: So accept this of me: For Thou hearest

And knowest all things. And when she was delivered She said: "My Lord! Lo! I am delivered of a female God knew best of what she was delivered The male is not as the female; And lo! I have named her Mary And lo! I crave Thy protection for her And for her offspring from Satan the outcast. (3/35,36)

Such consecrations were permitted in their religion for the male child. Since she had already vowed, she, therefore, furled the baby in a cloth and placed her before a rabbi in the temple of Jerusalem. Mary was assigned to the care of Zakariya (alaihi al salam). He was her maternal uncle. In a tradition of Miraj (the bodily ascent of the Prophet to the heaven), it is narrated, "The Prophet met Jesus Christ and Yahya (John the Baptist), the two maternal brothers." Among Arabs the son of the maternal aunt of mother is also called maternal brother.

God graciously accepted her vow and: "vouchsafed to her a goodly growth." (3/37). Allah brought her up among the best slaves and taught her knowledge and blessed her with virtues:

“Whenever Zakariya entered (Her) chamber to see her, He found her supplied with sustenance." (3/37)

The above revelation states the Omnipotence of God to do what He will. In 'Tafsir Ibn Abbas' it is said, "Whenever Zakariya entered her sanctuary, he found with her the fruits of winter in summer season like sugarcane, and fruits of summer in winter like grapes etc." He asked:

"0 Mary! whence cometh unto thee (this food)? She answered it is from God God giveth without stint to whom He will." (3/37)

Ibn Kathir writes, "the above revelation is the proof that the friends of God are aided with supernatural powers by Him."


Abdullah bin Abbas was a great Mufassir (the expounder of revelations) who never uttered a word on any revelation till he knew it from the Prophet. Ibn Jarir related, Ibn Malikah said, "Someone asked an explanation to a verse of the Quran. He did not speak a word about it. "In another narration, "A man asked him what are the meanings of, 'then it ascendeth unto him in a day, whereof the measure is thousand years of that ye reckon' (32/1-5), Ibn Abbas asked him, "What are the meanings of, 'whereby the angels and the Spirit ascend unto him in a Day whereof the span is fifty thousand years." (70/4). The man said, "I want to understand it from you." He said, "only God knows it." So Ibn Abbas was so cautious that he never spoke anything about the Quran until he had the knowledge of it from the Prophet. His opinion is held high over all the opinions as he had has knowledge directly from the Prophet. With this little introduction I intend to quote from him on the birth of Jesus.

When Mary was grown up, she went into the privacy from family members for prayer and devotion to a chamber in the East, and

"She placed a screen (To screen herself) from them; (19/17)

Ibn Abbas said she put a screen to take a bath after her menstruation. When she had taken the bath, God sent to her. His angel Gabriel for annunciation: "And it assumed for her the likeness of a perfect man." (19/17) Ibn Abbas said, "Gabriel came to her in the shape of a youth." It is note-worthy that once Gabriel came to the Apostle Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) in his real shape. Jabir bin Abdullah said, he heard the Apostle of God talking on the intermission of the divine inspiration, he told in his discourse," While I was walking I heard a voice coming from the sky, so I looked towards the sky. I saw angel Gabriel who had come to me at cave 'Hira' sitting on a chair between the earth and the sky, I got confounded and bowed down to the earth (on account of his most tremendous size), I returned to my family members and requested them to wrap me with a mantle, after that he was revealed this verse, '0 thou wrapped up in a cloak'." (Muslim)

No common man can bear the real sight of Gabriel but he will fall unconscious. That is why God sent Gabriel in a human shape before Mary so that she may talk and satisfy herself on an abnormal happening contrary to common nature. Mary looking all of a sudden a human shape before her got afraid and said:

"She said: Lo! I seek refuge in the Beneficent One from thee, if thou art Godfearing. He said: I am only a messenger of thy Lord, to announce to thee the gift of a faultless son. She said: How can I have son when no man hath touched me, neither have I been unchaste?" (19/18to20)

THE COMMON HABIT is that by copulation of men and women the human race is continuing. The virgin Mary could not, therefore, restrain her astonishment. Our observation is that conception takes place when male and female sperms combine together, so we get the trees from the seeds, and the seeds from the trees, the hens from the eggs and the eggs from the hen, the plants from the pollen and the pollen from the plants, the animal breed subsists by copulation, and so are the birds. This is called nature. Few people say that nature in itself is in action, no other supreme power controls it. If every thing is happening by nature itself, whence came the first seed, and whence came the first hen? If the crops are from the corn, whence did we get the first corn? In the animal breeding, whence came the first animals, among the birds whence came the first birds. If the planets were part of the sun, whence came this sun and the millions of the other stars. If the human race continues from copulation, whence came the first man and woman. All this proves that this is God the Creator and the Evolver who created everything what He willed. And then He made the cause for the continuance of everything. Nothing is out of his supreme control. He is the directing hand in every affair. What He intends it comes into existence with 'His Word Be'. He does not depend on cause or reason for the creation of any thing. He is matchless in His creative powers. If all the scientists of the world unite to make a wing of mosquito, they can't:

"Lo! those on whom ye call beside God will never create a fly Though they combine together for the purpose. And if the fly should snatch away anything from them, they would have no power to release it from the fly. (22/73)

God's grace is that, "He is the doer of what He intends." So Gabriel replying to the astonishment of Mary said: "So (it will be). Thy Lord saith: It is easy for Me. " (19/21). That He could create a child without a father. And the purpose of this creation was:

"And (We wish) to make him a Sign unto mankind." (19/21)

That the people may know that God, the Creator is fully capable of creating in every way, i.e.

  1. He created man (Adam) from the clay.
  2. He created woman (Eve) from Adam (pair less creation).
  3. He created other mankind with pair.
  4. He created Jesus Christ without a father. (Pair less creation)

These were the four possible ways of human creation which all proved the eminence of the Master Creator. The divine power which created Adam with 'His Word Be' also created Jesus. As Adam was created without a father so was Jesus.

"She said: My Lord! How can I have a child When no mortal hath touched me? He said: So (It will be). God createth what He will. If He decreeth a thing, He saith unto it only: Be! and it is. (3/47)

The birth of Jesus was a Sign and mercy for those who unseen believed in the tremendous powers of God which are not subjected to any cause or reason. Jesus entity without a father was preplanned:

A matter (so) decreed, She conceived him, and she withdrew with him to a far place." (19/22)

Abdullah bin Abbas said, "Gabriel puffed (the soul of Jesus) into her collar." Our belief is the spirit of every human being is blown by angels*1 into mother's collar. The chief privilege of Jesus was that he was born without a father.

It is said that the period of conception was only one hour, few said six months, few said seven months, few said eight months, and a child born after a period of eight months does not survive but Jesus survived, and few said nine months. But we have already seen in the revelation 3/47 referred to above that God the Creator referring to the birth of Jesus mentioned His power of doing everything with His word 'Be', and in another revelation we find: "And Our Command is but a single (Act), like the twinkling of an eye. (54/50) We hold proportion, measure, time factor, and cause in the life of created things, but in God's Command it all could happen in the twinkling of an eye if He so intended. So conception of Jesus was sudden as it happened under God's Command, and it was therefore, essential for virgin Mary to retire on a far place.

Had the period of pregnancy been 6 to 9 months as said by others, every body at home and Zakariya would have known it. In that case it wouldn't have been necessary for virgin Mary to go on a far place. Since the conception took place all of a sudden as held by Ibn Abbas, so virgin Mary fearing the reproach of others, "retired with him to a far place" (the Quran), She went to the valley of 'Bethlehem six miles away from Elia. The Prophet Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) when passed through this place in his 'Journey by night*2 was requested to establish two rakats of prayers. Then Gabriel informed the Prophet, that was 'Bethlehem' where Jesus was born. (AI-Nisai).

"And the pangs of child birth (as she was human) drove her unto the trunk of the palm tree." (the Quran, S. Mary)

This was only a trunk without any leaves, branches or fruit. In her agony she uttered:

"Oh, would that I had died before this and had become a thing forgotten and out of sight." (the Quran)

This she said, not because she disliked the miraculous birth of Jesus decreed on her but she knew that people would disdain and scorn her. Immediately she heard a voice cosoling her broken heart:

"Then (one) cried unto her from below her, saying: Grieve not! for thy Lord hath provided a rivulet beneath thee. (the Quran, Ch: Mary)

It was the voice of angel Gabriel, who as a regard didn't appear before her, but in a voice solacing and comforting said that she should not get disheartened on account of birth of Jesus Christ against nature and for being in a deserted place with nothing to eat and drink, as her Lord hath sprang out a rivulet beside her:

"And shake towards thyself The trunk of the palm-tree It will let fall Fresh ripe dates upon thee," (the Quran, Ch: Mary).

As already mentioned it was only a trunk and as such no question to get any dates from it could ever arise. Even then she was told to shake the trunk, so that looking to another miracle she might pacify herself and shake off her fears about the reproaches of the people. Virgin Mary shook the trunk and fresh dates fell upon her:

'So eat and drink and be consoled."

It was in the fitness of things that Mary shouldn't speak a word on her innocence, as that would have entailed her into a never ending tale of explanations. To prove her innocence and to prove the miraculous birth of Jesus God aided her with another, miracle:

"And if thou dost see Any man, say, 'I have Vowed a fast to (God) The Beneficent and may not speak This day to any mortal."

(the Quran, Ch: Mary) Under a fast among them one had to decline all conversation.

"Then she brought (The babe) to her people, Carrying him (in her arms)" (the Quran Ch:Mary) when the people saw a babe with virgin Mary they said:

"Oh sister of Aaron! Thy father was not a wicked man Nor was thy mother a harlot."

She was addressed as sister of Aaron as a man named Aaron was related to her as brother from her father's side. And it is narrated that they used to take their names from their prophets, and when Aaron the Prophet was taken for burial, there were about forty thousand persons named Aaron with his funeral. When they addressed Mary, they acknowledged the chastity of Mary's father and mother and her ancestors which included Aaron and Moses.

If we test this Quranic narrative with our common sense we find:

  1. The faith admits the presence of un-seasonal fruits with virgin Mary but intellectualism denies.
  2. The faith admits the birth of Jesus without a father but intellectualism denies.
  3. The faith admits the conception with the puff of angel Gabriel but intellectual ism denies.
  4. The faith admits the birth of Jesus within one hour of its conception but intellectual ism denies.
  5. The faith admits the falling of dates from a dried palm tree trunk but intellectualism denies.
  6. The faith admits the sudden springing of rivulet near Mary but intellectualism denies.

The Jews who were the followers of intellectualism shamelessly slandered the virgin Mary. In spite of the fact that historical narrations of Moses were circulating among them, like the gushing forth of water from rock with the smite of Moses staff and its swallowing of all the serpents, the parting of sea in two seperate parts with the smite of Moses staff and Moses' people passed safely whereas the Pharaoh and his followers were drowned. All these events were against intellectualism and they believed in them but when it came to virgin Mary and Jesus they denied. Though the miracles of Moses and Mary and Jesus gushed forth from the same fountain i.e. from God the Unique, the Omnipotent but the cursed Jews could not open their blind eyes and didn't fail in calling Mary unchaste:

"That they rejected Faith; That they uttered against Mary A tremendous calumny." (4/156)

But Mary in reply to their slanderous utterances simply pointed towards her son:

"They said: How can we talk to one who is a child in cradle." (19/29)

As one can talk to sensible and not with a child un-grown in senses, so we again see that intellectualism fails to confess that a child newly born, breast fed could talk but Jesus did and said:

"I am indeed the slave of God". (19/30)

The very first announcement Jesus made that he was a slave of God which refutes the dogma of Jesus' Godhood which was coined long after Jesus (please see part I of this Book). He further said:

"He hath given me the Scripture, and hath appointed me a prophet." (19/30)

Jesus is a born prophet, he was given the Bible in his childhood, his apostle-ship begins from 30th year of his age and for three years he was a Prophet and as well as an Apostle. He was bodily raised up in 33 years of his age. Right from the very child-hood Jesus Christ was privileged with eloquence and wisdom.

It has been narrated that God favoured four children with four things: a) Joseph was favoured with revelation when he was thrown into the well. b) Jesus Christ was given eloquence when he was only a newly born babe. c) Solomon was favoured with sagacity in his childhood, d) Yahya or John the Baptist was favoured with wisdom in his childhood. But the Prophet Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasall-am) was privileged over all in his very childhood, that he prostrated (before God) after his brith, in his childhood he bore testimoney to the Uniqueness of God and to his apostle-ship, his chest was cut open by the angles, it was enlightened and filled with clemency and mercy, he was made the very last of the prophets, Fair Maidens and angles served him at his birth, and before his birth a Covenant*1 was taken from all the prophets in the spiritual world that they would obey Muhammad if he was sent in their life time and would bind their people to obey him.

Explaining the revelation 'who is a child in cradle', Abdullah bin Abbas said, "cradle (AI-Mahad) meant that boy who is fed by his mother's breast. (Ibn Jarir and Ibn al Manzar). Bukhari and Ibn Abi Hatim relate from Abu Huraira who quoted the Prophet having said, "Three breast fed children had talked, one of them is Jesus,...". Abd bin Humaid and Ibn Jarir relate from Qatada, "After birth Jesus talked to every one small or elder."

There was no other way to evoke a belief in God except that He through his chosen slave (i.e. Prophet*1) should show such signs in the shape of events which were impossible in happening. And their occurrence was not only beyond human power but human brain would also fail to reason their institution. Thus those miracles proved that this world is under full control of the Omnipotent Who is the doer of all things and Who is not bound by cause and reason and He is never powerless.

  1. The angels are also God's creation. They are Holy, pure and emotionless. They are given power from God. They don't have any choice or will in any matter and they flinch not from executing the Commands they receive from God. Islam strongly condemns the dogma of Trinity' where they held the Holy Ghost as third person in Godhead. Please see part I of this book.
  2. The Prophet in his journey by night was taken from Grand Mosque to Aqsa Mosque (Jerusalem), and from there to his miraculous bodily ascension to seven heavens etc (Hadith).
  3. Covenant Please see the Book 'the Chief of the Prophet' part II p.94
  4. The Anti-Christ would show many miracles, but that would not be acknowledged, as Muhammad (peace be on him) was the very last of the Prophets, and he prophesied that the Antichrist would come and claim prophet-hood and then Godhood. He would have supreme powers as God would so will, to test the faithfuls.
  5. Supplement of 'Anjam-i-Atham by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, p. 7.
  6. Sarid is the bread soaked in meat soup and cooked. The Prophet liked it. It is not only delicious but digestive. This narration has been related by all except Abu Dawood,
  7. This revelation I have already discussed in part I of this Book under the heading 'Islam repudiates deification'
  8. Christ preached monotheism. Please see part I one of this book
  9. The worship of Mary became the practice in the Roman Catholic Church, which calls Mary the mother of God. This seems to have been endorsed by the council of Ephesus in 431 C.E. to sweep away the corruptions of the Church of Christ.
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