Chapter I

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The Modern Science in Holy Quran



Allah created Adam and from Adam He created Eve, and form these two he spread mankind, and inhabit the world with them. We therefore call human beings the son of Adam. Explaining the very purpose of man's creation Allah (God) said:

'I created the Jinn and mankind only that they may worship Me.' (51/56)

For that purpose, He sent the prophets for the guidance of mankind. They taught human beings to differentiate between good and bad. They also informed that Allah, beside this world, has created another world full of joys and wonders. They also told 'the faithful are those who obey Him and His Apostles. Allah will reward such faithful in that world of heaven with unlimited munificence. That wonderful world is Paradise or the Heaven. But those, who turn their faces in reluctance, the Hell will be their permanent abode.

Call to evil and call to goodness run together, and call to evil is to seek pleasure at the cost of others or after encroachment of others rights or to act in disobedience to God, so Allah (God) sent the prophets to call the people on the path of righteousness. They taught people to differentiate between the two calls and to avoid the evil call of devil and his followers who drag the mankind in sinful life of false pleasures.

Allah aided his prophets with superhuman acts called miracles so that the people may distinguish the prophets from the agents of Satan and strengthen their faith in Him. These miracles or signs are called the symbols of prophet-hood.

Imam Bukhari named them the signs of prophet-hood. These signs are beyond the ordinary course of nature. A system of nature is running in this world of reason, but when by way of miracle the systematic course of nature is broken, the onlooker knows it for certain the existence of a hidden supreme power which can make the events happen beyond reason so he believes in the prophet through whom Allah caused the superhuman acts to happen. He regards as true what is said by the prophet, confirms to his call, to the life in the Hereafter. He strengthens his belief and get ready to obey Allah and his prophet, He knows the reward of the obedience or their disobedience is nothing but the Heaven or hell respectively.

The prophet of God announced whatever the signs were shown by him, are not from him, but these were destined by the Omnipotent (1). It is He who can break the usual course of nature. These signs contrary to nature are called miracles. Thus, miracles are the proof of His Omnipotence.


It has already preceded (2) that God took the covenant of faith in Muhammad (S.A.W) from all the prophets. God mentioned his prophet -hood and apostleship in all the divine books and scriptures. All the prophets were under obligation by way of covenant to announce Muhammad's prophet-hood among their peoples. They took the affirmation of faith in him from their people, and bound them to obey and help him whenever he comes.

The reason for this covenant was that Allah knew that the teachings of those prophets were spade work to prepare their people to obey a perfect order, which was yet to come with Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam). That perfect order is Islam (3).

Such obedience could be attained only when the people who were divided by geographical boundaries and into different nations and races had clear injunctions from their prophets to obey such orders.

To attain this purpose, god aided all the prophets with miracles so that people should confirm their faith in them and also confirm incoming final prophet-hood of Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihi Wasallam) for which they were given the glad tidings. Thus, god favored the prophets not only to ratify prophet-hood of Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihi Wasallam) but also to assure their people of the last prophet-hood of Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihi Wasallam).

God told (4) Adam, 'Had it not been for Muhammad (S.A.W.) I would not have created you. 'So it can be said, that had it not been for the final and perpetual prophet-hood of Muhammad, other prophets would not have been given the miracles. Further god distinguished Muhammad among all the prophets as the miracles of the other prophets ended with their prophet-hood, but Allah bestowed Muhammad (S.A.W.) with ever living miracles of the Holy Quran, which will perpetuate till the Hour.


The Quran is that miracle which dazed the people with its excellent text. The former prophets were giving the glad tiding of the advent of continuously blooming prophet-hood of Muhammad (S.A.W.) for thousands of years. Allah elevated his prophet-hood with ever living miracles of the Quran. The people who do not know Arabic cannot enjoy the elegance of its verses, but Arabs did. They were immersed in idolatry and taught that the prosperity and betterment was owned by the gods and deities or by the spirits behind those idols. Their hearts were darkened with infidelity and by following the doctrine of plurality of gods. The voice of Quran tearing the darkness of infidelity cut deep into their hearts. The Quran fell thundering on idol worship and denunciated vehemently all the ideas of plurality of gods. The Quran called people to obey the one and Unique God. The disbelievers shrieked.

'Heed not this Quran and drown the hearing of it that ye may gain predominance.' (41/ 26)

There were master poets among the Arabs who at random could say any number of verses, but they were abashed by the Quranic text and acknowledged their failure in putting forth even three verses similar to the Quran. In a few year's time, the Arab submitted to the call of Quran and the idol worship vanished from the Arabian Peninsula.

About this great miracle of the Quran the prophet said, "Among the prophets every prophet was given some what similar to what was given to others and the people believed in it, but what I've been given by way of revelation (the Quran) or what has Allah revealed to me would that most of the people follow it. ( Abu Huraira/ Al Bukhari).

Commenting on the above narration few scholars said, (5) "The miracles of all the prophets ended with their times and only the people of their time could see those miracles, but the miracles of the Quran with it's miraculous eloquent style and with it's account of hidden things shall continue to emit it's beams and prove it's truth till Doomsday." This is the reason that the Apostle (sallallaho alaihi wasallam)) wished there to be more and more believers in this miracle, which has been given to him by way of revelation. And it is a fact that number of believers observers of undeniable facts in the Quran shall always increase.


The Muslim scholars agree that every verse in the Quran is a miracle in-itself, as none, living can make any such speech, which may be equal to it, and there are 6130 verses. A team of scholars gathered the miracle of the chief of the prophets from the Holy Quran. They counted them to be more than ten thousand. Hafiz Ibn Taimiya telling this fact writes (6).

"A group of the Muslim scholar has traced and separated the miracle from the Quran and specifying their kinds and qualities they wrote they could find more than ten thousand miracle"

This is the statement of a very cautious Hafiz (7) Hadith (8) who could not be doubted for any wrongful exaggerated love of the prophet. This number includes the news of the hidden things, among these miracle of the Quran there are also facts, which had lost sight due to loss of reliable evidence, and only few hearsay narration, were left. This number includes the knowledge about the creation of the world stars and solar system, the events of the prophets, and those of Israel, the sleepers of the cave, Dhu al -Qarnayn and the events of some other virtuous persons.

As Quran was uttered by the tongue of the Prophet, so it could be said that the Prophet learnt and described those facts. It was not so. He himself was unlettered and after he gave the call to Islam, his enemies were after him round the clock, and if he had made any attempt to gain that knowledge, his enemies would have exposed him. Secondly, Quran itself explains that the tidings of the things unseen were given to him as miracle from God:-

"And thou (O Muhammad ) was not able to recite a book before it, nor didst thou able to write it with thy right hand, for then might those have doubted, who follow false hood. Nay here are self-evident signs in the heart of those who are endowed with knowledge, and none deny our revelations save wrong doers. " ()

The Quran said :

"This is the tiding of the things unseen. We reveal it unto thee (Muhammad). Thoust was not present with them when they threw their pens (to know) which of them should be the guardian of Mary, nor was thou present with them when they quarreled (there upon ). " (3/44)

There are also other verses like 12/102, 11/49, and 28/44 which tells that the tiding of the hidden things were revealed to the Prophet.

It may be recalled that the Quran only summarizes the facts and we only get the detailed accounts in the traditions of the Prophets. Thus, the explanation of the unseen things and all the facts about Quran are attributed to the Prophet and as such, this falls within the perview of the miracles.

God said:

And they say: Why are not signs sent down upon him from his Lord? Say the signs are with Allah only and I am but a plain warner. Is it not enough for them that we have sent down unto thee the Scripture which is read unto them lo! Here in verily is mercy and a reminder for folk who believe. (29/50, 51)

From the above it is evident that the signs or miracles are not the acts of any prophet or apostle but those are the acts of god the Omnipotent, shown to the people through his prophets or apostles. That is why the refusal to accept any miracle of the prophet is to reject the divine power of God, and therefore, the refuser will be out of the fold of Islam.

Secondly the whole nation knew that the Prophet could neither read nor write and so hearing the eloquently worded speeches of the Quran from him which could never have any parallel till Doomsday was in-itself a miracle or sign and therefore, it was merely folly of the infidels to demand any other miracle in face of the Quran and so it was told to them:

"Is it not enough for them that We have sent down unto thee the Scripture which is read unto them"

No doubt the Quran is the greatest of the miracles which Allah (God) bestowed to his beloved Prophet and made it a remonstrance for all the mankind and Jinns giving them an open and standing challenge to produce any verses like it. The Quran gave a perfect code of life and exposed the fundamental truths in most appropriate and beautiful sequence that human-beings have not been able to produce any such text which may equalize the Quranic version.

Over and above miracle of the Quran, God gave many other miracles to the Chief of the Prophets. Few of his miracles are particularly mentioned in the Quran but most of them are found in the books of the traditions of the Prophet and stand proved by the correct chain of narrators. Imam Al- Seouti jotted them down in his book Al-Khasias Al-Kubra. He mentioned there in one thousand miracles. Few of the very famous traditionalists have mentioned about three thousand of them. Abu Noaim and Al Baihaqui have collected them in their books known as Al Dalail Al Nobuwwah.

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