Chapter V

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The Science of Genetics Upholds the Quran & Gives Death Blow to Darwin's Evolutoin


In the previous pages I have discussed the four assumptions of Darwin and proved, (a) that the life did not arise from inanimate matter on itself, (b) there was no competition of survival between different species, (c) no advantageous variations were ever acquired by any of the species, nor they could be passed on to their offspring, and (d) that different species could never mate and give evolution to new life forms. (see pages 146 to 171 ) Therefore, all his assumptions were scientifically untrue and fallacious.

It was also held under Darwin’s Evolution that man descended from anthropoid apes, and that man and the family of apes had a common ancestor. This proposition had been subject to manipulations between primatologists and anthropologists without leading to any rational conclusion.

Some fossil evidence termed as Ramapithecus and Australopithecus was considered to be possible link between the man and apes. The Saturday Evening Post (Dec.3, 1996, pp.48, 49) observed: “It probably looked something like a small chimpanzee, and had the nimble hands and general agility of a monkey... The presumption is strong that Ramapithecus, the earliest known (but not the earliest) member of the family of man, was at least as ingenious as contemporary chimpanzees. We have only a fleeting glimpse of Ramapithecus, the equivalent of a few frames clipped from feature-length motion picture.”

On Australopithecus, the book ‘The Fossil Evidence For Human Evolution’ reported: “We can contrive a theoretical picture of the intermediate stages which presumably must have been interposed between generalized pongid (ape) ancestors and the Australopithecus phase; but in the absence of concrete evidence of fossil remains, this is not a very satisfying procedure.”

The Scientific American of June 1956 (pp.99, 100) commenting on the fossil evidence writes:

“Primatologists may therefore be forgiven for their fumbling over great gaps of millions of years from which we do not possess a single complete monkey skeleton, let alone the skeleton of a human forerunner. ... We have to read the story of primate evolution from a few handfuls of broken bones and teeth. Those fossils, moreover, are from places thousands of miles apart on the world land mass...In the end we may shake our heads, baffled ... It is as though we stood at the heart of a maze and no longer remembered how we had come there,” (The only answer to this is that God created Adam and we are the posterity of Adam.

The Scientific American of Nov.1966 also said: “The nature of the line leading to living man ... remain a matter of pure theory.” (p.53)

The above observations make us to acknowledge that Darwin’s Evolution was fabulous jugglery of words far beyond the truth.

However, after man’s entering into the genetic science all this hubble-bubble of evolution was curbed. Patrick C.Steptoe and Robert G.

Edwards of England quite successfully conducted artificial insemination, which resulted into a human birth in 1978. (Academic American Encyclopedia)

Artificial insemination became famous under the name of Test Tube Baby. The fertilization of sperm with female gamete is achieved externally in a test tube. The embryo can then be inserted into the uterus to develop normally.

The Scientists were successful in the isolation of desired genetic material, it included the technique of extraction and purification of DNA. To prove Darwin’s Evolution the scientists worked very enthusiastically to achieve fusion of unrelated species, which had been considered impossible. They discovered a new technique of protoplast fusion. H.Harris and J.F.Watkin of Oxford reported for the first time that cells from different animal species can be made to fuse to from hybrid cells. The first reaction to this report was that cells from different animal species could be fused together to form viable hybrids like ape and man. Since then there have been many reports of fusion of cells from different animals but so far, in spite of their best efforts no hybrid animal has been produced by this technique, because animal cells fail to differentiate under culture conditions.

To the great disappointment of the evolutionists, after even possibly having a hybrid cell of man and ape, they could not develop a hybrid animal man cum ape. As under Darwin’s Evolution, if the man and ape had common ancestor, their genes could have mate to produce hybrid man cum ape as we have a hybrid mule. This gave a deathblow to Darwin’s Evolution, which had been based on vain speculation. The evolutionists had to admit that man is independent of all the species. Finally, the Quran’s majestic greatness in its axioms prevailed over all the scientific efforts and one had to say:

The nature ordained by Allah in which He hath created man. There is no altering to (the laws of) God’s creation. (30/30)