Chapter I

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The Impostor Elijah Muhammad


The seventh son of the Impostor Elijah had been appointed as hissuccessor to run the Nation Of Islam Movement. Wallace had been on thefootstep of his father. But now it has been announced that Wallace thesuccessor of Elijah has disowned his heretical beliefs and changed thepattern of his father. We are pleased to note this change and we praythat Allah may continue to guide him on the path shown to us by theProphet Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallam). Wallace disowning of hisheritage is victory to those who attempted to guide him on the rightpath. Since all the followers of Elijah are not definitely followingWallace, therefore, this book will help all who seek guidance in the waysof Allah, and to Wallace and his followers.


The said Jet weekly writes, "Messenger for 40years, taught who would listen that Blackman is the first and the lastand the maker and owner of the Universe." (p. 8.).

"Every Blackman in America will eventually be aMuslim. He is already a Muslim, he just doesn't know it yet."

On the Muslim Philosophy of Racial Seperation. (No Muslim Philosophy ofracial seperation exists. It is a damned lie and has been discussedlater).

However, Elijah said on. it, " I am teaching separation of the racesbecause God has chosen us, he is asking us to leave the white man. Thereis no hope for us with the children of our slave masters."

On Christianity and why Blackman should turn away from it, he said, "Christianity is the religion organized by the enemies of the BlackNation to enslave us to the White race's rule."

On the use of fire arms and why Muslims are forbidden from using them. " A gun takes the man's mind off God's protection and puts it on the gun.This is not the way men should think because a gun's protection is onlytemporary." Curse be on him, then Why his own contemptuous god Fard wasp rotecting himself through Militaristic Fruit of Islam.


The Blacks rallied round Elijah on his call of apostasy hidden under the label of Islam. He gradually paved his way among the Blacks who were backward and were made subject to racial segregation by the Whites. Elijah enticed them on colour feelings telling them "Christianity and white man as the enemies of the Blackman," and God himself had come to reclaim his lost people (what an infirm God to lose people), and deliver them from man made. White Devils who enslaved them."

It was sullen to talk for the Omnipresent to lose or gain and to attribute the Blacks as the creation of God and Whites the 'Man Made', it was as good to ascribe the power of creation to God for the Blacks and making man His partner in creation of White people. But the racial hatred was so inculcated among them that they believed every nonsense and Elijah easily succeeded in polluting their minds.

He told them that "your grave yard is the Christian reading of the Bible, " but at the same time he taught them and as his son Wallace puts it, "Elijah unlocked the Bible by teaching the true translation of it - the Muslim translation, (said Jet Weekly, p. 56)

All the Muslims of the world know that any Muslim translation of the Bible does not exist. All the Muslims believe that Bible was a divine book revealed on Jesus Christ by Allah the Almighty, but now this original book in Aramaic is extinct and does not exist. The four Gospels were written long after Christ i.e. between 70 and 115 Christian Era. None of the Evangelists had known Jesus and heard him speaking, no written copy of the traditions of Jesus was made in his life time. The earlier records of the sayings of Jesus which were, if at all made as claimed, had been irretrievably lost, the Gospels had no canonical authority even a century after they were written and Gospels i.e. Mark, Matthew, Luke and John as a whole are full of Contradictions, therefore, where does the question of a Muslim translation of Bible arises which even among Christians has doubtful validity.
The Muslims believe in all the previous prophets, that they were true prophets of Allah in their times and believe in the Holy Books which were revealed on them, but which are now extinct, and finally that Islam has repealed all the previous religions.

Holy Quran says:- "And who so seek as religion other than Islam, it will not be accepted from him, and he will be a loser in the Hereafter," (3/85).

Our Holy Divine and final Book the Quran, the Muslims have no connection with Bible, to us all the previous Holy Books are extinct, then how rot is it, to talk of Muslim translation of the Bible. It is nothing but to mar the appearance of Islam.

However we see that what a large realm of apostasy is being run with 40 schools, under the name of University of Islam in U.S.A., with a news-paper 'Muhammad speaks' and 75 Muslim Temples in different parts of America, each temple has a minister (clergyman) to impart his teachings for the continuous defacing of Islam. Besides Elijah achieved a financial empire of about 80 million dollars for Nation of Islam Movement. So we behold a great financial force behind this realm of apostasy

  1. See part three of this Book for details on Jesus and Christianity