Chapter XII

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The News of Ruination of The Earth & The Galaxies in The Quran

We have already seen that the modern science has confirmed the Quranic facts regarding the death of the sun and stars. (See Stars and Planets) I gave here some details from the Quran and Sunnah about the ruination of the universe with all its galaxies, which interest the reader who particularly seeks a scientific base for every assertion. The Quran addressing the infidels said:

Are they waiting to see that if the angels come to them, or thy Lord should come, or there should come some of the signs from thy Lord? The day certain of the signs of thy Lord do come, it will do no good to a soul, if it believed not (in Islam) from before, nor it earned virtues by its faith. Say: Wait ye! Lo! We too are waiting. (6/158)

The Apostle of Allah (Sallallaho alaihi wasallem) explaining the above revelation said:

The Hour will not come till you see the ten signs, rising of the sun from the west, the Smoke, the Beast,coming of Gog and Magog people, coming of Jesus Christ coming of Antichrist, three eclipses, eclipse in the east, eclipse in the west, and eclipse in the Arabian Peninsula, coming out of a fire from pit in Aden which shall drive the people and gather them and remain with them day and night. (Muslim- from Huzaifa)

The Hour in the Quran has special meaning. It means the ruination of the earth, sky and all in between, i.e. galaxies. The Prophet (Sallallaho alaihi wasallem) prognosticated certain signs before coming of the Hour. In the narration cited above he mentioned ten events. These events are not mentioned in the chronological order. In a narration from Abu Huraira the Prophet mentioned coming of Antichrist, the Beast and rising of the sun from the west. (Dur Al Manthur)

However, from the tradition of Prophet (Sallallaho alaihi wasallem) we understand that all these sign will begin one by one.

The first sign is the uprising of the Antichrist. This up-rising will run through out the world.

The second sign is the descent of Jesus Christ (alaihi alsalam) who will wage a war against Antichrist and his allies the Jews and kill them all. This I have discussed in Vol. 1 Chapter X Part IV of this book.

The third sign is coming of Gog and Magog people. They will be let loose (through their barrier) some time after 40 years, Antichrist is killed.

"They shall swiftly swarm from every mound." (21/96)

The Quran also narrated them in Surah 'The Cave'-94. The barrier was made by Dhul Qarnain. (18/94)

Ibn Kathir a great Muslim Historian and exegete strongly rejected those who called Alexander as Dhul Qarnain. He said that Dhul Qarnain was prophet whereas Alexander was polytheist. It is said that Dhul Qarnain also found the prophet Abraham and embraced Islam and perambulated Kaba with Ismail (alaihi alsalam).

"This barrier will be turned into dust. (18/98)

After that, Gog and Magog people will come out of every hill. They will out number the Muslim by one to thousand. The Apostle of Allah (Sallallaho alaihi wasallem) said, "They will destroy everything, they will drink all the water they pass by." (Imam Ahmad from Ibn Masud).

In another tradition the Prophet (Sallallaho alaihi wasallem) said, "Allah will reveal Christ son of Mary (alaihi alsalam), that He is taking out people with whom he cannot fight, and order him (Jesus) to climb the mount Tur with His salves. Then He will send Gog and Magog people. Christ and his companions will pray Allah to destroy them. Allah will destroy them all (by night) with a (certain specie of) a germ which will pierce through their necks. Jesus (alaihi alsalam) will come down with his companion to find all the houses of the land are full of their dead bodies and bad odour." (Imam Ahmad from Al Nawwas bin Samaan)

It may be noted that A.Yusuf Ali has opposed all these details of the Quran and Sunnah, and said that Alexander is Dhul Qaranain and the barrier has crumbled to dust. (See Appendix VI of his commentary). Whereas the Quran and Sunnah tell the crumbling of the barrier before the Hour, Gog, and Magog will come out after the descent of Jesus Christ (alaihi alsalam).

We also find a very short description about the fourth sign i.e. coming of the Beast. He will come out from a crevice of Safa Hill (Makkah). (Dur Al Manthur) Ibn Omar said, "The people will gather to pass the night, the Beast will pass the night and will move towards them, by the mourning he will get them between his head and tails. He will touch the faithful and vanquish the infidels. (Dur Al Manthur) This beast will be of extraordinary length and breadth that will cover a vast piece of land in one step.

The fifth sign is Smoke. The Quran said: Wait thou for the day when the sky will bring the visible smoke. That will envelop the people. This will be painful torment. Then they will say: Our Lord relieve us from the torment ! Lo! We are now believers. (44/10-12)

The Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallem) talking about the smoke said:

Your Lord warns you of three things, the Smoke, it will cause the believers to catch cold, and it will cause the bodies of the infidels to swell, and it will come out of their pores, the second is beast and the third is Antichrist. (Ibn Jarir/Abu Malik al Ashari)

Abdullah bin Masud (radiallah anho) was of the opinion that in severe famine the Makkans were pinched with hunger so much so that they ate the bones and the carrions, and use to see that smoke before their eyes. This was the smoke referred to in the verse.

Ibn Kathir citing the other companions of the Prophet said, "The sign of Smoke did not pass, but it is one of the signs of the Hour. Then he referred to the tradition of the Prophet telling about the ten signs before the Hour."

Ali (radiallah anho) said, "The portent of Smoke did not pass, it will cause the believers cold and it will make the bodies of the infidels to swell."

Ibn Omer (radiallah anho) also said that the Smoke would cause the believers to suffer from cold and enter by the pores of the infidels and hypocrites making their heads as if roasted. (Ibn Jarir)

Ibn Abbas was also of the opinion that the smoke would come.

Ibn Kathir said, "The smoke is one of the awaited signs as told to us in the revelation: 'Wait thou for the day when the sky will bring a visible smoke, and everybody will see it".

Now the question arises why the Muslims will only catch cold whereas the infidels etc will suffer with swellings and burns in their bodies on the coming of the Hour. Allah will make the non-Muslims to see that the truth is with Muslims who believe in the uniqueness of God and His Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaho alaihi wasallem). And it is not with those who make Jesus as partner in His Godhood or believe in the doctrine of plurality of gods like polytheists, or who refuse the existence of God like communists. The beast that will vanquish the unbelievers and only touch the Muslims (as a pet animal) will prove the same notion.


Over and above the Smoke, there are few other signs, which are related to the change in our solar system. They are three eclipses, the eclipse in the east, the eclipse in the west and the eclipse over the Arabian Peninsula and lastly rising of the sun from the west. It is to be seen that among the companions of the Prophet, Abu Saeed Al Khudri, Abu Huraira, Abdullah bin Masud, Huzaifa Al Yeman, Ibn Abbas, Abdullah bin Omar, Abdullah bin Ali Aufa, Safwan bin Assal, Anas bin Malik, Huzaifa bin Useed, Omar bin Khattab and Musa Al Ashari (radiallah anhum) all referred to the revelation ' There should come some signs from the Lord' narrated unanimously from the Prophet (Sallallaho alaihi wasallem) that the sun would rise from the west before the Hour.

It is essential to peep into few vivid details given to us by the Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallem) which throw light on the disturbances in our solar system at the time when the world will be on the edge of its end and the sun emerges from the west as the final sign of its ruination. For that, we have to go back to the first sign i.e. uprising of Antichrist.


Al Nawwas bin Samaan narrated that one morning the Apostle of God (Sallallaho alaihi wasallem) described about Antichrist and said, "...He will come out (to Arab countries) from between Syria and Iraq. He will cause ravage and massacre right and left. O! Slaves of Allah stick to your faith."

We asked, "O! Apostle of Allah how much he will stay on the earth?" He said, "Forty days, the day equal to the year, the day as a month, the day as a week, and the other days like your days." We said, "The day which will be equal to an year, will the five prayers of a day be sufficient?" He said, "No, You estimate the day (as usual i.e. 24 hours) and offer your prayers." We asked, "O! Apostle of Allah, how fast he will pass through the earth?" He said, "Like a cloud which is pushed by the wind."

The Apostle of Allah (Sallallaho alaihi wasallem) further continued, "He will come to a nation. He will call them to believe in his godhood, they will believe in him and obey him. Then he will order the sky to rain, it will rain. He will order the earth to grow, it will grow, and their pastures will get verdant. 'The udders of their animals will be full of milk and they will get fat. Then he will go another nation and will invite people (to his godhood), they will refuse. He will leave them they will become famine stricken, nothing of their wealth and cattle will be left with them. He will pass through the ruins and order them to take out their treasures, they will take them out and those treasures will follow him like honey-bees..." (Muslim)

I shall discuss here only that part of the tradition, which relates to the changes in the solar system or modern development achieved in those days. The other detailed about Antichrist can be seen in Ch:X part IV of this book. (Vol.I)

The Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallem) said that Antichrist would stay on the earth for forty days. By telling the day is equal to a year, the day = to a month, the day = to a week and rest of the days as our days, he pointed to his time period. But when he was asked about the prayers, he told to divide the prayers as usual in a 24 hours' day. This shows that the length of the day will certainly be about one year, one month and one week. This reflects to the disturbances in our solar system.

How can there be a day all the year round or more?

We know only one part of the earth faces the sun. We have learnt that the source of the energy of the stars conversion of hydrogen into helium. (See Stars and Planets) Suppose one star having used up its energy source to a certain extent loses its gravitation pull and luster, falls from its place and enter in our solar system. It responds to the pull of our star sun and begins to rotate like one of its planet. Certainly, it will not have the heat of sun but luminous enough to stop the night to fall on the other side of the earth not faced by the sun. This will occur for the aforesaid period of time told by the Prophet. Having used up its energy source it will change into a white dwarf and then into a black dwarf no more causing the day the year round.

Pointing to this abnormal change in our solar system the Apostle of Allah (sallallaho alaihi wasallem) told us to offer the usual payers by dividing them in 24 hours. We have already six months day and six months night at the Poles. The Muslims every 24 hours have to offer their five prayers in those regions. As above when another star enters our galaxy, it will enhance the radioactivity, there will be the change in the seasons of the year, some enhance heat of the sun along with another star will cause torrential rains and wonderful crops on some places and may burn the crops causing famine on other places. People will attribute these changes to Antichrist and think that the sky is raining and the earth is growing on his order, or famine is caused due to him. The Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallem) told us what the people would attribute to Antichrist.

It may be said that it is merely an idea that a star falling from its place enter our solar system and cause the day round the year. No, it is not so, I can substantiate my interpretation from the Holy Quran.

It said:

And when the stars are put out. (77/8)

And when the stars fall losing their luster. (81/2)

And when the planets fall. (82/2)

It is evident from the above that the Quran is telling us not only the putting out of stars but their falling too. It also speaks of falling of the planets. This is very scientific argument. I have proved its authenticity scientifically. (See Science of Stars in the Quran).

When the energy source of the star is used up partially or totally, its gravitational pull will decrease, it will no more attract its planets and they can fall in the space. While falling they can be attracted to the pull of some other star and swing in its orbit. We see the Quran put forth a very scientific argument about the celestial bodies when nothing was known about them in 7th century of the Christian Era. Thus, when the world will be faced with the uprising of Antichrist our solar system will undergo the disturbance as explained above. Another star entering our solar system will stop night to fall and the world will observe a day of more than a year as prophesied by our Prophet (Sallallaho alaihi wasallem).

As for the Prophet saying that, Antichrist will order the ruins to take out their treasures and they will follow him like bees. We now know that modern technology has equipment of detection and extracting the minerals from the earth. The modern technology is developing on a very fast pace and it is not far that the scientists achieve mastery in all the fields of technology. I have already discussed forecast of the Quran under the caption 'The Masters of the Earth' so it is very much expected that the technology by the time of Antichrist may develop so much so that it may become easy to get the treasures of the earth. So the Prophet (Sallallaho alaihi wasallem) pointed to the super technology which would be used by Antichrist when he said that the ruins would take out their treasures and they would follow him like bees. This also refers to another progress, which has already been achieved in our times i.e. the aeroplanes, which fly with, sound resembling with bees.

The Antichrist would fly with his treasures. The same notion of flying was given by the Prophet when he said that the Antichrist would pass through the earth like a cloud pushed by the wind, and the world would see his uprising. How amazing it is! That the Prophet gave the conception of flying when no one could think of it. The world will be trodden down by Antichrist, only few Muslim countries will stand against him and his army of Jews. Christ son of Mary (alaihiwa alsalam) after his descent from the sky will command the Muslim forces, kill him and defeat his armies. (See Ch: X part IV vol I).