Chapter XII

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The News of Ruination of The Earth & The Galaxies in The Quran


We get a short account of sunrise from the west in the saying of our Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallem) but that account gives us a scientific thought about the sun rising out from the west. I quote few of his traditions before discussing the subject.

The Apostle of Allah (sallallaho alaihi wasallem) explaining the descent of the revelation, "THERE SHOULD COME SOME SIGNS FROM THE LORD" said, "The Hour will not come till the sunrises from the west, when the people will see it they will believe (in Islam), but it will do no good to the soul, if it believed not from before." i.e. the rising of the sun from the west. (Bukhari/Abu Huraira)

Ibn Abbas explaining descent of the aforesaid verse said:

It refers to signs but faith (in Islam) by a polytheist cannot avail him any good when he saw the signs. It will do good to faithful if they have earned virtues from before. (i.e. occurrence of the signs)

Ibn Abbas further said, "The Apostle of Allah (sallallaho alaihi wasallem) came out one evening and said:

"O! Slaves of God turn in penitence towards Allah, it is not far that you will see sunrise from the west, if it happened the door of penitence will be closed, the virtues will be folded up."

The people said, "Is there any portent to that O! Apostle of Allah." He said, "Portent that night will stretch out for you to the extent of three nights. The people who fear their God would get up and pray for him, but as if the night did not pass out, Then again they will lie down till they get up to see the night as before. When they find this, they will be scared of happening some very big event. While they will be waiting for long for the sun to arise, it will emerge from the west. When this occurred the faith will not benefit to a soul, if he had not been any faith from before." (Ibn Abi Hatim & Ibn Mardoya)

Abdullah bin Aufa heard the Apostle (Sallallaho alaihi wasallem) having said, "A night will come on the people which shall prolong to three nights...the people will cry and say to each other what is it? Terrified they will gather into the mosques. Then it will emerge from the west, they will scream, it will reach to the middle of the sky and return to its rising place. Then it will rise from its horizon east, to embrace (Islam) will not benefit then." (Abd bin Homaid, Ibn Mardoya)

Under the heading 'BEFORE SUNRISE FROM THE WEST', I have referred to a solar phenomena (i.e. the three eclipses) from the Prophet. We know that the eclipse is a partial or total disappearance of a heavenly body by the interposition of another while passing through the great circle in which the plane containing the centers of the earth and the sun cuts the celestial sphere. The Prophet told three eclipses one after another and then sunrise from the west. The eclipses don't occur in quick succession

It can happen only when few planets of a diffused star (See Antichrist and the solar year) enter our galaxy and cover the appearance of the sun one after another for short duration causing eclipses.

Under the fifth sign, we have already seen that the sky will be over cast with smoke. The Quran addressing the people said to wait for the day when the sky will bring visible smoke. That is to say all the world over will see this smoke, and will be affected by it. The three eclipses, the Smoke, and the rising of the sun from the west all these forecast of the Quran and the Prophet (Sallallaho alaihi wasallem) are definitely pointing to the amazing changes in the cosmos and denying the cosmism. Has it been a self-existing whole, there would have occurred no change.

The smoke make us to conclude that there will be massive explosions among the supernovae or meteors or may be major collisions among the stars resulting into dense cloud of smoke throughout the canopy. We cannot turn down the idea as a very remote one because the Quran told us the falling and the putting out of star etc. It is very much expected that a diffused star or a planet many times bigger than our sun while entering our galaxy cover the appearance of the sun for three consecutive nights i.e. about 72 hours and stop the rays of light to reach our planet Earth. Thus, our ball the Earth will plunge into darkness as prophesied by our Prophet.

Now I express some of the encyclopedic facts about the rotation and magnetic field of the earth to judge the possibility of the rising of the sun from the west.

  1. Talking about the motion of the earth and the attraction of the other planets over it, the Chamber's Encyclopedia says, " In reality however the attraction of the other planets cause the whole orbit to rotate round the sun and to undergo slow changes in shape and size...that is the orbit fluctuates in shape and size."
  2. The Encyclopedia of Science and Technology says, "Never it is well established that the Earth's magnetic field does originate predominantly in the deep interior.
  3. Now it is well known that, "The Earth's magnetic field is gradually changing with time in its intensity as well as in its distribution pattern."
  4. The fraction of the Earth's magnetic field produced by outside sources is now understood to be an important representation of the electro magnetic activities in the Earth's upper atmosphere.
  5. The moons gravitational forces also gives rise to a tidal current in the ionosphere, just as it does in the ocean water consequently a lunar ionosphere dynamo also exists.
  6. Near the Earth the magnetic field is compressed and neutralized in an outward direction, and thus the magnetic filed is confined within a limited space surrounding the Earth. This limited space and its outer boundary are called the magnetosphere and the magnetopause of the Earth.
  7. It was believed that the outer space beyond the Earth's atmosphere is a perfect vacuum but it is established that the solar corona extends beyond the Earth's orbit, the space between the Sun and the Earth is filled with plasma gas called the solar wind. During a period of low solar activity (quiet sun), the solar wind flows radically outward from the Sun at the speeds 186-311 miles per second. Electrons and positive ions in the solar wind when approach the Earth, are repelled by the magnetic field of the Earth, yet they reach a region where the kinetic pressure of the solar wind and the pressure of the Earth's magnetic field are in equilibrium.

Taking into consideration the above facts, we suppose that a planet or a different star covers our sun for a short duration. This additional diffused star or planet will enhance the gravitational pull over the Earth and may give rise to the kinetic pressure to manifold with the Earth and with the result that the Earth's magnetic field will totally be reversed making it to rotate from east to west instead of west to east. This will make the sun rise from the west as prophesied by our Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (sallallaho alaihi wasallem), in the tradition under citation.

After the sun rises from the west, "it will reach to the middle of the sky and return to its rising place," as explained in the tradition.

This means that additional diffused star or planet which has covered the appearance of the sun will move out, the extra kinetic energy having been nullified the Earth will whirl to its west to east rotation.

However, whatever may be the reason the Sun will rise from the west. This is the firm belief of every Muslim foretold by our Prophet. I have already discussed that the world will undergo a day of more than a year (See Antichrist and the Solar year). All the Muslim countries will be broadcasting on their T.V. and radio stations all the prophecies of Muhammad Mustafa (Sallallaho alaihi wasallem) about Antichrist, the descent of Jesus and about the day, which shall prolong to more than a year and the rising of the sun from the west. Jesus on his second coming will unite the Muslims and Christians under the banner of Islam. The Jews who had refuted him on his first coming will persist in their derogation and will side with Antichrist. They will be wiped out by Jesus and his armies. The rising of the sun from the west will be the common knowledge of all the people. So when it rises from the west the doors of penitence will be closed, to embrace Islam will not benefit then. As the people neglected the truth preached by Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallem) and did not take any notice of his final warning to adopt Islam before the sun rises from the West.

The confirmation of the prophecies of the Prophet of the ignorance age with modern scientific facts is the convincing proof that he came with the Truth of Islam and gave the humanity the blessings of his perfect order to prosper them in this life and in the Hereafter.


The rising of the sun from the west will be the last sign of the coming of the Hour. The eclipses, the Smoke throughout the canopy, the yearlong day on the coming of the Antichrist, and finally the sunrise from the west, all these prophecies of the Prophet decidedly point to the massive changes in the cosmos. Abdullah bin Omar (radiallaho anho) said, "The people will live for 120 years after the sunrise from the west." (Dur al Manthur).

The Quran very emphatically described the ruination of this systematic whole i.e. the universe. It said:

On the day when the sky will be in severe commotion and the mountains will be swept away.(52/9-10)

When the sky is cleft asunder when the planets fall. (82/1- 2)

When the sun is folded up when the star fall... And when the sky is torn away. (81-1, 2, 11)

When the heaven is split asunder. (84/1)

And when the trumpet shall sound one blast. And the earth with the mountains shall be lifted up and crushed to atoms at one stroke. Then, on that day, the (Great) Event will befall. And the heaven will split asunder, for that day it will be frail. (69/13-16)

When the earth is shaken with a shock. And the hills are ground to powder, so that they become a powder dust. (56/4-6)

The scientists now agree that this universe is not eternal.

Please (See chapter IV. The Science of the Stars). The Quran in the seventh century of Christian era announced that all this universe will come to an end on an appointed Day. The scientists could nod in agreement to the Quran only in 19th century. They say when the energy sources are used up in the Sun and the other stars along with planets will escape into the space and may collide to particles. To the contrary the Muslims believe the end of this universe will occur whenever God so intents. He created it from nothing and He will reduce it into nothing. He will order the angel Israfiel to blow the trumpet. With one hand, the earth will be grounded to atoms and the sky will split asunder, and this physical universe will be non-existent.

In a long tradition the Prophet (Sallallaho alaihi wasallem) after mentioning the death of every living being including all angels said, "God will say, 'whose is the sovereignty this day. It is Allah's the One the Irresistible.' On the day, the earth will be changed to a different earth and so will be the heavens...wherein thou seest nor curve nor ruggedness. Then Allah will drive all His Creations (the bodies or their matter) all in one drive to another earth, (with His command Be and it is). Then Allah will order to rain it will rain for forty days... Then Allah will order the bodies to rise, they will grow like plants and will take their full shape... Then Allah will order Israfiel to blast the trumpet of Resurrection. All the spirits will be blown through trumpet in their bodies..." (Al-Tabrani/Abu Huraira)

However, one has to accept that the Quran is the very first book, which stood as the exponent of science in the days of ignorance. With the development of science, its scientific facts were unfolded till the unbelievers knew that "It (the Quran) is the Truth. (41/53)

Those who believe in Allah (God) the Unique and in His final and last Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaho alaihi wasallem) will finally achieve salvation and those who disbelieve in Allah and in His aforesaid Prophet they are like the ones who live in a country and refuse to obey its government or live in a kingdom and disobey the king. Thus, they deserve punishment under their worldly laws. But those who revolt against their government or King they are punished with eternal punishment i.e. death. Similarly, who did not believe in Allah and in His Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (sallallaho alaihi wasallem), whoever they may be, atheists, infidels, and polytheists, they are in revolt against Him, the Hell will be their permanent abode. But those Muslims who believed in Allah and His Prophet but they sometimes disobeyed the rules of shariat, and did not offer penitence, they will be punished in Hell but later achieve salvation. It is therefore, Allah said:

This Day no soul; will be wronged in the least nor ye shall be requited save what ye used to do. (36/54)

Thus, we learnt from our beloved Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (sallallaho alaihi wasallem) a systematic dissolution of the cosmos and march of the believers to eternal pleasures and of the unbelievers to eternal punishment in the Hell.

Oh, you non-believers embrace Islam before you come into the clutches of death and say, "LA ILAHA ILLALLAH MUHAMMAD AL RASUL ALLAH." There are no partners to God. He is Unique Muhammad is His Prophet.