Chapter XIII

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Miscellaneous Scientific Facts in The Quran


As already cited in the revelation under explanation God said: This day I have perfected your religion for you and completed my favour unto you, and have chosen for the Islam as your religion.

Muhammad (Sallallaho alaihi wasallem) came with the religion Islam. Though this religion was given to humanity one thousand four hundred years before but it has so far fulfilled all the requirements of the modernism.

Over and above, the Quran stood as the very first exponent of science in the ignorance age. The modern development only unfolded the facts of the Quran finally, upholding the Quran is God's Book unchanged to a letter. I have proved under various captions and headings that how many a facts of the modern science were only in confirmation of the Quranic revelations. All these facts of science proved the omniscient knowledge of God of all things, which might occur till Doomsday. When God said, "I have perfected your religion and completed My favour unto you," this means that this religion Islam will not lack any thing at any aspect of life at any time and age. Allah appointed the Prophet Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallem) to expose and explain the Quran. I have already proved in Part I Ch: VI of this book that the Quran is synoptic and the teachings of the Prophet are the inseparable part of the Quran. Thus, the Quran and the teaching of the Prophet which we call sunnah make Islam a perfect order. The Quran said:

God did confer a great favour on the believers when He sent among them an Apostle from among themselves, reciting unto them the revelation, and sanctify them and teacheth them the Scripture and wisdom, while, before that they had been in manifest error. (3/164)

The teachings of the Prophet cover all walks of life giving peace and tranquility to the believers. Would that the men running in the western civilization knew what happiness and bliss, we enjoy in the daily life while following the tenets of Islam. Islam is a perfect order and shall continue to emit its glistening beams of clam tranquil and peaceful life.

Ibn Kathir explaining the verse, 'This day I have perfected...' says, "This is the greatest blessing of God over this humanity that God perfected for them their religion. They would never need a religion other than it, nor a prophet other than their Prophet (blessings of God be upon him), for this reason He made him the last of the Prophets, and sent him towards mankind and Jinn. There will not be anything legitimate except what he made legitimate and illegitimate what he said illegitimate, and no faith other than what he defined. Whatever he told is correct and truth.

He never uttered untruth, nor he left a thing concealed... God sent the best of the apostles with this religion, and descended the best of the scriptures."

It is agreed that this is the last verse revealed to the Prophet declaring Islam a perfect order.

The revelation began what meat is lawful and what is unlawful, so in the closing line of the aforesaid revelation God said, "Whoso is forced by hunger with no inclination, to sin: (for him) Lo! Allah is forgiving and Merciful." That is to say that if any person does not get any thing to eat for the survival days of his life, he is allowed to take unlawful. Similarly is the case with medicines wherein unlawful material is used. For him, 'Allah is forgiving and Merciful.' He is, "Aware of what is hidden in the hearts." But if any one intentionally disobeys, "He is severe in punishment."

It has been observed that few of our English writers refer to the translation and commentary of A.Yusuf Ali. He was born at Bombay in Bohra family in 1872 C.E.. It is well known that the Bohras are a different sect, as they differ in the basic believes in Islam.

A.Yusuf Ali deviated from the unanimous belief of the Muslims in usury. In his commentary note 324 to the verse 275 S.2 he excluded economic credits of the banks from the usury. I refuted him in part II Chapter IV of my book 'THE CHIEF OF THE PROPHETS' Vol.1 on this point. An article of mine was published in the newspaper 'JASARAT' (Karachi) on 1st June 1985 wherein I refuted him by name. NOORI DIGEST also published the same article in their July/August issue of 1985. His commentary has been in circulation since 1934. The Presidency of Islamic Researches Ifta, Call and guidance revised his commentary in 1410 Hijra (1989)

The late Mufti Shafi of Pakistan in his book 'Maslae Sood' proved that the banks credits are the part of usury.

Over and above I noted in his commentary that he under the caption, Translations of the Quran' included Qadiyanis in the Muslim sect. He mentioning the non-Muslim and anti Muslim translators of the Holy Quran said:

"The amount of mischief done by these versions of non -Muslim and anti Muslim writers has led Muslim writers to venture into the field of English translation. The first Muslim to undertake an English translation was Dr. Abdul Hakim Khan of Patiala, "

Then mentioning few other Muslim writers he said,

"The Ahmadiya sect has also been active in the field. Its Qadiyani Anjuman published a version of first Sipara in 1915.

Apparently, no more was published. It's Lahore Anjuman has published Maulvi Muhammad Ali's translation (first edition in 1917) which has passed through more than one edition. It is a scholarly work and is equipped with adequate explanatory matter in the notes and the preface and fairly full index. But the English of the text is decidedly weak, and is not likely to appeal to those who know no Arabic. There are two other Muslims translations of great merit..." (See page XIII all editions before 1989.)

From the above it is pretty clear that he included Qadiyanis among the Muslims, and he appreciated the commentary written by the Qadiyani Moulvi Muhammad Ali calling it scholarly work. Not only that he made references in his own commentary from M. Muhammad Ali's work but also he used the abbreviation of M.M.A. for him please see page XI of his commentary under the caption 'abbreviation used'.

It may be recalled that the Muslim World League conference in its session of 6th April to 10th April 1974, declared all the followers of Mirza Gulam Ahmad Qadiyani as non - Muslims.

His translation and commentary focus his own opinion like those of orientalists. One found on many places that he made a departure from Sunnah. However, he did not write (peace be upon him i.e. sallallaho alaihi wasallem) after the name of the Prophet anywhere in his commentary. All this proves a marked difference between a Muslim and a Bohra. He misinterpreted the Quran in his footnote 241 of his commentary while he exempted the insurance from the games of chance.

Thanks to the Presidency of Islamic Researches Ifta call and Guidance which revised his commentary in 1410 H. Please see the Preface on page viii of this book.


The Quran said:

O ye who believe! Wine and games of chance and idols and dividing arrows are an abomination of Satan's handiwork. Eschew from (them), that ye may prosper. Satan seeketh only to cast among you enemity and hatred by means of intoxicants and games of chance and hinder you from the remembrance of God and from prayer. Will ye not then refrain. (5/90-91)

In the above revelation, God forbids from two things. One relates to the social evil and the other carriers both, the social evil and the bodily harm. First, I shall try to discuss briefly on the social evil known as games of chance or gambling and then alcoholism.

Giving the definition of the games of chance, Ibn Sirin, Mujahid and Ata the famous commentators of the Holy Quran said, "Every thing which involves risk is gambling." It is also said that the gambling involves the payment and receipts of money. The gambling in Arabs was by way of dices, arrows and wager. With the development of knowledge, we have a wider field of activities in gambling, like the card games, games involving stake of bet or wager such as dices, horse race, speculation and insurances etc. The Quran defined them as the games of chance i.e. involving risk. This is such a compact and concise definition, which covers all the forms of gambling.

A. Yusuf Ali (the Bohris oppose the Muslims in some basic Islamic beliefs., wrote in his commentary to the Holy Quran in footnote 241, "But insurance in not gambling, when conducted on business principles here the basis for calculation is statistics on a large scale from which the mere chance is eliminated. The insurer themselves pay premium in proportion to risk, exactly and statiscally calculated."

Here A. Yusuf Ali contradicts his own statement. At one place he writes that the chance is eliminated and at the same time he writes in the aforesaid note that the insurer pays the premium for the risk.

The dictionary meaning of risk is 'chance of loss or injury' (Chambers)

That is when risk is there, the chance is there. Then how did he say that chance is eliminated. If any body pays for the risk, it does not mean he is not gambling.

In the games of chance both the parties pay for their stakes and take chance or risk. The loser loses his money. The insurer uses the term the risk is covered i.e. to say the risk is there and everything which involves risk or chance is gambling. Insurance comes within the definition of games of chance. That is why that the Deoband School and other Ulemas are unanimous that insurance is not allowed. Abdullah Yusuf Ali opposed this verdict.

As for his saying that insurance basis is calculation and statistics. We do not get any such tenet in the Islamic code to exempt the game of chance because it carries some statistics. But we do get a tenet that anybody who opposes a basic law (Nas), his faith in Islam is quite doubtful.

Gambling is social curse. The losers are many but the winners are very few. Card games etc., etc., and horse races are the living examples of it.

There is no harm in horse race if it does not carry any wager.

As for insurance, it carries manifold evils. It is a way of extracting money from the people by making them to vision a prosperous future. They lose their money if they could not continue to pay the premium of their life insurance. It also happens that the insurance acts as a malevolent when he proves by hook or by crook that the accident was deliberate or the fire was intentional. In cargo insurance the insurance companies earn 80% without any turmoil or fatigue, same is with traveler's insurance. The automobiles, planes and ships are mostly insured but the losses of insurance companies by way of accident are minor in comparison to the bulk of income, which they draw from these sources. Mostly the insurance companies pay loans to the traders and earn solid income by way of interest. Thus, public money is pooled in the hands of few making poor, the poorer. We shall be taken aback if we have a chance of peeping into the annual income of the insurance companies of the world running into millions of dollars.

The Prophet (Sallallaho alaihi wasallem) while prohibiting interest and gambling (see Ch: IV part II of the book Vol. 1) stopped the pooling pf public money into the hands of few and making poor, the poorer. Under the Islamic law of inheritance, the biggest property will devolve to nothing within two or three generations. Thus, Islam solemnly enforced the equal distribution of wealth and closed all the doors to communism to step in.