Chapter IV

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No Color Distinction with GOD

Allah created Adam and Eve, and spread people out of them all the world over. He sent His apostles to guide all the people alike, as Allah elects not between black and white. All are children of Adam, only geographical conditions varying in different parts of the world brought changes in the colour of the people. All the people irrespective of cast colour and creed stand in one and the same relation to God. Allah says:-

"0 mankind! we created You from single (pair) Of a male and female, And made you into Nations and tribes, that

Ye may know each other (not that ye may despise each other). Verily The Most honoured of you In the sight of God

Is he who is the most Righteous of you And God has full knowledge And is well acquainted (with all things) (49/13).

Telling the origin of the mankind God informed us, as there is no difference between sons of one father, similarly there is no difference between people of various nations, they all are from one father and mother and all alike before God. Honour is not for Whites or for the Blacks but honoured are those who hold righteousness and righteous are those who have faith and obey his last Prophet Muhammad bin Abdullah of Hejaz, peace be upon him. Thus, Sohaib of Rome, Salman of Iran, and Bilal of Ethopia were among the most honoured companions of Holy Prophet, may peace be upon him. Sohaib was among the Whites, and Bilal was Black and Salman was Brown but all of them still hold the greatest honour in the eyes of Muslims.

I quote few traditions of the Holy Prophet showing Islam does not allow any colour segregation.

1. In a tradition reported by Imam Muslim narrated by Abu Huraira, may God be pleased with him, the Holy Prophet, peace be on him, said, "Lo Allah looks not on your faces, nor on your fortunes, but on your heart and actions.

2. Narrated by Abu Zar (may God be pleased with him) that the Apostle of God, peace on him, told him, "You have no preference over any white or any black, except through righteousness in obedience to God. (Musnad Ahmad)

3. It is narrated by Muhammad son of Habib, that his father heard the Holy Prophet, peace on him, saying," All the Muslims are brothers so no one has any preference over the others, except through fear of God (meaning complete obedience) (Tabrani)

4. Narrated Huzaifa (may God be pleased with him) the Prophet of God, "peace on him, said, "You are all, the sons of Adam, and Adam was created from clay. You leave to take pride in your genealogy otherwise you will be no more than sacra's before God. (Musnad Abubaker al Bezzar)

5. Narrated Abdullah bin Umar (may God be pleased with them). The Apostle of God addressed on the day of the Victory of Mecca, and said, "God has removed from you the blemishes of ignorance and taking of pride in genealogy. The men are of two kinds, one is good, God fearing, he is honoured before God, and the other is disobedient and sinner, he has no value before God, after that he recited the above quoted verse of Holy Quran, 0 mankind we created you " most righteous of you"(lbn Abi Hatim).

The Holy Quran and the traditions of the Apostle of Allah, peace on him, make it perfectly clear that Islam is quite opposed to racial or colour distinction. In Islam men are all alike. Irrespective of their cast, colour and creed.

It is, therefore, evident that Impostors Fard and Elijah when talking of the racial superiority of the Blacks or of Black Pride, or of racial separation, and giving it the name of Muslim Philosophy of racial seperation, they were, in fact, distorting the clear injunctions of Islam which strongly preached against racial segregation. Fard and Elijah were invoking the racial abhorrence for exploiting the Blacks, though it involved, draft resistance, and sedition (said Jet Weekly pp, 13, 14) but the confinement of Elijah from 1942 to 1946 on the above charges, only made him an unenviable leader of the Blacks. He was giving, a religious colour to his spreading of sectarian indignation, so that people may accept it as a part of their religious duty, to scorn other nations, to distort the Islamic Philosophy of Universal brotherhood, for serving his own ends of grabing power and wealth and misleading all the while that this Black Pride is the Muslim' philosophy of racial separation. Islam is the only religion which allows all the other religions and even paganism to stand side by side and gives full humanitarian rights to all alike, without differentiating between Muslim and Non-Muslim.

The Holy Quran tells the Holy Prophet, peace on him, to stand steadfast on Islamic Faith and summon the unbelievers to Islam and instructs him:

"Nor follow thou their vain Desires; but say: "I believe In the Book which God has sent down; And I am commanded To judge justly between you. God is our Lord And your Lord. For us (Is the responsibility for) Our deeds, and for you. For your deeds. There is ,

No contention between us And you. God will Bring us together, And to Him is (Our final goal. (42/15).

The above command of Holy Quran 'to judge justly between Muslims and non-Muslims also makes it evidently clear that all the teacnings of Fard and Elijah Poole were against Holy Quran.