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  1. Communism defies.
  2. Communism refuses.
  3. Communism asserts that destruction of religion is essential and according to Karl Marx impartiality is impossible.
  4. Communism snatches all the capitals.
  5. In Communism state is the owner of all the peoples' earnings.
  6. In Communism nobody has any rights, only the state will provide clothes and food to every one.
  7. In Communism there are no legal bindings between husband and his wife, they may live together but they don't have any right on each other.
  8. Communism has none.
  9. In Communism, the state is the guardian, parents have no right to their custody.
  10. In Communism question doesn't arise.
  11. Communism doesnt allow any freedom.
  12. In Communism, the Head of State is the god sustainer and his praises are the prayers.
  13. Communism orders slaying of all who do not accept it.
  14. Communists defy the life after death, the Hell will be their permanent abode.
  15. Any action which advances the cause of world Communism, may be that subterfuge, or any lie, or breaking of treaties or agreements are perfectly consistent to their idea-logy and these are not betrayal of faith.