Chapter VII

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Invitation for the preparation of Jehad

For leading a respectable life, the Muslims shall have to develop the atomic weapons. The Holy Quran is inviting the Muslims to develop into a splendid power against the forces antogonistic to Islam:

"0 ye who believe! Fight those of the disbelievers who are near to you and let them find power in you." (9/123)

Ibn Abi Hatim reported from Qatada who said, "Fight the unbelievers (non-Muslims) who are close to you." Dhohak also endorsed the same contention (Dur at Manthur, Vol. Ill, p. 293). Ibn Abi Hatim reported from Ibn Abbas that the Arabic word 'Ghilza' in the above revelation means 'Shiddah', i.e. strength, power or force. That is to say that you should develop in you such a great resisting power that the non-Muslims should fear you.

Ibn Kathir said, "God ordered the faithful to fight first against those infidels who are within the internal boundary of the Islamic state (Hauza). Due to this reason the Messenger of God started fight against the pagans in Arabian peninsula. When he completed his task and God opened for him Mecca, Medina, Taif, Yemen, Yamamah, Hajr, Khaiber and Hadhrmaut etc., etc., all these regions in Arabian peninsula, and the people through-out Arabia entered Islam in crowds. Then he started to fight against the People of the Book. He made his preparations to fight against the Romans who were very close to Arabian peninsula." (Vol. Ill, p. 475).


The Apostle of Allah ordered the faithful to prepare for Jehad to fight against the Byzantines. This was the last expedition of the Prophet, which is known as Tabuk Expedition. The Prophet was informed that the Byzantine ruler had started from Syria to attack Medina with a great force. The time was of scorching heat, and a very tough battle was expected. It was, therefore, the Prophet announced to make full preparations for war. The Medinites livelihood was on dates which were getting ripe. The rainless days had enhanced heat. The people loved the shade of trees laden with fruit more than to go out on any excursion. Under the circumstances to go forth for Jihad was a tough question, and their faith was really put to test. The Hypocrites opposed the Prophet's call and said it was not worthwhile to go in dazzling heat. The Prophet's call was the only announcement of God's plan, and it was necessary to boost the morale of the Muslims against the convincing opposition of the Hypocrites to postpone Jihad on the pretext of heat and fruit, so God said:

"They hated to strive and fight with their wealth and their lives in the Cause of God: They said, "Go not forth in the heat." Say, "The fire of Hell is fiercer in heat." if only they could understand." (9/81).

However, the Hypocrites did not fail to provoke the Muslims against Jihad, and they enticed them to rebel against the call of the Prophet.

The Holy Prophet was informed, "The Hypocrites have assembled in the house of Sowailam the Jew, and are impeding the Muslims from Tabuk Expedition." The Prophet sent Talha bin Obaidullah with few companions and ordered him to burn the house of the aforesaid Jew. The house was put on fire, few of them leapt from the roof and broke their legs. "God showed His indignation in His Book, the Quran, at many places against those Hypocrites who were searching excuses for not going in Tabuk Expedition. The rebels are given death penalty. The burning of the aforesaid house was to warn the Muslims and stop the Hypocrites from their rebellious activities. God's indignation against those who were opposing the fight in His cause is in itself proof of Jihad with arms is obligatory on the Muslims and that the Muslims should stand to it under all circumstances. God himself enticed the Muslims to stand on the Prophet's call:

"0 ye who believe! What aileth you When it is said unto you: Go forth in the Cause of God (to fight) Ye are bowed down to the ground with heaviness. Do ye prefer the life of this world to the Hereafter? But little is the comfort of this life, as compared with the Hereafter. If ye go not forth. He will punish you with a grevious penalty. (9/38,39)

God announced His extreme displeasure against those who attempted to abstain from going forth in the Cause of God to fight and groveled in the earth for small worldly gain or for fear of worldly loss, and as they were being deterred by the Hypocrites on baseless fears as of the heat of the summer and the fear of losing the fruit harvest, which was ripe for gathering. God further giving emphasis to go forth said:

"Go ye forth (whether equipped) lightly or heavily and strive with your wealth and with your lives in the Way of Allah, That is best for you

if ye but know." (9/41)

All were invited on the Prophet's call to go forth under all circumstances whether young or old, on foot or mounted, light armed or heavy armed, experienced or inexperienced.

Ibn Ishaq reported, the Apostle of Allah made arrangements for the journey to be undertaken for Tabuk Expedition and ordered people to quickly collect the arms and other supplies for the purpose. He enticed the rich people to contribute and arrange mounts for the warriors. Thus the rich took with them those warriors who could not meet the war needs. Nobody could contribute more than Uthman bin Affan. And in a narration he bore one third expenditure of the entire force.

The Apostle of God left Medina on 5th Rajab, 9 Hijra for the Expedition with thirty thousand men at arms under his command. Except for the Hypocrites, the disables, the ladies and children, the men hindered by their poverty and those who were left for the administrative purposes, none remain at Medina. And for those whose heart pounded to go in Jehad to fight in the Cause of God but were hindered by poverty and non-availability of the mounts God said:

"Nor (is there blame) on those who came to thee (Muhammad) to be provided with mounts, and when thou said: I can find no mounts for you, they turned back with eyes streaming with tears of grief that they could not find the means to provide the expenses." (9/92)

Their eagerness to serve, and the scarcity of means to bar their noble motives made their eyes to flow and with sad hearts they bade farewell to their fellow colleagues. Their noble intention to fight in the Cause of Allah was so dear to their Lord that He mentioned them in His Holy Book.

The Prophet of God collected and adopted all the resources of war available. So that the enemy may be taken with awe. The Roman ruler did not come and the Prophet after staying some time at Tabuk returned back.


Over and above the Hypocrites there were three faithful who failed to enroll themselves in Tabuk Expedition without any proper excuse. They were Kaab bin Malik, Marara bin Rabia Al Amri and Hilal bin Unayya AI-Waqfi. The Prophet after his return from Tabuk offered two rakat of Nafl prayers and sat with his companions in his Mosque. The Hypocrites came to him and offered false excuses in perjury for not participating in Tabuk Expedition. The Prophet of God accepted their excuses. But when the Prophet inquired from Kaab bin Malik he said, "0 Apostle of Allah! Had I been before any one else, I would have pacified him by offering excuses, but I know even if I satisfied you by lying. God the Omniscient shall make you angry with me. And if I spoke the truth, I hope God will grant me penitence. By Allah I had no excuse (for lagging behind the Expedition)." The Prophet said, "This one spoke the truth, you go away till God sends His commandment about you." (Musnad Ahmad)

The other two were also told the same thing. The Prophet told the faithful to boycott all the three. They were also ordered to separate themselves from their wives, and the earth though vast as it is, was constrained for them. They offered their sincere penitence for lagging behind from a war expedition without any excuse. After fifty days God accepted their repentance:

"And to the three also (did He turn in mercy) who were left behind, when the earth vast as it is, was straitened for them, and their own souls were straitened for them till they bethought that there is no refuge from Allah save toward Him. (9/118)

The most favorite act to God is to go out to fight the enemy in His Cause. Those Hypocrites who with-held themselves without any excuse were given tidings to get their abode in Hell for ever. The three Muslims who failed to attend the Expedition were granted penitence for their being truthful.

How rot it was for the Quadiani Pretender to talk of annulment of Jihad by the Prophet. Would that the Quadianis had eyes to see the Holy Quran and Sunnah.

Ibn Kathir said, "The Prophet's fight against the enemies, Abu Bakar's fight against the apostates, and Umar's annihilation of the Hypocrites and of Islam's enemies was in pursuance to Allah's commandment:

"0 ye who believe! Fight those of the disbelievers who are near to you and let them find power in you." (9/123)

Khazin explaining the Arabic word 'Ghilza' in the aforesaid verse said, "It meant utmost power and bravery which are converse to weakness." (Vol. Ill, p. 138).

To Ibn Kathir 'Ghilza' meant the utmost resisting power and he quoted the following Quranic verse in support of his contention:

"Allah will bring a people whom He will love and they will love Him, lowly with the believers, mighty against the Rejecters, " fighting in the way of God and never afraid of the reproaches." (5/54)

"0 Prophet! Strive hard against the unbelievers and the Hypocrites, and be firm against them." (66/9)

"Muhammad is the Apostle of God, nd those who are with him are strong against the unbelievers, (but) compassionate amongst each other." (48/29)

Khazin explaining the revelation 'Muhammad is the Apostle.... other' said, "They (Muslims) are hard and powerful as the lion on his hunt, against the disbelievers but they are very merciful among themselves. (Vol. VI, p. 178)

How the Muslims could offer the utmost resistance in the battlefield, or make presentation of the crushing might, or vanquishing of the enemy like a lion on his hunt, specially when the technique of warfare has changed, and the weapons have changed, and the new inventions have revolutionized the warfare. In this world of reason, the few nations having accumulated the sources of power and new scientific technique have developed into very big powers.

God had invited the Muslims to raise themselves into the committee of nations and grow in power. He opened on them the doors of education and knowledge. No doubt they enlightened Europe during its dark ages of history, but now they are dependent on others, what to talk of growing in power, they are left on the mercy of others.