Chapter IV

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The Qur'an and the Genetics

One has to marvel on the Creator of the living cell who made cell a perfect unit of life in all respects to develop that living thing which is exactly designed in its built in genetic code of heredity.

We have seen the genetics is the branch of biology dealing with heredity variation and inherited characteristics of an organism. Above I have cited various verses from the Quran dealing with the subject in question. The Quran refers to another organism stating its inherited characteristics:

And thy Lord inspired the bee, to make its cells in the hills and in the trees and in that which they inhabit. Then eat of all fruits, and follow the ways of thy Lord, make smooth (for thee) There cometh forth from their bellies a drink of various colours, wherein is healing for mankind, Lo! Herein is indeed a sign for people who meditate. (16/-68-69)

If we analyze the above revelation we come across the following main characteristics of the bee:

a) God inspired bee to make cells.

b) Its eating of all fruits. (The Arabic word ‘thamarat’ means produce of all plants and trees i.e. flowers etc.

c) Its following the ways of its Lord which were made smooth for it (bee)

d) Coming forth of a drink of various colours from it, which refers to honey.

e) In it are indeed sign for mankind.

Inspire means to direct by divine force, or to instruct or to guide. The question arises how was an inspiration drawn into bee? To say the inspiration was drawn into the mind or heart of bee would be meaningless, as the creatures do not possess mental faculties. After stepping into the science of genetics, the man learnt that every living cell is blessed with genetic code preserved in genes around its nucleus. Every creature is destined to act under the limits of its inherited characteristics. Therefore, when the Quran referred: “And thy Lord inspired the bee,” it meant that Lord the creator when created the bee destined in its genes the perpetual characteristics to be inherited generation after generation. So the inspiration was in the form of genetic code which included: a) Making of cells. The bee in its honeycomb makes hexagonal cells in symmetrical order. A small insect working a geometrical design is amazing in itself. b) Allah appointed its nutrition from the produce of all plants i.e. flowers etc. c) Mentioning it the Quran said: “And follow the way of thy Lord made smooth (for thee).” This evidently refers to follow the inspiration destined in its genetic code. It is definitely made easy for the bees to act collectively under a perfect system. They make their living in a honeycomb, and take their nutrition from the nectar of the flowers. They procreate in their hives, and manage their affairs under the guidance of their queen. They guard from their enemies, and fight them and to secrete honey from their alimentary canal.

The man knows that bees are following their course from the times unknown. Thousands of years of history of the period, Before Christ tells us that the bee is as it was. There hadn’t been the slightest change in the program of its life. It is therefore, the Quran invites the intention of the people and says: “Lo! Herein (bee) indeed a sign for people who meditate.” Certainly, there is a great sign of the Creators greatness Who originated life and made the living cell of every creature a master unit of life not allowing slightest deviation from its characteristics. To talk of evolution is to find defect in His creation and no doubt, He and His creations are free of all drawbacks.

There is also another lesson in the life of the bee. The people who refuse the life of the Heaven and say how a man can rid of his refuse and sweet instead. It is evident when bee takes nutrition from the nectar of the flowers it emits honey. Similarly, the nutrition in the Heaven will make them to emit sweat smelling musk. Adam’s physical body in the Heaven was emitting sweat, but when he came down to this world the difference in the nutrition made him to spill refuse.

The Quran further referred to the inherited traits when it quoted the conversation between Mary and her people. (See The Birth of Jesus Christ part III Ch: II pp. 183 to 190 Vol. 1) The virgin Mary was blessed with a son Jesus in a very special fatherless creation of God. She came to her people carrying him in her arms. The Quran narrated:

Then she brought (the babe) to her people, carrying him (in her arms). They said: O Mary! Thou hast come with an amazing thing. O sister of Aaron! Thy father was not a wicked man, nor thy mother was a harlot. (19/27-28)

I have already written the arguments on the chastity of Virgin Mary and proved the miraculous birth of Jesus as a token of God’s power of creation. (See the reference cited above). Here I want to limit the argument to inherited characteristics.

For that I have get back to my previous discussion. We have known chromosome a thread like structure of complex organization, which is found in the nucleus of the animal and plant cells and carries in linear order the factors of inheritance.

Each chromosome contains a definite group of genes known as linkage group.

The number of somatic chromosome in man was found to be 2n=46. Thus, each cell of our body contains 23 pairs of chromosomes. Of these 23 pairs, 22 pairs are similar in male and female. These are called autosomes. But in both the sex the 23rd pair is known as sex chromosome pair. The female sex chromosomes are known as xx and the male as XY. If the fertilization always takes place with Xx chromosome, those parents get female issues only and if it always takes place with xY chromosomes, they get only male issues. And if it takes place with Xx or xY and so on they get male and female issues. The numerical aberrations involving sex chromosomes result into sterility, mental retardation and various other drawbacks and criminal bent of mind.

The Quran stating this position said: To Allah belongeth the dominions of the heaven and the earth

He created what He will. He bestoweth female (offspring) upon whom He will, and bestoweth male (offspring) upon whom He will; or He mingleth them, males and females and He maketh barren whom He will. Lo! He is knower, Powerful. (42/49)

Thauban (radiallah anho) in a longer tradition narrated that he was standing by the Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallem) that a Rabbi from the Rabbis of Jews came to him and said: Peace on you O Muhammad!...(then he asked few questions the Prophet answered) and lastly he asked about the birth of a male child. The Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallem) said: “The (male water) sperm (see previous page) is white, the female water ( now known as female gamete) is yellowish. If the sperm subdues the female gamete, the boy is born, if God intends. And if the female gamete subdues the sperm, the female is born. If God intends.” The Jew said: “You told the truth. I testify you are the Prophet.” Then he went away... (Muslim)

Now we know that the Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallem) was definitely pointing to the science of genetics. As we have seen if the Y subdues the female X chromosome, the male child is born and if the female X chromosome subdues the male X chromosome, the female is born.

However, the creation of human population rests with God’s will and plan. He is a Sustainer of all. He is a Creator of human cell and gives prosperity or sterility to whom He wills. We should not take sterility as a curse, but bow down our heads in obedience to Him, hoping for His bounties here and in Hereafter.

The scientists have found sex chromosomes abnormalities resulting in deviation from usual life. They have found males with an extra Y chromosome (XYY) with unusual height, mental retardation and criminal bent of mind. Their genitalia are affected by developing abnormalities.

However, apart of this observation of scientists in transfer of heredity traits, the personal character of a man is deeply affected by the environment he moves. That is to say that the environment plays a vital role in developing habits and characteristics as to the personal character of a man. Therefore, a tendency to crimes is mostly earned in the environment one moves. To judge the factual position of environments round the world, let us briefly peep into the crime reports.

U.S. News and World report (Aug. 1, 1966 p 46, 47) writes: “A wave of crime and rioting is sweeping across the United States...In many cities the women are afraid to go out after dark. And they have good reason. Rapes, assaults, sadistic outbursts of senseless violence are on the rise. Crimes often seem to be committed out of sheer savagery...Respect for law and order is declining.”

The Head of Federal Bureau of Investigations in the United States admitted; “Citizens of this country ought to be able to walk all the streets of our cities without being mugged, raped, or robbed. But we can’t do that today. All through the country, almost without exception, this condition prevails. (U.S. News & World Report Sep.19, 1966 p.43)

A wave of immorality is sweeping the World like a forest fire. In United States, the number of children born out of wedlock has more than doubled since 1945. In Latin America, the rates are many times higher. Science News Letter of May 18, 1963 reports:

“For every 1000 live births 716 are illegitimate in Guatemala. 613 in El Salvador, 739 in panama and 240 in Argentina.”

U.S. News & World Report of July 25, 1966 reported: “In Great Britain editor and author Malcolm Muggeridge said: “The position of this country...in my opinion is absolutely ghastly. “When asked about the rebellion of British youth against the old values, he replied: “I think it is sheer degeneracy... They are just degenerate...the antics of an exhausted stock.”

Intelligence Digest, Jan 19, 1963 reported: “The collapse of private morality is becoming the talk of a wonderful world.” (p.4)

Reports from all over the world are similar. Philippine Islands Weekly Graphic May 13, 1964 reported: “No Philippino is safe in the streets today...thrill, killing, vandalism and general mayhem is steadily increasing.

South Korea Chosum Daily reported: “We can’t have even one day of peaceful life in Seoul because in the evenings the streets become the street of terror. (April 14, 1964)

Stockholm Vecko-Jounalen reported: Sweden. “These critical situations that are a worry to all are expected to become even more severe.” (May 14, 1964 p.24)

U.S. News & World Report stating about the communist countries said: “Almost every where including Soviet Russia, there appears to be increase in crime, and particularly, alas, in Juvenile crimes. (Nov 1, 1965, pp 67, 69)

However, an alarming increase in all crimes is reported every where the young blood living in these dirty and criminal environments will develop a positive aptitude to crimes. Evil begets evil. The children copy their parents. What shall come out of the degenerated parents. As cited above when about 72% of births are illegitimate, what should we expect of Tom, Dicken and Harry?

Now we turn back to the revelation under citation. The Quran testifying the chastity of Mary along with her parents pointed to the heredity traits.

As seen above the people running under criminal environments will not acquire except wickedness and the evil parents will beget evil children. As you sow, so you reap.


It is only Islam, which guarantees a clean society free of wickedness. It provides deterrent punishment to the persons who attempt to spoil the environment. It has its own laws of ethics and ensures rights to privacy. honour, and justice. It has put a complete restraint on crimes. Islam has prescribed severe punishments, of canning, and pelting by stones to adulterous and chopping hands of the burglars and death penalty on murder and other severe crimes. That pollute the environment like the selling of the prohibited drugs etc. etc., and all the while Islam does not stop the accused to defend himself and give him full opportunities to prove his innocence.