Chapter XIII

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Miscellaneous Scientific Facts in The Quran


Islam is the most humanitarian religion, which strongly opposes cruelty of any kind.

The non-Muslims say that Islamic punishment of beheading, chopping of hands, and stripes are cruel. This is not so I shall see them one by one very briefly


All the world over the murderer is punished with death. Islam also orders to kill the one who kills or spare him if the heirs of the deceased agree to accept the blood money. It may be noted that the blood money is accepted only in cases if the killing was not intentional or the result of a crime. The court accepts the plea of blood money only in cases of accidents. It is about one hundred thousand Saudi Riyals. The blood money is a great help to the family of the deceased.

However, in case the court orders to execute a person, then in most of the countries the convicts are executed by hanging them to death or on an electric chair. The time involved in these punishments is about from two to three minutes. Electric chair is as good as stunning an animal to death which I have already discussed. The man undergoing the punishment feels tortured.

Hanging is worse than this, as it takes about two to three minutes or more. But Islam orders to behead the assassinator. If the beheading is done in one stroke of a sharp sword, then it takes only a second to cut the carotids. The guilty gets unconscious immediately. Sometimes it takes three strokes in killing, even three strokes does not involves more than ten seconds in any case. That is to say that the agonies of death take place over him when he is unconscious. Thus we can safely say that the beheading in Islam though terrifying enough to stop people to commit the crimes but at the same time is not cruel or barbarous and positively better than hanging and taking his life on an electric chair.


All the thefts do not involve the chopping of hands but the major ones defined in Islamic jurisprudence. Islam gives every man a right to save his money and encourages everyone to save for his old age or for meeting the adverse circumstances. Everyone knows that the saving of money is not an easy process but hard enough to curtail ones requirements and then save. One save to marry his daughter respectfully or to build a home for his retired life, or one even borrows, to pay his debts.

Take a case of a farmer, suppose he has only two bullocks to plough his lands and if they are stolen. In all these cases the stealing of the money, moveable property or any thing owned by man is stolen is a severe shock to him. Every man has the right to property. The theft devoid him of his right. Sometimes theft causes irreparable damage. One may be reduced to beg for his lifetime or he may be indebted for life, or put to starvation or shamefully beg the help from the others. In all cases, mostly the theft comes as a severe shock. We know for certain that the sentences prescribed for stealing are not severe enough to stop the thieves from committing this crime. It is only Islam, which appointed exemplary punishment to stop this crime. Only Saudi Arabia is the country where this Islamic punishment is prescribed. I have seen by my own eyes that about 15 years before the moneychangers left their cash boxes open and went to pray. There was no one to touch them. People never locked their houses.

However, for the last ten years when Saudi Arabia under her development schemes opened employment for the people all the world over. The employees brought their bad motives. But Saudi Arabia far excels all the countries of the world for having a very nominal crime rate. This is one of the blessings of Islam. The woman clad in gold from head to waist move in the markets and nobody can dare see towards them. The chopping of hands is that terrifying punishment which stops a thief to commit a theft. Only left hand is chopped under supervision of a surgeon.


I have already written in my book 'NABI AL ANBIA' (urdu) that the Islamic stripes are not meant to kill a man. The stripes, which killed the men, were the stripes of Martial Law. In Saudi Arabia, no one is ever killed by stripes. I myself have observed the punishment of lashes being infected. They are simple stripes, which are beaten with a cane on the back and hips of a man. Not more than 40 stripes are beaten at one time. They too are given under medical supervision. Beheading, chopping of hands and stripes all these punishment are infected publicly to put the guilty to shame and thus demoralize him before the people. The stripes are prescribed for moral offenses like adultery, alcoholism and wrongfully blaming the purity of any person.

Every man has the right to honour. The adultery is a bad crime, which destroy the family life and honour of the family itself. The drunkard commits all types of crimes. (See Alcoholism). The man attacking the honour of a person is damaging his personality and bringing him to insult and defamation. Islam strongly advocates the peaceful public and family life. Therefore, any person who commits the above crimes is rightfully put to a public shame to detest in future.

Thus, Islam is very successful in achieving the peaceful life by appointing severe punishments for the person who violate the Islamic shariat, but at the same time, the punishments are not cruel and despotic, but they are meant to correct the wrong doers and stop them from thinking of committing any crimes. More over, the punishments prescribed are just and are in accordance to the crime committed.


The Arabic word 'khinzeer' means hog, pig, or swine. The words in common use for its meat are, ham, bacon and pork. In the revelation under citation, Allah has forbidden the believers to eat the meat of the swine or hog. This ban came in earlier 7th century when nothing was known about its meat. However, some of the people in those days abhorred to eat its meat as it eats human and other excretions.

There are about 670 million hogs through out the world. China has the most hogs about third of the world total. With the development of the medical science in 19th century, it was found that hogs carry certain infectious diseases.

As the hog eat human and other excretions, they catch cholera. This disease is fatal to them and is quickly transmitted to the persons handling hogs. It may be noted that the hogs are not only kept on farms but mostly the villagers raise them, therefore their eating of human excretions etc. can't be avoided.

A bacterium produces Bang's disease or brucellosis among hogs. This disease also causes sows to lose their litters. The men who handle hogs or slaughter house workers contact it.

A disease called undulant fever may attack persons who handle hogs that have Bang's disease.

Foot and mouth disease also attacks hogs. This is also is due to their eating filth and refuse. Hogs suffering from it are required to be destroyed under government supervision, but mostly they are killed by their keepers and their meat sold, thus they endanger others health.

It is also found that trichina worms mostly infect pork. This causes trichinosis in human begins who use pork.

The hogs get infected by a disease called 'mange'. It is a skin disease caused by a tiny organism called mites that burrow into the hogs skin. They may also become infected by lice.

All these hard and fast Encyclopedias facts were unknown about the diseases of hogs, but God the Omniscient knew them, therefore, he called the flesh of swine as 'rijs', (6/145), meaning foul, abhorring, impure, squalid. No doubt to use hog meat is dangerous for human health. This is the one aspect of its being forbidden. The other aspect of its being haram (unlawful) is that Islam has defined only such animals and birds to be eaten who live with pair and maintain a certain degree of ethics, and they fight if their privacy is disturbed by another animal or bird of their specie. It is also an established fact that the meat which we eat will produce in us the same natural instincts which that animal or bird possess. But the hog is a pair-less animal. The hog never objects if other hog come and have a go on its sow. That is why the hog eaters of Europe and America have run into a shameless civilization and have completely shattered family life.

Imam Rhazes in his commentary to the Holy Quran referring to the scientists of his times writes that they say, "The food becomes essence of the one receiving nourishment. The eater shall certainly get the same qualities and character from the flesh, which that animal has, and pig has covetous disposition for fulfilling his ardent desire. It was, therefore, forbidden so that man should not develop that quality."


The very purpose of Islam is to teach the Unity and Uniqueness of God. He is alone the doer of all things. The polytheists among Arabs used to slaughter animals invoking the names of their idols. It was a way to worship gods. Islam very strongly stopped this practice. The Quran held that, "Which hath been immolated to idols is forbidden."


To ascertain to do a thing or not to do it, Arabs had placed three arrows on one of their idol. On one was written do it, on the other not to do it and on the third was written 'ghafal' meaning nothing. Thus, they used arrows for divination. It is also said that the arrows were used for (unjust) division of meat as a lottery. All these superstitions, which were part of idol worship, were stopped and Allah held it an abomination.

6) As for the Quran's saying, "This day those who disbelieve are in despair," means that the infidels have got disappointed that you will ever go back to infidelity. (Ibn Abbas, Dur al Manthur)

The Apostle of Allah (sallallaho alaihi wasallem) explained the aforesaid part of the verse said, "The Satan has disappointed that the believers will ever worship him in the Arabian Peninsula but he can provoke one against the other."

The believers were advised not to be scared of the opposition of the infidels but they should fear God. This is the very basis of faith. At most, one can be scared of being killed by them. The death is most natural phenomena of life. If one dies with his faith in Islam, he is the one most successful. The phase of life in this world is but temporary. Islam invites the faithful to struggle fearlessly for the blissful life of the Heaven.