Chapter V

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The prophet of the prophets or Nabi-Al-Anbia & Faith


The aforementioned solid facts proved that Muhammad was the foremost and the very last of them. He was foremost in as much as all the prophets under the Covenant gave his good news to the people and called them to affirm faith in him, even before his advents, and he was very last not only because he was sent as very last but that the religion was perfected and the faith ended on him. But in spite of all such brilliant facts the Quadiani Pretender Mirza Ghulam Ahmad dubbed all the Muslims as infidels and said,

O . "Every one whom my call reached but he did not believe in me, is an infidel." (AlfadI of January, 15, 1935) He also said, "It was revealed to me that God said to me: 'Every one who does not believe in you nor follows you and opposes you is the opponent of God and His Apostle and will enter hell fire.'" (Tabligh-i-Risalat. Vol. IX, p. 27)

Bashir Ahmad the second son of the Quadiani Pretender said: "Whosoever believes in Moses and does not believe in Jesus, or believes in Jesus and does not believe in Muhammad is an infidel. Similarly whoever believes in Muhammad and does not believe in Ghulam Ahmad is an infidel, repeat infidel. There is no doubt about his infidility." (Kalimat-ul-FasI, quoted in "Review of Religions" No. 36, Vol. XIV, p. 110. I will, if God wishes, repudiate all the above claims of the Quadiani Pretender and his son. Please see under the heading below.


It has already been proved in the preceding pages that under "His Covenant" (3/81), Allah took the affirmation of faith on Muhmmad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam), from all the prophets. Thus the Holy Prophet was favoured with a great magnitude of exaltation. Besides that he also had a special privilege, only typical to himself, that every believer was asked to affirm faith in him by the prophet of his time even before his advent, and if some one affirmed faith in the prophet of his time and disaffirmed faith in Muhammad, he became infidel and perverted transgressor as per the Quran (3/82).

All the Muslims have faith on all the prophets and profess that they were prophets in their times. And whatsoever was revealed to them by way of Scriptures of Books was true.

We the Muslims and Jesus Christ are united in faith upon the Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallam). Jesus had already invited his people to believe in Muhammad al Rasulallah and on his second coming he will descend with his faith in him. He himself will not be the subject of faith. But the tradition goes that he will be a just ruler among the Muslim rulers' and a ruler is never a subject of faith who himself is the follower of the Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallam). Therefore, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (who pretended to be promised Messiah) and his son's assertion that anyone who does not believe in the Quadiani Pretender is an infidel, is only a baseless concoction. Truly we believe that Moses was prophet in his time, Jesus Christ or Messiah was sent with prophet-hood and apostleship in his time, but the promised Messiah i.e. Jesus on his second coming will not be a prophet, in as much as he will not announce his prophet-hood, and Muhammad is the Prophet and Apostle till Doomsday. And after the Prophet Muhammad al Rasulallah every person who claimed prophet-hood and every man who follow ed such claimant is an infidel.*1 We do believe that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and all his followers are infidels, and any Muslim who doubts in their infidility is also an infidel. See the verdict of Mecca Conference page 76.

(2) Who say that after the descent of Jesus every Jew and Christian shall believe in Jesus, intend, that all the Jews and the Christians shall have to enter into the fold of Islam through Jesus. Since the Jews and the Christians both had rejected and rebuked his teachings respectively, they would, therefore, not be left with any course except to obey him; and obedience to Jesus is as good as to believe in him. Jesus Christ would not present himself as prophet or apostle, because his prophet-hood or apostleship ended with his first coming; and Islam repealed the religion of Christianity, as God said:

"And whoso seek as religion other than Islam, it will not be accepted from him, and he will be a looser in the Hereafter." . (3/85)

After the 'Divine Mission' of the Apostle of Allah, all the religions became obsolete. The Prophet of God said, "Every action taken against our order on any matter stands rejected." (Al-Bukhari). In another narration of 'Muslim', Abu Huraira quoted the Prophet of Allah having said, "By Whom in whose hands my soul is, every man of this Ummah (people) who dies without faith in me including the Jews and the Christians, goes to the Fire (Hell)."

In a narration it was said by the Prophet, had Moses been present before him, he would not have been left with any course except to follow him. (Ibn Kathir Vol. II, p. 65). Therefore, Jesus on his second coming shall follow the Prophet Muhammad Mustafa. He will again himself announce the prophet-hood of Muhammad al Rasulallah saying:

"La ilaha illallah, Muhammad al Rasulallah." i.e. there are no partners to God, He is Unique and Muhammad is the Apostle of God. And all those non-Muslims who will enter into the fold of Islam will be asked to utter the above words of the Muslim confession of faith.

God said: "We make no distinction between any of them (messengers)." (3/84)

Explaining the above revelation the commentators said, 'We do not make any distinction among the prophets like the Jews who believed on the few and rejected the few. But we have professed faith on all of them and believe on what had been descended on them by way of Scriptures and Books.

The Imam in his Tafsir*1 while offering his commentary on the revelation in question said, "This is our faith that they were prophets in their times and not that they are now prophets because their religion (shariat) were annulled." Ibn Kathir said, "Till at last all the shariats were finally repealed by the revealed order of Muhammad, the very last of the prophets and apostles on whose Shariat the Doomsday will be instituted. (Vol. I, p. 608). That was why the Holy Prophet showed his indignation*2 when Umar started reading a book written by a Jew, and he advised not to ask any thing from the people of the Book because they reject the truth and commend the false-hood; and had Moses been alive, nothing would have been lawful for him except to obey him.

Ibn Kathir said, "The Apostle Muhammad is the very last of the prophets, may Allah bless him with eternal peace till the Day of Resuurection. He is the greatest of all Imams; and had he been found in any age, his obedience would have been foremost over all the prophets, and he was, therefore, their Imam on the night of Miraj (bodily ascension of the Prophet to the heavens), when they were assembled at 'Bait al Maqdis' (the temple of Jerusalem)." (Vol. II, p. 65 Beirut). Thus it is very obvious that Jesus after his descent will obey the Prophet and will be an adherer of this Ummah. The Muslims profess the prophet-hood of Jesus when he was sent as apostle, and was given the Gospel. On his second coming he will descend as a Muslim, and the profession of faith of a Muslim into another Muslim is meaning-less, so the Muslims will no more admit their faith in him.

(4) The confession of true faith of the Jews and the Christians on Jesus after his second coming would be like that of the profession of faith of hundreds of thousands Hindus who had embraced Islam on the hands of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti of India. Nobody affirmed faith in Moinuddin but everybody affirmed his faith in God the Unique the One free of partners, and in Muhammad as his Apostle. (La ilaha illallah Muhammad al Rasullallah) Similarly all the Jews and the Christians who profess Islam through Jesus will not confess their faith in Jesus but will profess faith in Nabi al Anbia Muahmmad Mustafa (sallallaho alaihi wasallam).


wa inna min ahl al kitab ilia la-youminannah bihi There is not one of the people of the Book but shall believe in him. (4/159)

The Quadianis while asserting that every Muslim shall have to believe in the Quadiani Impostor, who pretended to be the promised Messiah, the one for whom the second coming was foretold and referring the above revelation they interpolated that the Words 'Ahl al Kitab' (the People of the Book) included the Muslims as well. I have already proved in the preceding pages of Ch:V, that the pronoun in the words 'believe in him' stands for the Prophet and not for Messiah. Now, however, I will prove quite against the Quadiani interpolation that the words 'Ahl al Kitab' are used only for the Jews and the Christians. And they have been addressed as People of the Book in the Holy Quran on twenty four places. I cite few places where the Quran drew a very distinct distinction between the. Muslims and the People of the Book.

"Neither those who disbelieve among the People of the Book nor the idolaters love that there should be sent down unto you any good thing from your Lord." (2/105)

"A party of the People of the Book long to make you go astray." (3/69)

"Say: Ye People of the Book! Why disbelieve ye in the revelations of Allah." (3/98)

"Say: 0 People of the Book! Why drive ye back believers from the way of God." (3/99)

"And if the People of the Book had believed, it had been better for them." (3/110)

"0 People of the Book! Do not exaggerate in your religion." (4/171)

"0 People of the Book! Do ye blame us for aught else than that we believe in God." (5/59)

"If only the People of the Book would believe and ward off (evil), surely we should remit their sins from them. (5/65)

The above revelations make it emphatically clear that the People of the Book are those 'who long to the Muslims to go astray', to make the Muslims drive back from the way of Allah, etc., etc. Whereas the Quran addressed the faithful for two hundred forty seven times with the words 'Al-lazeena Amnu'. Thus the Holy Quran itself unveils the Quadiani interpolation.

As a matter of fact we never find any such opinion in the Quran or in the traditions of the Prophet or among the companions of the Prophet that the Muslims will profess faith in Jesus Christ (the Messiah) after his descent, and, therefore, the Quadianis held the bogus assertion to mislead the Muslims.

(6) God perfected the religion Islam:

"This day have I perfectedyour religion for you and completed My favour unto you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion." (5/3)

Ali bin Talha quoted from Ibn Abbas who said: " 'This day have I perfected your religion' means the religion Islam." "Allah informed His Prophet and the faithful that he perfected faith for them, so now it would never need any addition (till the Day of Resurrection). Allah has perfected it, i.e. that never any deficiency would ever be felt in it." (Ibn Kathir).

When the above verse was revealed on the occasion of Hajj al Akbar at Arafat, Umar bin AI-Khattab began to weep. The Prophet asked him, "What makes you weep." Umar said, "I was expecting more expansion in our religion, but it is perfected, and it is a fact, everything tends to diminish after perfection." The Prophet said, "You said the truth." (Ibn Kathir) The Diminishing in religion refers to our neglection in obeying its commandments.

Ibn Kathir in his commentary to the above revelation said, "This is the greatest virtue over this Ummah that Allah perfected for them their religion. They do not need any religion other than it; and they do not need any Prophet other than their own Prophet (Sallallaho alaihi wasallam). That is why Allah made him the very last of the prophets; and sent him to mankind and Jinn. Nothing is legal except what he made legal; and nothing is forbidden except what he made forbidden. There is no faith except what he defined......This is the only religion which is loved by God and with it he sent the best of all the Prophets and with it he descended the best of all the Books." (Vol. II, p. 488). It is therefore, evident that Jesus Christ after his descent will follow the order (Shariat) of the Prophet. And he will have no right to change the Prophet's Shariah.

(7) Abu Huraira narrated, the Apostle of Allah said, "By Him in Whose hands my soul is, surely (Jesus) son of Mary will descend as a just ruler; he will break the cross and kill the pigs and there will be no Jizya (taxation taken from non-Muslims for protection of their life and property). Money will be in abundance, that nobody will accept it, and a single prostration to God (in prayer) will be better than the whole world and whatever is in it......" (an agreed tradition).

AI-Khazin in his commentary (Vol. I, p. 516), said, "The tradition in question proves that Christ will descend before the end of the world among this Ummah. He will rule according to the 'shariah' (Islamic law) of Muhammad, and he will not descend with any independent prophet-hood and with any such religious law which may supersede or abolish the previous law, but he will be one of the Islamic rulers of this Ummah and will be Imam among the Imams of this Ummah. The Prophet's saying 'he wilt break the cross' meant he will give the death blow the belief of crucifixion of Jesus and worship of 'cross', and will get all the pigs killed (i.e. he will enforce the Islamic law of prohibition of pig eating); he will abolish Jizya, because he will not allow any protection to non-Muslims including the Jews and the Christians to live, and shall offer them to accept Islam or be killed. It is said that Jesus' this order will be against 'shariah', because Islam gives protection to every non-Muslim against the payment of Jizya, and he is not forced to accept Islam. The answer to this objection is that the order of Jizya will not continue till Doomsday, but it is restricted till before the descent of Jesus. The Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) has announced its abolition, and, therefore, Jesus will not repeal it, but it stands repealed by the Prophet because he announced its annulment; and that Jesus will act upon the shariah of Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam). This proves that the prohibition to accept Jizya will not be allowed as ordered by Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam)," Khazin. All the above facts establish that Jesus after his descent will not be prophet or apostle, and he will have no right to abolish or change any rule of Muhammadan law, or shariat.

(8) The tradition given below proves that the promised Messiah (Jesus Christ) will be a caliph or assistant to the Prophet: Ibn Abi Shaiba, Ahmad Dawood, and Ibn Habban related, narrated Abu Huraira, the Apostle of Allah said, "No doubt I am very close to Christ son of Mary, because there would not be any prophet between me and him. He will be my caliph over my people. Lo! he will descend. When you see him, recognize him. He will be of medium height, with rosy white complexion; 'II be clad two yellow sheets, even though his head will not be wet, but it will be dripping. He will break the 'cross'; 'Il destroy the pig; 'II abolish the Jizya. He will invite the mankind to Islam. During his time Allah will destroy all the religions except Islam. He will kill the Anti-Christ, an unprecedented peace will prevail on the land, so far so, that camel will live comfortably along with lions, and cows with leopards, the wolves with sheep, and the children will play with snakes and they would never harm them. So Jesus will live on the earth for forty years, then he will die. The Muslims will offer his funeral prayer. (Dur al Manthur Vol. II, p. 242).

Ibn Jarir also narrated the above tradition from Abu Huraira with addition that the Prophet said, "Jesus will fight for Islam against the people.

The above tradition which has been reported by many relaters of Hadith makes it very clear that there is no prophet between Jesus and Muhammad (Alaihima al salam). And the Christ after his second coming will not have any independent prophet-hood but he will be assistant to Nabi al Anbia (the Chief of the Prophets), and his caliph. It is an accomplished fact that the faith is never affirmed in a caliph. Therefore no belief shall ever be affirmed in Jesus after his descent. As per Ibn Jarir's version the promised Messiah will wage a war in the name of Islam against the non-Muslims. This also contradicts Mjrza Ghulam Ahmad's claim of repealing Jehad. This Inshallah I will discuss later.


It is the dignity of the every prophet that nobody advances before him in a congregation prayer for Imamate. None before the Prophet could stand for Imamate in prayers. Only in-course of his death sickness, he appointed Abu Bakar for Imamate. But the Prophet in many of his Hadiths stated that Imam of the Muslims would be from among them even after the descent of Jesus Christ, and he will not perform their Imamate. This he said so that the Muslims might bear in mind that Jesus would not come as prophet but as one of this Ummah-al -Muslimah. In support of the above contention:

a) Narrated Abu Huraira, The Apostle of God said, "How be you when Christ son of Mary will descend among you, and one of you will be your Imam. (Al-Bukhari, Muslim, Ahmad, AI-Baihaqi)

b) Uthman bin Abi Al Aas said, he heard the Prophet said,"...Jesus son of Mary will descend at the time of Fajr (morning) prayer. The Chief of the Muslims will say, '0 Spirit from God! Come forward and lead the prayers.' Jesus will reply, 'The chiefs of this Ummah are from them, so the Chief will advance and lead the prayer." (Ahmad).

The mere deigning of Jesus that the chiefs of this Ummah are from amongst them and his offering of prayer behind the Muslim's Imam, is in-itself a proof of his not claiming the dignity of an independent prophet, but he will follow the shariat of Muhammad Mustafa (sallallaho alaihi wasallam).

No where we found that the Muslims will plight the fealty to son of Mary. It should not be forgotten that Quadianis, in-order-to mislead the Muslims say you make a plight of fealty with us. Beware, if any Muslim will plight fealty i.e. will take Baiat on the hand of a Quadiani, he will become an apostate forthwith,

c) Jabir narrated, the Prophet of God said, "....Christ son of Mary will descend, so that Chief of the Muslims will say to him, 'come and lead the prayers.' Christ will say, 'No your chiefs are amongst you. Allah has dignified this Ummah!" (Muslim, Ahmad)

The Prophet's repeated assertion that Christ son of Mary will not perform the duty of Imamate, is only to emphasize to this Ummat that Jesus will not be a prophet on his second coming but he will be ruler among the Muslim rulers.