Chapter III

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Islam Repudiates Deification

We have already on record that dogmas of Deification of Jesus and his divinity as proclaimed under Trinity, were fabricated long after the so called crucifixion*1 of Jesus. The Christian world acknowledges it. This misleading belief have strongly been repudiated by the Holy Quran:

"And behold! God will say: "0 Jesus the son of Mary! Didst thou say unto men, Worship me and my mother*2

As gods in derogation of God?" He will say: "Glory to Thee! Never could I say

"And because of their saying, we slew the Messiah Jesus son of Mary Allah's Messenger. They slew him not, nor crucified him, but it appeared so unto them, and Lo! those who disagree concerning it are in doubt thereof; they have no knowledge thereof, save pursuit of a conjecture; they slew him not for certain, Nay God raised him up (bodily) unto himself and God is Exalted in Power Wise. (4/ 157-158)2. The worship of Mary was widely spread in the earlier churches both in the East and West. It was later repudiated by the Protestants.

What I had no right (To say). Had I said ., Such a thing, Thou wouldst Indeed have known it. Thou knowest what is In my heart,

though I Know not what is In Thine. For Thou Knowest in full All that is hidden. (S.5/116).

On the Day of Judgement Jesus will disclaim any knowledge of the sort of things like his 'Deification' and Divinity' which are attributed to him by those who claim to follow him.

Inspite of the fact that Holy Quran clearly refuted the ascribing of Godhood into Jesus, Elijah the Impostor claiming Islam declared Fard as God, obvious as it is that Impostor who had a Christian get up, following into the footsteps of his Christian father who was a Baptist Preacher ascribed Godhood into another man 'Fard'. Thus it is obvious that he was baptising Islam or moulding Islam into Christianity.

But, I tell you '0' the followers of the Impostor Elijah, you shall never succeed in defacing Islam. The Uniqueness of Allah will remain upheld under the clear injunctions of Holy Quran, which rebutted the doctrine of Godhood into man on many places. The Holy Quran says:-"They do blaspheme who say. God is Christ the son of Mary."(S.V.73).

Similarly you the sect of Apostates the followers of Elijah, you do it in blaspheme when you say, "Fard was really Allah."

Telling all those blasphemers who say God is Christ s/o Mary, the Quran clarifies the real faith of monotheism and puts it into the words of Jesus:-

"O'Children of Israel! Worship Allah my Lord and your Lord, Lo! Whoso ascribeth partners unto Allah, for him Allah, hath forbidden Paradise. His abode is the Fire. For evil doers there will be no helpers. (5/72).

So the Holy Quran clearly testifies that Jesus or any man of flesh and blood can't be assigned Godhood, and whoever will do so the hell will be his permanent abode.

The Quran also strongly rejected the doctrine of Trinity invented by Christian Fathers in the following words:-

"They do disbelieve who say God is one of three In a Trinity, for there is No God except one. If they desist not From their word (of blaspheme) Verily a grievous penalty Will befall the blasphemers Among them."(5/ 73).

Drawing a line of demarcation between a human being and God, the Holy Quran in a revelation guides us:-

"Christ the s/o Mary was no more than A messenger, many were The Messengers that passed away Before him. His mother Was a woman of Truth. They had both to eat Their (daily) food. See how God doth make His signs clear to them; Yet see in what ways They are deluded Away from the truth!" (5/ 75).

Under the above revelation we get a clear direction that:-"Any body born of a woman, and gradually grown in stature, power and widsom and imbued with human limitations of ageing and decaying, eating and excreting, drinking and urinating, working and sweating, laughing and crying, awakening and sleeping, tiring and relaxing, inhaling and spitting, smelling and stinking, gaining and losing, fearing and hiding, cannot be a God, and the human body with all these eventualities is unfit to hold Godhood. God is above all these human infirmities and there-fore, Jesus, though a venerable Prophet was not God but only like other prophets. And when the Quran rebuts in strongest words the dogma of Deification of Jesus, what nonsense to talk of Deification of Fard and Elijah.

Elijah sought affluence by fanning the racial hatred among the Blacks, striking the universal brotherhood so strongly preached by Islam.

The Holy Quran further elaborates the human infirmities,

"Say will Ye worship, Besides God, something Which has no power either To harm or benefit you? But God - He it is That heareth and knoweth All things. (5/76).

In blaspheme indeed Are those that say That God is Christ The son of Mary.

Say: "Who then Hath the least power Against God, if His will Were to destroy Christ The son of Mary, his mother And all-every one That is on the earth? For to God belongeth The dominion of the heavens And the earth, and all That is between. He createth What He pleaseth. For God Hath power over all things," (5/ 17)

Exposing the human disabilities, in His Holy Quran God asks, the Holy Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (peace on him), to tell the followers of Jesus, not to worship him, as Jesus had no power to do good to others. Jesus was not the Cherisher of the worlds. He was so powerless that he could not protect his person from the enraged Jews, it was God the Protector who raised the body of Jesus to heavens, thus God protected Jesus from all the bodily tortures which cursed Jews had intended to inflict on him.

But how damned was Fard the deified God of the small sect of apostates who could not protect his person from being caught on charges of a followers sacrificial killing (Islam forbade all human sacrificial killings Human killing is a belief from paganism) of a brother. He was tried, found guilty and therefore, jailed. After release he was exiled from Detroit. He went to Chicago there again he was jailed. He was also found involved in sedition. After his second release, fearing the Government of U.S.A. he stayed out of sight and lived in obscurity.

Islams basic belief is that God is the Preserver of safety. He is Exalted in Might, Irresistible, Supreme and Absolute Sovereign. The benefit and harm of mankind is solely within the power of God. The Quranic verse further tells us that He heareth all His creatures in one and at the same time, and nothing is concealed from his knowledge, which may be visible or invisible, of present or of future, of near or far, and lastly inbeing and not inbeing. He is quite unlike man whose hearing and knowledge is so much insignificant . God declared all those infidels who disbelieving in Him held Jesus as God. Rebuking all these misbelievers God makes mention of His tremendous power of killing not only Christ and Mary but also everyone and everything that is on the earth, sky and in between. And God will bring before Resurrection such a doom, in a twinkling of an eye*1 that even a particle of that destruction cannot be brought by all the atomic weapons of the world. Then why to worship a mortal who has born to die.*2 The Worship is only for a perpetual Being i.e. God.

God is the sole Master of the dominions of the Heaven and Earth He has no copartner. He createth what He pleaseth and how He pleaseth. He created Adam out of clay, and created Eve out of Adam, created with pairs the rest of the people and created Jesus out of virgin birth i.e. without a father, so no wonder in what he createth as He hath power to do all things.

"And (remember) her who guarded her chastity: We breathed into her, of Our Spirit and We .made her and her son (Jesus) a sign for all peoples." (21/91)

The miraculous birth of Jesus was made a sign to all peoples to admire and praise His Absolute power of creation. "He is God, The Creator. The Evolver The Bestower of forms (or colours.) (59/24)

"There is nothing what-so-ever like unto Him." (42/11)

The above revelation makes it emphatically clear that Godhood can't be ascribed to a human form. God is above all forms, shapes and colours which human brain could conceive. No words are adequate to describe Him, we can only call Him He, for there is nothing else like Him. Quite against the ideas of all forms and shapes the Quran guides us, that God can't be understood metaphorically, as there is nothing like Him.

The Holy Quran rejecting all the ideas of anthropomorphism lays down:-

"Say He is God (Allah) The one and only God the Eternal, Absolute. He begetteth not Nor He is begotten And there is none Like.unto Him. (112/1-4)

It has been stated in the explanation of the word Allah-o-Ahad (The only one) That God is Unique.in His Being and in His qualities. He is Unique in His Being as no one is co-partner in His Godhood. His Being does not have any divisions fatalistic or factual, compository or dissolving, and the uniqueness in His qualities is that He is Eternal and none else. He is everlasting and none else. He is absolute and none else. He is Omniscient and none else, as nothing is hidden, from His knowledge, the unknown and unseen is before Him. He is the Beneficent and the Merciful and none else. He is the Self Existent and none else, the other beings are not self existent but dependent on Him for their existence. He is Independent and none else.

Azhari says, "Nobody can qualify for uniqueness (Ahadiyat) except Him. The revelation further tells that God is Eternal and Absolute (Allah-o-Al-Samad). The dictionary meanings for the word Al-Samad, are,' that Supreme Being Who is intended by everyone and by everything and without whose resolution no want can be fulfilled, the other meaning is 'resistant' i.e. on which no change can happen, as He is All-Powerful and Perpetual, and Irresistible is one who is Self-Existent. However in Arabic language the word Samad is used in many meanings, and therefore, the commentators have adopted different meanings:-

  1. Abdullah Ibn Masud says, 'Samad means Supreme, who is Supreme of all.'
  2. Asam says, 'Samad is called the Creator of all things.'
  3. Suddi says, 'Samad is one who is of course intended in every work and we out-cry before Him.'
  4. Qatada says, 'Samad is one who does not eat or drink.'
  5. Hasan Basri says, 'Samad is one who does not decay and remains perpetually as He was.'
  6. Ubai Ibn Ka'ab says, 'Samad is one who neither dies nor He has any successor.'
  7. Abu-Malik says, 'Samad is one who never sleeps nor forgets.'
  8. Ibn-Kaisan says, 'Samad is one whose qualities can never be possessed by any one else.
  9. Maqatil Bin Hayan says, 'Samad is called faultless.'
  10. Rabi Bin Anas says, 'Samad is one on whom no calamity can befall.'
  11. Saeed Bin Jubair says, 'Samad is one who is perfect in all His qualities' and actions.'
  12. Jafar Sadiq says, 'Samad is one who is always Predominant and is never vanquished.'
  13. Abu-Huraira says, 'Samad means one who doesn't depend on anyone and every one depends on Him.'
  14. Abu-Bakar Waraq says, 'Samad is one about whom the creatures have despaired, to know anything.'
  15. Abu-Alia says, .''Samad is one who neither begets nor begotten.'
  16. Ibn-Abbas says, ' Samad is Great and no one is above Him.'

In short the pen fails to explain the one word of revelation described in His praise. How strange is His disposition. If we His creatures prostrate before His Everlasting Glory all the times, even then it will be too less to show our gratefulness.

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  2. 2. And our command is but a single (Act) like the twinkling of an eye. (54/50)
  3. 3. After his bodily descent from heaven Jesus will live to marry, and have children. He will die and be buried with the grave of Holy Prophet Muhammad son of Abdullah, peace on them,.
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