Chapter XIII

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Miscellaneous Scientific Facts in The Quran


Alcoholism and its ill-gotten sister narcotics are now the greatest social problem of the world.

It is narrated that Omar (radiallah anho) prayed: O Allah indicate us a decisive indication about wine, it takes away the money and the intellect. Allah revealed:

They question thee about liquor and games of chance. Say: In both is great sin and (some) utility for men; but the sin of them is greater than their usefulness. (2/219)

Omar continued to pray, "O Allah, indicate as a manifest indication about wine..." Allah revealed:

O ye who believe! Draw not near unto prayer when ye are intoxicated till ye know what ye utter. (4/43)

After this revelation a crier from the Prophet at the time of congregations used to cry that no one intoxicated would approach the prayers. Omar yet prayed O Allah indicate us...about wine... then lastly Allah revealed:

O ye who believe! Wine and games of chance...of Satan's handiwork. Eschew from (them)...Will ye not refrain. (See 5/90-91)

Omar when heard this revelation said, "We are refrained, we are refrained. (Dur al Manthur)

It may be seen from the above that the ban on use of intoxicants was gradual and final. This evil was eradicated totally by the Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallem) who continually preached explaining the indignation of God on all who are associated with its manufacture to its final consumption. The proof of his divine teaching is that he included all the narcotic drugs among the intoxicants:

Jabir bin Abdullah narrated. The Apostle of Allah (Sallallaho alaihi wasallem) said, "Whatever much of it intoxicates, then little of it is also prohibited. (Abu Dawood)

In another narration Abdullah bin Omar said. The Apostle of Allah (sallallaho alaihi wasallem) said, "Any body who attributed to me any thing which I did not say, he will get accession to his seat in the Hell." Then he said. 'I heard the Apostle of Allah having said, "No doubt Allah has prohibited the wine, games of chance, and the wine extracted by Ghabeera (a flower tree with fruit) and every thing which intoxicates is prohibited." (Ahmad)

The above two narration of the Prophet explain the revelation, "Draw not near unto prayer when ye are intoxicated." That is to say, God in his Omniscient Wisdom stopped from all the intoxicants. So when the final ban was revealed, it automatically prohibited all the intoxicants. That is why the Prophet said that every thing, which intoxicates, is prohibited.

The aforesaid is a comprehensive statement of the Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallem). The drinks in his times were taken by way of mouth only but he said that every thing which intoxicates is prohibited, it means you take anything by mouth or by injection or a suppository, in case much quantity of it intoxicates then little of it is also haram (prohibited). Thus, the narcotic drugs, which are the invention of the half of the 20th century are also not allowed to be used in Islam as they are among the group of intoxicants.

Now we revert back to the narration of Omar (radiallah anho) when he prayed Allah to indicate a manifest indication regarding wine as it takes away the money and the intellect. The basis of Omar's praying for an injunction on wine were two things, firstly the money and secondly it takes away the intellect.

If we look into the incurring expenditure on drinks (intoxicants) of European and American countries, we get an alarming figure of hundreds of millions of dollars. France has the highest alcohol consumption. French men consume two hundred million liters of alcohol beverage every year. The person who are addicted to excessive drinking of alcohol are called alcoholics. It has 5200 alcoholics to every 100,000 of its population. The alcohol makes the man instable and creates multifarious problems. It makes people lazy lethargic and apathetic. Most of them absent from the work, they get into trouble with bosses and get dismissed.

It breaks the family ties and brings complete disruption in family life. The drunkard fills the destroying bowl, gets excited with an enticement to crimes, and does not hesitate from adultery, incest and fornication.

Alcohol abuse present society with a staggering bill. In USA somewhere between $25 billions and $40 billion are lost in terms of labour productivity, treatment and welfare. (Koffend 1979)

In 1979 the W.H.O (World Health Organization) in a report in 'Health News' stated alcoholism is becoming a major problem in developing countries. It states that in Zambia and Venezuela the abuses of alcohol are lined with the increasing crimes rates and is the major cause of road accidents.

In South Africa 75% of the population is affected directly with the adverse affects of alcohol.

In USA 40% of all road accidents are due to alcohol abuse. In one of the comprehensive investigation of the criminal homicides, Wolfgang (1956) analyzed records of criminal homicides, which occurred in Philadelphia during 1948-1953. In 588 cases of homicide, alcohol was described in 55% of the offenders.

In USA alcohol account for 50% percent of criminal arrests. It is a fact that alcohol acts as a chief abettor to major crimes. Millions of dollars are spent in advertising of alcoholic beverages. Hundreds of million, which are being spent on alcoholic beverages, and narcotic drugs every years are they not contributing to growing inflation and making poor the poorer?

Now I shall discuss the bodily harm, which is being incurred by the alcoholic drinks and narcotics drugs.

Man is a social animal. He is differentiated by animals due to his mental faculties. If these faculties are impaired, he will act like an animal. Alcohol and narcotic drugs impair the higher centers of the brain. It is well known that these higher centers of the brain are reasonable for the mental faculties of judgement, intellect, learning, reason, memory and orientation. The intoxicants depress these centers of the brain impairing all the mental faculties. The lower centers of the brain are freed from the inhibiting influence of the higher centers causing excitement and animalistic behaviour. It is, therefore, the intoxicated person behaves recklessly and loquaciously, and loses control over himself, totters and is led by his evil desires to commit crimes. He lacks the sense of guilt and can be used to commit any criminal act or assault.

The following are the bodily harms are diseases of alcoholism observed by our medical science.

  1. Peripheral Neuritis, i.e. numbness and weakness in nervous system.
  2. Wernickes Encephalopathy, this is due to thiamine deficiency causing the disturbances of the consciousness and neurological problems.
  3. Korsakoffs Psychosis, i.e. impairment of memory, delusion and disorientation.
  4. Delirium Tremens. This is a frightening condition. The alcoholic is confused, restless misidentifies people and places and has a severe tremor.
  5. Pontine Mylinolysis.
  6. Cerebellar degeneration.
  7. Alcoholic gastritis. This is due to the toxic effects of the alcohol on the gastric mucosa and causes heartburn, anorexia, nausea and vomiting.
  8. Alcoholic Liver disease. This includes a wide spectrum of changes in the liver due to alcohol. They include fatty change in the liver, alcoholic hepatitis, hepatic fibrosis, and cirrhosis etc. etc.
  9. Pancreatitis. The common cause of this disease is alcohol, it may result into haemorrhage resulting into death.
  10. Effects on the heart. Alcohol causes toxic, conductive and nutritional disorders of the heart. It includes cardiomyopathy, abnormalities of the rhythm of the heart, and Beri Beri heart disease.
  11. Metabolic abnormalities. These include Hypoglycaemia, Porpheria and gout.
  12. Alcohol consumption during pregnancy results into low birth weight baby, decreases size of the head and brain and the baby may be mentally retarded.


The above facts make it emphatically clear that alcohol and narcotic drugs not only take away the hard-earned wealth of the people but also their intellect and health and leave them worthless. Omar was wise when he prayed in earlier 7th century for the ban saying the intoxicants take away the money and the intellect and Allah the Omniscient, the wise, for the welfare of His slaves banned intoxicants and relieved the Muslim from the pernicious evil. Now in 20th century all the sensible world is making a lot of hue and cry to stop alcoholism only to learn that it is reaching epidemic proportions. It is only Islam, which tackled with all social evils and crimes. It deals in two ways. Firstly the belief in the Lord the Creator, the Knower of all things.

Nothing or no act can be concealed from him. He is Unique and there're no partners in His Godhood. He has appointed His sentinels on everyman who are preparing the film of all his deeds. (See the Quran and the Modern Inventions). He will reckon in the Hereafter and reward on the virtues done and punished on the crimes (sins) committed and further one should believe in His Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (Sallallaho alaihi wasallem) and obey him. He was the man who was in direct communion with God. Whatever he gave to the humanity by way of shariat (laws), covering all walks of life is a perfect order so that they could lead a peaceful life in this world and in the Hereafter.

Secondly every Muslim has a two way responsibility, one to himself and the other to the society in which he lives including his brethren Muslims and non- Muslims. The duties of himself are to offer five times daily prayers, to pay the poor due (Zakat), to perform Hajj if he has means to do it, and to fast in Ramdhan.

The duties to the society are not to encroach upon the others right to honour life and property etc. which Islam has very well defined. If he fails, in any of his duties, he is liable to punishment under shariat. He knows if he escapes the laws he can never escapes the reckoning from Allah.

The Prophet or the Apostle of Allah by his teachings filled the hearts of the believers with the light of faith, then all the social evils were eradicated leaving the society and the family life calm quiet serene and free of all evils. That is why the Islam spread so fast all over the world and God willing shall continue to spread.