Chapter III

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Defending Jesus Against Ouadiani's Claim The Ever Living Miracle Of The Prophet & The Standard Of Wisdom


The preceding facts prove that the Liar Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, scheming the distortion of Islam pleaded the Hindu Polytheist's dogma of metempsychosis as part of Islam; and giving a new colour to the blasphemous belief of Trinity, he intently idulged in disfiguration of Islamic faith. As the Christians believed that the Holy Ghost is the spirit of both God the son and God the Father, he also held that the soul of Mary and soul of Jesus entered his body. When Jesus was held a person in Godhead, so having possessed the soul of Jesus why he shouldn't be a person in Godhead. His this belief is further corborated from his following claims:

1) The Quadiani Pretender "God addressed me with His words: acclaiming himself as God Listen 0 My Son!." (Al Bushra by Ghulam Ahmad Vol. I,P.49)

2) Pretending himself as a person in "0 Son, 0 moon! thou art of me Godhead he said: and I am of thee." (Haqiqat-ul-Wahy by Ghulam Ahmad, p. 73)

3) He further brayed holding himself as "God told me: Thou art of me in a partner odhead: and I am of thee. Thy appearance is my appearance. (Wahy al Muqaddas by Ghulam Ahmad, p. 650)

4) The citation wherein the Pretender said, "I saw myself as if I am woman and God exhibited in me His manly power." has already preceded. His this assertion also proved his claim of Godhood for being a consort of God. And after getting pregnant for about ten months as he said, he was changed into Jesus i.e. God the Son. Thus he preached the dogma of Trinity of a sect of the Christians who believed Mary as a third person in Godhead.;

5) Holding himself as a copartner "Verily, God descended in me and in Godhead and deifying himself he barked: I am the Link between Him and the creation entire." (Kitab-al-bariyah by Ghulam Ah-mad, p. 75)

6) Portraiting himself as God "He gives tidings of a boy, the the Son he said: exponent of truth and spiritual altitude as if God descended from Heaven," (Istifta by Ghulam Ahmad, p. 85)

7) Declaring himself as he and God were of the same substance he brayed: "God said to me: Thou art of our water while they are of cowardice." (Anjam Atham by Ghulam Ahmad, p.55

All the above claims of Quadiani Pretender prove that he was preaching the concocted beliefs of the Christianity and incarnating himself as a person in Godhead. I have already proved that no man can be a god or a person in Godhead under the topic, "Islam Repudiates Deification." in part I of this book. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad the Quadiani Pretender and the impostor Elijah were distorting Islam to serve their malicious ends of power and pelf.


The Mecca conference of the Muslim World League which was held during 6th and 10th April, 1974 and wherein one hundred and forty delegations of the Muslims from the different parts of the world had participated, unanimously declared that Quadianis are infidels, and the nuptial relations with them are not allowed by shariat and they should not be buried in the Muslims grave yard. Not only they are infidels (non-Muslims) but they are a faction of polytheists who own the aforesaid polytheistic beliefs of the Quadiani Pretender.


Not only Allah aided Jesus Christ with the miracles of curing the lepers, and blind; blowing life in clay birds; and raising dead; but he also told people what they ate and what they stored up. Even then the cursed Jews instead of acknowledging faith in him, calumniated him and his mother's pious personalities and called Jesus an illegitimate child. Jesus invoked the curse of God on those slanderers and they were turned into swine. The Jews even then didn't take any warning but collectively they resolved to kill him. Jesus with his apostles was besieged in a house. Gabriel descended, and informed Jesus that God will raise him up bodily to heaven, and God raised him up.

The Christians also believe that Christ was taken up bodily to heaven, but they differ in as much as they say, his life was taken on the cross; he died and was buried; on the third day he rose bodily with his wounds intact; walked about and conversed; ate with his disciples and was afterwards taken up bodily to heaven. But the Holy Quran pictures a true narration:

Arabic version from the Quran English translation of the Arabic
version. Wa qual-e-him in-na qatalna ......... And because of their saying:
al Messiah Eisa Ibn Mariam We slew the Messiah Jesus son of Rasul-allah ................................ Mary, the Apostle of God
Wa-ma qataluho wa-ma salabuho ... They slew him not, nor crucified
him, Wa lakin shub-beha lahum. .......... But it appeared so unto them;
Wa in-na al-lazina ikhtalufu ......... and lo! those who disagree
fi-he lafi shak-kin minho.............. concerning it are in doubt thereof;
Ma lahum bihi min ilm illa itteba they have no knowledge thereof al-zanne.................................... pursuit of a conjecture;
Wa ma qataluho yaqeen-an .......... they slew him not for certain:
Bal refahu Allah ilaihi wa kan........ But God took him up unto Himself.
Allah aziz-an hakima.(4/157-158).................. God is ever Mighty and wise

If we look into the historicity of the event, we find different versions as to what happened before Christ's bodily ascension. As stated in the aforesaid revelation of the Quran that Christ was not crucified nor killed. But there were apparent circumstances which produced the illusion in the mind of some of his enemies that they crucified him.

The Basilidans an early Christian sect believed that some one else was substituted. The Gospel of St. Barnabas also supported the theory of substitution on the cross.

It is said when Jesus was taken out of the window and raised up, Judas (who betrayed Christ) entered the house. God for whom every thing is possible, changed Judas in speech and in face to be like Jesus, and the Jews who entered after him taking Judas Iscariot to be Jesus 'bound him, not without derision. For he truthfully denied that he was Jesus.' (Barnabas 217). He bewailed a lot, but the Jews, under the excitement of revenge did not listen to him, and thought him to be pretending to avoid death and crucified him. But Judas' persistent lamentations before crucifixion and his disappearance after crucifixion put them in doubt whether they crucified Jesus or next. If they cruci fied Jesus where was Judas. The Quran mentions their doubt:

"Those who disagree concerning it are in doubt......save pursuit of a conjecture, they slew him (Jesus) not for certain."

Some of the Jews said, Jesus was a liar and so we slew him. Few said if we hanged Jesus where was Judas Iscariot. Few said his face was like Jesus but his body was like Judas. Those who had seen Jesus being raised up said, he was bodily taken up to heaven. Few said his body was crucified but his soul was taken up. The Christians belief that Jesus was crucified, buried, and then bodily taken up is only the composition of these conflicting reports. But the Quran confirms the truth:

"They slew him not for certain But God took him up unto Himself."

The Jews intended to inflict bodily harm by disgracing Jesus. God saved Jesus from those very malicious intentions and raised him bodily up.

The Jews and Quadianis refuse to admit the bodily ascension of Jesus referring the following verse of the Quran:

"There shall ye live, and there shall ye die and thence shall ye be taken out." (7/25)

The above verse is an address of God to Adam. When under a misconception he ran into a mistake. He and Eve were ordered to leave the Paradise and face life and death on the earth. And on the day of Resurrection they will be taken out of the earth. This was destined by God for Adam and Eve and normally it is also destined for mankind. I have already recorded that the miracles are against common nature. The above verse does not establish that God is incompetent to do what He intends, or that He is unable to keep the human body alive on any place other than the earth. Specially when Adam and Eve were bodily present in heaven, then why Jesus could not be kept alive by God in heaven. Stating His Majestic powers God said:

"But His command, when He intendeth a thing, is only that He saith unto it: Be! and it is." (36/82)

God said: "When He ordaineth a thing, He saith unto it only: Be! and it is. (40/68)

God said: "Knowest thou not that God Hath power to do all things. (2/106)

God said: "Doer (without let) Of all that He intends." (85/16)

God said: "Lo! God doth what He will."(22/18)

No doubt Allah does what He intends. The limitation of cause and reason do not encompass His tremendous powers. Denying the Jews' claim of crucifying and killing Jesus (as crucifixion and killing was to occur on Jesus' body). God said that He raised him up. The bodily presence of Jesus on the sky is as intended by God. And this destiny, 'to die on the earth and to be taken out of it' is to be fulfilled by every living being. Christ is also not exempted from it, and it shall occur when:

"The Christ son of Mary will be sent down (Yanzil) on the earth. He will marry, and 'II have children......Then he will die and will be buried beside my (the Prophet's) grave." (narrated Abdullah bin Umar 'Mishkat')

This Hadith is also found in other books of traditions. It points out two things. The Arabic word used for reappearance of Jesus is 'yanzil' meaning descend or send down, whereas the Arabic word used for the coming of other prophets in the Quran is 'Arsalna' meaning 'We sent'. The difference in the meanings of the two words are quite apparent. The word 'arsalna' shows the common order by which all the prophets were sent, i.e. they were born in the world; brought up;

and they announced their prophet-hood saying they were sent from God. The Quranic word 'yanzil' or 'anzalna' is used for the descent of a thing from sky to the earth as:

"The angels descend upon them." (41/30)

"But He sends (it) down In due measure." (42/27)

"A Sura which We have sent down and which We have ordained: In it We have sent down clear signs, in order that ye may receive admonition." (24/1)

"And all that cometh down from the sky and all that ascendeth therein. (57/4)

The word 'yanzil' used in the tradition, proves that Jesus will be sent down from the sky to the earth, which proves his bodily presence in the sky. There are numerous Ahadith (singular Hadith) where in the word 'yanzil' is used for Jesus. The second thing which the aforesaid tradition proves that he would also be buried, as destined by Lord for the mankind.

Few hypocrites and the 'Quadianis infer from the words 'rafa Allah ilaihi' raising of the soul of Jesus and not his body. The entire Muslim Ummah is unanimous on the bodily ascent of Jesus. God denied the assertion of the Jews crucifying Jesus. The spirit alone can neither be crucified nor killed. As per Jews' claim, the body of Christ was hanged but God said that the shape of another man was changed to resemble Christ. The Jews crucified that man and not Jesus. The Jews sole aim was to disgrace and cause sever harm on the body of Jesus, God protected that body by raising it up. If we consider the inference of the hypocrites that his spirit was raised up, then it is to deny the Quranic revelation. As the Quran very clearly tells us:

"They slew him not nor crucified him but it appeared so unto them."

And giving a very forceful denial to the false claim of the Jews the Quran said:

"They slew him not for certain. But God took him up"

The killing was to occur on the body of Jesus, God, therefore, raised his body up. Had there been the raising of the soul only, the Holy Quran would have not denied the claim of the Jews because after death the spirit of every man is raised up.

Since he is bodily present in the heaven, he would, therefore, descend. We find the details of his descent in a chain of traditions. In a long tradition related by Muslim, "Jesus clad in two saffron sheets and resting his hands on the wings of two angels, will descend on a white minaret to the east of Damascus."

Musnad Ahmad and Abu Dawood have also related his descent. AL-Baihaqui has a!so related his descent from the sky. In Al-Bukhari we find the Hadith of descent of Jesus. After his descent Jesus will live in this world, and, thereafter the order of 'tamutoon' to die will be fulfill ed, and he will be buried by the grave of the Prophet. And from the same grave he will be resurrected on the day of Resurrection.

Arabic version "Is qala-Allah ya Eisa in-ni mota-waffeka wa rafe-o-ka illayya. Behold! God said: 0 Jesus! I will take thee and raise thee to Myself." (3/55)

To apostatize the people, the few renegades interpolate in the meanings of the word 'mota-waffeka' and say Jesus died and was buried. I have already proved that we cannot interpret the meanings of the revelation by our own sweet will (Please see part I "The Last Meccan Prophet."), but we shall have to follow the exegesis given by the Holy Prophet. In case we do not find the meanings of any revelation in Hadith, we shall search its meanings in the explanations given by his companions (Sahabas), as directed by the Prophet, and if there too we do not find any guidance expounding that revelation, then we shall see in the light of guidance given by Quran and Hadith, that if there is unanimity of ummah (the Muslim peoples) in the meanings of the revelation in question. But the people who indulge in interpolating Quran are those for whom God said:

"And when it is said unto them: Make not mischief in the earth, they say: We are peace makers only, Of a surety, they are the ones who make mischief. But they realize it not." (2/11,12)

In fact these pretenders of prophet-hood and their followers are awfully busy in leading the simple Muslims astray. Allah may protect us from their notoriety.

Ibn Kathir expounding the revelation, 'I will take thee and raise thee' quoted, "Hasan narrating that the Apostle of God said to the Jews,' Verily Jesus didn't die. He will come back before doomsday. "

AI-KaIbi, Hasan and Ibn Jarir state that the word 'motawaffeka' means I will take you up and raise you without giving you death. (Al-Baghwi). Since Jesus didn't die as said by the Prophet he was, therefore, taken up bodily.

Rabi bin Anas said the word Tawaffa' means slumber and Jesus was overtaken by slumber when he was taken up bodily. So the meanings of the revelation in question are, 'I will make you sleep and raise you up.' In support of his argument he quoted the following verse of the Holy Quran:

Wa huwa allazi yatawaffakum fil-lail It is He who doth take your souls by night." (6/60)

There is yet another quotation from the Quran, which proves 'tawaffa' means sleep:

Allah yatawaffa al-anfusa hina maut-e-ha wa al-lati lam tamut fi manameha.

It is God who takes the souls (of men) at death; and those that die not (He takes their souls during their sleep. (39/42)

The Holy Prophet when he woke up from his sleep said:

"All praises to - God Who made us alive, after He took away our souls."

Ibn Abbas held that the latter word 'rafe-o-ka' has priority (in meanings) over the word 'motawaffeka' (Tafsir Ibn Abbas). i.e. I will raise you up bodily and give you death after your descent. Khazin explaining the aforesaid revelation said: "There were among the Christians who believed that spirit of Jesus was raised but his body remained buried. God refuting this self conceived belief said that He took him up bodily and raised him up." Khazin also said: 'The word 'wao' (and) between 'motawafeka' and'rafe-o-ka' does not prove the happening in the same order but the latter has the priority over the former, meaning '0 Jesus I will raise thee to myself and clear thee (of the false-hoods) of those who blaspheme; and kill thee after thy descent over the earth."

Even if the other meaning of the word 'tawaffa' (to kill) is taken, the word 'motawaffeka' means 'I will kill thee' and that does not prove that God killed Jesus, that shows only the intention of God to kill Jesus, which shall occur after his descent on the earth as said by the Prophet, "Jesus did not die, he will come back" and he will die after his descent on the earth.

Khazin quoted, "It was asked if the report of descent of Jesus is found in the Holy Quran, they said yes. God said:

wa yokallam an-nas fi mahde wa kahla wa min-assualihin. He shall speak to the people in childhood and in maturity. (3/46)

Kahal (maturity) or half age, and Jesus did not reach to half age when he was taken up. It may please be noted that the word 'kahal' among Arabs is used when one reaches the age of 40 and above, whereas Jesus was raised up at the age of thirty three years. Hasan Basri said, "By God Jesus is alive with soul and body on the sky." (Ibn Kathir). Mujahid said, "The man who was changed into his likeness was crucified and God raised Jesus alive. Ibn Jarir and Ibn Abi Hatim both related from Hasan, "Allah raised Jesus alive, and he is in the sky." In another narration Ibn Jarir and Ibn Abi Hatim said, 'Jesus was raised alive in the state of slumber.' It is to be noted that Jesus did not go up by himself as believed by the Jacobite church, as Jesus was a man who could not go up by himself. The fact is Allah sent Gabriel and he took Jesus up, and at that time he was over taken by slumber, so that he may not get afraid*1 while crossing the space with tremendous angelic power whose distance is millions of light years. To the contrary Allah gave such a miraculous power to Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) that he crossed this distance awakening, and he was honoured to mount on 'Buraq*2 with Gabriel as his escort. Jesus did not go beyond the limit of second heaven, while the Prophet the most magnanimous among all the prophets reached*3 'Near the Lote-tree Beyond which none may pass:"(53/14.)

By the Lote-tree Gabriel left the company of the Holy Prophet and said if he tried to go beyond this limit, the glaze of God's light will burn down all his wings. So the Prophet alone went farther and he was so close to Lords Glory that never any angel or prophet could acquire that highly honoured position."

Repudiating all those who believe that Jesus was crucified. God said, He raised him up bodily as, "He is exalted in Power wise." He is the Master of destinies of all his slaves and does with them what He intends. He gave deliverance to Jesus from the wicked Jews and did not let them touch his body. God also took revenge from the Jews for all injuries they caused to the honour of Jesus and his family through Titas son of Vespasian who ordered their general massacre in 70 C.E. Thus God strengthened the followers of Jesus against their worst foe, the Jews. Since then onward the Jews could not get power over the Christians and they were faced with everlasting ignominy:

"Shame is pitched over them wherever they are found, Except when under a covenant (of protection) from God And from men." (3/112)

Even today the Jews could not stand in the world except with the help of 'covenant from men.' And this covenant they could get in the shape of help extended to them from the Christian powers. It is very strange that the Jews the worst enemy of Jesus and the slanderers of Jesus and his pious family are flourishing on the Christian support.

  1. We could not be guided except by the guidance of the Prophet. Please see the Chapter 'Last Meccan Prophet' in part I of this book.
  2. The life of the Prophet as per Quranic injunctions. Please see part 1 'The Holy Prophet's Pattern'.
  3. Khazin.
  4. The horse like animal on which-the Holy Prophet ascended to heaven.
  5. This happened in Miraj the bodily ascension of the Prophet, it is considered one of his greatest miracles.