Chapter IV

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Will the people of the book renew their faith in JESUS?

The Holy Quran said:

Arabic version: wa in min ahlilkitab illa la-youminanna bihi qubla mautehi wa yaum al-qyamah yakuno alaihim shahida.

"And there is not one of the people of the Book but shall believe in him before his death; and on the Day of Judgment he will be a witness against them." (4/159)

The famous expounders have offered three contentions in their commentaries to the above revelation. (Ibn Kathir).

Abdullah Ibn Abbas said, " 'Before his death' means, before the death of Christ." That is to say that Christ is yet to die. This revelation, therefore, proves that he is alive, and that after his descent all the people of the Book shall have to believe in him. Ibn Jarir said, "After his descent he will kill the Anti Christ and all the religion will be made to vanish and only Islam will prevail."

Jesus after his descent from the sky will be an adherer Of Islam, and not as a prophet in the sense that he will invite people to believe in him, but he will invite people to believe in Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) and Islam. Therefore, the Muslims will not renew their faith in him. The tradition goes, "Your Imam will be from amongst you," i.e. after the descent of Jesus. (Al-Bukhari). Jesus will be one of the rulers*1 of the Muslims. So it is apparent that the condition to believe in him is restricted to the people of the Book. The Muslim Ummah is unanimous that the word people of the Book is used for Christians and Jews only at many places in the Holy Quran. Here to the Christians and the Jews have been addressed as the people of the Book. It is obvious that God sent down the aforesaid revelation in repudiation to their false claim. After the descent of Jesus, Whether the people of the Book will believe in Jesus or through Jesus in Muhamnad (alaihima al-salam), this will be discussed in the Chapter 'Nabi al Anbia' (the Prophet of the Prophets).

Narrated Abu Huraira, the Apostle of God said: "By whom who is the Master of my soul, Jesus will come down as a just ruler. He will break the cross*1 and kill the pig*2 will abolish 'jizya*3. the riches will be so great that nobody will accept charity, and 'sajdah' (prostration) will be better than every thing found in the world," then said Abu Huraira (supporting the above contention of Hadith from the Holy Quran), 'there is not one people of the Book but shall believe in him before his death', (an agreed tradition).

Abu Huraira narrated that Jesus will perform Hajj and Umrah (pilgrimage to Mecca) (Musnad Ahmad).

Ibn Kathir said, "Both the verses (They slew him not...to...shall believe in him before his death), prove that Jesus is bodily alive on the sky and will descend before the Doomsday. He will declare the falsehood of both the Jews and Christians. One imputed his family's good name, and the other incarnated him and considered him as God the Son. But after his descent every Jew and Christian shall have no course left except to believe in him.

Abdullah bin Masud narrated, the Apostle of God said, "During the night of Miraj, I met Abraham, Moses and Christ. We talked about the Day of Resurrection. Abraham said to have no knowledge about the Hour, so said Moses, Jesus Christ said, "No-body knows the correct time of the occurrence of the Hour. But the Antichrist will come out before the Hour; he will have two staffs. No sooner he sees me, than he will begin to melt like lead. Allah will kill him (through me) (Ahmad, Ibn Maja).

The night of Miraj. God assembled all the prophets and Gabriel advanced the Prophet Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) for the 'Immamate' of all the prophets in the prayer. The aforesaid tradition establishes that Jesus is alive and will descend before the Hour. God will kill the Antichrist through him. Abu Malik said explaining the revelation 'Before His Death' when Jesus will descend all the people of the Book will believe in him.


Ibn Kathir explaining the revelation'There is not one......shall believe in him before his death', said, "Every one of the people of the Book is made to learn the truth from falsehood, and his soul does not depart his body till he differentiates the truth from false-hood in his religion."

Ibn Abbas expounding the aforesaid verse said, 'No Jew dies but he admits faith in Jesus.' He further said, 'If he is beheaded, his soul does not come out his body till he makes the confession of faith in Jesus.' He also said, "The Jew doesn't die till he testifies Jesus as a slave of God and his Apostle." When he was asked if he dies by falling down from a roof, he said, 'he admits it (the prophet-hood of Jesus) in the air before he hits the ground.' 'Mujahid said, "Every person among the people of the Book professes his (correct) faith in Jesus before his death.

As a matter of fact all this chain of evidence proves that the angels at the time of death torture the people of the Book for inventing falsehood against Christ and they extract a forced confession of correct belief on Jesus that he was a slave of God and not God the Son, that he was not crucified or killed. This is a vengeful act which upholds the Glory of that Vanquisher. But the admission of faith after the agonies of death are set, shall not benefit:

"But their professing the Faith, when they (actually) saw our punishment, was not going to profit them. This is God's law which hath ever taken course for His bondmen." (S. XL-85)

  1. Al-Bukhari and Ibn Mardoya narrated Abu Huraira
  2. Jesus will purify the earth from the false dogma of Trinity and cross worship.
  3. To eat the pig was made unlawful by God. In a journey two Germans asked me as to why the Muslims do not eat pig-meat. I said that not only it was always unlawful to eat pig meat but there is a logical reason for it. Islam has defined those animals and birds who live with pair and maintain a certain degree of ethics, and they fight if their privacy is disturbed by another animal or bird of their specie. It is also an established fact that the meat which we eat will produce in us the same natural instincts which that animal or bird has but you know....the Germans themselves completed my sentence saying yes the pig is a pair less animal. I said, so we would grow shameless if we ate pig meat. Jesus will order the killing of pig through out the world and thus he will give the death blow to the shameless civilization of the pig eaters of the world.
  4. A capitation tax paid by Non-Muslims to the Muslim ruler for their safety from internal and external enemies. The Muslims pay zakat (charity) to the state, and for non-Muslims a capitation tax with a guarantee.