Chapter III

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Islam Repudiates Deification


In 'Lam Yalid walam yulad; all those misled groups have tersely been refuted who held Jesus the son of God, or held him a person in Godhood, or held one God the Father and the other God the son, or those ones who believe in anthropomorphism like Christians, or think any man as their God, like the followers of Elijah Poole, or those who ascribing animal qualities in God say that God cohabits. As Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Quadiani claimed," he saw himself as jf be is a woman and God exhibit in him His manly power."(DhayiatuI Islam by Yar Muhammad, p. 34).

Repudiating all these Infidels and polytheists, He tells that He never gave birth to anyone, the procreation and progeny are against His Uniqueness and Absoluteness. The son of the same progeny equals father when another became equal to Him, then where does uniqueness and absoluteness stand. Samad is one who doesn't depend on any one, and everyone depends on Him, the son of the same progeny will be equivalent to his father when he possesses the qualities of his father and accomplishes the wishes of others, so saying 'larnyalid', He cut off the possibility of having a son or anybody as son in His Godhead. The words Lam-Yalid also made a total negation about God having any manly qualities as alleged by Qadyani Impostor, or of a man being God as claimed by Impostor Elijah for Fard.

Further saying 'walam-yulad'. He made it distinct that He was not given birth by any one. If he had been given birth by someone in that case we will consider Him to be temporal or conditional, and the one who is temporal or conditional cannot be God, and, therefore, any one born out of a womb cannot be God, as He is free from all animal qualities.

'Walam-yakunlahu kofowan ahad,' None is equal to Him, and when none is equivalent to Him, and His Chief qualities are Uniqueness, Absoluteness and Everlastingness, and neither He begetteth, nor He is begotten even then if someone associates Gabriel and Jesus in Godhead or terms any other man to be God, it is only to seek partner with Him. Thus all the misled groups have been refuted in this revelation. It also includes rebutting of Jewish faith, who held Uzair (Ezra) as son of God.

It also includes the refutation of Zorastrianism who held one to be god of evil (Ahraman) and the other to be god of goodness (Yazd), and believe that both are equal to each other and sometimes the God of evil triumphs over the God of goodness and vice versa. However the Holy Verse enlightens us that God is unique, i.e. without a copartner into Godhead. He is the only one who is Eternal without beginning or end. Absolute, and Omnipresent. The Holy Quran saying that He begetteth not, belies the dogma of anthropomorphism, and clearly tells us that any human in shape or form cannot be a God, and animal quality of a father or of anyone can't be attributed to Him, and further the verse, 'Nor He is begotten,' elucidates that no one born of mother can be annunciated with Godhood. Thus deification of Impostor Fard by Elijah the Pretender is quite antagonistic to the teachings of Islam. It also refutes the Christian doctrine of Deification of Jesus telling him God the Son and holds that there is none-comparable unto Him, as all other things and beings are only His creatures, and giving the instance of the virgin birth of Jesus God says:-

"She (Mary) said: My Lord!How can I have a child when no mortal hath touched me. He said-So (it will be) Allah createth What He will. If He decreeth a thing He saith unto it only Be! and it is. (3/47)

When the angels came to Mary giving glad tidings about the birth of Christ, she could not restrain herself from showing her astonishment and said that how could she have child when no man hath touched her. She was told that God's will does not depend on means, He only decreeth a thing and it comes into existence with his word 'BE'.


Some of the Christian scholars, on the words of the Holy Quran telling Jesus as 'word of God', spirit of God, concoct Godhood for Jesus and say spirit of God cannot be lower than God. Their assertion is without any foundation. God drawing the comparision between the creation of Adam and Christ mentioned:-

"The similitude of Jesus Before God is as that of Adam; He created him from dust, Then said to him 'Be' And he was." (3/59)

You should imagine the birth of Jesus over the birth of Adam, when Adam having been born without a human father or mother could not be called God or son of God, so there is no reason as to why Jesus who was born only without a father, be attributed as the person in Godhood or son of God. Their physical bodies were mere dust, and so is the humanity in its creation.

As Jesus has been termed, 'spirit of God' similarly, the soul of Adam has also been termed as 'my spirit.'

"When I have fashioned him (In due proportion) and breathed Into him of 'My Spirit' Fall ye down prostrating Unto him" (15/29)

Spirit means human soul endowed with speech. And all the human spirits are sent from God and, therefore, the Holy verse mentioned below does not hold any special peculiarity for Jesus;

"nd Mary the daughter Of Imran who guarded Her chastity; and we Breathed into (her body) Of Our Spirit;" (66/12)

When you do not hold Godhood for Adam, how you can assert Godhood for Jesus. Therefore, not only Jesus but also all the people are only His creatures. He doesn't beget nor He is begotten i.e. He is not born out of any-one. No person can be ascribed with Godhood as Allah is above all the animal qualities and human limitations. He only makes a resolution for a thing to be and immediately within a twinkle of an eye it comes into existence.


The Quran further characterizes His Excellence, in contradiction to the doctrine of Deification:-

"Allah! There is no God save Him, the Alive, the Eternal.

Neither slumber nor sleep over taketh Him. Unto Him belongeth whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is in the earth.

Who is he that intercedeth with Him save by His leave? He knoweth that which is in front of them and that which is behind them,

while they encompass nothing of His knowledge save what He will. His throne includeth the heavens and the earth and

He is never weary of preserving them. He is the Sublime, the Tremendous. (2/255).

Teaching His Absolute Uniqueness, which is free from any copartner in his Godhood, Allah tells us that no change can happen in Him as He is Alive and Eternal where-as all others are contingent and evanescent. Slumber and sleep are the emblem of negligence and all the living creatures have been made subject to it, but it is Allah only who is above all drawbacks. Every thing which is in the heaven and on earth is under His command and depends on Him for its existence. He is Matchless and feared by all and nobody could dare to intercede Him except by His leave. His knowledge is Absolute and is not conditioned by time and space, whereas our knowledge is insignificant, meager, 'and as accorded by Him with His Will and plan. His throne includes the heavens and earth, literally it means that His throne is so big that if placed shall cover all the space of heavens and earth, i.e. to say He is most Sublime, but really He doesn't have throne. He never sits or stands. He is Omnipresent, there is no place without Him, the word throne has been used metaphorically to make human brain un derstand His Absolute Supremacy over all. Throne means His Stately Power which has full grasp over all things. He is Himself the Preserver of every thing. Announcing His Absolute Power God tells us that unlike men He never gets weary. Fatigue, weariness or tiresomeness are the human drawbacks, in-born of animalism and His Supreme Being has nothing to match with men and, therefore, human body can never befit for deification.

Strongly rejecting the dogma of deification and attribution of Jesus as God the Son, the Holy Quran lays down:-

"To Him is due The primal origin Of the heavens and the earth: How can He have a son When He hath no consort?

He created all things, And He hath full knowledge Of all things. That is God, Your Lord There is no God But He,

The creator of all things: Then worship ye Him, He taketh care of all things. (6/101-102)

There was a faction among Arab Christians living at Najran who believed Mary to be consort of God and attributed Christ as Son of God. Contradicting this concoction of the Christians the Quran tells us that, He is the originator of the heaven and the earth, the word 'Badea' in the verse goes back to the very primeval beginning, the materialist might say that primeval matter was eternal, other things, the shapes and the forms were called into being at some time or other and will perish. When they perish they dissolve into primeval matter again, which stands as the base of all existence, we go further back, we say that if we postulate such primeval matter it owes its origin itself to God the Eternal, who is the final basis of all existence 'the cause of all' causes. So primal origin of all things is due to Him, and everything is His creation which has been made finite and perishable, all the creatures are, therefore, finite and mortal, and the finite and mortal cannot be consort to Infinite and Immortal, and when there is sort there can be no son.

Any one born out of a thing should be similar to it, but God has no compeer as he said:-

"There is non comparable unto Him." (112/4).

The son is born out of masculine and feminine of the same origin but God has not fraternity with any one and above all similitudes, as ' He is Unique. Further that God is the creator of all things and a father is never a creator, son should have the-qualities of father but Jesus was all in all a human and possessed all animal qualities and was even unable to face his enemies.

The Verse also guides that God alone is aware of all things, whereas human intellect Knows its limit. The man cannot look into past, nor ; peep in future, nor does he know what hides the earth, what is there j in the heavens.

[ Moreover every thing not only owes its primal origin to Him but also E depends for its sustenance on the Sustainer and Cherisher of all, and i its life and death is entirely on His pleasure.

| So we find that man is quite infirm and dependent on Him for his existence. And how deification can be claimed when we perceive the contrast between:-

The Eternal and mortal,

The Infinite and finite,

The Omniscient and Incognizant,

The Omnipotent and infirm,

The Forgiver and oblivious to his sins

The Sustainer and dependent

The Protector and the feeble

All the above diversities prove that human body can never befit for deification, and the Christian belief that God chose Himself to appear in a human body is merely a mental fancy having no bearing and why should He so elect when He Himself controls the destinies of His creatures and He is, "the Doer of What He intends." (85/16), and He enforces His will within the twinkling of an eye. (54/50).

  1. 1. The Holy Quran refutes the crucifixion of Jesus in the following words;
  2. 2. And our command is but a single (Act) like the twinkling of an eye. (54/50)
  3. 3. After his bodily descent from heaven Jesus will live to marry, and have children. He will die and be buried with the grave of Holy Prophet Muhammad son of Abdullah, peace on them,.
  4. 4 (Tradition from Mishkat by Abdullah bin Omar.
  5. 5. 'The Quadiani Pretender claimed Godhood, see pant III of this book.
  6. 6. The faithfuls will look to the glory of their Lord (See 75/ 22, 23).
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