Chapter II

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There is no Altering to the Laws of ALLAH's Creation Science Endorses the Quran & Rejects Darwin

The Quran said: The nature ordained by Allah (God) In which He hath created man. There is no altering to (the laws of) God's creation. (30/30)

There is no altering to the laws of God's creation and the nature didn't come into being of itself but it had taken its course from its very inception as was ordained by God, the Creator.

This universal law was contested by a well know atheist who termed himself naturalist Darwin.


CHARLES ROBERT DARWIN was born in 1809 at Shrewsbury and died in 1882. The theory of evolution is attributed to him. He believes in the survival of the fittest in the evolutionary stages. He calls evolution by natural selection. He is known as atheist as he held that life arose from inanimate matter without any divine assistance.

At the occasion of Darwinian Centennial at Chicago in 1959 a prominent evolutionist Sir Julian Huxley expressed, "Evolution has no room for the supernatural. The earth and its inhabitant were not created, they evolved." (The New York Times, Nov.29 1959)

Darwin had held that men were not created but he descended frOm species that are specified primates, i.e. anthropoid apes. He named his book "The Origin of Species by Natural Selection". It was published in 1859.

This theory of evolution revoking recklessly the divine creation resulted into far reaching miserable consequences. It gave a deathblow to the moral values in Europe etc., which were invoked by the religious teachings in nineteenth century.

The theory of the survival of the fittest enticed few men in power to unparallel tyranny. H.G.Wells in his book "The Outline of History" admitted:

"The Darwinian movement took formal Christianity unawares, suddenly..........The immediate effect of this great dispute...was very detrimental indeed. The new biological science was bringing nothing constructive as yet to replace the old moral stand-bys. The real demoralization ensued...There was a real loss of faith after 1859. The true gold of religion was in many cases thrown away with the worn-out purse that had contained it for so long, and it was not recoveredů Prevalent peoples at the close of the nineteenth century believed that they prevailed by virtue of the Struggle for Existence, in which the strong and the cunning get the better of the weak and confiding...

"Man, they decided, is a social animal like the Indian haunting dog...so it seemed right to them that the big dogs of the human back should bully and subdue." (pp.956, 957-1921)

After the evolution theory became the common knowledge of the people that history recorded progressive worsening of the crime, delinquency, immortality and even war. People resorted to nasty and fowl means to achieve their own benefit, as they believed that in struggle for existence, the stronger survives. But in what they indulge, was not the struggle for the existence but it was the struggle for the power and pelf.

Darwin was hailed by Nietzsche. Professor Will Durant said, "Nietzsche was the child of Darwin. (The Story of Philosophy by Will Durant, p.301-1943) Nietzsche was an anti-Christian German philosopher who enticed Germans to war said: "It is mere illusion and pretty sentiment to expect much (even anything at all) from mankind if it forgets how to make war." (The Outline of History by H.G.Wells, p.1005)

Thus, the German people were methodically indoctrinated with the idea of a German world predominance based on might, and with the theory that war was necessary thing in life. The Germans fought two horrible world wars and now we have a threat for the third one. The communists have the same designs of the world predominance based on might. The event of Hungary and Afghanistan are the glowing examples of it. The Russians never have had faced such resistance as they had from Afghans.

The American machines (in free aid), Pakistan's undaunted support and wise planning and the chivalry and the gallantry Afghan Muslims made Russians to acknowledge their withdrawl after eight years of bloody war , which took a toll of more than 1.5 millions.

It is the theory of evolution, which paved a way for agnosticism and atheism, and corroborated communism. Karl Marx (1818-1883) the father of modern communism was so delighted with Darwin's evolution work that he wanted to dedicate the English edition of his book "Das Kapital" to Darwin because he felt that Darwin's theory gave a basis in natural science for the class struggle he taught.

De Beeri in his book "Charls Darwin" says:

"It was no doubt partly Darwin's lack of any sense of history that led him to write his astonishingly naive letter to Baron von Scherzer: 'What a foolish idea seems to prevail in German on the connection between socialism and evolution through natural selection.' That was on December 26, 1879 and a year later he must have had a shock when he received a letter from Karl Marx asking him permission to dedicate English edition of Das Kapital to him." (p.266)

Darwin's Evolution was considered spadework for persons to accept communism and other godless ideologies.

Both Nietzsche and Marx were profoundly influenced by Darwin's Evolution theory. They applied it to their social and political teachings, enticing people to kill the religious and the religion. And the world witnessed the greatest genocide of the unarmed millions of Muslims under Bolshevik revolution. It was certainly evolution, which gave birth to anarchism, fascism, Nazism and Zionism to the hurt of the human family. The Zionists genocide of the unarmed Palestinians in West Beirut was on 18th Sep. 1982 at Sabra Shatilla. A resolution was passed against Israel's on 19th Sep.1982 in the Security Council. The Israelis merciless killing of the unarmed Muslims in occupied Palestine continues, up to April 1988, 300,000 Muslims have been put into prison for their basic demands food and water and for their birthright of liberation.


I have proved in Vol. 1 part III of this book under the caption "The Unreliability of the Gospels" that the Bible is the work of evangelists in their own fashion, the original and the earlier extant manuscripts having been irretrievably lost. We cannot call it a book of revelation but it is an untestified record of the historical events of Jesus. Thus, it does not contain the facts as the Quran has. The Quran covers a very vast field of the scientific knowledge, whereas the Bible has none. It was therefore, the clergymen fell flat to evolution to the contrary the Muslim scholars resisted it upholding the teachings of the Quran.

Acknowledging the fall of the clergymen to evolution the book "Did Men Get Here by Evolution or by Creation" acknowledges:

Even many religious leaders hold this view. The Milwaukee Journal of March, 1966, (p.5) reported that the Pastor of

St: James Catholic Church...made firm statement accepting evolution. 'There is no doubt about the fact of evolution,' He said.

The account related that the priest underlined the word fact.

The aforesaid book further writes:

It is true that some persons to have made an attempt to harmonize belief in God with belief in evolution by saying that God created life as one celled organism and then guided its evolution to man. There are clergymen who accept this view, However, these clergymen, whether they realize it or not, contribute to the general moral break down. In order to accept the evolutionists views, they have had to reject the Bible account of how God created man directly. By holding that this part of the Bible is not true, they undermine confidence in the rest of the Bible including its principles of high morality. So they reap what they sow. By preaching evolution they sow distrust in the Bible, and they reap disrespect for its good standards of morality.

Under the influence of the teaching of evolution there are clergymen who now are saying that "God is dead" (God is Everlasting see below (Clergymen and God) they are parroting a phrase Nietzsche used. They help to plant the seed of moral decay sown by evolution, which is contributing to the inhumanity man has been showing to man and to his beastly lack of compassion. This has contributed to the abandoning of God by many clergymen and laymen, the very thing that Satan has had as his objective.

To say God created life from one-celled organism and then guided its evolution to man is a baseless fancy. The Quran quite against evolution clearly declared:

The nature ordained by God in which He created man. There is no altering to (the laws of) God's creation. (30/30)

There is no altering to the laws of God's creation, means no mutation is possible whatsoever from one-celled organism to others.

However, the 7th century revelation mentioning there is no altering to God's creation was opposed after Darwin's Evolution. A famous evolutionist writer Dobzhanski in his book "The Biological Basis of Human Freedom" cynically stated: Mutation produces changes in the genes and variants of the genes structure; these are the raw materials of the evolution." (p.56)

Another evolutionist A.Scheinfeld in his book "The New You and Heredity" harped: "It is through the rare instance of the favorable mutation, of innumerable kinds and countless numbers, occurring successively over much extended period that the whole process of evolution may now be explained. (P.476-1950)

Now I quote to the readers the finding of the scientists against mutations in genes.

Many experiments were conducted to determine the characteristics of mutations. H.J. Muller, who received the noble prizes in 1946 for his contributions in this field, declaring the results of his experimentations said: "Most mutations are bad, in fact good ones are so rare that we may consider them all as bad." (Time, Nov.11, 1946 p.96)

Professor H.J. Muller in an articles entitled 'Radiation and Human Mutation' in Scientific American of Nov.1955 said:

"In more then 99% of cases the mutation of a gene produces some kind of harmful effect, some disturbance of function."

The Atomic Bombs that exploded over Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Japan) caused many mutations due to radiation. None were regarded to further the cause of evolution. Mostly they resulted in deformity, damage and death.

Dobzhanski who had very enthusiastically held that the mutations produces changes into gene had to acknowledge:

"A majority of mutations, both those rising in laboratories and those stored in natural population, produce deteriorations of the viability, heredity diseases and monstrosities. Such changes it would seem, can hardly serve as evolutionary building blocks. (Genetics and the Origin of Species p.73)

Professor Hugh Miller in his book "Progress and Decline" says:

"It is observed that great importance greatly attached to gene mutations are a factor in evolutionary history is in part the result of the erroneous expectations initially aroused by their discovery." (p.38-1963)

Finally, it was held that the genes reproduce themselves accurately. There is no possibility of mutation of one form of gene to another. Thousands of experiments were conducted but never a one resulted in production of new kind of animal or plant.

Mutations remain restricted to the same family or to the basic genesis kind to which the plant or animal belongs. No mutation or series of mutations ever resulted in a different organism. (See the Genetics and the Quran). The truth was only with the Quran said:

The nature ordained by Allah (God) in which He hath created man. There is no altering to (the laws of) God's creation. (30/30)

a) See Introduction to Vol. I Parts I to IV. Of this book and Nabi Al Anbia (Urdu) Vol I.