Chapter V

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The prophet of the prophets or Nabi-Al-Anbia & Faith


God said: "Say (0 Muhammad): Lo! I am the Apostle of Allah to you all." (7/158)

"We have sent thee (Muhammad) as an Apostle unto mankind." (4/79)

It is reported in Musnad Ahmad, the Apostle of Allah (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) said, "...I have been privileged with five things which were never given to any one before me, a) I have universally been sent to all mankind, and before me the prophets were sent to their nations; b) I have been aided with awe over my enemy even if he may be on a month's distance (of those days) from me; c) the booties have been made lawful for me, and prior to me its use was a great sin and they were burnt;

d) and for me the entire ground stands as mosque and purified for offering prayers wherever they got due after 'tayammum',*1 but prior to me the prayers were allowed in Synagogues and Chruches; and e) God favoured every prophet to ask anything he desired. So every prophet got what he desired but I put off my question till the Day of Reckoning and it is for you all who said, 'La ilaha illallah, Muhammad al Rasulallah, (There are no partners to God, He is Unique and Muhammad is the Apostle of God (=Allah)." That is Muhammad will intercede for the remission and forgiveness of all the Muslims on the Day of Reckoning and no doubt he will be granted remission for all the Muslims as God gave to every prophet what he asked for. Oh could any prophet surpass Muhammad in his love and adoration with his people. No certainly not and this proves his supremacy over the all.

In another report of Imam Ahmad, Abu Musa narrated, the Apostle of Allah (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) said, "I have been sent to AI-Ahmar (Red), and AI-Aswad (Black)..." Red include all the White people and the Black are the rest of the mankind. Ibn Kathir said the above revelation tells, "Muhammad is sent to Red and Black, to Arab and Non-Arab." (Vol. Ill, p. 234). Khazin said, "AI-Ahmar include all mankind and AI-Aswad include all the Jinn." The Quran proves that Jinn did come to the Prophet and entered into the fold of Islam. AI-Khazin mentioning the virtues enjoyed by the various prophets said, "All these laudable virtues were gathered in the Prophet (sallallaho alaihi.wasallam). This proved that he was the most favoured of all the prophets and God said; Say (0 Muhammad unto mankind): I ask of you no reward for this, Lo! It (the Quran), is naught but a Message for the worlds."(4/91). i.e. the Quran is a sermon and a Message for all the worlds of Jinn and mankind. In this revelation there is a clear indication that the Prophet was sent to all the creatures including Jinn and mankind, as his invitation was universal for all the creatures." (AI-Khazin Vol. 11, p. 130) Stating the universality of Muhammad's global Message God said: "Blessed is He(God) Who sent down the Criterion (of right or wrong) that he may be warner to the worlds (creatures) (25/1)

Thus the Prophet was sent towards all the creatures for whom God intended to profess faith in him.

God again emphasizing the world prophet-hood of Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) said:

"And We have not sent thee (Muhammad) but unto all mankind." (34/28)

The Arabic word 'Kaffatan linnas' translated as unto all mankind in the above revelation is said to have a very vast meanings. The Medinite Scholar Muhammad Badar Alam said, "His prophet-hood does not relate to future only but it include past and future. From Adam to the Prophet all the prophets are dependent to the prophet-hood of Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam), only the nature of dependence differs." (Tarjuman al Sunnah Vol. I p. 380) Thus 'Kaffatan Linnas' include all the people who came in being from Adam till now and those who are yet to come in being till Doomsday, and he is the Prophet of them all.

All the praises to Him who hath shown mercy to the believers:

"We sent thee (0 Muhammad) not but as a mercy for all the worlds' (21/107)

Allah sent the world Prophet as mercy to all the creatures of the world i.e. including the Muslims and Non-Muslims.*1 No doubt Allah made him mercy right from the primitive origin till the Day of Resurrection and all the prophets were inviting their peoples to believe in that Prophet of Mercy (sallallaho alaihi wasallam).

The prophet-hood of Muhammad dates back to the primitive origin as Abu Huraira said, that the Holy Prophet explaining the revelation, "And when We took a Covenant*2 from the prophets and from thee (0 Muhammad) and from Noah..." mentioned, "I was first among the prophets in creation and I was sent as very last of them." (Ibn Abi Hatim and others)

A similar tradition is found in a narration of Abu Huraira who quoted the Prophet having said, "I was made prophet when Adam was between spirit and body." (Tirmizi)

In a report of Abdul Razzaq, Jabir enquired of the very first creation, the Prophet said, "God created the Light of thy Prophet of His light*3...." In the same tradition we find that all the things were created later, like the (mystic) Pen, the (Mystic) Tablet, the Throne, the Heavens, the Hell, the skies, the earth etc of the same light. Thus Muhammad is not only the first in creation over all the prophets but he is the very first when nothing was in existence.

In a narration of Salman Farsi we find, "Gabriel descended on the Prophet and told him that his Lord said: If I befriended Abraham.

I have blessed you with My love, and I did not create any one greater than you. I created the world and its populace so that they may know your gracious position in My eyes. Were it not for you, I had not created the universe. (Ibn Asakar)

As the Lord of the worlds did not create any one greater than Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam), he, therefore, highly honoured his position when he took the affirmation of faith*1 in Muhammad from all the prophets. And it is a known fact that the assistants swear in their fealty to help their chief in all respects. So all the prophets were his assistants who gave the glad tidings of his advent and took affirmation from their people to keep faith in him. This is the most exalted favour which the Lord bestowed to His slave Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam).

Anas bin Malik narrated, the Apostle of Allah said, "When the people are resurrected I shall be the first man to come out of the earth; when they are gathered, I shall be their chief; I shall be their speaker while they listen in silence; and I shall be their intercessor when they sit (waiting for their destiny). I shall give them good news in their dejection from the grace (of their Lord). That day in my hands are the keys (i.e. I am the opener of every virtue on that day). On that day the banner of praise will be in my hands. To my Lord I am the best born out of Adam. (Tirmizi).

Anas bin Malik in his another narration quoted the Apostle of Allah having said, "When I shall come to the gate of paradise, it shall be opened for me. Its guard will say as to who am I? I shall say Muhammad. He will say, 'I have been ordered for you to open the gates of paradise and not for anyone who comes prior to you." (Muslim).

In a narration of Ibn Abbas the Prophet of God said, "When God will intend to decree His judgment between His creatures a caller will call where is Muhammad and his people. I shall stand and my Ummat (Muslims) will follow me with their glimmering hands, feet and faces. The Prophet said, we are the last of the peoples but we are the very first to be reckoned. All the nations will make way for us, and in (amazement) they shall say,' 'this Ummat was about to be close to the grades of the prophets. Would that they have all been prophets. (Abu Dawood).


The fact is Muhammad's example is that of a 'SUN GLOWING*1" its light and all the prophets are like the planets. The planets do not carry their own light, but they reflect the light of the sun. Muhammad is that sun which enlightened the entire universe, and all the prophets were reflecting the light of Islam while giving glad tidings of the advent of Muhammad which was yet to appear on the horizon. Allah made the prophet-hood of Muhammad as the sun axis, and with the magnetic force of 'Covenant' every prophet was annexed to this axis. So all the prophets, revolving on this axis like planets, were emitting the sunbeams. The stars and the planets gleam in the absence of sun. Similarly all the prophets continued to call their people to the light of Islam taking their affirmation finally to follow Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) who will enlighten the world with everlasting guidance, so when the sun of Muhammad's prophet-hood radiated its beams, then all the planets of the prophets disappeared. On the Day of Reckoning Allah will show this great dignity of his most favourite 'Slave' (Muhammad) before all the creatures, nations, races and Jinn. That all the prophets will be under the banner of Muhammad and the children of Adam will be overtaken by 'Supreme Horror'. In an agreed tradition Abu Huraira narrated, the Apostle (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) said, "I am the Chief of the mankind on the Day of Resurrection. Allah will gather all the first and the last (i.e. all born out of Adam) on a very vast leveled land. The sun will look close to their heads, and the people will be in the state of unbearable distress, agony and sorrow. They will say to each-other, 'Don't you see how (wretched) we are? Why don't you find a person to intercede for you before your Lord?' Some people will say your father is Adam. They will come to Adam and say: 'You are the father of mankind; and in you was breathed of His spirit; and the angels were ordered to prostrate before you; and you were kept in Paradise. Won't you intercede for us before your Lord? Don't you see how miserable we are?' Adam will say, 'No doubt My Lord is so enraged that he was never in such a wrath before; and nor He would be so furious after; and He did stop me to approach the tree and I disobeyed....Oh I think of my own self, my own self, my own self. You go to someone else, you go to Noah....Thus the people will approach Noah....Abraham....Moses...Jesus Christ. But every one of them will regret and finally they will be led to Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam). In a narration the Prophet said, "they will come to me and say, '0 Muhammad! You are the Apostle of Allah and the very last of the Prophets and' Allah did forgive*1 thee of thy faults of the past and those to follow. 'You intercede for us to your Lord. Don't you see how miserable we are?' I shall depart and come under the Throne..." When the Leader the Speaker and the Imam of all the prophets will move towards the Throne all the creatures including mankind and Jinn will witness the most sublime grandeur of the Chief of the Prophets.

In a narration of Abu Huraira.the Prophet said, "I will be dressed*2 into a heavenly garment and shall come to the right of the Throne and none among the creatures will stand that place but me," God will raise Muhammad to the highest station of Praise and Glory (17/79). There he will fall in prostration before His Lord and Allah will enlighten his heart for such praise that never any one glorified Him in such wonderful words. That (praise) will change His wrath to mercy and Allah will say, '0 Muhammad! You raise your head, ask you will be given, you intercede and your intercession will be accepted!

'I shall raise my head and I 'II say my Ummah 0 Lord!; my Ummah 0 Lord!; my Ummah 0 Lord! It will be said: 0 Muhammad! enter those from amongst your people who have no reckoning from the right gate of the gates of the Paradise."(agreed tradition). Thus a very great number of the Muslims will enter the Paradise without reckoning. The Prophet said, "We are the very last of the peoples but we are above all on the Day of Reckoning" That is, we the Muslims will be above all the nations, races, in position, honour and in reckoning on the Day of Judgment.

Before the sun of Muhammad's prophet-hood appeared on the horizon all the prophets were reflecting the sun-beams of his prophet-hood. Now the glow of his prophet-hood will keep the world enlightened till the Day of Decision. We the Muslims are the Ummah of that Prophet with whom the faith began on the very origin of the universe, and on whom the faith ended. And after our faith in Muhammad we shall never affirm faith in any one till the Day of Meeting. Muhammad is, therefore, the Prophet of all the prophets i.e. Nabi al Anbia.

Whatever the Quadiani Pretender and his followers might prate loquaciously, they shall remin apostates, the infidels and the Muslims will never run into their trap as God said:

"0 Ye who believe! Choose not My enemy and your enemy for friends. Do ye give them friendship when they disbelieve in that truth which hath come unto you. (60/1)


I have fully discussed in the first part of this book under the chapter "The last Meccan Prophet", pp. 54 to74 with undeniable argument, and with Quran and Sunnah that Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) is the very last of the Prophets. I have also quoted the historical resolution of the Mecca conference of April 1974 declaring Quadianis as Non-Muslims and I have also written the Pakistan's parliamentary decision of announcing them Non-Muslims.

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