Chapter II

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There is no Altering to the Laws of ALLAH's Creation Science Endorses the Quran & Rejects Darwin


It is preceded that few clergymen are parroting the phrase that Nietzsche used that God is dead. God is Everlasting having no end. However, Nietzsche is long dead. The clergymen's belief in God is their own concoction. (See Trinity part III Vol 1) they say God was crucified, buried and raised to the sky. To the Muslims Jesus was the slave of God and not God the son. The cursed Jews who had always been killing their prophets attempted to crucify Jesus but God the Unique raised him up (See The Bodily Ascent of Jesus Part III Vol.1) to know what God is and what God is not see Ch: III part I of Vol.1 .

If all the people of the world get resolute to harm God, they cannot harm Him or belittle Him. To know His existence we should look around us. If we see a pen, paper, book, house, furniture, a decorated garden we at once think of its maker. Everything has its maker. If we postulate the natural phenomena, we see everything coming out of earth it and was a burning hot magma, a gaseous mass, a fireball part of the sun and whence did our sun come from, we finally have to confess a maker.

Look here then again look through your senses if you have any. Our science tells that a fireball or a burning hot magma kills all the organism. Then our earth was once a complete dead matter. Pasteur and Reddi proved that a dead matter always remains a dead matter. Thus, one has to confess the existence of a Maker and Creator. The Quran says:

Thou (Allah) bringest forth the living from the dead, and Thou bringest forth the dead from the living.

It is Allah Who created life on the earth and created everything living. Then further, there are two very daring instance in the Quran.

Firstly, if you doubt that the Quran is not the Book of God then produce only three verses like the one in the Quran. It may be noted there had been few great Arabic scholars among the Christians and Beirut still has few.

Secondly, the evolutionists declared that the life has come out from inanimate matter, if they are true then why they couldn't revive the soulless body fully intact. The Quran says:

Why then do ye not (intervene) When the (soul) cometh up to the throat (of the dying) And ye are at that moment looking. And We are nearer unto him then ye are but ye see not. Why then, if ye are not in bondage (unto us) Do ye not force it (i.e. soul) back, if ye are truthful. (56/83- 87)

The clergymen should take a lesson from the Quran for its unassailable teachings at all the times of the world.


When the Darwin's Evolution came to public, the British crown was gleaming almost all over the world. Through their press and publications, it reached to Indian subcontinent in 1859. In 1857, Muslims of the subcontinent waged a war of freedom against the British imperialism under the leadership of the Muslim scholars. However, this war of freedom fell to British Crown due to the dissention and factionalism of the non-Muslim population. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan under the bond of British rule was appointed as Munsif at Bijnore during the war of freedom of 1857. (See footnote 3 parts I to IV Introduction Vol. 1 ).

Darwin's 'Origin of Species' containing his evolutionary theory was published in 1859. On the instigation of the Imperial Government, Sir Syed was the one who advocated the evolution. He and his followers were known as naturalists. Since the evolution was in direct tussle with the Quranic beliefs he, therefore, he wrote an Urdu Tafsir of the Quran and attempted to cut all the basic beliefs of Islam. Abdul Haq Haqqani in the foreword of his Urdu Tafsir refuted him at full length for his renegation to Islam.

The other man, who following Darwin attempted to cut the very root to Islam, was Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Parvez. He denounced the five time daily prayers and the traditions of the Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallem). (See Ch: I part III) He not only denied the miracles of the Prophet but also the miracles stated in the Quran. As we have already seen, he denied the power of creation of Allah. This was the reason that all the renowned Muslim scholars unanimously declared him infidel.

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan pivoted a school of modern learning's at Aligarh (India). My father Sirajuddin Ahmad Siddiqui was among the first batch who took his graduation and the Law degree from the Muslin Oriental College Aligarh in 1910. But the Muslims stuck fast to the Islamic beliefs and learning's and Sir Syed Ahmad's notion against Islam were buried with him in his grave.

Parvez died in ignominy. The little following he had, would soon find themselves driven to the walls by powerful Islamic polity. There were many tumults against Islam but God had them faded away from the pages of the history.


When we peep into the facts what the evolutionist have so far discussed, we happen to know that the evolution was a hotch potch theory based on mare presumptions and expectations far from reality.

Over a hundred and twenty nine years ago, in 1859 evolutionist Charles Darwin stated in his book the "The origin of Species":

"Long before the reader has arrived at this part of my work, a crowd of difficulties would have occurred to him. Some of them are so serious, that to this day I can hardly reflect on them without being on some degree staggered. (Vol II p.178. The Harvard Classics, 1909)

Can evolution be a fact when Darwin himself was staggered by its difficulties.

L.Merson Davies a British Scientist in his book The Bible and the Modern Science talking on the Darwin's 'The origin of Species' said:

"It has been estimated that no fewer than 800 phrases in the subjunctive mood, (such as 'let us assume' or 'We may well suppose' etc.) are to be found between covers of Darwin's" The origin of Species" (p.7-1953)

So we know that whatever Darwin was producing was conjectural and speculative hypotheses in denial to God's power of creation.

Science Year 1966 ( reported: "Archeology despites it's triumphs, remains almost at the beginning of the immense task of reconstructing mankind's history" (of evolution).

That is to say that the evolution is a paradox, a hoax and even after more than a century and a quarter, there is no evidence whatsoever of the evolutionary process of man.

A prominent evolutionist W.Le Gros Clark acknowledged in his book 'The Fossil Evidence from Human Evolution':

"The chances of finding fossil remains of actual ancestors of even representatives of the local geographical group which provided the actual ancestors are so fantastically remote as not to be worth consideration". (p. 41-1964)

Where does the question of finding the fossil remains of the ancestors so presumed in the evolution arise? When there were no ancestors at all. Man was created and the Quran tells that Adam was very first and perfect in creation.

A staunch supporter of evolution Professor Dobzhanski in his book "The Biological Basis of Human Freedom" had to admit:

"There is no doubt that both the historical and casual aspect of evolutionary process are far from being completely known...The causes which have brought about the development of the human species can be only dimly discerned. (p.8, 9-1956)

The word 'dimly discerned' lead to unfounded assumption, only to deny the creation of man by God, and to support to atheism and communism.