Chapter VI

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The annulment of jehad by the quadiani pretender Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Quadiani who pretended to be the promised Messiah renounced Jehad (fighting in the way of God), and he gave birth to such an apostate group who entering the rank of the Muslims bring disruption and weaken them by way of their open and secret opposition to Jehad. The Quadiani Pretender, the stooge of British Imperialism and his followers opposed Jehad through their books, magzines, press and publication. I give few citations of the Quadiani Pretender's teaching. He said, "God gradually reduced the severity of Jehad (i.e. fighting in the way of Allah). During the time of Moses, boys used to be killed. During the time of Muhammad killing of children, the old and the women was stopped. Then in my time, the commandment regarding Jehad has been totally abolished."(Arbain, No.4,p. 15) He further lied, 'As from today the commandment regarding Jehad by the sword had been abolished. There will be no Jehad after this day. Whosoever takes up arms against the non-believers after this and calls himself Ghazi will be the adversary of the Apostle of God who announced thirteen centuries earlier the abolition of Jehad in the time of Promised Messiah. I am the Promised Messiah. There shall not be any Jehad now after my appearance. We raised the standard of truce and the flag of peace." (Arbain, p. 47)

This was never said by the Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) but to the contrary the Prophet said that the Jehad will continue and the Promised Messiah i.e. Jesus Christ himself will wage the war against the enemies of Islam as we shall see later. The Quadiani Pretender boasted, "Now give up, the thought of Jehad as fighting for the sake of religion has been made religiously unlawful. The Imam Mehdi and the Messiah has arrived. God's light has descended from the sky. There will be no Jehad. To the contrary whosoever fights in the path of Allah, is an enemy of Allah and the denier of the Prophet,*1 (i.e. Quadiani Pretender)


As we shall see that the Quadiani Pretender himself acknowledged that all what he did was to serve the British Imperialism. After the war of freedom in 1857, the British required such traitors who might serve their cause to serve the alien rule in India-Pakistan subcontinent. They had already crushed the Muslim power in south India and Bengal through the help of the great traitors Mir Sadiq and Mir Jafar. Their only opponents were the Muslims who having been led by their Ulemas, were the fore fighters in the entire war of freedom 1857. So they planned to take away the leadership from Ulemas. Since they had foreseen that new educated class will be on the helm of the affairs, they selected Sir Syed Ahmad*2 Khan for this purpose. They also intended to uproot the belief of Jehad from the heart of the Muslims, more or less they also wanted a class of people among the Muslims who serving the cause of the British Imperialism should oppose Jehad and uproot this belief from the heart of the Muslims. Thus they thought to develop a cult from amongst the Muslims who should not only serve the British crown but divide the Muslims from their basic beliefs. In Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Quadiani they could attain all their objectives. The consequence was dangerous. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad developed a cult called Ahmadies or Mirzaies or Quadianis whose religion was to hate the Muslims; to know them as Kafir; to defeat them wherever possible; to put them to shame; to bring disruption among their ranks.

The Quadiani Pretender launched his tooth and nail opposition to Jehad. He himself sketched his efforts:

"The greater part of my life has been spent in supporting and defending the British Government. I have written so many books regarding the prohibition of Jehad and loyalty to the British that were they to be gathered together, they would fill fifty almirahs. I have distributed these books in all countries. (Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Quadiani Tiryaq-al-Qulub, Ziaul Islam Press Quadian, p. 15).

At another place the Quadiani impostor writes:

"From my early age till now when I am about sixty years of old, I have been engaged with my pen and tongue in an important task: to turn the heart of Muslims towards true love, goodwill and sympathy for the British Government, and to obliterate the idea of Jehad from the hearts of the less wise among them, since these stand in the way of sincerity and frank and honest mutual relations." (Tabligh-i-Risalat, Vol. VII, p. 10.)

Proceeding in the same book, he says:

"I believe as my followers increase, the believers in the doctrine of Jehad will become less and less. For accepting me to be the Messiah and the Mehdi itself means the rejection of the doctrine of Jehad." (Tabligh-i-Risalat Vol. VII, p. 17)

The Pretender himself said:

"This sect (the Quadiani sect) will continue exerting day and night to eradicate this unholy belief, the belief of Jehad-from the minds of the Muslims." (Letter of Ghulam Ahmad to Government published in "Review of Religions" No. 5, 1922).


With all that tremendous opposition to Jehad, it is noteworthy that every Quadiani has to swear a fealty to serve its cult. As the Pretender said: "I have printed the terms of fealty so that this should serve as a code for my sect and for every one who will follow me." (Tabligh-i-Risalat, Vol. VII. p. 16).

Keeping in view the Quadiani opposition to Jehad we saw the most astonishing thing of our life, that Pakistan forces did have many Quadiani top ranking officers. Did they join to serve in Jehad? No certainly not, because it is opposed to their Prophetic teaching and the fealty. Then were they to bring shame on Muslims by way of Jehad? So-that they might prove the Pretender the most truthful.

The Journal of Muslim World League, Mecca Mukarramah No. 4 of February, 1975, in an article, 'The Role of Quadianism in Pakistan' wrote."1

"Soon after the replacement of the civil by the military rule in 1958 under the leadership of General Ayub Khan, the Quadiani influence in the country increased rapidly. In fact they began to enjoy the state patronage in many ways. One good instance of this is that they were granted permission to transfer large sums of money to their missions abroad in foreign currency (the rules of which are very strict in Pakistan and the grant of which is considered a great favour in view of the huge difference between the official and actual value of the Pakistani rupee before 1972). The extent of the governmental patronage of the Quadianis may be gauged from the fact that the amount they were permitted to send abroad in 1968 had risen seven fold as compared with 1958." The aforesaid Magazine further wrote:

"As Pakistan's misfortune would have it. President Ayub Khan chose, out of all people, Mr. M.M. Ahmad, the grandson of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Quadiani and the son in law of Quadiani Khalifa to head the Planning Commission. Thus throughout the 1960s (in fact until 1972) it was he who held the reign of economic planning of Pakistan......Mr. M.M. Ahmad was deliberately subjecting East Pakistan to economic in-justice and was holding back its speedy economic growth, and since 1971, that the Quadianis were bent upon forcing East Pakistan out of the country."

The said magazine referring to the undeniable facts wrote:

"Unfortunately when in 1969 Ayub Khan passed on political power to his successor. General Yahya Khan, the Commander-in-Chief of Pakistan, Mr. M.M. Ahmad retained his key position as the planner of Pakistan's economy. In fact, perhaps Mr. M.M. Ahmad's influence even increased for he became one of the most trusted advisers of Yahya Khan who was rarely sober. It is common knowledge among informed Pakistanis that Mr. Ahmad had considerable share in Yahya Khan's decision to announce without even consulting Shaikh Mujibur Rahman, to postpone indefinitely the inaugural meeting of the National Assembly scheduled to be held in Dacca on March 3, 1971. This as every intelligent person could have anticipated, was bound to have a very violent reaction in East Pakistan and led to grave political crisis. And that is exactly what happened. Later efforts were being made to solve this crisis in such a manner as to save Pakistan from disintegration. It is significant that soon after Ahmad set his foot on Dacca the negotiations to solve the crisis were called off and the very next day Yahya Khan ordered army to action. This decision led to the most gruesome tragedies in recent years-to a bloody internecine war among Muslims, to one of the most shameful military defeats suffered by the Muslims in their history, and to dismemberment of Pakistan. The choice of Mr. M.M. Ahmad as the planner of Pakistan's economy and as the trusted adviser of Pakistan's President had cost the country dear. He primarily served the objectives of the Quadiani movement, but caused incalculable and perhaps irreparable harm to the power and prestige of the

Muslims in the subcontinent."

God knows how much part the Quadiani military officers had played in attaining that shameful defeat who were being led by M.M. Ahmad as their religious chief. And there was no reason why he would have failed to prove the teachings of his grandfather against Jehad.

However there was enough time to stop the Dec. 1971 war through the auspices of the United Nations and about one hundred thousand force of Pakistan could have been honourably withdrawn. But M.M. Ahmad, Agha Yahya Khan and Z.A.Bhutto backed by all the top ranking Quadiani officers civil and military were conjointly working for the separation of East Pakistan from the West. The result was all the shame. The Quadianis who have sworn a fealty to serve their cult, will ever serve a Muslim country. It is foolhardiness to think that they will oppose their prophetic teachings vis a vis the teachings of the Quadiani Pretender, but they will "continue exerting day and night to eradicate this unholy belief, the belief of Jehad from the minds of the Muslims" as contended by the Quadiani Pretender.

They will continue to weaken the Muslims against all other nations of the world and make them a subject of subjugation to install themselves over the Muslims.


Jehad is that spirit of Islam which makes a Muslim to face an infidel Jehad is that shield which shelters a Muslim under its shade. Jehad is that sword which delivered the Muslims from the cruel nations. Jehad is that emotion which brings a Muslim into the battlefield with love and zeal. Jehad is that prudence which teaches the Muslims to stand for national safety. Jehad is that fervour which alerts the Muslims to prepare for their enemy. Jehad is that power of attraction which drags the Muslims to attain the High Gardens, the abode of the martyrs. Jehad is that radiating power of Islam which teaches the insurgent nations to live in peace. Jehad is that force which uproots tyranny. The violence never ended with the movements of nonviolence.*1 The rule is that the big fish gobbles up the smaller fish. In the history of nations we witness that the mighty nations subjugated the weaker nations. As said by Dr. Iqbal:

Hundred times the garment of mankind Was torn by Changez and Alexander.

God made the world as of reason and put cause for everything. God created men, and knows their disposition by creation. Any nation enriched in power resources shall normally attempt to annihilate the weaker nation. So the cause for the subjugation of any nation are the sources of power. Keeping this human nature in view God induced the faithful:

"Make ready for them (enemies) all you can of (armed) force to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies, of God and your enemies, and other besides (them) whom ye know not but whom God doth know. Whatever doth ye spend in the way of God shall be repaid unto you and ye doth not be wronged. (8/60)

Aqba bin Amir heard the Prophet explaining the above revelation while he was on the pulpit: "Of a surety indeed the power is to throw (rama), of a surety indeed the power is to throw." (rama) said three times (Ahmad).

In the Prophet's time the word rama was used for archery. As the word also means to shoot the arrows, the Prophet by speaking the word 'rama' pointed out to the main source of power, i.e. to throw a thing with the help of another thing. In the modern weapons the same principle is working. Now-a-days we shoot a bullet out of a rifle, or we throw shell out of a canon, or rockets from the plane. The Arabic word "A-iddo" used in the aforesaid revelation means 'make ready' or prepare, or manufacture. 'Lahum man-istatum' means to the utmost of your power, i.e. manufacture all sorts of weapons which you can in your time to face your enemy to the utmost of your power. '

The Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) always induced his companions for war exercises. In a tradition of Musnad Ahmad, he enticed them to take the practices of riding and shooting the arrows, and he said the shooting of arrows is superior to riding.

In a tradition the Prophet said, "Any one who learnet arrow shooting and then left, he is not of me or he disobeyed. (Khazin).

In a narration the Prophet said, "Allah will enter three persons to Heaven for an arrow, the maker, the shooter, and the helper who feeds to the arrow shooter. (Khazin).

Similarly in those days cavalry commanded a great importance. So the Prophet highly commended the horse breeding for war purposes. He told the virtues of steeds of war. He said, "Any one who nourishes a horse for Jehad, Allah will give him reward on its grazing, drinking, on its steps and even on its droppings." (Related Imam Malik from Abu Huraira, it is a part of tradition).

Abdullah bin Masud narrated, the Prophet said," The horses are of three catagories, for the Beneficent, for the devil, and for the man. The ones used for the way of Allah are for the Beneficent, the ones for the devil are those which are used in gambling, or for a bet (as in race course), and for the men are those which they use for their livelihood and they are a cover for them from poverty." (Ahmad)

By mentioning that God will give virtues on their steps, eating, drinking, and droppings, the Prophet laid stress on the greatness of Jehad that God is so pleased with the horsemen that He will give them unlimited reward. The chargers are so beloved that God mentioned them in His Holy Book taking their oath:

"By the snorting steeds, striking sparks of fire. And push home the charge in the morning, then therewith, with the trail of dust, and penetrating forthwith into the midst of the (foe). (100/ 1 to 5)

The virtues and rewards which are promised to the chargers and the archers shall now be attained by the men of forces, preparing war material, participating in war, in trucks. Jeeps, autos, armored cars, tanks, planes, or in any manner as the spirit of Jehad and Islam do exist as it did exist during the days of the Prophet (sallallaho alaihi The revelation in question (at page 128), however, enticed the faithfuls to make preparations for war. Ibn Kathir contends, "God ordered to make all the weapons with-in your power and resources to fight the enemy."

Khazin said, "to....prepare all kinds of weapons which may make you a power to fight your enemy in a war."

The revelation further elaborated that our preparations for war should be effective to a degree that we should 'strike terror in the heart of the enemies.' In the present day circumstances, can we strike terror .into a heart excited with atomic power? The Muslim nations do not lack the technique, nor the sophistication and neither the wealth. But what they lack is the elimination of the black-sheep from their ranks and a concentrated effort to command respect among the nations of the world.

The Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) induced the Muslims for Jihad. His sayings in this respect are continuous and numerous. And why had he not enticed the faithful when God himself ordered him:

"0 Prophet! (Muhammad) Rouse the Believers to the fight." (8/65)

As today the non-believers are striving to destroy the Muslims from the face of the world, similarly the polytheists of Mecca had never ceased in their efforts to persecute and eliminate Muslims. The Muslims were forced to bear the insults, degradation, calamities, tortures and torments at Mecca. Few of the companions with Abdul Rahman bin Auf came to the Prophet and said, "0 Prophet of God! As idolaters we had honor but after having embraced Islam, we became dishonored." The Prophet said, "I have been ordered to keep restraint, so we shall not fight against our race." (Ibn Abi Hatim). This diction is mentioned in the Quran:

"Hast thou not seen those who were told to hold back their hands (from fight) (4/77) I

Ibn Kathir writes, "Due to many reasons the fight (against the polytheists of Mecca) was not suitable, a) the Muslims were very small in number against the enemy who outnumbered them; b) they were there in the city of idolaters, so the order of Jehad was given at Medina when they had a base of their own. They grew in strength and got their supporters."

  1. Tabligh-i-Risalat.Vol. IV. p. 49.
  2. For details see footnote on p. 9 Introduction of this book.
  3. Mahatma Gandhi taught violence to his nation under the label of non-violence.
  4. Explaining the amazing distance between the stars, sky and the earth, the scientists say, it is not possible to measure this distance in miles. As the light travels 180,000 miles in a second, they measure these distances in light years. The sun is on a distance of 93 million miles, its light reaches us in 8 minutes. The scientists have discovered 100 millions of celestial bodies called Nebula and they are at a distance of hundred thousand light years from us. So there is no wonder if there is a hundred years distance between the two grades of paradise.
  5. The apostate is one who leaves Islam and acknowledges faith in any person other than Muhammad Mustafa or embraces any other religion. Islam orders to give them one chance to come back to Islam and incase of refusal behead them.
  6. Please see part I of this book part 1 Ch: 6 EVIDENCE RECORDED IN BLOOD". However, the companions of the Holy Prophet with their sacred blood engraved on the face of the earth the finality of the Prophet-hood of Muhammad Mustafa, killing Musailma and his followers.