Miracles in Quran

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The Taper Lighted by ALLAH never Sinks


The Quran said:

The Hour drew nigh and the moon was cleft asunder. And if they behold a sign they turn away and call (it): magic incessant. They denied (the Truth) and follow their own lusts. Yet everything has its appointed time. (54/1-3)

Ibn Kathir expounding, 'The moon was cleft asunder,' said: "Certainly it had occurred in the life time of the Apostle of Allah (Sallallaho alaihi wasallam) as reported under a chain of authoritative traditions... The Muslim scholars are unanimous that the splitting of moon occurred during the life span of the Prophet (Sallallaho alaihi wasallam) and it was one of his magnificent miracles.

1) Anas bin Malik narrated that the people of Makkah asked Allah's Apostle (Sallallaho alaihi wasallam) to show them a miracle , so he showed them the moon cleft in two halves between which they saw the mount Hira. (Al-Bukhari0

2) Ibn Abbas narrated that the people of Makkah came to Apostle of Allah (Sallallaho alaihi wasallam) and they said: "Do you have any such miracle that we may know that you are the Apostle of Allah? So Gabriel descended and said: O Muhammad! Tell the people of Makkah to gather tonight to see a miracle; it may be useful to them. The Apostle of Allah informed them of the aforesaid message. They came out. The night moon split was the 14th (Lunar) night. The moon was cleft in two halves one part was on Safa and the other was Marwah. They rubbed their eyes and saw again and again. Then they said: O Muhammad! It is nothing but magic. So Allah revealed:

The Hour drew nigh, and the moon was cleft asunder and if they behold a sign they turn away and call (it) magic incessant. (Abu Noaim)

3) Abdullah bin Masud narrated: We were with the Prophet (Sallallaho alaihi wasallam) in Mina (Makkah) while the moon was split (in two pieces). He said you all be witness. A piece (of moon after cleaving) went towards the mountain. (Al Bukhari)

4) Abdullah bin Masud narrated that the moon was split in the lifetime of the Prophet of Allah (Sallallaho alaihi wasallam). When it occurred, the Qureysh said: This is the magic of the son of Abu Kabsha (i.e. the Prophet). They also said: Inquire from the coming travelers; no doubt, Muhammad cannot spellbind all the people. The travelers came. They confirmed it (i.e. the splitting of the moon). (Al-Bidaya wa Al-Nihaya Vol. 3.p.121)

5) Abdullah bin Abbas narrated that the polytheists came together to Allah's Apostle (Sallallaho alaihi wasallam) and said: If you are true, then split the moon in two halves, the one-half should be on (the Mount) Abu Qubais and the other on (the Mount) Qaiqan, and it was a full moon night. The Apostle of Allah prayed his Lord to do what they had demanded. The moon was split in two, one part was the (the Mount) Abu Qubais and the other on (the Mount) Qaiqan. The Apostle of Allah said: You all be witness. (Abu Noaim)


The non-Muslims under the guise of Islam not only deny the miracles of the Prophet (Sallallaho alaihi wasallam) but even the miracles of the Quran. Among them parvez and the Quadiyani pretender got famous for their enmity of Islam.

The Islamic polity is unanimous that any one who denies any verse of the Quran or interpolates in any of its verse against the established Sunnah is outside the fold of Islam. The Quadiyani had since been declared non-Muslims but yet all these enemies of Islam are working against Islam and Muslims.

However, I shall reply to there mischief mongering. The Quran speaking of this miracle used past tense and said: 'Iqtarabat' (=drew nigh), 'Alsa' at' (=the Hour), 'Inshaqqa' (=was cleft asunder) or was rent (Pickthall. 'Alqamar' (=the moon). That is to say that the Hour drew nigh and the moon was cleft asunder or as Pickthall translated: "The Hour drew nigh and the moon was rent in twain..."

In the era of Imam Razi the 'Rationalists' (=Almoatazilah) also wrote the commentary of the Quran and we find that Razi repudiated their contentions at many places. However, in explanations to the above verses he wrote: "Few commentators say 'Sayan shaqq' (=will split) this does not carry any meaning and far away (from the actual meaning).

Al Khazin said: "To take the meaning of the verse, 'The moon will split on Doomsday' this contention is null and void. It is incorrect and the commentators are unanimously opposed to it. Because Allah stated it (i.e. this event) in the past tense and the past tense is destitute of constructing the meaning of future." Al Khazin further stated: "The authentic traditions have been reported on the occurrence of this great miracle which have duly been substantiated by the strong testimony of the Quran and a believer can never doubt into it."

The Quran said: The Hour drew nigh, i.e. the Doomsday drew near. It is true that as the time passes the Doomsday draws near. The Prophet (Sallallaho alaihi wasallam) has informed us of various signs of the Hour. We find these signs duly stated in the books of traditions. Among them is the advent of the Prophet (Sallallaho alaihi wasallam) as he said:

"I and the Hour are sent like this, and he raised his fore-finger and the mid-finger." (Ahmad)

Imam Razi said: "It means that 'there is no Prophet after me, Lo! my era is extended up to the Doomsday, i.e. my era and the Hour are conjoined like these two fingers" (Al-Tafsir Al-Kabir, Ch;Al-Qamar)

'Inshaqqa' (=the moon was split) is the same as 'Inqatala' i.e. the man was murdered. The past tense can never be used in future. The Quran declared that the splitting of the moon was among the signs of the Doomsday. The orientalists say that one thousand four hundred years have passed to the splitting of the moon but the Hour has not come as yet. Allah knows when the Hour will come He informed us that it is close:

Lo! they behold it (Hour) a far- off while We behold it nigh. (70/6-7)

By our measure of years, we take the Hour to be far away, but to Allah it is close. Secondly the reckoning begins right one goes in his grave. Either it is converted into Hell or Heaven, it is according to his deeds.

Confirming to the splitting of the moon, the Quran further said:

And if they behold a sign, they turn away and call (it): magic incessant.

In the aforesaid verse the Quran very clearly stating the refusal of Qureysh. When they saw the moon did split, they turned away and a chain of successive traditions confirms to their refusal dubbing it magic.


Magic is an art of using some occult force of nature; it means supernatural knowledge gained through the aid of evil spirits for producing effects beyond the natural human power.

Magicians by power of his magic can shape a chair into a lion but when the spell breaks the chair, will reappear i.e. the magician cannot change or destroy the matter.

The miracle of Moses staff was also dubbed as magic but those block head could not see that Moses staff changing into a serpent swallowed about eighty thousand ropes, which were advancing towards Moses in the shape of snakes, and it did not leave any mark of that matter i.e. ropes. That was the reason that:

The magicians fell down prostrates Crying we believe in the Lord of the worlds: The Lord of Moses and Aaron.

They knew if Moses had been a sorcerer, he would have broken their spell and turned the snakes into ropes. But when they observed by their own eyes, the destruction of the matter, they knew God the Supreme, the Omnipotent only could destroy the matter that is why they stuck to the faith even when they were put into the jaws of death and they told the Pharoah:

Thou takest thy vengeance on us Only because we believe in the signs of our Lord when they came to us. Our Lord! Vouchsafe on us perseverance And make us die as Muslims. (7/126)

A magician can cast a spell upon the people before him and can make them to see an effect, which seems beyond the human power. It was the reason the Qureysh said: Ask from the travelers, no doubt! Muhammad cannot spellbind all the people (See. Tradition 4 above). But what the people of Makkah saw was far beyond the magic, an undeniable reality, therefore, the travelers who came in Makkah that night also confirmed the splitting of the moon.

It was also said that the caravans moved during the day and not in the night. Would that the denouncers knew Makkah and its suburbs. The entire country is mostly desert and hot region. In those days, the caravans moved only in the nights. Since it had always been a holy place, the people came here all the year round.


The report of Abdullah bin Masud marked 4 above is not only a narration but it is an evidence of an eye-witness because he was present with the Prophet (Sallallaho alaihi wasallam) when the moon was rent in twain.

Among the reports of splitting of the moon, there are various others, which stand as eyewitness. The reports are successive and authoritative and narrated by famous companions of the Prophet. They are: Anas bin Malik, Jabair bin Mut'im, Huzaifa bin Alyaman, Abdullah bin Abbas, Abdullah bin Omar and Abdullah bin Masud (radhi allah anhum). (Al-Baidaya wa Al-Nihaya Vol.3.p.118)

The Prophet (Sallallaho alaihi wasallam) used to recite the chapters 'Qaf', and 'The Moon', from the Quran in big congregations like Eid and Friday, (Muslim), so that the people who were not present at the time of the miracle of splitting of the moon should hear it and know that when moon could be made to split, the sun with its spacious light will also be folded up. (See. Stars and Planets). It is, therefore, the Quran mentioned splitting of the moon among the signs of the Hour.

Further, the people heard the Prophet's reciting of the chapter.

'The Moon' among then were the Muslims and Jews but never anyone disbelievd its occurrence or none ever asked the Prophet as to when it was occurred. This proved that splitting of the moon had become so much famous among the people that everyone had known its occurrence. Even today, the events are accepted on the basis of eye-witnesses, later they get famous and are known as historical evidence. (See National Evidence on Hadith and Five Daily Prayers Vol. I .Part III).

Ibn Kathir writes: Islamic polity is unanimous on the occurrence of

Splitting of the moon that it occurred during the life time of

Allah's Apostle (Sallallaho alaihi wasallam). It stands proved with successive traditions carrying different chain of narrations. (Al-Bidaya wa Al-Nihaya. VOL. 3. P. 118)

The denouncers of this miracle said they could not get any reference to the Splitting of the moon in the books of history. The detailed answer to it can be found in 'Tarjuman al Sunnah' (Vol. 4. pp. 165, 166). It has also printed the map showing day and night at that hour in the world. It was almost midnight in India. In the 7th century mostly the people stayed in their houses after the day was out. The darkness took over the dwelling places then nobody sat watching the sky. However, we find a report of Splitting of the moon of Raja Bhoj of India. It is mentioned in Tafsir Haqqani. Ibn Kathir also mentioned this report in his work 'Al-Bidaya wa Al-Nihaya without naming the Raja and said: This event was recorded in the history of some part of India and that night was written in history as the night of Splitting of the moon. (Vol. 3. P.120) This means the report of Raja Bhoj had become so famous in those days that it traveled to Damascus where Ibn Kathir jotted it down in his famous and most reliable history book.

However, to us the Quran is sufficient. It is the best of all world records which ever history has recorded. Over and above, the Quran stands a miracle till Doomsday as no one among the creations can write its language.

The few narrations talking of Splitting of the moon say that a part of its went to 'Safa' and other to 'Marwah' or one part went to one side of Mount Hira and the other to the Other side, or one went to a side of mountain and the other behind it all these reports are correct.

As this miracle was shown on the request of Qureysh so everybody at Makkah was expecting its occurrence. The narrators reported their observation from the point they were watching the moon. Those who were standing on the mount Kaba they saw a part going to 'Safa' and the other to 'Marwah' And those who watched from Qubais mountain they saw a part going to one side of Mount Hira and the other to the other. Those who saw from Mina, they saw a piece going to Qubais mountain and the other to Qaiqan mountain.

The Prophet's calling people to be witness, to be witness was because of the fact that Qureysh had demanded this miracle, so that they might be witness to his true prophet-hood on one hand and believe on the occurrence of Doomsday on the other. When the moon could be made to split, similarly when the Hour comes, the entire universe will be destroyed as mentioned in the Quran. (See. Stars And Planets).

Few denouncers of the miracle say that splitting and conjoining of the heavenly bodies is rationally impossible. It is very amazing! But miracles means the occurrence of some supernatural event. The stars and the planets are Allah's creation and 'He is the Doer of what He intends.' Muhammad (Sallallaho alaihi wasallam) only pointed from his finger to the moon and Allah rent it in twain, and he brought them together to conjoin with moon's power of gravitation as a magnet clings with another magnet.

We believe in Allah's power of 'Be and it is' but the denouncers believe Allah to be un-Omnipotent. We damn such confuse minded, only the Hell is their permanent abode.


Few scholars hold that the miracle of splitting of the moon is among the great miracles of the Prophet (Sallallaho alaihi wasallam) and carries in it the portent of his of his prophet-hood while exposing the Omnipotence of Allah, it established the substantial evidence against the denouncers of the prophet-hood i.e. the polytheists of Makkah. But as it is usual with the lovers of false hood to deny the truth, therefore, the Quran said:

If they behold a sign they turn away and call it magic incessant.

It is said that splitting of moon is a very great miracle and nothing among the miracles of the prophets can be counted to be close to it. It is because it was shown beyond this globe and so it is called a great sign.

Allahmah Seouti in his work 'Al-Khasais Al-Kubra has compared the miracles of all the prophets with our Prophet and has proved that the miracles of the Prophet (Sallallaho alaihi wasallam) are extremely distinct and excel from other prophets. But splitting of the moon and the returning of the sun. (See. Returning of the Sun) and his ascent with body and soul to seven heavens are such miracles which made him to excel over all the other prophets. The miracles of all the prophets were limited to the sphere of this globe, but the miracles of Muhammad Mustafa (Sallallaho alaihi wasallam) went beyond the earth and seven heavens. This proves that Allah caused him to excel over other prophets. (See. 2/253)

The grace of Allah toward thee (Muhammad) hath been infinite. (4/113)