Chapter IX

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The Quran & The Modern Inventions


Reverting to the first question that how the people in Heaven can see the people in the Fire? It is preceded that the Muslim's believe in the unseen. Allah is doer of all things. Allah shall cause the men in the Heaven and the men in the Fire to perceive and talk each other. Moreover, a historical event in 23 H. during the Caliphate of Umar Bin Khattab proved his belief. Saria Bin Zaneem a commander of the Muslim forces intended to conquer Fasa and Dar Abjad. Caliph Umar was delivering 'khutba' (speech) just before the Friday prayers in Al Madinah Al Munawwarah. Suddenly he cried, 'O Sariya the mountain,' (thrice). After the prayer, Umar was asked the reason of this shout. He said that he had seen the battlefield and found the Saria should have been taken the mountainside and therefore, he had shouted. After an elapse of one month an informer came and told that he had heard a voice calling, 'O Sariya the mountain,' so saria diverted his forces towards the mountainside and thus getting into a better position they had won. Ibn Mardoya, Al Baihaqui, Abu Noaim and others, has reported this event and I have summarized it.

Similarly, it is possible for the men in the Heaven and the men in the Fire to see and talk each other. However, in the verse under discussion few facts require more explanation, such as the 'veil' etc. between the men calling each other.

Few of the interpreters have expounded the 'veil' with another verse of the Quran, (LVII-13) which states the point where the hypocrites will be separated with the wall having the gate in it. But veil and wall are both different. Further Ibn Kathir in his c ommentary referred Abu Omamah Al Bahli (radiallah anho) explaining 'Sur' i.e. wall. He said, "This wall will be trap of God to trap the hypocrites, (in order to separate them from the faithful on the Doomsdays. In support of his confection, he referred to another verse: Lo! The hypocrites seek to beguile Allah, but it is Allah who beguileth them. (4/142) Why? Because the hypocrites while they were in this world did not believe in the Prophet but practiced deception to deceive, the Muslims on one hand and pleased the infidels on the other, so they will be punished on Doomsday for their mischief mongering. The sun and the stars having been put out there most probably be a bitter darkness on some stage after resurrection. Only the believers will be bestowed lights. The hypocrites will try to pace with the believers. On their quest to get some light of their own, the believers will tell them to go back to get light. But they will be separated from the believers and a wall will be put up between them. That wall shall be the point of separation. The faithful will be taken to the Heaven and the hypocrites will be thrown into the Hell.

Further, to suppose a wall between the Heaven and the Hell does not befit the meanings because the Heaven will be almost in infinite space. The Prophet telling about the people having the higher ranks in the Heaven said, "You will see the men in the Heaven holding higher ranks, as you see the shining planet in the horizon, and Abu Baker and Umar are among them."

I have already cited the Quran having the breath of the Heaven as the breath of the sky and the earth. Therefore, it can be said that the Heaven will be million of million light years away from the Hell and no wall can be supposed of having that length and width. It is therefore, contended that the word 'Hijab' (veil or screen) remained unexplained till we entered into the modern scientific age.

There are few other verses, which are co-related with the verse of Surah Al Araf, which required some technical explanation to meet the challenge of the orientalists and the infidels. I state them hereunder:

And every man's (tair) book of deeds, We have fastened to his own neck, We shall bring forth (this book) for him on the Day of Resurrection which he will find wide open. (And it will be said unto him) Read thy book (of deeds) Thy soul is sufficient to reckon against thee this day (17/13-14)

And the book (of deeds) will be placed and thou (O'Muhammad) seest the guilty fearing of what is recorded therein, and they say: Woe to us! What a book is this! It leaves out nothing but hath counted it. And they find in it all they did (in the world). And to no one thy Lord will treat with injustice. (18/49)

And whoso has done of an atom's weight of good will see it then. And whoso has done an atom's weight of evil will see it then. (99/7-8)

The above verses of the Holy Quran describe that after resurrection and before the judgement the book of deeds of every man will be fastened to his neck, he will find therein all his acts, however, small are great. That book will contain all his bad and good deeds, which he will be able to read and see. The unbelievers denied the contentions of the Quran saying the presentation of the book of deeds on the Day of Judgement to every person is impossible. Further, it is held that not only he will read the book but he will also see all his past actions.

The acceptance or rejection of a fact depends upon the quantum of knowledge we possess to the tune of our development in a given time period.

Even in the 19th century, the mind could not perceive the phenomena of the atmosphere and space, and of the electromagnetic or radio waves etc. But the Quran facts were far advanced to our the then timid notions. They were reflecting to our scientific progress, which was yet to be achieved by mankind in the 20th century.

However, in 1898, Guglielmo Marconi established a public station at Needle for communication with ships, and in 1901, he succeeded in sending signals across the Atlantic from Poldhu, Cornwall, to Newfoundland. At last, in the first quarter of the 20th century the radio communication and the radio service were firmly established. From 1928, radiotelephone circuits were set up on an extensive scale using high frequency bands.

It was also found that radio waves were not restricted to the earth's atmosphere but they are also found in outer space. Radio waves reach the earth from various natural resources in outer space. These include the Sun and the Milky Way etc. Radio waves from the Milky Way were first discovered in 1931 by K.G.Jansky, and the radio noise from the sun was discovered in 1942. This proved that the atmosphere and the space preserve the sounds in the shape of the waves and they do not die out.

After the radio, the great invention was of television. The first public high definition television system in the world was launched in Great Britain by B.B.C. on 2nd Nov 1936. That proved that not only sound or voices are preserved in the space but the space carries the pictures of our actions.

By 1970, the colour broadcasting was common in all the countries. This proved that the atmosphere can carry the electrical image and impulses and thus not only the voices but also it contains the pictures of everything with colours. Only we by the help of machines receive and show them on the T.V screen. The invention of the video perfected what was lacking one in television. Whenever one desires one can see a story on a video cassette. Thus, every video cassette contains a story in it like a book. And when a man can prepare a film having fiction or real stories etc., certainly it is in the power of God to do all things.

Therefore, God said: "And whoso has done an atom's of weight of good will see it then, "and so on his evils. When man will be shown his film of his life after resurrection, he will cry Woe to us what a book is this! It leaves out nothing... and they find in it all they did (in the world)."

One thing remain, God mentioned the reading of the book and seeing of the past action of everyman in the verses under citation, but it did not mention that the man can listen his own voice the like we listen in a video cassette. It is not so, the Quran also did mention it too:

This Our Book speaks about you with truth: Lo! We have caused (all) that you did to be recorded.(45/29)

In the above verse. God mentioned that the record of every man is not only being written but his voice is also being recorded. This proved that the angels (26) are preparing a record of every man like that of a colour film, and it shall be walk'y talk'y mov'y.

We can say there are two kinds of films, the one we prepare for a video cassette etc. the second, which angles prepare for every man.

That Omniscient Who is the Creator of the universe has appointed His sentinels on every man to note down, prepare a film of all his actions in the shape of cassette, and call it a book of deeds. When the guilty will refuse to admit the sins, their hands and feet will bear witness to every thing they did. (41/22) And there is no wonder in it. Who can give speech to a tongue, can give speech to other limbs. Had the tongue speech on its own, the tongue of the animal would have spoken. If the guiltiest will reject even the witness of their own limbs and insist on refusal, the angles will make the cassette of their life to play before them i.e. he will see all his past life, as he used to see in the films This is:

And whoso has done of atom's weight of good will see it then. And whoso has done an atom's weight of evil will see it then. (99/7-8)

In it is a warning to those who see dances and listen songs on a video cassette which give vent to sexual desires. They should remember that Allah (God) would not treat them with injustice.

However, with the invention of radio, television, and video, the Quranic verses, which looked incredible to unbelievers, became most credible. God portrayed the scene of the Day of Reckoning. With these inventions in our mind, we can visualize that scene. He made it known to every body that His angels are preserving all their actions and speeches. As the people make their films, similarly the angels tape their records like the color film. As already aforesaid, we return to the dialogue, which is to occur between the men in the Heaven and the men in the Fire. It is preceded that the Quranic verse mentioned 'Hijab' (screen. curtain) between two aforesaid people remained unexplained till the modern inventions. After the invention of television, we can interpret the word 'Hijab' with its real meaning screen and not wall as done by previous interpreters. That is to say, that aforesaid parties of the Heaven and the Hell will be caused to see each other on a screen.

Yet one may say how an onlooker can enter into a dialogue with the characters on the screen? We have the answer of this in another invention that is television-telephone. On a television-telephone, the person holding a dialogue can see each other on its screen.

It is very amazing that the Quranic description after having been declared incredible being proved true after 1400 years. It had been long before announced that God will show them His signs till it becomes manifest to them that the Quran is truth. (41/53) No doubt that the modern scientific inventions are proving that every word of the Quran is nothing but truth.

This transmission between the men in the Heaven and men in the Hell may occur on a screen or in any way God so desires but the possibility of this transmission has duly been proved. Specially when on 20th July 1969 a Lunar module from Apollo 11 of United States of America landed on the moon and the people could see the Moon-Earth transmission on their T.V. screen.

It has been held that the person on the 'Height' looking and talking both the parties are the people who held high ranks in the Heaven. They will be intermediaries in this transmission. God will cause them to see and talk both the aforesaid parties. The Quran also mentions that both the parties of the Heaven and the Hell will recognize each other with their face marks. Certainly, it is so, the recognition dawns on us when we see a character on a T.V. screen. It will be a universal transmission wherein all the people of the low and higher ranks in Heaven far and near shall be caused to see the people wherever they may be in the Hell and to whom they know when they were in the world.

Lastly when the people in the Fire will see the people in the Heaven, eating and drinking, then because of being in great anguish and grief they shall long for to get some food and drink though they know that they can't get to those provisions.

However, the modern inventions finally upheld the Quranic assertions as to the reckoning of the men and Jinn, and after their final destination in the Hell or in the Heaven, they proved the possibility of a conversation between them.

Only those who believe in the Unity and Uniqueness of God (Allah) and confirm to the teachings of Islam will go to the Heaven and for the non- Muslims the Hell (Fire) will be their permanent abode.

God has appointed angels with every man and they are keeping record of all his speeches, actions and deeds. See 50/17-18, 45/29, 82/11-12.