Chapter I

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The Impostor Elijah Muhammad

The forces antagonistic to Islam are at work. Transgressing the commandments of Islam they are trying hard to mislead the Muslims under the label of Islam. Islam faced many Impostors each claiming Prophet-hood and Elijah Poole was the last of them. Unchallenged in America, he distorted Islam for 40 years, as Muslims of the East did not know what is happening in that fringe of the world.

He died at Chicago on 25th February, 1975 leaving a sect of apostates from among the Blacks of America, numbering about one hundred thousand.
His life sketch was published in an American Weekly "JET" dated 13th March 1975 by Johnson Publication Co. Inc. Chicago: Before describing his guileful teachings against the Quran and Sunnah- it will be interesting for the readers to know the background of his life history.

He was born as Elijah Poole in Sanders - Ville, Ga., on October 7, 1897. His father Wali earned as Baptist preacher, sawmill worker and tenant farmer. He had a meager income hardly sufficient for his family of 13 children. At the age of 16 Elijah left school in fourth grade, in order to support his family. His sister taught him to read and write and he spent long hours reading the Bible.

Elijah Poole worked in Sanders-Ville and later in Southern Rail Road at Macon Ga., as a laborer, and at the Cherokee Bricks, as a foreman.
He objected to his 'White Employers' cursing him and told them to fire him, if his work was poor.

In 1919 he married Clara, and at the age of 25 he moved to Detroit where from 1923 to 1929 he worked in Chevrolet Auto Plant. The above referred American Weekly writes:-"In 1930, his life changed. In the summer of that year he met a mysterious 'Silk Peddler' called Walli Farrad W.D. Fard and Farrad Muhammad -

Fard a self described prophet, taught Blacks in Detroit that they were the members of the original and most superior race of man. He taught them that he was sent by Allah (God) to reclaim his lost people and deliver them from "man made" white devils who enslaved them."

This Liar soon got a following from amongst the Blacks and Elijah Poole was closest to him. His followers rented a hall, where Fard misguided the Blacks through his teachings under the label of Islam.

There in Detroit Fard established the Nation of Islam Movement. He also founded an institution under the name of 'University of Islam' to give elementary and secondary instructions, along with a Muslim Temple No: 1. Fard appointed Poole as Supreme Minister of Islam and renamed him as Elijah Muhammad, thus Elijah Poole became the leader of the 'Nation of Islam Movement.'


The said Weekly quotes that:- "As the new leader of the nation, Elijah Muhammad deified Fard, saying he was really Allah in disguise." (Jet Weekly 13.3.75.p.13 Chicago*)

This deification is against the tenets of- Islam and the belief of Incarnation was even unknown to earlier Christians, this will be discussed later. It is also note worthy that Fard lied when he claimed for himself prophet-hood and Elijah lied further when he told Fard was God


In 1932 Elijah went to Chicago to set up Temple no: 2, but he had to rush back to Detroit to aid his deified God, who was jailed that year because of a followers sacrificial killing of a brother.

Fard was exiled from Detroit after his release, he moved to Chicago with Elijah Poole, but there to, he was imprisoned.

After he was set free, he went underground to keep himself safe from Police, and disparagers, he formed the 'Militaristic Fruit of Islam' i.e. Security Guards. (How a God can seek protection and aid from others)

In 1934 Fard disappeared mysteriously, or that he was buried secretly to maintain his incarnation. Elijah announced in an Ebony Interview, "He made me the head- of Blackman in America."


Once talking on his successor Elijah said, "God chose me and if he wants a successor to me. He will choose one. The work I am doing I don't think God needs a one. What would another one do There will be no successor. It will be altogether a new religion."( Jet weekly p.40).

To mourn the death of their leader 'Elijah' and to pledge their allegiance to his son and successor Wallace. D. Muhammad' nearly 20 thousand members of the Nation of Islam, known as Black Muslims, gathered at Chicago's International Ampitheatre on 26th February 1975. The Jet weekly writes:-

"One after another, the top Ministers of Nation praised the deceased Elijah Muhammad as the exalted Messenger of Islamic God Allah, who came here in the person of Master Fard Muhammad, to deliver his divine teachings. And likewise the Ministers pledged to continue their loyalty and worship of the messenger (Islam doesn't allow the worship of messenger or any one except God) through his son Wallace. D. Muhammad."

Abbas Rassoull, national. Secretary of the Nation of Islam delivering his first speech said:- "Today we would like to inform the world that there is no leader ship crisis in the Nation of Islam. Almighty Allah in the person of Master Fard Muhammad, the Hon. Elijah Muhammad and the royal Muhammad family have chosen Wallace. D. Muhammad to lead the Nation of Islam."

The said Jet Weekly quoting the consensus of prominent Black Muslims, civil rights leaders, politicians and clergymen mentions: "In the forty years Elijah led the Muslims as their deified leader, the Messenger of Allah introduced and popularized the notion of Black Pride through self help and self love."

The said weekly in its editorial comment on Elijah writes:- "The Messenger of Allah's world concerned his own Black People and their destiny."

Rev: Jesse L. Jackson, national President of Operation Push intoned, "A prophet has passed from our midst but prophecy lives on." Louis Farrakhan of New York who is called Nation of Islams' spokesman uttered, "Elijahs life was the will of God, his passing was the will of God and his son was the will of God."


As it is the firm belief among the Muslims that Jesus will descend from the sky before the end of the universe and the Holy Quran also asserts that he is1 bodily present in the firmament, the Impostor Elijah taking advantage of this belief and with a deliberate motive of gaining a firm ground among the American Blacks who were Christians by religion and as such, were believing in Jesus and in his descent, he secretly had been portraying himself as Jesus. This secret teaching was unveiled after his death by his own son Nathaniel Muhammad who in a sermon before the gathering of about 20 thousand Blacks on 26th February 1975, declared, "Jesus that died for us died yesterday."

  1. See part three of this Book for details on Jesus and Christianity.