Chapter IX

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Communism and Islam

re is no place for religion in communism. Communists think that the religion is the greatest impediment in obtaining the goal of communism. Karl Marx held, impartiality is impossible in the matters of religion. The communist workers should destroy religion because religion defies communism and communism defies religion. Communism defies the. existence of God. Thomas Hobbes said, "There is no existence of God." Molotof said, "Communism will not flourish in the east till we divert the people from the Kaaba of Hedjaz and .destroy Islam.

I reproduce few abstracts from Encyclopaedia Britannica, which show how the civil liberties were cut down giving final blow to the religion and the religious. The said Encyclopaedia under the headting 'Communist parties (Vol. VI, p. 206) writes, "Marx point out' the defensive is death to the insurrection. The communist insisted that the preservation of power involves the dictatorship of the proletariat. It is essential to crush out opposition and to shatter the institution of the defeated regime. Revolution is war and until there is complete acquiescence in the victor's term, the methods of war alone are suitable to it. "The enemy," said, Lev (Leon) Trotski, "must be made harmless. This menas, he must in war time be destroyed."

No doubt the communists are still acting on the instructions of their leaders and the second half of the year 1979 did witness the Russian atrocities in Afghanistan in crushing the Muslim popular will and the whole world denounced Soviet military intervention overthrowing Hafizullah Amin who was killed. Amin who was acting as a Soviet stooge, "opposed granting bases to Soviets" (Arab News dated 1/1/1980).

The said Encyclopaedia (Vol. VI, p. 207) further writes: "Violence, therefore, wins the revolution and dictatorship consolidates it. According to them, great industrial enterprises, the banks, the means of communications and the large landed estates must be confiscated." (This was done by Z.A. Bhutto the ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan who was later executed on a murder charge). Whole sale commerce should be nationalized, foreign trade must become a government monopoly. The means of propaganda, the press and the education must be confined to working class direction. Finally it is to be noted that communism regarded religion as a capitalist's instrument used as anodyne for the workers and sought wherever possible to destroy its influence."

The Encyclopedia Britannica further writes: "The communist dictatorship created the first and the most perfect example of the totalitarian state in which no sphere was allowed to remain outside its all inclusive grip. In the effort to create a 'true' democracy, terror was employed without hesitation, humanitarian considerations and individual rights were disregarded, and the assumption of the class character of all intellectual and moral life led to revitalization of the standards of truth and ethics."

Islam and communism are contrary to each other. The table given below clarifies how communism is antogonistic to Islam.


1) Islam believes in the existence of God.

2) Islam maintains faith on prophets.

3) Islam makes it obligatory to follow the religion.

4) Islam allows capitalism as the Holy Quran says: "You shall have your capital sums (without interest) deal not unjustly and ye shall not be dealt unjustly. (2/279)

5) Islam ascribes ownership to its earner.

6) Islam gives rights in land, farming and property.

7) Islam pronounces the rights of the wives, right to marry and divorce.


1) Communism defies.

2) Communism refuses.

3) Communism asserts that destruction of religion is essential and according to Karl Marx impartiality is impossible.

4) Communism snatches all the capitals.

5) In communism state is the owner of all the peoples earnings.

6) In communism nobody has any rights, only the state will provide clothes and food to every one.

7) In communism there are no legal bindings between husband and wife, they may live together but they don't have any right on each

8) Islam has a moral code and prescribes punishment to moral offences.

9) In Islam parents are the life long guardians of their children and enjoy their custody.

10) Islam appoints heirs to the property.

11) Islam recognizes all the fundamental rights of a free man.

12) Believe in God, His Prophet, Salat (5 daily prayers), Zakat

(2-1/2% charity tax on the savings round the year), fasting, Hajj (if means allow) are the pillars in Islam.

13) Islam maintains justice and equity without any difference to cast colour creed and religion.

14) Islam gives glad tidings with everlasting blessings of eternal life.

15) Islam makes it obligatory to fulfill all undertakings and treaties.


8) Communism has none.

9) In communism, the state is the guardian, parents have no right to their custody.

10) In communism question does not arise.

11) Communism does not allow any freedom.

12) In communism, the Head of State is the god sustainer and his praises are the prayers.

13) Communism orders slaying of all who do not accept it.

14) Communists defy the life after death. The Hell will be their permanent abode.

15) Any action which advances the cause world communism, may be that subterfuge, or any lie, or breaking of treaties or agreements are perfectly consistant to their ideology and these are not betrayal of faith.

The news paper 'AI-Bilad' of the 17th May 1974 reported, the Late King Faisal of Saudi Arabia said, "We all united should hold fast to the cable of Allah and repudiate all the calls of apostasy and atheism. Certainly communism does not conceal any virtue for the faithful, and the communism does not want to leave any place for the faithful in this life."

Communists believe that all evils come out from the greed implanted in human character by capitalism. The only way the world can be made safe for the communist Utopia is, therefore, to eradicate capitalism entirely. And its elemination is possible only when the entire world is conquered. This belief underlies the communists desire to take over the world. From their view point, for advancing the cause of world communism, any lie, any crime and any subterfuge is not only excusable but certainly virtuous. In their eyes breaking of treaties and agreements is not at all the betrayal of faith but perfectly consistent and justified. When the communists face any failures, which are the result of their failing ideology, they blame them on the existence of capitalism. Their failures do not make them to alter their system, but merely make them more insistent upon destroying our perfect order. Their talk of peaceful existence is only a weapon to effect our destruction.

The powers antagonistic to Islam are striving hard not only to disintegrate us but to bring such shame and insult that the Muslims could never be able to unite to face them. God said:

"Verily never will God change the condition of a people until they change it themselves." (13/11) "

That man can have nothing but what he strives for." (53/39)

The Greeks and Romans were right on top in their times as they were power then. The Muslims advanced in power and prestige surpassing all the nations from 7th century of Christina Era to medieval ages, as they excelled in power, Islamic equity and justice from other nations in those times. An Arab poet said:

When Europe was passing from its dark ages. The Muslims in Spain were emitting the beams of knowledge through that darkness. As masters and leaders we were calling the West to come out of its darkness. But today we have lost our honour, and with our voices subdued we call. Will our glorious past revert and deliver us?


Ali bin Abi Talib said, "The Prophet was sent with four swords. The sword for Polytheists of Arab, as God said:

"Fight and slay the pagans wherever ye find them." (9/5)

Only this much is reported. Ibn Kathir said, "I think the second sword stood for fighting the People of the Book as God said: "Fight against such of those who have been given the Book as they believe not in God nor the Last Day, and forbid not that which God hath forbidden by His Messenger, and follow not the religion of truth, until they pay the tribute readily, being brought low." (9/29). God ordered the Muslims to fight against the People of the Book as they do not believe in Him i.e. God as free of partners and the Unique. Nor they believe in the last Day." L have already discussed the false beliefs of Christianity in a previous chapter. As the Christians hold Jesus as God the Son similarly the Jews also hold the Prophet Ezra as Son of God. Further the Jews had continuously been making the prophets as subject of disgust and were brutally killing them. And they never failed in altering their teachings, making forbidden legal and declaring legal to be forbidden.

Ibn Kathir said, "When they denied the faith in Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam), they deviated from the faith given to them by their apostles. Had they hold fast to the true faith, that would have guided them to the faith in the Prophet Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) because all the prophets gave glad tidings of his advent and ordered their people to follow him. But when Muhammad the one elevated among all came they denied him. Their rejection to the Prophet-hood of Muhammad proved that they are following their vain desires and not sticking to the religious order of their prophets. Therefore, their faith will not benefit them (as they rejected the most eminent part of their prophet's teaching) i.e. they refused to accept the Chief of the prophets, the one most elevated, the one perfected, and the one sent as their very last of all the prophets. So God ordered the Muslims to fight against them." (Vol. III. p. 382).

When order to fight the pagans and the people of the Book stands, we shall have to fight those who are destroying Islam.

Ibn Kathir said, "This revelation is the very first order to fight against the People of the Book." When the first sword did its work and the pagans entered the fold of Islam and the way for the progress of Islam was paved and leveled. God revealed the above verse in the ninth Hijra ordering to fight against the People of the Book. The Prophet of God after making full preparations, taking a force of thirty thousand men went to Tabuk. The details thereof have already been stated. God did wish the supremacy and height of the Muslim nation to the extent that all other nation should subdue before them and pay the tribute with willing submission. But the fault is of ours. In-spite of all the invitations from Allah to raise ourselves in power, we failed to keep pace with modern advancement, and never cared to gain knowledge of the science which could have assisted in making us a power and enabled us to stand shoulder to shoulder with other nations.

Allah's commandment: "against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power," (8/60), enjoined on us to gain that knowledge which may guide us to make, rockets, and atom bombs etc., but we failed miserably. We left reason in the world of reason, our carelessness drowned us into the depths of degeneration and insult. We had to bow down and beg our existence from the mighty and powerful. Our sword became blunt and we lost all the power to resist our enemies.

"The third sword," said, Ibn Kathir, "to fight against the Hypocrites: "0 Prophet! Strive hard against the unbelievers and the Hypocrites." (66/9).

and the fourth sword, to fight against rebels: "Fight ye that which transgresses until it complies with the command of Allah." (49/9)