Chapter III

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The Scientists Discard The Evolution Theory

Darwin's theory was, that members of different species competed with another for life and that in such struggle any acquired advantageous variation would enable its possessor to gain the upper hand. The fittest, therefore, would survive the others would perish. The survivors would pass on the acquired beneficial variations to their offspring, accounting eventually for the evolution of new forms of life Darwin called this process natural selection.

The above hypothesis of Darwin gives rise to the following queries:

1) Whence did different species come from?

2) Was there any competition of survival between different species?

3) Did the species acquired any advantageous variation and passed them on to their offspring?

4) Can different species meet and give evolution to new forms of life?

God willing, I will deal with the above queries very concisely under the Quranic data endorsed by science.


It is the fashion of the atheists and the communists to make an assumption, entangle their reader, and tack him in confusion in their haphazard thinking. When Darwin said 'Different species competed one another for life', he entrapped the reader to consider only of the competition for life, which looks a very promising proposition.

He detracted them to conceive that how did different species come into being?

As for the first query, our science told us that our earth was the part of sun. Its gaseous mass got detached from the sun. It was a burning hot magma. The Quran also told us the same. (See the Creation of the Universe). We know it for certain that no living cells can survive on the burning hot magma. Then the upper surface cooled and became solid but the earth was still an inanimate matter.

Lazzario Spallanzani an Italian priest (about 1780) sealed numerous vegetable juices in glass flasks after he boiled them. After allowing the materials to cool and stand for a number of days, Spallanzani could not observe any organism. Even microscopic examination did not reveal them. Spallanzani concluded that nothing developed in the juices because boiling killed any living organism that might have been present. Consequently, there were no organisms to give rise to new ones. (Review Text in Biology p.252)

Pasteur Louis (1822-1895) a French scientists conclusively demonstrated that microorganism which are present everywhere get into organic matter, which serves as their food. After feeding and growing, the microorganism reproduces and thereby gave rise to many others like themselves and brings contamination. If flasks are given the heat treatment for their sterilization and sealed no microorganisms, appear even after many months.

The technique of heat treatment to kill the microorganisms and protect the food from contamination after its sterilization by sealing the air off the flasks is called Pasteurization. This very technique is used in canned food.

A 17th century Italian physician and poet, Francesco Redi was first (about 1688) to carry out controlled experiments that disproved the belief that maggots arose from decaying fish, snakes and meat. Redi proved the maggots and flies arise from living parents and not from dead matter. (Review Text in Biology p.252)

The above experiments of the scientists proved beyond doubt that dead matter does not give rise to living matter. From this, the scientists have concluded the principle of biogenesis. It means the derivation of living things from the living things. The Encyclopedia American says: "Biologists are now not only in virtually unanimous agreement that all life derives from preceding life, but that the parent organism and its offspring are of the same kind". (1956 vol.III)

We also take the principle of biogenesis for granted but whence did the life on earth come from? As it was once a burning hot gaseous mass, part of the sun, it couldn't have any living organism, whatsoever, and it is proved above that inanimate matter even after it is cooled, couldn't give rise to any living organism as was propagated by Darwin and held by Parvez. We, therefore, have to bow down our heads in obedience to Quran, which tells:

Say: (O Muhammad) travel in the land and see How He originated creation, Then Allah brings forth the later growth, Lo! Allah is able to do all things. (29/20)

It was He alone Who could raise life from the earth when it was an inanimate matter and then He developed a system of procreation within every kind.

A fool hardy like Parvez could say: "the particle of dust after centuries of evolution got changed into human shape". Whereas the discoveries of science told us that, the first speck of life on earth could never arise from inanimate matter.

All matter on earth is composed of basic elements. Element is a substance made up of atoms of one single kind. It cannot be simplified or decomposed by ordinary chemical means. There is not any trend toward evolution among the elements of earth.

Atoms of elements are either found to be stable, or they have decaying trend. The principle of entropy in science tells us that there is downward tendency from the highly organized to less organized. Inanimate matter doesn't search out a way to improve itself, but tends towards the state of neutralization, it decays with the time. Time produces decay and disintegration. It results in corroding metals and eroding cliffs. Time is destructive, it is the enemy of evolution.

If a thing is staying still, it will stay still, or if moving, it will go on moving unless acted by some outside force. A ball will not pick itself up off the ground and throw itself in any direction. A wagon will not move by itself unless acted upon by a superior force. Inanimate matter is devoid of motion, energy and life. It would stay inanimate matter forever unless acted upon by some superior outside force that could give it life, direction and organization. Thus, we have to acknowledge that all life did not come on earth through spontaneous generation but Allah the Great Creator created everything on it as He said:

He it is Who created for you all things that is on the earth. (2/29)

He it is Who produced gardens trellised and un-trellised, and the date palm, and produce of various kinds, and olives and pomegranates, similar (in kind) and different in variety). (6/141)

Therefore, He it is Who created and spread all forms of life to His Will and plan on earth. Though earth was inanimate matter, similarly Adam's clay was inanimate matter but:

He bringeth forth the living from the dead. (6/95)

Thus after scattering all life on earth, He appointed a rigid system of procreation of all things within the bonds of their kinds and families.

There is no altering to God's creation. (30/30)

Procreation of everything is restricted to its kind. This I will discuss later.


Darwin had presumed that there was a competition for survival between different species. Now we shall see was there any competition at all?

We have three forms of life.

a) The plant life.

b) The animal and bird life.

c) The human life.

We shall see what the Quran speaks of these lives. As for the plant life, the Quran says:

And the earth We have spread out, and placed therein firm hills, and produced all kinds of things to grow therein. (15/19)

The Quran further said:

He it is Who sendeth down water from the sky, And therewith We bring forth plantations of all kinds; We bring forth green (crops) from which We produce the thick-clustered grain, and from the date palm, from the pollen thereof, spring clusters of dates hanging low and near; and (We bring forth) garden of grapes and the olives and the pomegranate each similar (in kind) yet different in variety: Look upon the fruit thereof, when they bear fruit, and upon its ripening. Lo! Herein verily are signs for a people who believe. (6/99)

Was there any evolution among the plants or trees, never. The living cell of every plant and every tree does not allow slightest change in its growth plan. The dates shall always remain dates. The colors may very, the sizes may differ but they would never come out from their family bonds. The grapes and olives will remain in their kind.

We don't see any competition and struggle for life among them. Allah has developed a system of their growth and He brings rains and fecundating winds for their growth. (See the Quran and the Botany)

There are many other verses of the Quran, which explain the water cycle and reviving of the plant life under:

The nature ordained by God in which He created man. There is no altering to (the laws) of God's creation. (30/30)

The Quran gives a very vivid detail about the animal and bird life. We take few verses for the scientific view of the subjects:

And in your creation and of all the beasts that He scattered in the earth, are signs for a folk whose faith is sure. (45/4)

The Arabic word 'Dabbah' translated as beast's means also livestock, living and crawling creatures of all kinds. The Quran tell us that the creation of man and beast's etc. are one of His signs. Why? It is preceded that the earth was a gaseous mass, a burning hot matter having no life of its kind. We have also seen that the scientists have proved that no life forms can come out of dead matter. It is, therefore, evident that God, the Creator created all life forms. It is the reason, that the Quran informs us that the creation of man and all life forms, God appointed a system of their procreation:

Allah hath created every animal of water. of them are the ones, which creep on their bellies, and the ones that walk on two legs, and the ones that go on four. Allah createth what He will. Lo! He is able to do all things. (24/45)

Here water refers to the protoplasm, and the water is the basic constituent of it and of all living cells. All the living brings mate within their family bonds and procreate. We can divide the animal and bird kingdom on two categories, namely the flesh eaters and the grazing ones. Even from before the advent of the Quran till to date the world has its history record. Had there been any competition or struggle for life among the birds of prey and others or among the beasts of prey and the grazing animals as held by Darwin? Never. We see all flourishing side by side. The lions could never extinct the deer's and nor falcons could over run the birds but what we observe the truth spoken by the Quran right 1400 years before:

How many are the creatures that beareth not their own provision? Allah provideth it for them and for you. He is the Hearer and the knower. (29/60)

Quite oppose to Darwin the ferocious and the feeble all survive. More or less both get their sustenance. The Law of God not only runs among the animal and the bird kingdom but even to mankind. Irrespective of stronger and the weak, the Great sustainer is feeding them all. Everyman in his effort to maintain himself is successful to some degree. All this is as per the wish and planning of God:

We have apportioned among them their livelihood in the life of the world, and raised some of them above others in rank that some of them may take labours from others... (43/32)

He established the gradations among mankind to make one serve the other. This way He has run the affairs of the world and appointed sustenance for each. We hear people die for overeating but one starves to death, is rare, except when people indulge in severe disobedience to God and commit sins, they die of venereal like Aids (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), epidemics, in wars, and famine.

God is the Creator and Sustainer of all. Had the sustenance been left into the hand of rich, then all the poor were either made their bondmen or died of hunger. The very fact that everyman whether he is rich or poor, strong or weak, able or disable, healthy or sick, on a job or without the job gets some sustenance, proves, God is the Sustainer of all. Not only the fittest survive and others perish, but all survive:

Lo! God He it is Who giveth sustenance, the Lord of unbreakable power. (51/58)