Chapter X

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JESUS CHRIST at war against the jews

re is chain of traditions that Jesus (alaihi al salam) after his descent from the sky will wage war against the Jews. The Jews will follow the Antichrist, will draw arms against Jesus and his followers. However, before citing few of those traditions from the Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) which carry wonderful details, I quote few of the sayings of the Prophet which show that the fight (Jihad) will not discontinue till the Last Day.

Jabir bin Samra narrated. The Apostle of Allah said, "This religion will never quit fighting and the Muslim's party will continue to fight till the Last Day." (Muslim)

Expounding this tradition, AI-Taibi said, "Islam will continue to fight against its foe." Imam Navavi said, "All praises be to God, right from the days of the Prophet till this day, the fight (Jihad) was never discontinued, and will not be discontinued as such till the Day of Resurrection, and he said this attribute of fighting is like the miracle manifest."

Ali bin Sultan Muhammad al Qari said, "The word Muslim party does not denote any particular party, but it meant all the Muslims who fight against the infidels. Allah may strengthen them, reward them, and bestow on them His blessings."

Umaran bin Hasein narrated. The Apostle of Allah said, "A portion of my Ummah (people) will not discontinue fighting for establishing the truth and shall prevail on their foes till at last they will fight against the Antichrist." (Abu Dawood)

A portion of the Muslims will always prevail upon their enemy provided their commander is not a traitor and they have not been guilty of neglecting in making full preparation before meeting their foe. That is to say that if enemy is armed with modern warfare, the Muslims shall have to stand against him on equal footings.

In another narration Jabir narrated. The Prophet of God said, "A portion of my people will not discontinue the fighting to establish the truth and they shall prevail upon their enemy till the Last Day." (Muslim)


Close to the Last Day, the last war will be fought by the Muslims against the Jews and Antichrist under the supreme command of Jesus. This will be a terrible bloody war in which all the Muslim countries will join together as mentioned in various reports of the Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallam), recorded by the relaters of Ahadith.

In a report of Abu Abdullah bin Yazid Ibn Maja recorded in his book 'Sunan', Ali Amana al Bahli narrated, "The Prophet addressed us, and his talk centered round the Antichrist and warning us he said, 'Right from the day. God created Adam and his children there would not be any insurrection greater than the rising of the Antichrist. And it is for certain God did not send any Prophet but he warned his people against the Antichrist. (0 ye people!) Know that I am the very last of the prophets and you are the very last of the people, and so he will emerge among you. If he appeared before me, I will finish him. If he came out after me, every one shall have to guard himself against him. Allah may guard every Muslim against him. He will squander left and right. Beware 0 you the slaves of God, and 0 people Stead-fast (to Islam). I shall explain you such of his signs which have never been specified by any of the prophets before me. Firstly he will claim prophet-hood. Know ye that there is no prophet after me. Then he shall claim to be your Lord. Know ye shall never see your Lord before your death. He (Antichrist) will be blind by one eye, but your Lord the most Glorious, the Most Splendid is not one eyed.' (God has no shape, colour or form. By telling that God is not blind by one eye, the Prophet told us that God is free from all blemishes, whereas the Antichrist in spite of his claim to Godhood would be helpless to cure his one blind eye, that proves his powerlessness) Ibn Maja further related from the Prophet, 'The word infidel will be written between his two eyes and every faithful, literate or illetrate will read it.' Pointing to some of his abnormal performances, the Prophet said, "It will seem to the people as if the Heaven and the Hell are both with him. So ye note that what may look like to you his fire will be the Heaven intact and his Heaven will be the fire. If he puts any of you in his apparent fire (In that case to avoid terror from himself) he should recite the first (few) verses of the Surah 'Cave', that fire will turn to coolness and a mean of safety for him, as it turned to coolness and became a mean of safety for Abraham."

Stating another of his abnormal action the Prophet said, "He will say to nomad Arab, 'If I resurrect your father and mother will you testify that I am your Lord.' He will say, 'Yes'. The devil will assume for him the likeness of his father and mother and they will say, '0 son! Testify him to be your Lord.' 'Yet another of his temptations will be, said the Prophet, 'He will set over a man, and will cut him by a saw in two pieces, that he will say '0 People! You see towards this slave of mine, I will resurrect him just now, even' then he will suppose he has a Lord other than me.' That man will come to life again, and this malevolent will ask him, 'Who is your Lord.' He will say, 'Allah is my Lord and you are the enemy of God, the Antichrist, and I am dead sure of it now.'

This report of Ibn Maja is found in various other narrations. Imam Qastalani in his book 'Sharah AL-Bukhari' wrote, "In fact the Antichrist will bewitch the eyes of the people and it will look like as if he sawed the man. The magicians who challenged Moses, had also bewitched the eyes of the people and it seemed to them that there strings have changed into real snakes."

AL-Bukhari in a report from Saeed al Khudri mentioned that the Antichrist will not be able to kill that man (whom he had sawed) for the second time and that man will call him Antichrist.

Now I revert back to the narration of Abi Amama al Bahli who further quoted the Prophet having said, "The Antichrist will order the sky to rain, it shall rain, and will order the earth to grow, it will grow. He will pass through a settlement, its people will deny him, their every-thing will perish and got destroyed. He will pass through another settlement, its people will believe in him. Then he will order the sky to rain, it will rain. He will order the earth to grow, it will grow. Their cattles will grow fat and give more milk. His uprising will be witnessed by all the parts of the earth except Mecca and Medina. He will find these two cities guarded by the angels. He will camp at Zareeb Ahmar near Sabkha. There will be three tremors of earthquake at Mecca and Medina, then all the Hypocrites men and women shall be cast off Medina to meet the Antichrist. They will be thrown away as the filth is thrown away from the iron in a hot oven. That day will be called the Day of Salvation."

Umme Sharik the daughter of Abu Al-Akr asked, 0 Allah's Apostle! Where shall be Arab that day? Allah's Apostle said, "They will be few and will be at Jerusalem in a state of fright. Their Chief (Imam) will be a noble man, while he will be leading the morning congregational prayer, Jesus Christ will descend. That Imam will retreat backward so that Jesus Christ might lead the congregation. Jesus will put his hand on his back and say, "you go forward and lead the prayer, the Iqamat*1 was called for you." (I have quoted many traditions that Jesus will not act as Imam and the chief reason for it). Jesus will follow him in his congregation. After the prayer will be over. Jesus will say, "Open the gate." The gate will be opened. Behind the gate will be Antichrist lying in wait with seventy thousand army of Jews each of them will be armed and clad in a crown. But as soon as the Antichrist will see Jesus, he shall begin to dissolve as the salt dissolves into the water. Leaving the battlefield he will runaway. Jesus will chase him and say, "Today I will kill thee in a single stroke, and there is no escape from it." Jesus will get him at the Eastern Gate 'Lud' and shall kill him. The army of Jews will be defeated and the wrath of God against the Jews will be so great that nothing will shelter them, and everything behind which any Jew will hide, whether that be a stone or a tree, or a wall, or an animal, it will speak and call the Muslim to kill that Jew, except the acacia tree, as it is there tree."

In a report of Musnad Ahmad Uthman bin Al-Aas narrated, Allah's Apostle (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) said, "The three cities will be for the Muslims, a city where the two seas meet, a city at Hirat, and a city in Syria. The people will undergo three horrors, and the Antichrist will appear before the people. He will go to the first Muslim city situated at the junction of two seas. The Muslims of this city will be divided in three groups. One group will stand and face him, the second group will join with the people of town, and the third group will march off the city near to them. The Antichrist's army will consist of seventy thousand, (by the figure 70 thousand a very big force is intended), most of them will be Jews, men and women all crowned. The Muslims here will march out and fortify themselves into a valley. They will leave their catties to graze in the valley, but they all will die. The destruction of their cattles will cause them great sufferings. They will be overtaken by extreme hunger. While they will be in the same state of starvation that they will hear one calling them from a tree, 0 people! There comes your help. They will here this voice thrice. Hearing this voice they will call each other and say this seems to be the voice of some well fed man. Then Jesus Christ will descend by the morning prayers, their (Muslim's) chief will say, '0 spirit from God! Go ahead and lead the congregation.' Jesus will answer. The Chiefs of this Ummah are from among themselves. "The Muslim's Chief will advance and lead the congregation prayer. After the prayer .is over, Jesus will take his weapon (i.e. to say Jesus will use some special weapon to fight against the Antichrist. We do not get any particular description of it in the tradition. It is just possible that it might be some special weapon as per progress made in that age of the world. It is also possible that the Antichrist might be clad in such arms that it may not be possible for every one to kill him). Jesus duly armed will advance towards the Antichrist. When he will see Jesus, he will begin to melt as the lead is melted by heating. Then Jesus will attack him on his chest and kill him. All his army will be defeated, and on that day nothing will give shelter to any infidel and even the tree will call the faithful and say, here is the infidel, kill him, and the stone will say, here is the infidel...(Ahmad).

In a report of Muslim, Abu Huraira narrated. The Apostle of Allah said, "The Hour will not be instituted till the Romans will come out for war and reach Amaq and Dabiq. The army of the best people on earth will go from Medina Munawwarah to fight against them. When they will get ready for war, the Romans will say, 'you get aside from those who have forsaken our religion, as we will fight them.' The Muslims will say, 'By God we shall never get aside and leave our brothers for you. The battle will rage. One third of the Muslim army will be defeated and they will retreat from the battlefield. God would never accept their penitence. The other one third will be killed, and they will be the best of martyrs. But the last one third will conquer and they will not be put to any test. They will conquer Constantinople. While they will be dividing their booty after hanging their swords (arms) duly oiled. The devil will cry. The Antichrist has appeared among your children. Thinking it to be true they will march to fight the Antichrist. But it shall be a lie. When their force will reach Syria, the Antichrist will appear. They will get ready to fight him and will prepare their ranks. By the Fajr (morning before sunrise) prayer, Jesus Christ will descend. He will lead the Muslims in war. When the enemy of God will see Jesus he will begin to melt like salt in the water. If he is left in that state, he will melt till his death, but he will be killed, and the people will see his blood on the weapon of Jesus."

In a report of Imam Ahmad, Abu Huraira narrated, the Apostle of Allah said, "All the prophets (have come out of one root) they are like brothers from one father, their mothers are different (i.e. they came to the world in different times). Their religion is one (as they all are sent from one Lord the Unique). Among the people I am the very first, close to Jesus, there was no prophet between me and him......

When you see him you will recognize him. He will be clad in two yellow garments. The drops will rain from his head, though it will not be wet. He will break the cross (i.e. he will give death blow to the concocted belief of cross worship). He will kill the swine, (i.e. he shall order destroying of all the swines of the world and it shall not be eaten). He will annul Jizya, and he will call the people to Islam. God will perish all the religions in his time except Islam. God will kill the Antichrist in his time......to the end.

Ibn Jarir, citing Abu Huraira produced similar report and added from the Prophet that Jesus will fight for the cause of Islam against the people. In a chain of traditions reported almost by all the writers of Hadith, we find the news of the Muslims fighting the Antichrist and the multitude of his supporters will be defeated and put to flight. They will seek shelter from the swords of the Muslims, but they won't get a single hide out.

In a report of Imam Ahmad, it has been narrated by Abdullah bin Masud that Allah's Apostle (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) said, "...even the stone and the trees will call, 'Come 0 Muslim! Below me is an infidel. Come and kill him. Allah will kill them all. Then the people (i e.Muslims) will go back to their countries and homelands. (Ibn Kathir, Vol.11, p. 438)

This tradition and others make, it emphatically clear, that different Muslim countries will combine together in a common war against them by the Antichrist and his forces. All the Muslim Chiefs will assemble their armies at Syria and shall undertake full war preparations to face the Antichrist and his forces and on the other hand the Antichrist will have the backing of many thousands of his Jewish army etc. they will be fully armed and clad in crowns i.e. they will come to fight with great pomp and show.

Jesus Christ after his descent, will offer his morning congregational prayer behind the Muslim Imam and thereafter he will take over the supreme command of the Muslim allied forces. The war will be fought under his great guidance. He will himself kill the Antichrist, his forces will be vanquished by the Muslim army under the command of Jesus. God will not allow any Jew to survive, as they were the greatest enemy of Jesus and his pious family. The world will be free of Jewish atrocities for ever.

Thauban narrated, the Apostle of Allah said, "Allah will save the two groups of my people from the Fire. The group who will fight against India. (It already occurred and the result is that millions of the Muslims inhabit Indo-Pakistan subcontinent), and the second group will stand with Jesus Christ son of Mary. (Ahmad)

We have already seen that group with Jesus Christ will wage a fearful war against the Antichrist. Thereafter Jesus will live in the world for forty years. Then he will die, and buried with the grave of the Prophet and his two companions. His grave will be the fourth over there.' (AL-Bukhari in his history, Al-Tabrani).


The chain of the traditions prove that Jesus will fight the Antichrist and his forces, and that will be the last war, and thereafter the Last Day will be very close.

Anas narrated. Allah's Apostle (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) said, "Right from my advent till the killing of the Antichrist the fight (Jehad) will continue. (Abu Dawood).

The Prophet's continuous expeditions throughout the Medinite life, the Quranic revelations, and the unbroken chain of the Prophet's sayings are so emphatic on the continuance of the fight for the Cause of Islam that the entire Muslim Ummah is unanimous that Jehad with sword (arms) will never discontinue till the Last Day.

In-spite of all these glowing facts as preceded in the chapter on Jehad the Quadiani Pretender had the temerity to invent the falsehood against God, against His Book the Holy Quran, and against the chain of the Prophet's incessant teaching, and against the unanimous Muslim polity and said that Jehad with sword was annulled by the Prophet Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam) thirteen hundred years before. It was nothing but a deliberate attempt to deface Islam and to erase this powerful belief to weaken the Muslims so that they might-fall an easy prey to their antagonists. However, Quadianis putting on the garb of mimics and labeling themselves Muslims are still busy in misguiding the Muslims in different countries of the world. They have opened a T.V. channel by the name of Muslim relaying from UK to disfigure Islam. Islam is a fountain coming out of the perfect knowledge of God who sent its shower to the ailing humanity through his perfect Prophet, who laboured day and night in perfecting the ignorant people, into a perfect system of life that is Islam.

He cured the hearts who were sick of infidelity and polytheism with monotheism of Islam. He strengthened them with faith. He enlightened their dark lives with the Quranic commandments. He dragged them out of the darkness of ignorance and illiteracy and filled them with the light of revelations. The people who were drowned in sins were given righteousness. Those who were wolves in enemity and indignation were taught love and affection so much so that their heart beat together. The necks which were always upright in insolence were bent before Allah. They learned to get their heads beheaded for the cause of Islam. Jihad yes Jihad i.e. fight to upheld the cause of God is such a fundamental principle of Islam that its antagonists fear it. They know this very precept is detriment to their evil interest. It is the greatest obstacle in crushing the Islamic beliefs. The Quadiani Liar thought to crush this belief, and to mutilate it, so that non-Muslims could have a free hand in defacing Islam. The field of Quadiani intrigues became very vast. They staged a world wide conspiracy against Islam. They wounded all aspects of religion, attempted mutilation of the Holy Quran, denounced Ahadith, belittled the family of the Prophet, insulted and rebuked Jesus his mother Mary and his family. Their continuous attacks converted many Muslims to apostasy. At last the day came when the world Muslims joined in a conference. It was the same place where the fountain of Islam had rained its first showers. It was the Holy city of Mecca where the Muslim World League held its most historic session from sixth to tenth April, 1974 and unanimously held that Quadianis, or Ahmadis or Mirzais i.e. the followers of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Quadiani. are not only infidels but they are out of the fold of Islam. And the Muslims are prohibited to have nuptial relations with them, and their deads should not be buried into the Muslim graveyard. I have already written the account of this session in the part one of this book.


After Meccan announcement declaring Quadianis infidels, there was raised such a situation in Pakistan by Quadianis that Pakistan's Parliament after its well considered session enacted Law declaring Quadianis as Non-Muslims. Please see the details in part I of this Book.

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