Chapter VI

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The annulment of jehad by the quadiani pretender Mirza Ghulam Ahmad


Khald bin Zaid narrated, the Apostle of Allah said "He who arms a 'Ghazi' (warrior) going in Allah's Cause (Jehad) is (given the rewards of God) as he himself took part in an invasion, and he who looks after the dependents of a Ghazi going in Allah's Cause is (given the rewards of God) as if he himself took part in an invasion, (agreed tradition)

Al-Tabrani related Zaid bin Thabit quoted the Apostle of Allah having said, "He who prepared a 'Ghazi' (warrior), he will get the same reward as would be given to Ghazi, and he who fulfils the requirements of the dependents of a Ghazi, he will be given the same reward as that of a Ghazi.

The Ghazi is that warrior who goes out to fight against the enemies of Muslims and Islam or in defense of country in Allah's Cause.

Right from the inception of Islam till today the Muslims almost have similar history. The enemies of Islam never failed in their efforts to destroy it when it was only in cradle. Yet Islam survived against all odds. The later centuries did record a complete downfall of the Muslim power. After the second world war though Germans were crushed yet they broke the backbone of the British rule over many parts of the world. Many states could secure their freedom. The united efforts of the Muslims in Indian subcontinent did carve out a new Muslim state on the map of the world viz a viz Pakistan. The Muslims in Pakistan achieved a wonderful progress and soon it was felt that Pakistan if continued to grow in power and technic would develop into a Muslim power and the history of the Muslims glorious past might repeat. However its internal enemies and external enemies succeeded in disintegrating East and West Pakistan. The separation of Egypt from the united Arab Cause is yet another blow to Muslims. Pakistan and Egypt were supplying the technical labour to the Muslim Arab states. Thus the separation of Egypt would be a bar to the technical progress which was being achieved by Saudi Arabia and other countries. However our past history taught us that we cannot survive except by obtaining the substantial defensive power against our enemies. The Muslims were few in the beginning of Islam, and it was necessary for them to unite their efforts to break the enemical force of the polytheists of Mecca, i.e. why Allah ordered:

"Warfare is ordained for you, and ye dislike it. But it may happen, that ye dislike a thing, which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. Allah knoweth, ye know not. (2/216)

Ibn Kathir expounding the above verse contended: "Allah made Jihad obligatory over the Muslims to restrain the mischievous and evil designs of the enemies against Islam. Zuhri said, 'Jihad is compulsory on every one whether he goes out for it or sits on his place. The one who is sitting will have to give full assistance (as his means allow) whenever asked for. And when he is asked to go out for Jihad, he must go.' This is also proved in a report of Muslim, Abu Huraira narrated, the Apostle of Allah said, 'One who did not fight nor did he have any emotion to fight (against the enemies of Islam), in that case he died the death of a hypocrite.'" Alas what a hateful death it is. May Allah save us from such death. In the above referred revelation Allah himself stated the expediency of Jihad and said, "Warfare is ordained for you, and ye dislike it. But it may happen that ye dislike a thing, which is good for you." And then again Allah pointing to our possible avoidance of Jihad said, "And that ye love a thing (i.e. avoidance of Jihad) which is bad for you. God knoweth and ye know not." The warfare (Jihad) carries calamities with in, it involves sacrifice of life and wealth, no soul desires to take any trouble, therefore, the order of Jihad looks very heavy on heart. By avoiding Jihad one feels to have preserved his life and wealth and feels himself to be secure. God rejected this reasoning and told us that a great evil lies behind our aforesaid wish. Because if we leave Jihad (warfare) our enemies will overcome us, and they will not leave any place for us in the world to stand except in disgrace. The commentator Khazin contended, "The warfare conceals in itself great virtues for us, either the victory and the booty, or martyrdom and the Heaven. It is said a thing which is tedious or onerous carries in itself splendid advantages for our future. For example the drinking of the bitter medicine is hateful, but for attaining health in future one has to bear its bitter taste." Similarly to undergo an operation seems to be very severe but without it one fears death, therefore, one happily bears all the troubles of the operation. So if we leave warfare (Jihad), the enemy will know our weakness. Khazin said, "He will wish to conquer you, attack your country, and will fight against you." Vol. I,P.172)

The revelation in question proved to be true at all times. When Arabs got slack and failed to cope with the modern devices of warfare, the Jews fought against them. They occupied forcibly a major part of the Muslim territory and Jerusalem, which is still in their occupation. So when an enemy attacks a Muslim country, in that case Jehad is obligatory on every Muslim, and every one should come out for Jehad. But when some men go to fight and entangle the enemy at war, at that time this obligatory duty (Fardh al ain) changes into Fardh Kifaya. Fardh Kifaya is a duty enjoined on all the Muslims but if it is performed by few (as the necessity demands) it is regarded to have been performed by all. This is the contention of Mukhtar on Jihad. All the Ulemas are unanimous on this contention as per Quranic guidance. Thus it is proved that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Quadiani made a deliberate attempt of weakening the Muslims as a nation against the Quranic injunctions. His sect is busy day and night opposing Jihad as held by him. The Muslims will never be able to defend their country in the face of the opposition of Jihad specially when they are hiding in our own ranks. However, God ordained Jihad and ordered to:

"Make ready for them (enemies) all you can of (armed) force to the utmost of your power." (8/60)

Abu Huraira narrated, the Apostle of Allah (sallallho alaihi wasallam) said, "Jihad is binding on you, even if you are led by a chief righteous or profligate. (Abu Dawood).

In an other narration Ibn Abbas said. The Prophet said, "There is no migration (for Meccans) after the day of Victory (of Mecca), but Jihad and its resolution. When you are asked to go out for Jehad you should go. (agreed tradition)

The Holy Prophet ordered to respond to the call of Jihad. Even in these days when the Muslim governments under the war emergency call the army men and others to join the army, at that hour whosoever responds to the above call, certainly obeys the order of the Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallam).


God said:

"Those of the believers who sit still, other than those who have (disabling) hurt, are not on an equality with those (warriors) who strive in the way of Allah with their wealth and lives. Allah hath conferred on those who strive with their wealth and lives a rank above the sedentary. (4/95)

In a narration of Bukhari, Ibn Abbas said, "when the above Quranic verse was revealed, and the words," other than those who have a (disabling) hurt, "were not revealed, the Prophet called Zaid bin Thabit and dictated it. The same hour Ibn Umme Muktum came to the Prophet and complaining his blindness said," he was unable to go out as a warrior and the above revelation would devoid him of the great preferences granted to the warriors, so God the Merciful revealed "other than those who have a (disabling) hurt." Thus God excluded the disabled ones. That is to say that even a disabled Muslim if he has a resolution to fight, will be given the reward of the warriors. However God stretching a line of demarcation said those who sit at home can never be equal to those who go out in a war. The Warriors will get a splendid reward from their Lord.

We see God himself enticed the Muslims for war, and promised that the warriors irrespective of the fact whether they got martyred or not will not only enjoy a supremacy over those who sit but they will be given very great rewards in the Hereafter. Saeed Khudri narrated.the Apostle of Allah said, "There are hundred grades in Paradise which Allah has (specially) prepared for the warriors. in His way, and the distance between each grade is that of sky and the earth, (agreed tradition)

Abdullah bin Masud narrated, the Apostle of Allah said, "Whoever throws an arrow, his reward is a grade (in Paradise)," a man asked, '0 Apostle of Allah! What is a grade?*1 He said, "They are not like your thresholds, there is a hundred years (traveling distance) between the two grades." (Ibn Kathir)

Now-a-days to use a bullet or any other weapon in a war against the enemy of Islam and Muslim will tantamount to same reward. The promise to all these bounties of God, is only to induce the Muslims to sacrifice their lives for the safety of their homeland for the Cause of Islam. Allah who is most Benevolent and Merciful does not like that his faithful be deprived of His eternal virtues. He, therefore, announced His rewards even to the disabled only on their resolution to fight.

On the day of Conquest of Mecca, the Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) said, "The warfare and its resolution still subsists." If we make ourselves resolute to offer our services to our country, in case of war, this very resolution to participate in war is so dear to Allah, that He will give us the rewards appointed for the fighting soldiers.

Allah who is more Benevolent on His creatures than their parents, has opened another door of achieving the splendid rewards appointed for the fighting soldiers in the Hereafter. As we have already cited the Prophet having said, "Who arms a Ghazi (warrior) is as if he himself took part in an invasion. (Al-Bukhari) Now-a-days when the state exclusively shares the entire responsibility of the defense of the country, the Muslims have a fair chance to participate in the defense of their homeland or in a Holy War (Jehad) by contributing to WAR-FUND. This war fund is utilized in purchase of weapons, and into various other war-heads including medical aid to the wounded. These contributions are so dear to Allah that His Prophet announced whosoever helped day of the battle of Badr, Abu Obaidah faced his father Al Jarrah. Al Jarrah started praising his idols. Abu Obaidah asked him to avoid the praising of idols but he didn't stop, till they fought and Abu Obaidah killed his infidel father. Allah praised Abu Obaidah under the above citation. 'Ibn Kathir said,' if the fathers, the sons and the wives etc., are more beloved to you than Jehad in His Cause then you wait till God bringeth His command of torture over you and make you an example to warn others.'"

Khazin said, "the revelation under citation finally establishes that whenever there is a tussle between the religion and the worldly interest, it is the duty of a Muslim to elect the religion over all his worldly considerations." (Vol. 111-58)

Thus God cut off the believer from everything which is opposed to the interest of Islam and Muslim, even if it amounts to severe the relation from non-Muslim father, mother, brother, wife, sons and daughters and even if it makes him to suffer financially by severing trade relations with non-Muslims. God made it emphatically clear that whosoever will prefer anything against the interest of Islam, he must be sure of receiving the punishment of Allah sooner or later. There is no other reason of treachery except the worldly gains, so any Muslim who indulges in treachery against Islam, Muslims and their country shall certainly be dragged into the Blazing Fire. Not that the traitor will be punished in the Fire almost bursting with fury but no wonder if God takes back his faith before his death who loving worldly gains opposed Jehad and caused insult and degradation to Muslims through his successful treachery, as God said:

"0 ye who believe! Take not the Jews and Christians for friends. They are friends one to another. He among you taketh them for friends is one of them. Lo! Allah guideth not the wrong doing folk." (5/51).

Khazin said in his commentary, "He among you who taketh them for friends is (one) of them, whoever among you will cause to hello the Jews and Christians against the believers, then he will be counted as one of their religion and folk....Allah gave us this teaching and it is a very serious warning to the Muslims to take Jews, Christians or others who oppose Islam as friends." God guideth not the wrong doing folk, i.e. to say those Muslims who befriend the enemies of in derogation to the interest of their Muslim country or the warrior in any way would get the same reward of a fighting soldier. There is yet another way of participation in Jehad as the Prophet of Allah said:

"He who looks after properly the dependents of a Ghazi (warrior) going in Allah's cause (Jehad) is as he himself joined in Jehad." (narrated Zaid bin Khalid, agreed tradition)

This is a grand service to the dependents of a warrior. There can be no denial to the fact that when a soldier knows that there is someone to look after his dependents, he puts his heart and soul in Jehad and fights fearlessly. His family members also enjoy a great satisfaction when they find a virtual successor of the warrior, and they do not consider themselves to be helpless. The very essence of the Prophets saying is that we should develop Islamic emotion of sacrificing our wealth on our brethren for the cause of Islam.


Abdullah bin Amar bin Al Aas narrated. The Apostle of Allah said, "Allah forgives everything (i.e. all the sins) of the martyr except debt." (Muslim). In another narration, 'to get killed in the way of Allah (Jehad) is the expiation for all the sins except debt.'

Generally the debt is taken for meeting the daily needs of a family. If ones own income is insufficient he takes loan. If some one absolves the martyr of his debts or someone pays off the debts of a martyr, he is also among those who look after by way of help to the warrior and his family, and so he will get the reward of a warrior from Allah. All this is said to entice the Muslim nation for making all sorts of sacrifices for the Cause of their religion. As a matter of fact our all the affairs are best entrusted to His care. He is the best guardian of all affairs, as He said:

"He befriendeth the righteous." (7/196).

And it" is He who fulfils the daily needs of all the dependents of those who go out in Allah's Cause. The man who gave his life for His Cause is His beloved, so how it can be that He will leave the dependents of the martyr un-helped. He himself is the Lord of the worlds. It is most likely that He might satisfy the creditors to right off the debt from over a martyr and enter him in the Paradise.

The writer of 'Dalil al Falihin' expounding the tradition, "One who arms a warrior," referred to another narration of Al-Tabrani wherein the Prophet said, "One who prepares the Ghazi he will get the same reward (as of Ghazi). Similarly who helps others in the disobedience of God by opening a gambling club or den, he will be loaded with Islam are not worth to be given guidance by God but that traitor will be reckoned among them as one of the enemy of Islam.

First God forbade to befriend the non-Muslim father and mother' brother and sister, sons and daughters, and other kindred if they are opposed to Islam and then due to the enmity of the Jews and Christians against Islam, God ordered to forsake all such friendly relations which harm the interest of Islam and Muslims. And God also made it clear that who treacherously serves the enemy, causes harm or defeat to Muslims with his treacherous deed, or in any other way helps the enemy, then such a believer will not die as a Muslim and he will be reckoned with non-Muslims to whom he helped and will be sent down to Hell with them.

Ibn Kathir quoted Abullah bin Atba having said, "0 people! Beware, that any one among you is enlisted as Jew and Christian without having known this fact.

We pray God that he may keep us stead fast to His faith and accepting our services for the Muslim nation lift us honorably.


"Wage war on all the pagans As they are waging war on all of you. And know that Allah is with those who keep their duty (unto Him). (9/36)

Khazin said in his commentary, "As the Pagans (non-Muslims) fight against you all together, you should also get united to fight against them, and the meanings (of the verse under citation are), you should cooperate and help each other in your fight against them. Don't desist nor head back in war, neither show any weakness nor cowardice. 0 you the slave of God's! Remain united and harmonized in fighting your enemies." (Vol. 111-p. 74) God said:

"Fight and slay the pagans wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem of (war). But if they repent, and establish worship and pay the poor due (zakat), then leave their way free. Lo! God is forgiving and merciful. (9/5)

Ibn Kathir in an explanation to this revelation referred to the following tradition. Abdullah bin Umar narrated. The Apostle of God said, "I have been ordered to fight against the people till they testify that there are no partners to God, He is Unique and Muhammad is the Apostle of God; and they establish the prayers and pay the poor due (zakat)." (agreed tradition).

In a narration of Imam Ahmad, Anas related, the Apostle of God said, "I have been ordered to fight the people till they testify that there are no partners to God, He is Unique and Muhammad is the Apostle of God and they face our Kaba; and eat our slaughter (meat); and establish our prayers. Then their blood and wealth is forbidden on us except for fulfillment of (Islamic) rights, they shall have the same rights and obligations as other Muslims. (This tradition is also found in Al-Bukhari and Sunan).

Ibn Kathir said, "Abu Bakar Siddiqu, the first Caliph staged war against the denouncers of zakat as per commandment given in the above revelation and other similar ones. Every one among the pagans who embrace Islam and stand to discharge its duties, their killing was forbidden. The obligations have been described respectively, the very first are the two acknowledgements (i.e. the Unity of God and Muhammad's prophet-hood), the establishing of prayers which is a duty to God, and to pay the regular charity (zakat), its benefit directly goes to the poors." (Vol. Ill, p. 364)


Immediately after the demise of the Holy Prophet, the turbulence of apostasy spread in the entire Arabian peninsula. Save Mecca and Medina the congregational prayers couldn't continue. The tribe of Banu Thaqif remained steadfast to Islam.

Abhalah bin Kab who was known as Aswad-al-Ansi pretended prophet-hood and raised a force of 700 fighters. His uprising against Islam was a quick success, and many Muslims were turned apostates. He wrote a letter to the Muslim administrators appointed by the sins of all while nothing will be reduced from those sinners individually." The Prophet said, "Whoever feeds any one after completion of his fast, he will get the same reward as the fasting man, nothing will be reduced from the reward of the one who fasts." Quite similar to that those industrialists who produce the war necessities, and those cultivators who cultivate for meeting food requirement during war, they all assist and co-operate in Jihad. In short all those works which meet war requirements will finally bring glad tidings on their workers on account of their sincere resolution in the Hereafter. The civil defense the fire brigade, the hospitals, the defense supplies for civil and military requirements, the traders who arrange food supplies and other necessities to meet military and civil requirement, the President, the cabinet, who strengthen the country's defense, for the cause of Islam so that enemy may not vanquish the Muslims, they all shall get splendid and eternal virtues by their Lord. But the ones who have no resolution of Jihad are the most wretched ones. Umar bin AI-Khattab the second caliph had fully organized the military organization in his time, so that the Muslims might remain always well equipped to fight the forces antagonistic to Islam.


Muslims had to face the traitors in all ages of their history. In the very beginning of the Medinite period of the Muslim history, the hypocrites claiming themselves as Muslims connived with the Jews in plotting against Islam. During the caliphate of Aub Bakar (radiallah anho) the false claimant to prophet-hood revolted against Islam. Many Muslims treacherously sided the impostors. The great Empire of Abbasids died down on account of the treachery of one man, the Minister of Muatasem, Ibn Alqami. In Indian subcontinent, Nizam of Hyderabad, Mir Jafar of Bengal, and Mir Sadiq of South India were those traitors who stabilized the British rule through their well plotted treachery against the Muslims. In the great war of 1914, Turkey and Germany were fighting against Great Britain. Aden, Egypt and Iraq were under the British domain, besides many Arab territories were dominated by Britain. The British promised Arabs to give them independence only on condition if they revolted against Turkey, their Muslim brother, cutting all possible aid which Turkey could get from her Arab possessions. The British were never friendly to Arabs, as they planted Israel in Palestine and on 2nd November 1917 it was officially announced that the British Crown sympathetically considered to establish a separate homeland for the Jews in Palestine and would undertake all the possible efforts to achieve that goal. Later on 15th May, 1948 state of Israel came into existence, and the U.S.A. and Russia were the first to recognize her. Arabs did get their independence but with the running sore of Israel.

The history once more turned its page. The inimical force within the country got busy in breaking the unity of East and West Pakistan, The history of treachery was repeated and the last month of 1971 did witness the final disintegration. After narrating briefly this Muslim history, I revert back to the beginning of Islamic age.

The very first war of the Muslims is the battle of Badr. The chief feature of this battle was that the fathers were armed against their sons and sons against their fathers. The kindred had drawn swords against each other. On such a tedious occasion there was a very strong possibility that blood link might supersede the Islamic brother-hood, and the Islamic unity might shatter on account of blood relation or otherwise, and the treachery might take its root among the Muslim ranks. God the Omniscient, in order to wipe out all such possibilities commanded:

"0 ye who believe) choose not your fathers nor your brethren for friends if they love infidelity above faith. Say: if your fathers, your sons, your brothers your wives and your kindred, and the wealth ye have acquired, and the commerce in which ye fear a decline, and the dwellings ye desire are dearer to you than Allah and His Apostle and striving (Jihad) in His Cause; then wait till Allah bringeth His command to pass. Allah guideth not the rebellious." (9/23, 24)

Expounding the above revelation, Ibn Kathir said, "God ordered to break all the friendly ties with your infidel fathers and sons if they choose infidelity over the faith and quoted another Quranic verse," Thou wilt not find any people who believe in God and the Last Day, loving those who oppose God and His Apostle even though they be their fathers or their sons or their brethren or their clan. (8/22) . Referring Baihaqui Ibn Kathir also narrated this event, 'that on the Prophet at Najran, "0 you insurgents! you vacate our land and handover to us whatever you have gathered, as we have a write to hold it." The Pretender within ten days to his claim to prophet-hood forcibly occupied Najran (now a province of Saudi Arabia). Then he advanced towards Sana. The ruler of Sana Shahr bin Bazan was killed in action, his force was shattered by the Pretender; and the entire territory of Yemen lay on his feet. The Holy Prophet's administrator Muaz bin Jabal and Abu Musa Al Ashari took to flight and reached Hadhrmaut. (Ibn Kathir Al Bidaya wa al Nihaya Vol. VI. p. 307).

Ibn Kathir giving the details of the insurrection further writes:

"Musailma the Liar claimed prophet-hood. He was the chief of Banu Hanifa tribe. He raised an army of forty thousand Arab fighters at Yamamah. A very large number of the Muslims turned to apostates with him.

Tuliha Al Asadi who had embraced Islam claimed prophet-hood. The Impostor addressed his folk, "The Prophet of Bani Asad (his tribe) is better than the Prophet of Banu Hashim. And Muhammad has died and this is Tuliha and you should follow him. "The tribes of Bani Ghatfan, Bani Abs and Dhabyan and Bani Tai acknowledged him and acceded to him.

AL FUJAH. His name was Eyas bin Abdullah. He came to the Caliph Abu Bakar Siddiqu and pretended himself as Muslim. He requested the Caliph to be given a force to fight the apostates. Since that was the need of the hour, a force was raised and sent with him. When he marched away, whomsoever he found in his way, Muslims or apostates, he killed them and looted them. When this news reached Caliph he sent another army after him. He was captured and taken captive to Medina. He was given exemplary punishment for his treachery. He was tied and thrown into the fire at Al-Baquiah (grave yard at Medina).


Most of the people from the tribe Banu Tamim denounced Zakat. Only few of them sent their Zakat to the Caliph at Medinah. Few of them were dubious to pay Zakat or with-held it. During the same period a woman named Sajah daughter of Al Harith bin Suvaid Al Taghlabia who was an Arab Christian claimed prophet-hood. She had an army of her supporters who were resolute to fight against the Medinite Caliph. When -she passed the area of Banu Tamim, she invited them to join her. Many chiefs of Banu Tamim tribe, including Malik bin Nuwaira Al Tamimi and Atarid bin Hajib joined her with their men under an alignment. Sajah advanced with her army towards Yamamah intending to capture it from Musailma the Liar. But it so happened that Musailma and Sajah feared each other's power. Musailma offered her half of the land of Quraish. Both agreed. Sajah accepted Musailma the Liar as prophet and stayed with him three nights. When she returned to her encampment, she told her people to have married Musailma. Her people disbelieved her and said how it was that Musailma married without settling a dowry. She sent Shabat bin Rabia to ask Musailma about dowry. Musailma told him, "to announce among your people that Musailma the prophet of God has absolved you of two prayers, i.e. Fajr and Asar from among the prayers given to you by Muhammad as reward on you in dowery to Sajah." Curse of God be on them. (Al Bidaya wa al Nihaya Vol. VI. p. 321).

The five time daily prayers have continuously been established in the Prophet's Mosque and the Grand Mosque Mecca without break from the time of the Prophet till now. Since fourteen hundred years these five daily prayers are continuing. This is such a strong national evidence that only a mad man or enemy of the religion Islam or an infidel like Ghulam Ahmad Parvez can denounce them. This I have already discussed in full detail in part 3 chapter I of this book.

Musailma the Liar did not denounce the five daily prayers but for leaving the prayers he feigned the excuse of Sajah's dowry. Ghulam Ahmad Parvez and others who held that the daily prayers are only two or three shall be in the Blazing Fire with Musailma the Liar and the Hell will be their eternal abode.

However Sajah decided to go back, as she had learnt* that Khalid bin Waleed was reaching Yamamah. She did not deem it in the fitness of things to wage a war against the Muslims right then.


This man came in deputation to the Prophet. Accepted Islam and learned 'Surah al Baqrah.' Ibn Kathir referring to citation of Ibn Ishaque wrote: "Abu Huraira narrated, I was with the Messenger of God on a day with a group of men; and among us was Rajal bin Unfowah. The Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) said: Among you there is a man to whom the Fire will bite very strongly. All who were on that day with the Prophet died except myself and Al Rajal bin Unfowah, and I was afraid of that foretelling of the Prophet on myself, till Al Rajal bin Unfowah took side of Musailmah and acknowledged the Liar as his prophet." The insurrection of Al Rajal was even greater than that of Musailma. The event is so narrated that the first Caliph sent Al Rajal bin Unfowah to the people of Yamamah to call them to Islam. But he changed into an apostate with Musailma and testified the Liar as his prophet. He was the main source of spreading apostasy among the people of Yamamah and made them to follow Musailma.


A man named Munzir bin Noaman turned to apostasy and said, "Had Muhammad been a Prophet, he wouldn't have died." Soon this wretch gained power and all the Bahrain went out of the fold of Islam, except the inhabitants of one village Jawatha. Abdullah bin Abbas narrated, "That was the only village where Friday congregational prayers continued during the realm of apostasy." (Al-Bukhari) That village was besieged by the apostates; and the seige got so severe that all the inhabitants of that village were overtaken by severe starvation. A man Abdullah bin Hazaf of the same village portrayed the troubles faced by them under an Arabic stanza. I quote its translation:

Send a messenger to Abu Bakar And to the youths of Medina. There is a folk beleaguered, Waiting for your help. There blood can be seen streaming Wherever the sun beam falls. Lo! We have reposed our trust into the Beneficent With patience and perseverance.


There was a man Laqeet bin Malik known as Zu-Taj, he was also known as AI-Jalandi during the days of ignorance. He pretended himself as prophet, and many ignorant people of Oman followed him. He rose to power and occupied Oman. The Muslim rulers had to flee and took refuge among the mountains. They informed the first Caliph. Similarly Muhra was also overtaken by enemies. In this region two men were in power. The one was Musabbah and the other was Shakhreit. They had enmity with each other, which served the Muslims at the opportune time.


Save Mecca and Medina, the entire Arabian peninsula was under the realm of apostasy. As narrated above there was not a place untrodden by the followers of the false prophets. It looked as if the burning taper of Islam was sinking in its socket. The followers of the false prophets and the denouncers of Zakat were making plans to over run Medina. Every moment the alarm signals of the growing insurrection were being received at Medina. All the companions of the Prophet were perturbed, how this tempest of apostasy could ever be stopped. All were requesting unanimously to Abu Bakar to keep in Medina and defend the Medinites. The deniers of Zakat were so fearless that they were coming to Medina in groups, they offered the five daily congregational prayers but refused to pay the poor due (Zakat).

I have already referred the Quadiani Pretenderin part 4 ch: 6 telling a white lie when he asserted that the Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) had annulled Jehad (fight in the cause of God), to the contrary the Holy Prophet even before his death had prepared an army under the command of Usama bin Zaid, and ordered them to go to Syria. They started and had reached to Zu Khashb that the news of the Prophet's passing away reached to them. The false prophets had begun their notoriety during the life time of the Holy Prophet. The perturbation after his death was even greater. The Sahabas opposed to send Usama's army to Syria and argued to station them for the defense of Medina. But Abu Bakar sternly ruled out this proposal and said, "By Whom Who has no partner in his Godhead, even if the dead bodies of the mothers of the faithful are dragged by the dogs, he would not call back the army which the Prophet had sent." After that he took suitable measures for the defense of Medina.

Ibn Kathir said, "It was the most prudent measure to send Usama's army. From wherever that army passed, the people were taken by awe, and they said had there been no force with Medinites, they would have not sent this army to fight."

All the narrators of Hadith except Ibn Maja report from Abu Hur-aira, Umar bin Al Khattab asked Abu Bakar: On what you want to fight the people? and the Prophet said, "I have been ordered to fight against the people, till they testify that there are no partners to God, He is Unique, and Muhammad is the Apostle of God, if they admit this their blood and wealth are protected except for the fulfillment of the Islamic rights." Abu Bakar said, "If they will detain a neck (goat) or a rope which they used to give to Holy Prophet (as Zakat), I will fight. No doubt Zakat is the Islamic right in wealth. By God I will fight against the one who differ between the prayers and Zakat." Umar said, "I did see that God has opened the chest of Abu Bakar on fight, and I admitted he was right." And Allah said:

"Fight and slay the pagans wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem of (war).

But if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor due (zakat) then leave their way free. (9/5) (Ibn Kathir Al Bidaya waallMihaya Vol.Vl.p.311)

For facing this great tempest brought by the false prophets, there was no other way except to act upon the commandment of God to fight. The psychology of the nations had always been to listen to the stronger. The teachings, however, good may be, do not produce any effect on a rebel, cruel, mutineer, traitor and insurgent. The people drunk in power do not stand to reason. The powerful nations achieve obedience through application of their power. The mighty rule over the weak. This was true to the followers of the false prophets. Trusting their power they intended to over-run Medina. They were high and mighty all round. Many Arab tribes had made an alliance with them. Only sword could return them to faith. The Muslims were not left with any other alternative except that acting on God's commandment to fight, they un-sheath their swords, and sacrifice their lives in a war theatre. They were faced with a great danger and knew definitely that their slightest weakness would bring unbearable humiliation, and the dogs might drag the dead bodies of the most sacred personalities like the mothers of faithful. The conditions were growing from bad to worse. The apostates were growing in a very large number, to wait for them at Medina would have been a great blunder. There was only one chance of the Muslim's safety, and that was to take them on sword at their own places, and not to allow them to get united any further. That was why Umar said, 'God has opened the heart of Abu Bakar on fight,' How the knower of the spirit of Islam, and the spirit of the Quran had not decided to fight when God ordered:

"And fight them on until there is no more tumult or oppression, and there prevail the religion every-where. But if they cease, then lo! Allah is Seer of what they do." (8/39)

Ibn Abbas expounding the above revelation said, "The fight should continue till there should not remain the belief of the plurality of God." Mujahid, Hasan, and Qatada say, "The fight should continue to the extent that the tumult or insurrection dies down and no Muslim should be converted from his faith." They further said, "God ordered to fight against the infidels till there should not exist the belief of the plurality of God." Ibn Kathir further said, "God's religion should prevail over all the religion and referred to the agreed tradition wherein the Prophet said, 'I have been ordered to fight against the people till they testify that there are no partners to God, He is Unique, and Muhammad is the Apostle of God; and they establish the prayers and pay the poor due (Zakat).'"


Abdullah bin Umar said, "I and our companions fought till the insurrection was over and Allah's religion prevailed." And it is a fact, that after the return of Usama's force, Abu Bakar appointed Usama as his deputy and himself took over the command of the Muslim forces and gave continuous defeats to the apostates who had gathered round Medina and cleared the horizon. He divided the army into eleven divisions and appointed a commander to each division and sent them into different directions to fight against the followers of the false prophets. Then he returned to Medina. The greatest battle was fought against Musailma. Musailma and Al Rajal bin Unfowah were killed*1 in action. About twenty one thousand followers of the false prophets were killed. Six hundred companions of the Prophet were martyred. After this crushing defeat, the followers of the false prophets offered their penitence and came back to the fold of Islam, established prayers, and paid the poor due (zakat).

The first Caliph sent Al-Ula Al-Hadhrami to Bahrain. God gave the Muslims a great victory. Oman and Muhra returned to the fold of Islam after fight.

Al Aswad Al Ansi was assasinated, but his army was under the command of Qais bin Makshuh. He was also defeated and imprisoned, and thus Yemen returned to Islam.


The bloody event of PUJAH, and AL RAJAL BIN UNFOWAH which took several thousand lives taught the Muslims a dreadful lesson. And that is the Muslims should never give command of their forces to man whose faith is of doubtful validity. And with that we can also infer that if we give the command of the Muslim army to non-Muslim or appoint a non-Muslim on a key post, the result will be our disaster.

All the above facts also proved that fight in the way of God is the greatest virtue, and this is an indivisible part of the Muslim's life. Without fight in the Cause of Allah the religion Islam could never survive, and can never survive. And had the Muslims not stood to fight against the followers of the false prophets as per God's commandment, the taper of Islam would have sunk in its socket for ever.

  1. Tabligh-i-Risalat.Vol. IV. p. 49.
  2. For details see footnote on p. 9 Introduction of this book.
  3. Mahatma Gandhi taught violence to his nation under the label of non-violence.
  4. Explaining the amazing distance between the stars, sky and the earth, the scientists say, it is not possible to measure this distance in miles. As the light travels 180,000 miles in a second, they measure these distances in light years. The sun is on a distance of 93 million miles, its light reaches us in 8 minutes. The scientists have discovered 100 millions of celestial bodies called Nebula and they are at a distance of hundred thousand light years from us. So there is no wonder if there is a hundred years distance between the two grades of paradise.
  5. The apostate is one who leaves Islam and acknowledges faith in any person other than Muhammad Mustafa or embraces any other religion. Islam orders to give them one chance to come back to Islam and incase of refusal behead them.
  6. Please see part I of this book part 1 Ch: 6 EVIDENCE RECORDED IN BLOOD". However, the companions of the Holy Prophet with their sacred blood engraved on the face of the earth the finality of the Prophet-hood of Muhammad Mustafa, killing Musailma and his followers.