Chapter V

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The Science of Genetics Upholds the Quran & Gives Death Blow to Darwin's Evolutoin


The mental faculties draw a line of demarcation between man and beast. Man can continue to improve and accumulate knowledge. God blessed Adam with mental capabilities. His posterity inherited the powers of mind. The Quran mentioned the creation of Adam the father of mankind with mental ability:

And when thy Lord said unto the angels: Lo! I am about to place a vicegerent on the earth They said: will thou place therein one who will commit therein evil and shed blood while we hymn Thy praise and sanctify Thee? He said: I know that which ye know not. And He taught Adam all the names (of things) then showed them to the angels, saying: Inform me of the names of these (things), if ye are truthful. They said Glory to Thee. We have no knowledge save that Thou have taught us. Lo! Thou only Thou art the Omniscient, Wise. He said: O Adam! inform them of their names, and when he had told them their names. He said: Did I not tell you that I know the secrets of Heavens and the earth? And I know that ye reveal and what ye conceal. (2/30-33)

Ibn Kathir expounding the aforesaid revelation said: “O Muhammad! You tell your folk this narration that your God said to the angels that He would appoint a vicegerent, i.e. people who would succeed each other generation after generation and has made you the viceroy of the earth. It is also said that he was named as viceroy because he is appointed as viceroy to God on His earth to enforce His Laws and adjudicate on it.

It is evident that the very creation of Adam and his posterity was intended to enforce the laws of God and that could be achieved only after bestowal of mental capabilities. Therefore, God blessed Adam with powers of mind. However, the angles by their knowledge, whatever, had been given to them could only foresee that mankind will involve in committing evil and wickedness and shed blood whereas they always praised and glorified Him.

Whatever the angles said was not by way of objection or envy but only a query about wisdom involved in creation of Adam. (Ibn Kathir)

God replied to them that He knew what they had not known. I have partially discussed the creation of Adam. (See What a Living Matter Is?). Here the angle could not judge the special attributes of Adam and his posterity.

Society, friendship, love, honesty, faith, chivalry, administration, struggle for the cause, incessant preaching, perseverance, determination, sacrifice of life and property were divine tributes bestowed to Adam (alaihi alsalam) and his children. Over and above all these characteristics were coming out of ever flowing fountain of knowledge i.e. Brain which was given only to Adam and inherited by his progeny. None among His creations could befit his great favour. To prove the greatness of Adam Allah called to test this faculty of brain before angels. He revealed Adam and names of everything i.e. all of his creations like creatures, animals and all the birds. Then He showed all these creations to the angels and asked them to mention their names they regretted and said they knew not except what they were made to learn. But when Adam was asked to inform them the names of those hundreds of thousands of creatures, animals and birds, he did narrate all their names.

The Arabic word ‘aradhahum’ means showed them, the pronoun ‘hum’ (which is used for masculine) has been recited by Abdullah bin Masud (radiallah anho) as ‘aradhahun’ and by Obai bin Kaab as ‘aradhha’ meaning everything because in Arabic the pronoun for feminine gender in plural and singular is used for broken plural.

Anas (radiallah anho) narrated from the Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallem), “The faithful would gather at the place on Doom’s Day and they would desire to be interceded before their Lord. They would come to Adam and say, ‘You are the father of all the people, God created you by his own hands, His angels prostrated before you and you were revealed the names of everything, you intercede for us before your Lord’...” (Bukhari)

Ibn Kathir referring Ibn Abbas (radiallah anho) said: “Adam was revealed the names of all the things, their kinds, qualities, and their actions. “ This gives us a very firm idea of creation of all the things, animate and inanimate before creation of Adam. That is to say Allah has created Adam and appointed a system within him for the continuance of his progeny by way of the living cells, similarly Allah had created everything and designed a genetic code in its living cell to keep it in its kind and preserved its qualities and actions. As agreed to by the scientists that the living cell of everything has been created as compact and perfect unit of life, therefore, nothing came out of evolution. The Quran said:

There is not an animal in the earth, nor a winged creature lying on two wings, but they are races unto like you. We have neglected nothing in the Book (the Quran). Then unto their Lord they will be gathered. (6/38)

In the above revelation, a comparison is drawn between mankind and other animate beings in the earth which include fish, crustaceans, reptiles, insects and four footed animals along with winged creatures and birds. The Quran revealed that they are divided into races like you. The points of similarity among mankind and other animate beings are that Allah first created Adam and within him made a system of production of human cells, same is the case of other animate beings. He created the first pair of all kinds and then within them, He designed a system of production of living cells. The Quran made a pointed reference to the creation of human cell:

It is We who have created you: Why will ye then not admit the truth? Have you seen that ye emit (sperm). Do ye create it or We the Creator? We have decreed death among you, and We are not to be out run. (56/57-60)

Not that the dust particles changed in human face as harped by Parvez but God created Adam and Eve and created in them male and female gametes for the continuance of their posterity. The Quran made it perfectly clear that Adam and sperm in him were both created by God. That negates all the dogmas of evolution.

The second point of resemblance in between mankind and other animate beings is that as in human cells thousands of genes are grouped in the pairs of chromosomes, that cause through their genetic code the variety in faces and races, in the same way we have a long range of variety in every kind of other animate beings dividing them into races and that too occur by their inherited characteristics and the genes in their cells. It is, therefore, the Quran mentions that in other animate objects there ‘are races unto like you’.

Thirdly, as mankind leads individual and social life the other animate objects too live individually and collectively.

Lastly, the Quran mention that it contains all knowledge, as ‘God has neglected nothing in the Book.’ Due to our ignorance, we may not be able to pick up a particular branch of knowledge from it but it does contain everything.

However, it is preceded that Adams greatness was established over the angels due to special power of brain, and after being revealed, he was able to memorize the names of thousands of creatures, animals and birds with their kinds and characteristics. Now let us see what do we find about brain in our science etc.

The man with his experience on animals has drawn a generalization that they can learn few words or actions but never progress beyond a certain point. Chimpanzee is considered very intelligent among the animals. An evolutionist Theodosius Dobzhanski in his book ‘The Biological Basis of Human Freedom’ says: “The chimpanzee is much superior to other human primates in memory, imagination and other learning ability. Nevertheless, there is a vast gulf between the intellectual capacity of chimpanzees and of man. Chimpanzees can learn symbolic responses only with considerable difficulty, and their frequency fails to increase with experience and age. (p.102)

Efforts to educate chimpanzee and other members of the ape family were a failure because the scientists say that their genetic code allows for nothing more than what was schemed in their DNA by the Creator. (See pre. page 161) This is what the Quran says that God graspeth every creature by its forelock. (9/56)

It was also assumed that human brain was outcome of the slow evolution but the findings of the scientists were quite otherwise. An anthropologist Lorren C. Eisely said that arrival of the human brain:

“Measured in geological terms, appears to have been surprisingly sudden. This huge mushroom of a brain, which has arisen magically between night and day,” and added: “When I said that the human brain exploded, I meant no less.” (Scientific American Dec. 1953 pp.71, 72)

The words ‘Human brain exploded’ confirm the story of Adam, which the Quran so vividly narrated. It was created. It did not evolve. This faculty of brain was the reason of Adams superiority over all the creatures of God.

The evolutionist H.E.L.Mellersh in his book the ‘The Story of Man’ has to admit:

“He is a different brain, admittedly superior in no more than degree, yet in so great a degree as to constitute something new in the world.” (P.14-1959)

As observed by Mellersh, it certainly constitutes something new as all the animate objects other than mankind are known as brainless. Had it been an outcome of evolution, we would have found its partial resemblance in some creature or at least in ape family as the man was considered to have descended from anthropoid apes.

Man everywhere possesses this potential of brain whether oriental, occidental, civilized, or primitive. This very brain creates a vast gulf between mankind and beast.

Talking on the nerves cells of the brain ‘Life’ magazine of June 28, 1963, disclosed some astonishing facts:

“Neurons in the brain make thousands of connections with each other. But the innumerable extra connections that the larger human cortex provides multiplies virtuallay to infinity the brain’s capacity for receiving and analyzing data. And it is this sheer, massive power for handling data that places man in a class which is incomparably superior to any other living thing.”

As observed above, we may say that Adam was given with an infinite capacity in his brain to receive any class of information and memorize it and by virtue of genetic code this capacity has been inherited by his progeny. Therefore, there is no doubt if some of the companions of the Prophet had memorized the traditions up to eight thousand etc.

The amazing powers of the human brain were discussed by biochemist Isaac Asimov in the New York Times Magazine of Oct.9, 1966. He said:

“Some estimates are that the brain in a life time absorbs as many as one million billion (1,000,000,000,000,000) separate bits of information. But there are some ten billion gray cells, or neurons, in the brain. ... A healthy mature human being of normal intelligence may have upwards of 20 million RNA molecule (DNA’s messenger) in each neuron. ...An RNA molecule made up of merely 25 links could have any one of a million billion different combinations, ... In fact every RNA molecule contains many hundreds of units-not merely 25. There is no question, then, that RNA presents a filling system perfectly capable of handling any load of learning and memory which the human being is likely to put upon it-and a billion times more than that quantity, too.” (pp.142, 144-146)

Certainly, the man is created as supreme being among all the creatures of this world, even in form and constitution.

The constitution of the brain was designed to proclaim the law of God and to rule over all the living creatures of this world.

Where as other animate beings were designed for limited sphere of activity.

There is a tremendous gulf between man and beast. Darwin’s Evolution only worked for the disruption of humanity and he was successful in developing a beast out of man as we found in Neitzche and Karl Marx etc.

There is one thing more, though the scientists proved the baseless-ness of Darwin’s Evolution and the Science of Genetics gave a deathblow to it, yet the evolutionists being stern in their infidelity shall continue to harp its tone.

Lastly the Quran is such an ever glowing torch, that the caravans of the faithful shall find their way by the emission of its powerful beams and the voices of the barking dogs like Gulam Ahmad Parvez etc. shall submerge in the vastness of the desert, never to be heard again, whence the caravan had once passed.