Chapter I

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The Heart Operation


Anas (radiallah anho) narrated, the Apostle of Allah (Sallallaho alaihi wasallem) said: Lo! every thing has a heart, and the heart of the Quran is ‘Surah Yasin’. (Chapter Yasin)

The above statement of the Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallem) in the pre-scientific days could not be valued to its full implication, but our today science has confirmed this statement. Allah did not create a thing without a heart. The heart is the central axis of everything animate or inanimate. In the animate beings, it circulates blood. It is of various shapes. It may be a straight tube as in spiders and annelid worms or a structure with one or more receiving chambers (atria) and a main pumping chamber (ventricle) as in mollusks. In fish, the heart is a folded tube, with three or four enlarged areas that correspond to the chamber in the mammalian heart.

After the development of microscope a cell theory was developed (See The Quran & The Genetics) and it was found that the nucleus is the center, which controls the activity of the cell. In Arabic nucleus means heart. That is to say that the central axis of everything is heart. In the gases and in other inanimate objects nucleus is the central point and the electrons and the protons centre round it.

However, whatever the Apostle of Allah (sallallaho alaihi wasallem) said is an undeniable truth and its utterance in the ignorance age makes it a sign of his prophet-hood. There are great virtues of reciting the chapter Yasin. Imam Seouti has mentioned them in his Dur al Manthur. It may be noted that this chapter begins with the confirmation of the prophet-hood of the Apostle of Allah (sallallaho alaihi wasallem)

Nauman bin Bashir narrated: I heard the Apostle of Allah (sallallaho alaihi wasallem) said: Both Al Halal (praiseworthy) and Al Haram (blame worthy) are evident in between them are suspicious things and the most of the people have no knowledge about them. So whoever saves himself from the suspicious things safeguards his religion and honour, and whoever indulges in the suspicious things is like a shepherd who grazes (his animals) near the meadow of some one else and at any moment he is liable to get in it, (i.e. transgress others’ rights). (O! people) Beware! Every king has a meadow of Allah on the earth is His forbidden things. Beware! there is a piece of flesh in the body if it functions properly, the whole body functions correctly, but if it vitiates, the whole body is vitiated and Beware! It is the heart. (Al Bukhari)

God willing I shall deal with that part of the aforesaid tradition which relates to the heart.

The Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallem) switched an alarm to the people and said that the proper functioning of the entire body depends on the accurate working of the heart i.e. to say if the heart malfunctions, the body gets diseased.

Our 20th century medical science upheld the truth of the aforementioned Prophet’s statement and uncovered a number of diseases taking their origin from the malfunctioning of the heart.

In the book ‘The Heart’ edited by R.Bruce Logue, Robert C.Schlant and N.Kass Wenger a number of diseases have been enlisted which are caused by cardiovascular disorders. (Physical Examination pp. 162 to 180) The aforesaid book has also given pictures showing the deformation of skin, hands legs, eyes, teeth, face and neck including mental retardation due to cardiovascular abnormalities. The book has explained a number of syndromes originating with the malfunctioning of the heart.

Whatever the Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallem) said has emerged out of the fountain of the truth of the Creator himself as the Quran said:

Nor doth he speak of (his own) desire. It is naught save an inspiration that is inspired. (53/3-4)

Ali bin Hussain narrated: Safiya daughter of Huyai came to the Prophet (Sallallaho alaihi wasallem) in the mosque. When she returned, the Apostle of Allah, (sallallaho alaihi wasallem) accompanied her. While going, the two men of Ansar passed by them. The Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallem) called them saying. “She is safiya”. (i.e. his wife) the two said ‘Subhanallah’ (Glory be to Allah). The Apostle of Allah (sallallaho alaihi wasallem) said: “Satan circulates in the human body with the circulation of blood.” (Al Bukhari)

Whatever the Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallem) said to the two men in the above tradition was to brush off any suspicion as to his august person. But here in the particular the tradition specifies a scientific fact which could be unveiled in the thirteenth century by Ibn Al Nafis.

The Apostle of Allah (sallallaho alaihi wasallem) very evidently referred to circulation of blood of the entire body. Allah has created Jinn from a very subtle matter, which takes its origin from the fire. The Quran said: He created Jinn from the smokeless fire. It is, therefore, Satan and his forces can penetrate into the human body and can take possession of its senses and render him insane are indulge him in corruption. That is why the faithful when offers his penitence, he is forgiven but he is presumed to fight against the satanic desires by the remembrance of God.

However, the Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallem) did point out to an undeniable fact pertaining to the medical science, which is basically considered before conducting any and every body operation. Ibn al Nafis and other scientists worked out the details of this circulation.

Telling a truth about human structure the Quran said:

God hath not made for any man two hearts in his ‘Jauf’ meaning cavity of the upper abdomen (33/4)

The Creator of the human cell and the maker of its genetic code know everything about his creations. No man has ever born with two hearts in his upper abdomen. The Quran emphasizing this fact tells us that every man born with one heart only.


The scientists tell us that the pulsating heart is a pump, which pumps the blood to the brain and the other parts of the body and the mind is the seat of intelligence and all workings. The question arises:


To consider the above question, firstly, I shall take up the formation of the human embryo.

Gerldine L.Flanagan in his book “The First Nine Months” (1962-p.25) observes: “When the sperm nucleus reaches the egg nucleus these two lie side by side as their content is combined. In this half an hour and immeasurable number of traits of a new baby are decided within the pinpoint egg.”

We have already seen in our topic ‘The Quran And The Genetics’ that the nucleus in a cell is that astounding unit which governs the formation of the body designed in it. The nucleus is the pinpoint egg contains in it all the intelligent working plans of development of an entire new human in it. Talking of this astonishing process and evolutionist, Sir James Gray in a chapter by him in the book ‘Science Today’ (pp. 25, 26) observes:

“The whole process seems much more like the development of organized structure from a relative simpler system. The molecules of protein and fat in the yoke appear to be marshaled into position to form an orderly and highly complex system somewhat analogous to the process by which a house is built of bricks, wood and glass in accordance with a predetermined plan. ...The machines seems to operate, in other words in a highly purposive way and the term ‘organizer’ has been applied to it. ...There seems to be directive principle at work.”

It may be noted that the word nucleus in Arabic means heart i.e. to say that the organization of human structure in the embryo is governed by the nucleus (heart). God by His Super Intelligence designed and coded nucleus, which is smaller than a period in the end of a sentence.

The science disclosing the work of a nucleus bears out:

The fertilized egg cell contains in its tiny nucleus not only all the genetic instructions for building a human body, but also a complete manual on how to construct the complex protective armamentarium-amnion, umbilical cord, placenta and all-that makes possible the embryo’s existence in the womb.” (Life Magazine April 30, 1965 pp. 70, 72A)

The embryo within the uterus becomes a foreign material and the immunological defenses within the human body would reject such a foreign growth. God, therefore, made a protective housing within the uterus. Mentioning this, the Quran said:

He created you in the wombs of Your mothers in stages one after Another three veils of darkness. Such is Allah your Lord. To Him is sovereignty (of the worlds) There is no God save Him How then ye are turned away. (39/6)

Embryo is protected in the three veils of darkness and they are (a) amnion, (b) muscle layer of the uterus and above all (c) is the cover of belly.

God decreed genetic code in the nucleus, which contains nourishment plan of embryo. Nucleus issues instructions for making of trophoblast cells. Their initial purpose is to destroy the uterine cells, take nourishment from blood, and pass it on to sustain the first embryonic cells. The trophoblast cells within weeks develop into placenta and the embryo obtains nourishment, breathes and gives off wastes through this amazing placenta.

The science tells us that the placenta changes constantly along with the embryo’s changing requirements. It can perform tasks normally reserved for the lungs, liver, kidneys, intestines and endocrine glands, among its other miscellaneous accomplishments. As a substitute lung, the placenta extracts oxygen from the mother’s blood and deposits it in the blood of the embryo. The placenta brings in nutrients of all kinds from the mother’s blood, often predigesting the dissolved food for the embryo enroot. The placenta is efficient that within an hour or two after the mother takes nourishment the embryo gets too. The placenta also manufactures vital hormones for the mother to make up for some of the things it takes away.

Right from the single fertilized egg till the birth of the child there is wonderfully designed intricate process, the work of the Supreme Intelligence of God which overtakes us in sheer astonishment more and more because all this great intelligent plan and process is designed in a tiny nucleus. Does mother’s mind has to do anything with the formation of the embryo? Never. All these diligent instructions about the formation of the embryo do come from nucleus i.e. the heart of the cell.

Within 280 days from conception to birth, the single fertilized egg from tiny cell changes into complex organization of some 200 million cells, having increased the original weight a billion fold.

However, in the formation of embryo, we do find the intelligent working in nucleus other than the mushroom of mind.

The working of nucleus is not limited to human cell but it is extended to all animate objects falling under one cell form of life. The nucleus is the governing unit not only in procreation and growth but in regulates all their genetic code. (See The Quran & The Genetics)

God blessed man with the power of reason and made him to learn by experience, but other animate beings cannot reason or learn by experience. Their knowledge is incorporated in the genetic material of nucleus. For example, the amazing navigational instinct of the birds testifies to God’s creative genius. The writer of the book ‘Marvels And Mysteries of Our Animal World’ denoting this remarkable ability writes:

“Perhaps most challenging mystery is how birds can find their way unerringly over thousands of miles of featureless ocean. During most of the year a species of shearwater wanders over the Pacific, from Japan to California and northward to Aleutian Islands. Yet the birds arrive at nesting ground off the coast of Australia-millions of them darkening the sky-on the same day every year.

How do they do it? ...These birds were not following older birds but a far more ancient guidance system, an instinct acquired in the egg”. (p.237)

Denoting the results of the experiments in the book ‘The Mysterious Senses of Animals’, the author writes:

“These experiments made it clear that blackcaps instinctively recognized individual constellations, ’knew’ that they traveled across the sky during the night and also knew the changes of the constellations with the changing seasons. How do they acquire their extraordinary astronomical capacity? ... The black cap has inherited its knowledge of celestial geography and the course of the stars. Science still has no explanation to offer of how this instinctive knowledge of a subject as complicated as that of the constellations came to be embedded into animal’s germ plasma.” (V.B.Droscher-pp.175, 176.)

Similarly the Artic tern’s yearly migration covers 22,000 miles. The migration of Artic tern, blackcaps or other birds is not the outcome of the thoughtful mind but because of the knowledge coded in nucleus of their tiny cells peperred around their body. God blessed them with a natural instinct in their nuclei and made them to be guided with it independently of reason or experience. A good example of it is the story of the ant narrated by the Quran (Ch: The Ant) warning her fellow ants to take refuge in their habitations lest they might be crushed by Solomon and his armies unknowingly. We know, the ant is well known for collective living and many intelligent works. They have special signaling system to warn each other. All this knowledge is coded in the nuclei peperred in their body by God, the Great Designer. However, Solomon’s understanding of ant’s warning is a miracle. God blessed him with highly developed senses and powers.

Thus going through all the above facts, we find that the directing force does not lie with mind only but it lies with nucleus of each cell. It will be incorrect to say that the seat of knowledge is only mind. All praises to God Who in his creative genius created tiny cells and made its nucleus (heart) the seat of knowledge and gave it a directing force in all matter of animate beings.

That is why the Quran lays stress on heart in all matter of thinking (47/24), guidance, (64/11) harshness (3/159), sinfulness (2/283), revelation (2/88), love and compassion and mercy (57/27).

There can be no denial of the DNA’S presence in the heart as it is peppered in 60 thousand billion specks in human body. God the Creator and the Maker of the genetics code knows which part of the body contains those genes, which inspire knowledge, love, sex, hatred.

So when the Quran says that the seat of knowledge, love and hatred is the heart, we do believe it to be true. The nuclei of the cells in the heart do have the capacity of reception of any knowledge and feelings etc. because we have already seen that the nuclei in the animate beings are very intelligent units and govern their actions from the inception till their annihilation.

Further the mind works in collaboration of heart. The entire body and mind is connected with a central key of heart. As nucleus is the directing force in all organisms, similarly, the human heart is the directing force and the mind works out the details of that direction. It is an acknowledged fact that the malfunctioning of the heart also results in the retardation of mind yet the man can live with a meager knowledge. But if the heart fails not only the mind but the entire body fails.

Therefore, we come to the conclusion that the seat of the knowledge, love, sex and hatred is the heart as told by the Quran. But mind is no less important than heart because it absorbs that knowledge in its cells and works out the details of action on the direction of the heart, both work in coordination. Whatever the Quran tells shall stand as living truth till the Hour.