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The first chapter, confuting the denouncers of Hadith and five daily prayers, was written in the last. Thus when I had almost completed this book Nabi-AI-Anbia, my wife Shamim Fatimah soon after lying in bed on 17th Shawwal, 1394H, i.e. 1st Nov, 1974 saw in a dream at Mecca, the Holy Prophet dressed in Arabic long shirt was standing and I was also standing before him in Saudi dress with a long Saudi shirt of cream colour in my both hands which were duly stretched before the Prophet as if I wished to present it to him.

He himself stretched his hands and took that shirt from me and wore it and then with pleasure he embraced me with his chest. Instantly after seeing this dream my wife came to me, at that hour I was busy in completion of this book. She told me this dream. All the praises are for Him, this dream is an emblem of acceptance of this work. I appareled him with the name of Nabi-AI-Anbia or the Prophet of all the prophets, which is his special privilege till eternity. Inshallah (i.e. if God wishes) I shall continue to write on this special privilege of him. This is the very first book which I had written in Urdu and I myself rendered its English translation.

The second book which I wrote was in English, 'The Chief of the Prophet part I' and thereafter I wrote its part II both of these parts were printed separately from Korea. In the part II I again devoted the arguments on this special privilege of the Holy Prophet and Inshallah I will not cease writing on this topic which exposes the special favours of God to His Prophet Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam).

I have written this book in simple English for the benefit of all and I've cited references to the traditions quoted in the Book.


The Muslim countries do not teach the confutation of non-Muslim sects to their children. It has come to our experience that while dealing with foreigners, the religious discussion frequently starts, and on such an occasion when mind is already blank, how one can defend his own religion. The non-Muslims make fun of a Muslim finding him thus cornered. The people of other religion attempt to drag the Muslims on their side, it is, therefore, essential to include this book with all its parts in the curriculum. It is my request that the universities should include this 'Book' in religious studies. The religious institutions should also include in their course of study.

So that the Muslim students may shatter all the calls to apostasy, they may become the real guards of Islam and ready to sacrifice for it. This book is very useful for preachers (muballaghin) of Islam. Those Muslim soldiers will find in it the freshening of their spirits who risk their lives facing the volleys of bullets and thundering guns while tearing down the enemy ranks. I appeal all the Muslims to please publish and distribute this book for the brother Muslims in the different countries of the world and particularly in those countries where the non-Muslims have organized the realm of apostasy and are misguiding the Muslims.


I am highly grateful to the Muslim World League Mecca for providing me many books which were a great help in compilation of this great work. I express my thank to Sheikh Masud Salim Rahmatullah who allowed me to avail full advantage of the Library of Madarsah Saulatiah which also helped me in the completion of this book. This library has a treasure of books. Madarsah Saulatiah has service record of more than hundred years. The educational standard is no way less than any religious institution of the world.

The Ulemas who came out of this Madarsah are serving the Islamic world. Late Sheikh Masud Salim had always been busy in serving the Madarsah. Allah may accept his efforts and bless him in his life.

I am thankful to Hafiz Abdullah Karam Elahi for his financial help in this publication. He was a friend of mine who was devoted to the Holy Quran and was noble and righteous. I wrote these few lines to his good memory. Lastly I pray God to bless Abdul Mobin Y. K. Shon of Seoul, Korea as it was for his endeavors that this book could be presented before the reader.